DEAR NEW YORK JETS.. (and every other NFL team)



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    After seeing how the New York Jets kicker and other kickers around the NFL struggled, I decided to make a case for myself..
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    1. Deestroying

      If you watch the whole video, you can hear my whole album playing in the background 🤔

      1. Haydn Huff

        If you want to go to the nfl then just go to the combine

      2. Supa Kool

        I'll give you a A+ cause it was windy af outthere they or someone should cut the check frfr

      3. Jordan Sabalo

        You are ready

      4. Alex Marion

        I heard the auto tune.....but not you

      5. Scott Watson

        Looks like you have some true talent!! keep up the hard work and remember to always stay true to yourself and you will make it to the big leagues!!

    2. Herman Fabela


    3. jjoyce1002

      You wondered where the expression "skin of my teeth" came from or what it really means. The Bible as many of our expressions do

    4. Titusthegawd

      Can you bring flight to the field

    5. BBQ_Cake

      goodluck my guy

    6. Antonio Sausville-Graca

      i could see the patriots signing him they need a kicker

    7. naruto uzumaki

      Can u try a 100 yard kick

    8. Luke Hinderliter

      Kick yea actually football and see if u can do 70 yards plus pads then nfl dont look its there loss for a talented kicker

    9. P H

      kick from the middle outside left and right with people rushing in then you will get notice kicking alone with practice anyone can do.. practice on a pro level then it will come u for sure got it

    10. Paul Godwin

      Dang pretty impressive. I cant even see anything at 70 yards much less kick a fieldgoal. Hope things work out in your favor !!

    11. Eman Paul


    12. Andrew Smith

      Sounds like a shotgun going off when he kicks it. lol

    13. Karanjot Singh

      Ima big fan but why u a kicker u can do so much better

    14. leeuniverse

      LOL... You don't have success by "quitting" doing the thing you're trying to be hired to do by others. In other words, if you were actually the "best" you would have stayed with the CFL PROVING your "consistent" skills, and then you would be noticed and hired by the big teams. That's the sort of arrogance of Kaepernick... He thinks he's "entitled" to being a quarterback when he doesn't do anything and in fact sucks and always did doing it. While, maybe you don't suck like he does, you're doing the other, thinking you're entitled to the job cause "look at me" rather than "look at me consistently do". Did you even try out for the XFL?

    15. hudsonhawk 001

      Yeah Jets, sign this guy!

    16. LR JUKES 34

      How far can you kick

    17. Demond Morris

      Think about the XFL

    18. TheKeithmasterflex

      Pretty easy when a bunch of 300lb men with freakesh speed aren't coming after you lol

    19. Ronald inho

      Does anyone know did he get a call up for the nfl

    20. Gage Thomas

      Go to the XFL

    21. Jay A


    22. Cris Xtroll


    23. Rick Keberdle

      Whoever you go too if you go to the NFL, please try going to the Tampa bay bucs. They lost their game to the Atlanta falcons at the end of the season because their kicker missed almost every extra point and field goal.

    24. Agustin Varela

      NFL don't use those stands tho

    25. Sid Parish

      Good luck with your career young man hope you make it

    26. Rj Smith

      Yo destroying i have a challenge for u

    27. Jonathan Blanchard

      Go to 2:27 and look at the cloud it looks like a field goal

    28. BadAim

      Good luck to you young man. I'm rooting for you. The NFL teams should be taking a look at this video and bring you in for evaluation. I'd be a great PR story if any of the teams took a chance on you. Not that it's important for kickers, but hope you can do some tackling and blocking..

    29. ElectricRemi

      add wind / bad weather, the gear and 11 giant men trying to smash you.. little different than kicking alone in yoga pants on a sunny day...

