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    Dave Chappelle took his son backstage to meet Kevin Hart and Kevin gave them a gift for whenever Dave is upset.
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    1. The`One

      I haven't been to any of their shows but you can easily tell that Kevin makes more people laugh from the sound of laughter, he can literally make thousands of people laugh at the same time, Dave's jokes are not for everyone, you could see the dude to the left at 1:34 who didn't even giggle the whole video, plus Kevin has funnier physical movement and it's easier to make people laugh through that than telling jokes, that's why Kevin made more money through movies because he's that much funnier actor than Dave.

    2. Kim Habian

      Beyonce has no you shut the fuck up money. LMAO

    3. James Bohn

      I guess the 2k people who disliked this video were told to shut the fuck up

    4. surya prakash

      Guy: this is dangerous neighborhood. David: yeah, I live around here 😂😂😂😂

    5. PhotonsAcrossTheAir

      Yeah well Dave is about 264,374,453,535 times more funny than Kevin

    6. Al Dees

      I hate when gay or transgender hate on this guy he is telling jokes and you dummy’s are paying him to watch it

    7. Colby Crocker

      Dave is so funny, easily my favorite Comic.

    8. Ms. Nola


    9. apatheticsquid

      And beyonce got the no you stfu

    10. Joshua Jacobs

      Dave makes jokes that offends everyone and i fucking love it. He stop doing what he did for 10 years he doesn't care what people think

    11. The Oz-Zone

      "Ur father ever makes u mad, put that on." Genius! 👌😂

    12. N Vue

      You know he loves his son a lot when he's got stories about him

    13. Dave Voecks

      C'mon Dave! First comedian?! Two words: Jerry. Seinfeld. I can't stop giggling imagining a Drake song about Jerry Seinfeld called "What's the deal with..." Now that I'm thinking of it: Jeff Foxworthy probably has Drake-song money.

    14. Liberty

      Too many "N" words for me. People Not from you community will mimic you and then you will blame them for being racist.

    15. Elene Barnhill

      Lovely E. 😂😂😂😂😂❤

    16. Esoteric Jesus

      Kevin Hart is funny Dave Chappelle is funny, it's not a competition people calm down

    17. King MultiGenre

      *Ever notice how Dave in his older shows he didn't have a lisp, but NOW he does? Weird isn't it?*

    18. Phil The Vibe

      I want to take a coffee with you

    19. Howard Luken

      50 million... CHECK PLEASE!

    20. Scott S

      Why is Netflix a joke?

    21. Kirstie Waugh

      Please start acting in movies

    22. Savage Coconut

      Chappel wasn’t he on a movie a star is born?

    23. Miraculous Villan

      Ali of stand up

    24. Opethian

      #GOAT 🔥😂💯


      Eddie Murphy is also a funny guy!

    26. newfiesig

      Funny part about this is, while Kevin Hart is great, he's not in the same league as Chapelle.

    27. Jacqueline Morrison

      Milk. Shut up

    28. Hodaya Admoni

      I love him so much 😂😂 best comedian ever!

    29. James Frost

      Dont worry Dave, from a white guy, we love you more.

    30. Galaxy Star

      Ok....that's too short....like it anyway....Dang😵

    31. CMF

      Such class. Not once does he hate on Kevin. But in my opinion Kevin is lent on Dave’s level. Let the arguing begin!!!

    32. Jumaane ROBINSON SR

      After what's going on with Kevin Heart, i believe Dave was jealous, jealous enough to do whatever it takes to be the best!

    33. Jalus Horton

      Chappelle 2020 let's make it happen

    34. gary oates

      brilliant !!

    35. Norma Colleen Ramirez

      Too cute!!

    36. Yvette Simmons

      I just love Dave Chappelle he's just the best to me. I just love him so much.

    37. splitwood

      Keep drinking the Kool aid Dave

    38. J. M.

      Kevin Hart he has to bend over and take a dick in his ass he's not that funny oh cuz you hang around some white people he acts like he's funny just another Monday. Kevin Hart he sucks dick he takes it in the ass and you don't mind eating shit so he can get his gravy on his Masonic Prince Mason.

