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    Riding on the success of the first Gymkhana Practice video that grabbed the attention of over 20 million viewers worldwide, the Gymkhana TWO video takes infomercials to the next level. Unlike other infomercials, this one sells the products with great action, cinematography, and a dramatic driving performance-and, no stereotypical cheesy informercial pitchman! Produced specifically to market Blocks first-ever Rally TeamWorks Collection, the new video is filled with great driving stunts, surprises, explosions, and a guest appearance from DC team rider, Rob Dyrdek. Filmed at the Port of Los Angeles, expect non-stop motor sport eye-candy as Block hits the all-new course in a custom tuned, high performance, and brand-new Subaru Impreza WRX STI. Visit dcshoes.com/gymkhanatwo for more photos and info on the high-performance video and Blocks complete Teamworks Collection.
    For more information check us out at www.dcshoes.com

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    1. NER3X

      I Just got my 2012 WRX Hatchback all because of this video i saw when i was in middle school. The power and mean looks of this sti stuck with me forever.

    2. 하림


    3. Ornella Baitelli

      Francesco subaru Grande pilota Ken blok e bravissimo fantastica subaru sempre

    4. Mike the mechanic

      Am I allowed to cut a part of your video for a short film best subaru scenes? Thank you for your answer!

    5. Carnaby509

      Это было великолепно. Сейчас 2019, а ролик - история)

    6. uan Rivera

      Me we I forget to grab the milk from the store hahaha

    7. Александр Григорьев

      гаишники нервно курят в сторонке)))

    8. Gabriel de vuyst

      In 2009 I had 6 months

    9. Arin B.

      How to do ads: a guide

    10. Sachin

      Me also interest in car racing and bike racing but i dont have any idea to do race cource compitation If some one helps me i definet ill my goal BIG FAN OF DC SHOW

    11. PaperMind

      2008 Wrx STI, highway miles, always babied never driven hard no lowballs i know what i have.

    12. Gabe Henning

      Love them Greasy Boi pass thu drifty hoonjobbies

    13. Cash Billion

      23 november 2019. Still amazing!)

    14. RCD Game Play

      very nice

    15. ActiveVision® 3d


    16. Сергей Кобак

      Мужик,ты маньяк акселератора!!!!

    17. Денис Котов

      оу май гад

    18. Zohmingmawia Pachuau

      Wish i could be atleast a little bit like ken block. He' the god of stunt, and insane genius driver..

    19. Kai Gonzales

      robs mask was on upside down lmao

    20. Hugo Piibemann

      this is the video that got me into drifting and cars in general. its so wierd to look back at this.

    21. Tuncer Ertunç

      Şarkı müzik nedir

    22. karl hasson

      Subaru you bloody beauty

    23. Shane Ngatai

      Cool as.

    24. fasmkbdfhuasbgd shjfagjk

      cuando sus clasesitas?

    25. fasmkbdfhuasbgd shjfagjk

      chancho de mierda

    26. EMMANUEL

      Man how fast is that wrx?!

    27. Zay Wat

      Is it so hard to give a thumbs up? This is still amazing in 2019

    28. romeo serban

      There is a new God in town, and that's Kenny Block. I am in awe.

    29. KableFI

      Aint nothing better in the world than 4 banger boxer

    30. Franco Pantoja


    31. Yerloe

      What the Font?

    32. Alpha Munna


    33. Elias Silva

      Robbie Madson Brasileiro 👇👇 cz-news.net/online/video-9aNLlTqH8BY.html

    34. rxfixFN

      5:06. Wear your brain bucket kids

    35. Henry Windsor Rurikovich


    36. Kylan Mayes

      Ken has aged so much bro💀😂

    37. Kylan Mayes

      Anyone else rewatching this in 2019?

      1. The Thracian-Z

        2020 bro.. :d

      2. Bac Burrito


      3. Andy


    38. KGB


    39. mochamad rizza

      Who watch in 2019, miss this video

    40. ArchAngel

      me at 3:40 "why they don't use alive human body?" they at 7:08 "we already did boy!"

    41. Listianingsih Fameta

      hebat banget

    42. vikrant sharma

      The car was one time use only.

    43. Bungo Beats


    44. aaainaaaa

      typical DC crap

    45. Robert Boeiend

      Still my favorite Gymkhana, apart from it including Rob Dyrdek ofcourse

    46. PASCAL 8881


    47. frostedmender3

      Русские фанаты есть?

    48. Super Hot

      As a subaru owner, this video makes me really proud of my car

    49. Nikhil Yadav

      This video made me fall in love with the Subaru

    50. Randolph de Leon

      The last cool gymkhana, i guess. No, it's not about the Subaru (or at least it's not just about it). It has something to do with the cinematography and other production-wise things...

    51. Администратор Сайта

      в чём сила Брат человек видит свою силу ине торчит ине спивае5ться

    52. Brandonmac245555

      Song at end

    53. Zaltic

      2019 anyone

    54. olivier manquat

      un lâche qui c'est pas relevé un défi il a peur le nul

    55. M Ld

      Omg lol remember DC shoes

    56. Gede Indra


    57. Leonardo Basso

      Brilliant Marketing!

    58. xrmerkur

      Freedom!!! The go anywhere and do anything Rally Car. A dream fountain of youth on wheels. I love the rumble of the WRX Boxer Engine and bodacious STi Body Panels, especially that exaggerated Back Wing. I wouldn't change a thing, but its gotta have a “LOUD” Blow Off Valve.

    59. Rebellious Sloth

      Way back when he wasn’t part of the ford family

    60. Giselle Rodriguez

      fokiu men

    61. Good Weed

      A 3m30 c'était fort 💪💪💪👍

    62. Pixel Jan

      möchte dich ficken

    63. davick1

      Should’ve killed Rob Dyrdreck when he had the chance and probable cause

      1. Iwogul

        Why ?

    64. Tuna Zikadar

      DC shoes presents ken block

    65. ZEPHYR 971

      5:03 Real Split second ?

    66. ObeyRoastMan

      0:39 why did he smash the light bulb on his head tho

    67. Kaan ÖZKARA

      Kenblock Tofaş şahinle yanlasın

    68. David Onnen

      That intro though

    69. Ronnie Blair


    70. Kyle Mayer

      Been watching these and the Gymkhana Files recently. I enjoy how the true personalities of the guys seem to come through a bit more on these earlier videos. The "let's drift around a guy shooting paintballs at us!" probably wouldn't make the cut nowadays.