Days of Our Impeachment Cold Open - SNL

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    The Trump impeachment hearings get the soap opera treatment they need to keep the American people paying attention.
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    1. Ana C


    2. S Shirai

      His Mitch McConnell OMG 😂😂😂😂😂

    3. Michael Lochlann


    4. Anne Maassen

      mysterious brain injury

    5. Carmen R

      Kate McKinnon needs to play Jim Jordan.

    6. Lucia Aprodu

      What a got mess of a sketch. Loved it!

    7. Jared Degear

      “I have a shocking revelation: the President....had an affair! Yeah we know. That was last years plot. No one seems to care about that”

    8. Jeffrey Blake

      This is one of the hackiest SNL sketches I've ever seen.

    9. smccorkle23

      Man, SNL has really gone down faster than a gay guy.....on another gay guy

      1. Jonathan Hiatt

        You expert?

    10. Justin Thyme

      yeh, it is hard to be following what the US is currently going's a mess! Well captured in this script.

    11. Hugh Goldspiel

      Ocasio-Cortez is so evil that shouldn’t even be making fun of her on Saturday night live it’s in bad taste

      1. Jonathan Hiatt

        Triggered by a strong woman? Sorry about your small penis issues, bro.

    12. Hugh Goldspiel

      That Fucking shit was lame . They should pay me

    13. dlbtactical

      This whole skit really puts the impeachment hearings into perspective they hit the nail right on the head.

    14. Mike Perkins

      Trump is a Belial a self serving lawless worthless unprofitable perverted wicked demon. Proverbs 6.12-19

    15. Luis Angel Santos

      “That was *coo-coo doo-doo nutsack bananas* “

    16. Chupria

      I thought McConnell was un-impersonate-able, then I saw this skit.

    17. Esther Boers

      I 💗 CAKE!

    18. In fo

      Check out the Impeachment Advent Calendar

    19. 1,000,000 subscribers without any videos challenge

      This was honestly my middle school play, and I played the fainting woman 😂

    20. Wrain C

      Love Trump or hate him, he has given SNL some of the funniest skits of all time. I don't know how yall will top this if they remove him from office, everyone is doing better under him, I don't think the MSM will be in business if they toss him out since there doesn't seem to be any other news in the world outside of getting rid of him

    21. LongLiveInspiration

      the rudy guliani impression gets me every time lmao

    22. Thumper mater

      How much tax dollars are they spending on this horse shit?

    23. Omat Vargas

      Ruddy and McConnell 🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭 I can't 💀💀💀💀

    24. Andy Moser

      How much boinking do members of Congress have when they are not working? Does #MoscowMitch often play with Marie Yovanovitch's titties? #heehee #daysofourimpeachment :)

    25. Sri Rohenia


    26. katie_incredible

      "I think he might've fixed me."

    27. Darcy C.

      Only time the country comes together and laughs together.#SNL♡

    28. SLAT WORLD

      It could not be considered even remotely possible that SNL could get any more lame .......and Americans sit & laugh at this telegraphed SHIT !!!! Unbelievable!!!!

    29. spectrumifs

      The actual hearings are funnier than this sketch.

    30. jo p.

      So this is in the Harry Styles playlist. where was Harry?

    31. High Heel Knight Reviews

      I am always happy to see Heidi Gardner. Always!

    32. Lucian

      Imagine if Trump or republicans associated Ocasional Vortex to a telenovela - national outrage

    33. M Knits USA

      Within first 2 mins I’m already gagging from the narrative being rammed down my throat. They could’ve tried to be a bit more subtle about it! This isn’t a comedy show’s actual Democrat party propaganda. So if anyone doesn’t know what propaganda is or what it looks looks exactly like this.

    34. danceonfirejim

      Not bad not good

    35. josoverthehill

      Kenan Thompson is still on this show? DUDE - GET A LIFE. Weren't you supposed to leave, like, four years ago????? Go... there's a WHOLE WORLD OUT THERE. But don't continue with your "acting" career; you can't get away with staring at your cue cards in every show or movie. You actually have to memorize those lines, fat boy.

    36. josoverthehill

      I like Kate McKinnon, I really do, but...… 1) It's time they actually get some MEN on this show to play the male characters, don'cha think? 2) She's playing Rudy like he's Danny DeVito in Batman. Come on..... when is this show going to be cancelled; hasn't been funny in about three decades. The "actors" just stare at their cue cards; what the F**K is the point in the show if they can't get INTO character and actually - oh, I don't know - INTERACT with the other people in the scene? This is nothing more than a table-read in costumes.

    37. T Bone

      Ahhh Poor Trumpanzees can't take a joke ... Boo Fu(king Hoo .... what a bunch of snowflakes ...If you don't like it go back to FUX NEWS.... or Trump TV....If you still support this Traitorous Putin Puppet President then you're a Russia LOVING TRAITOROUS TRUMP PUPPET and ABSOLUTELY NOT a PATRIOTIC AMERICAN....

