Dave Stewart - Zombie (Cranberries cover)

Alex Fomin

Alex Fomin

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    Live from Drottninggatan (Stockholm)

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    1. 家乐

      2019 Still listening

    2. Haythem ouididi

      The strange is when you make 11m views when people are 'ZOmbie

    3. masterauron5

      I never comment on videos, but holy cow this guy is great

    4. Jokers Stimme

      The fucking society. Ps.: It's joker here.

    5. Piano Man 91016

      'Where words fail music speaks' Thank you for posting this amazing video.

    6. Jeremiah Vinsant

      Humans make me sick this proves poeple are just pure sheep hes better than 75% of people.They paying for concerts to watch the auto tune bitches. Cant wait for death

      1. Piano Man 91016

        Dude your comment made me chuckle ;) He's amazing isn't he? Better than 99% I'd say ;)

    7. сергей толмачёв

      Круто спел, красава!

    8. Jean Claude Boutique

      Le monde sont rendu cheap@!!!! Nice video man and nice music...

    9. LeN mC

      Damn Sweden has no soul.

    10. Кирилл Цой

      nice voice

    11. andy james


    12. FreeMusic54

      the dude with the yellow bag or whatever just keeps coming and looking unsuspiciously through the windows :D

    13. вова Каратель


    14. Dejan Kostic

      typed in "music" and this come's out

    15. Felipe Gregory

      Top essa interpretação, parabéns!!!

    16. magisterprimus

      This video depicts how the world is going on....we are all like zombies,silent witnesses of its end.

    17. David Moore

      I love the chord intonations you're using (probably the wrong word for adding a 7th to the chord). Also just smooth listening. Great cover

    18. Big Dizzle81 Guitar and Harmonica Guy

      Amazing cover!

    19. George Welford


    20. Rusty Anderson

      I wish this was on iTunes. It’s my favorite cover.

    21. Fishheadmandible

      Such an amazing tribute to an amazing song. This is one of those songs that can make you tear up no matter when you hear it. I was 10 years old when this song came out.

    22. prince teutonic

      He would earn more money from these "people" if just screaming "Allahu Akbar"...

    23. Ramon

      the best cover ever

    24. Mensch Feind

      This makes me hate nowadays society even more. He is singing with all his Heart and soul and feels every line of that Song. And all those empty ignorant Zombies are passing by like nothing happens. I just got so much love for you and this cover. 🖤 Fuck this just makes me so sick. Don't want to be a Part of this stupid World anymore

      1. Fishheadmandible

        It is people like you that can change it. Without it we are doomed to continue the cycle. Never give up! Never surrender!

    25. f- ergo

      I've seen this song played in Thailand, Beirut and Bahrain recently. I sit there pretending its just another song but I grew up in this time inireland. I remember that cycle of rage and what it meant. thanks Dave

    26. Penelope Pea

      Best original cover ever!

    27. Pj gian

      Great song congratulations be Happy man im so excited...

    28. Kamil Błażejewicz

      Im So sorry people, you Born too early, they dont understand

    29. БРОНКИНС

      Потрясающе !

    30. 88 18

      hey dave STEWART fucking legend

    31. Darius Arnasius


    32. Александр Сарыч

      Дэйв, приезжай в Москву с концертом.

      1. 2puc shakur


    33. IHaveAToaster

      Very good cover

    34. John LaFrance

      Not a tribute! This is a rip off. Wrong key, wrong everything.

    35. Echo

      this is amazing!

    36. Looper Birhinger

      iterallye crying//..

    37. Rafael Oliveira

      Amo essa música!🇧🇷

    38. Renier Bernardo

      Ele precisa ficar famoso...incrível cantor! que timbre de voz!

    39. rzn rzn

      Love this one!

    40. 吳匿名

      Hong Kong fighting !!🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰🇭🇰 England plz go take Hong Kong China government is a evil

      1. TheCrazyKid1381

        @吳匿名 White people are too powerful to lose to China

      2. 吳匿名

        TheCrazyKid1381 wait by the way they wanted to kill all world because they don’t believe communism. All world and China just can believe their government

      3. 吳匿名

        TheCrazyKid1381 because the China government like evil zombie kill old man adult,kid . Don’t they ?

      4. TheCrazyKid1381

        吳匿名 This song is about the IRA aka Ireland and why do you chinamen go everywhere and talk about Hong Kong? Fight for your own freedom every country in the west fought for their freedom with blood and steel and besides there’s a genocide against Uygurs in eastern China.

    41. Sandro Puleo

      cz-news.net/online/video-IIYpRaHOx8A.html This link is to my humble attempt to cover this beautiful song.

    42. Sandro Puleo

      Beautiful cover. The way he sings is soulful.

    43. Tommy Lee

      If only for a minute I love to hang out with you at some point in time just get f***Ed up! I love you Dave. Thank you so much brother!

    44. Paul Thomas

      Fucking fantastic Dave

    45. Glauco 101

      Why almost there is no woman and Girls in the coments?

    46. Roberto Benigni

      Великолепный вокал. 👍👏👏👏👏👏

    47. Kime79


    48. A. Brounsuzian

      Who else came to the comments to see if anyone was talking about how they looped the vid and the same group of girls walked by twice?

    49. Vinicius Lage

      Imagine if that girl at 3:17 falls apart

    50. Visualz

      Grüße gehen raus

    51. ZEnSPAD

      How can people walk past this... I would have payed for a ticket and taken a stage side seat on the floor.

    52. Andreas Kögel

      Unglaublich gut... Der Mann braucht eine größere Bühne!

    53. Premrudee Khaewpradabphet

      คลิปเดียวสามารถเห็นคนได้ทุกรุปแบบจิงๆ สังคมสมัยนี้เหมือนกันทั่วโลก

    54. Садам Хусейн

      2,7 хуеплеты americanские

    55. corpsetime

      thas Worlds Angriest Guitarist got good didnt he?

    56. Whack bag

      I will never understand those whom just stroll on by absolute magic happening around them.

    57. Phatman 420Killa

      Way better than the bad wolves cover

    58. Rock York

      I listen to this interpretation of the song at least once a day. It’s like medicine.

      1. rzn rzn

        Soo true and so good.

    59. 한국루서

      Это песня-протест, с которой музыканты выступили против террористической деятельности боевиков Ирландской республиканской армии (ИРА). Она стала гимном возврату ирландского народа к мирной жизни. На создание этой композиции повлияли два взрыва, произошедших в феврале и марте 1993 года в британском Уоррингтоне

    60. Aditya Das

      This old yet young man has taught me how to have a different perspective and attitude towards a song and feel it more than enough

    61. kwan-in Rarama

      hay hay hay hay hay palimos po

    62. kwan-in Rarama

      palimos po

    63. kwan-in Rarama

      sakay sakay sakay sakay sakay zombie zombie zombie yeah yeah

    64. gilazemil

      Фомин молодец

    65. Адилет Адилет

      Talant favors street no talant Estrada 😥😥😥😥

    66. David Clews

      people are getting attacked in the uk for singing in the streets

      1. David Clews


    67. Splatta Take


    68. Irangof

      1:22 // 4:12

    69. SushiPiggy

      Ah one of the best songs to play on the street

    70. jeronimo bispo

      absolutamente incrivel!