    30. Quanmain

      B+ is the personage i have an app that tells me

    31. Sammy Kline

      wear pads, have someone call the snap, and line someone at 7 yards on the hash, and the 70 yarder would have been blocked, way too low

    32. CarsonNash 226

      What is it with football youtubers being good kickers

    33. Steve Argento

      They should at least consider him because he's showing that he can physically do the job. Obviously, there are things that he is lacking and perhaps those things can be worked on under the guidance of professional-level trainers and coaches. He almost makes kicking a 65 yard field goal right down the middle seem effortless. I can only imagine how great the pros are. Pretty awesome.

    34. Nunya Bizness

      Will you do me a favor and kick my neighbors dog a few communities south so i dont have to hear it bark.

    35. Nunya Bizness

      You got some major tallent, good luck to you!!!

    36. UR BOY

      Ay Chicago Bears take notes

    37. Jon Martinez

      Sorry jets don’t pick talent

    38. Captain Mystikalz

      you are ready my friend impressive kicking abilities i couldn't hit a 20 yard kick lol

    39. The Great One

      Man bro you are in way better physical condition than me but your push-ups are like mine, they get better the more we do!... it's as if the first 50 hurt but the 2nd 50 are nothing lol, that's the benefit of getting strong. You get stronger when the going gets tuff which is when when most get weaker!

    40. Nicholas Brookins

      He is a beast. That is impressive to hit at that distance. Much Respect.

    41. Caviare

      Yo what hoodie is the one he has on? I can’t seem to find that color on his website.

    42. K sum

      What's the song in this video

    43. Nathan Midas

      what's the outor bgm? it sounds crazy

    44. pittkid32

      High school posts are wider than NFL, the point of a 70 yard field goal is not about making it plenty of people can make it, that's not the issue, the issue is the elevation it needs to get over the line with out getting blocked, he has no pads on either, its a perfect day weather wise no wind no rain no snow no crowd there is zero pressure, if he was all that trust me the NFL would be getting a hold of him! He is nothing special !

    45. Superstarzzz

      Go to the combine

    46. Kevin Ketchum

      If I calculated correctly, I think that was 83.3% landed with 16.7% missed. I think you are ready for the NFL. That was good form on your push-ups, too.

    47. Experience Precision

      World record is 69 yards

    48. Experience Precision

      70 yard field goal bro! What's the world record because that was amazing

    49. Aidan Dunn

      5:30 bro I didn’t even hear a noise when he kicked it Good kick tho Dee

    50. Brian O'Donohue

      Nicely Done! J...E...T...S...JETS>JETS>JETS!!!

    51. Owen MaCk

      No hate, but just because you can kick a 70 yard field goal does not mean you can make in front of all of the fans in a crazy environment.

    52. JRoyster

      XFL bro, you’re way better than a lot of kickers in that league

    53. frank marra

      Send this to the Steelers please

    54. IdoPlayGames Minecraft

      Not to hate but also he is not kicking on the official size of the posts

    55. Michael Puckett

      Pad up bro You got this no problem!!

    56. Gdroblox studios

      Wait Wait Ur in The Canadian Football Leauge?

    57. finster444k

      this kid has one of those new bionic legs. its not even fair.

    58. Fusion Deploy

      Join the Seahawks lol

    59. David Myers

      Damn bro! I just stumbled on this video! You are fire man! I hope you get noticed! Keep up the good work and I hope to see your name on the back of an N.F.L. jersey soon!!

    60. Aero_ _Aces

      I hope this mans gets to the NFL

    61. Francois Cleroux

      What are the NFL teams waiting for?give the Man his chance,a tryout ,he deserve it.

    62. Your mom Is gei

      Indianapolis colts- their kicker is old and been missing kicks

    63. adamaj


    64. kkatzner 2006

      He made 83% of his kicks

      1. ???


    65. Cashy K

      Hope you make it brother

    66. Charles A Townsend

      Brother, the NFL is now a family business. The music is beautiful but the words could hurt you...Good luck and I'll pass your video on....

    67. Charles A Townsend

      Dude, in the NFL, you don't fetch your balls. So get someone, a friend, to big them back.

    68. Ray Alexander

      Need go to the NFL

    69. Volxanics

      You ready brah!