    38. tony mcdaniel

      Your hate for trump and love for the left is why your ratings are bad.

    39. Cabot twain Barnett

      OK I'd like to nominate this for best SNL opening skit ever any takers

    40. Jessie Joy

      Literally none of these ppl did well at their portrayals. At least Baldwin is average

    41. Mr Inbetween

      Fucking stupid

    42. Anna Rushlau

      Dude IDC what anyone says, Mikey Day is on fucking point in these sketches.. can barely tell the difference

    43. Herb Bot

      this is so dumb lol

    44. Chris Su

      This episode aired on Pete Davidson's birthday

    45. TheSmak917

      You know why SNL sucks? They are like CNN but not as funny!! Tired of the eat, sleep, shit Trump. Hopefully they will get back to comedy someday.

    46. Gary McAleer

      Piss poor writing. Daffy Duck got more laughs.

    47. Xtoriez Novel

      The democrats have changed the reason for impeachment 12 times since this aired.

    48. c gar

      Kate McKillian is so good!

    49. cj smith

      jim jordan is an ex wrestler who could beat down anyone in that room.... bad casting...

      1. T Bone

        cj smith HAaa haa Lol. You just made a beat -off joke ... because of the sex scandal with the under-age boys he is involved.....

    50. SpukiTheLoveKitten75

      This is one of the skits that are iffy on first viewing but get funnier the more you watch it. Now; I love this skit!

    51. Mohammad Rasy

      this is fucking boring

    52. Ted Flores

      Pete's appearance seemed forced...

    53. TEAM 6

      Keenan Thompson, playing Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett. Feeling "falsely accused," Garrett explained why he swung a helmet at Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph on Thursday Night Football. "You see what happened was, I saw another player who had lost a helmet somehow, and I thought, 'Oh, he should be wearing a helmet.' So I attempted to put it back on his head." Thompson, playing Myles Garrett was pefect

    54. sadieapple1

      Wow, this was bad. I remember the days of Chevy Chase, Dan Akroyd, Jim Belushi, Jane Curtain, etc. when SNL was actually funny. Where did those writers go? When it's all just about Trump bashing & that's all you've got, do something else. But what can you expect from a show that opened with Hallelujah because Hillary lost the election.

      1. T Bone

        sadieapple1 what happened to those writers? THEY'RE DEAD by now....that was 45 years ago

    55. R Stedler

      Mikey Day is doing a fine job!



      1. T Bone

        RONSTER MONSTER ... If you don't like it go back to FUX NEWS.... or Trump TV....If you still support this Traitorous Putin Puppet President then you're a TRAITOROUS TRUMP PUPPET and ABSOLUTELY NOT a PATRIOTIC AMERICAN....

    57. Levi Brennan

      People should NOT get their political news from leftist comedians.

      1. T Bone

        Levi Brennan No? They should get their Political news from RIGHT WING HACKS on FUX NEWS where they "MAKE SHIT UP"

    58. Rhonda G

      Sad , Saturday night lie just isn't funny anymore

    59. Z N

      Did someone say unexpected number 2 😂

    60. Timogin43

      Damn... SNL thinks this crap is entertaining? What a waste of good film. Get some new writers SNL.... I can't believe there are 44000+ people out there that actually believe this deserves a thumbs up. You people should look "Rodney Dangerfield", Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Chevy Chaise. GILDA RADNER.. the infamous Roseann Rosannadan or Jane you ignorant slut Curtain... Talk about some good skits... not this garbage...

      1. Timogin43

        @T Bone I'm not sure exactly what you think that time matters to comedy. I guess if you are used to being half ass then half ass is good enough.

      2. T Bone

        Timogin43 that was 45 years ago ......That was FILM .....this is digital sorry you are stuck in an acid flashback

    61. TX Kevin

      Sorry but SNL had AOC dead on with the "Girl you regret talking to at a party" skits.

    62. TX Kevin

      I loved "Senate has spoken...Acquitted!" "But this is not even before the Senate yet!". Very similar to the House...."He is guilty!" ..."But he told no one there was Quid Pro Quo, he released the aid, the President of Ukraine said he never felt pressured, and you saw the transcript of the call with no demand stated"... "He is still guilty! lets hope for some evidence".

    63. ETuck

      Micheal avocado

    64. Eric Diekmann

      Democrats are so fucking stupid

    65. Bailey Price

      All the dislikes from Trumpians who can't take a joke

    66. Fer G

      Minor inconvenience happens: Me: 2:13 2:54 5:00

    67. Kegel Destroyer

      I haven't watched SNL in years. I haven't missed much. Holy shit, it's not even close to funny anymore.

    68. Murderus

      Damn AOC actually looking really hot in this lol

      1. Andy Moser

        I would go out on a date with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez if she offers it to me. #ILoveAOC #impeachtrump :)

    69. Tatea

      I fucking love pete lmfaooo

    70. Anna M

      they forgot the over done blond chick behind jordan, flirting with camera