    39. Nick Hamlin

      The difference between Dave and Kevin, Dave is a comedian, Kevin Hart just goes on stage, acts like an ass and tells a couple of moderately humorous stories. I love comedy specials, but Kevin harts are always weak.

      1. Justin Spivey

        Nick Hamlin the fact that Dave Chappelle respects Kevin Hart so much should tell you how talented Kevin really is

    40. Judgy Judgerton

      This man is not a comedian He’s a national treasure. Best thing to come out of America since Jazz. Not, even, kidding.

      1. Judgy Judgerton

        Kaye Patton Jazz, the music form, originated in America....

      2. Kaye Patton

        What's a Jazz,????

    41. Matari Sambia

      ** The baddest **

    42. Real Mart

      Man fuck Kevin Hart Dave is the best comedian to ever do this

    43. Michael howard

      He said God damn mine are only $80! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    44. J B


    45. Poowawa TV

      dave was funny now hes not his kid has always known lol

    46. eggtrixvil


    47. lords amen

      This is not David chapel...this is a cloneIf you can see this you must be really stupid

    48. Pranav Pappu

      'Kevin's Hart' by J. Cole is a great song about Kevin.......


      Dave Chappelle goat 🐐 🔥💯 😱

    50. nong333

      I find this extra funny because I'm watching this right after I just watched Kevin Hart's "Stay in your financial lane!" bit.

    51. alp

      Dave's son is so white lol

    52. Kim Jones

      Dave is 1000 times better than Kevin hart period.

    53. alwaysgabriel

      man i was so scared that when dave came back and he was all buff and shit, that his stuff would change , thank god im a moron . u d man Dave !

    54. YONCE 8701

      No you shut the fuck up!!😂😂😂I love this dude!

    55. Kushinada Kai

      I kinda feel like, Kevin has a wild vibe, he's the guy who's in limelight in a group of friend and makes everyone laughs out of loud. Dave however is a guy who's a cool vibe around him, makes people focus himself and when he talks makes people laugh longer. Both of them are outstanding, i'm honestly glad that i'm living in their era.

    56. DJ Thickemz

      Comical Dave Dave Dave

    57. Brad McPagan

      I hope Netflix gave Dave the "fuck you money" so he can continue to piss on the SJWs and the cancel culture. Fuck PC.

    58. dominic ervin

      "Jaz y got shit the fuck up money" "Beyonce got no you shit the fuck up money"🤣🤣😭😂

    59. K A

      I love Dave, but he's kind of full of shit on this one. He was paid $60 million to do these Netflix specials. Plus he has the millions he made previously. So yeah, he's got "Shut the Fuck Up Money" for sure.

    60. Derek Soto


    61. Lucius Avenus

      Dat wuz borink. Canned lafs too almost

    62. Clinton Towne

      I can relate I CAN RELATE! @arianagrande ;-( @selenagomez ;-( WE HATE CAMILLA COWBELLLA ! she's so hot n sessssy ..and nastyyyy and stupid .. and horny AF .. noone likes Camilla anymore..DO They ..NOPE God was like hey little man.. I want you to bang this.. IAM.. like DAD! You want me to bang em all... YEP ..DAD STFU DAD STFU ho much cok you got...yeah I gotta lot .STFU STFU STFU damn.. ok ok ok ok AYE AYE AYE

    63. Curtistine Miller

      This is funny,Dave still is giving a fellow comedian his kudos!.........

    64. patricia

      Watch this 5x still so dam funny

    65. hubert wahlang

      I don't understand why do some people who don't wanan laugh or have a good time go to such shows .

    66. Jerome Ierome

      This is why Dave is the greatest ever! He’s such a down to earth guy!

    67. Roderick CampGround Odom

      Dave is 100× better than Kevin Hart will ever be these FACTS💚

    68. Zander Ibarra

      I’m not on the hate wagon of Kevin Hart cus I do think he’s funny an I genuinely like him but I prefer Dave Chappelle all day over him 💯

    69. Tounsi Behi

      This is cringy af i think he should retire .

    70. Michael Haflich

      Jay Z: Shut the fuck up $$$ Beyoncé: No you shit the fuck up $$$