DANIEL'S DOG TAKEN BY HACKERS IN NEW YORK CITY Spending 24 Hours in Extreme Hide and Seek Challenge

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    CWC Needs to RESCUE DOG!
    After Chad Wild Clay made the video "CWC PARENTS MISSING! Project Zorgo Hackers Break Into Minnesota House and Take Chad's Gadgets", Vy Qwaint created "PZ9 MELVIN vs HACKERS in the Philippines Battle Royale in Real Life to Reveal His Family Secrets", and Daniel uploaded "I RESCUE DOG from HACKERS in New York City! Spending 24 Hours on Surprising Travel Challenge!" to the Exposing Project Zorgo CZ-news channel, Daniel got a mysterious call from Mr. E saying he needs to go on a mission and travel to the New York City and New Jersey area to find his dog! His French bulldog as taken from him by Project Zorgo hackers! Since his memory was erased with B235, he doesn't remember his dog, mom or his sister! Chad and Vy watch him on the live security camera footage as he listens to the Project Zorgo leader facetime another hacker. He says a dog expert is flying from Las Vegas to the east coast to train the dog. When PZ2 shows up there is a battle royale but the dog, Douglas wins. Daniel is then reunited with his dog! But now he must rescue him, save him from Project Zorgo, and bring back to the Spy Ninja safe house. Regina keeps calling on her iPhone X getting ready for her California mission to find out who her family is like her mom and dad. Melvin also returns from his adventure trip to the Philippines! It'll be super fun to do challenges and games with our new best friend, Douglas! Thank you for watching my funny entertainment comedy vlog videos in 2019 and 2020!
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    1. Chad Wild Clay

      Happy Saturday SPY NINJAS! I need your help finding Daniel's dog! If you see anything or have any idea where he is, please comment below!

      1. Maja Grabowska

        I will cry because danyals dog

      2. Hiếu cfm


      3. Bianca Merino


      4. Sanay Bahl

        It was Daniel's sis

      5. MC 09

        @Yoo Suk THE CODE IS 1249

    2. Kelly Buccheri

      It was your mom

    3. Ethan Allen

      I think Regina mom stole Daniels dog

    4. Abdulla Alam

      Pls go back to get your dog

    5. Mohamed Mousa


    6. Ivana Mutiara

      Chad wild clay

    7. F Hussain

      It has to be Daniels mama

    8. DAYANA sanchez

      I am CRYING 😂🤣😭😢 I am happy for you.

    9. Amelia Davenport

      Somebody took your dod from out the cage she or he had a red shirt

    10. belen popowich

      Chad can you tell DanielMake another video please and this time you go with Daniel

    11. n Sho

      I think is Regina

    12. Metro Pcs

      Daniel it might be your mom!!!

    13. Quinn 87

      Regina took the dog

    14. Noah Davidson

      When is Douglas' birthday?

    15. Mary Kate Milligan

      Its. Regena

    16. Kelsey Sullivan

      I think Regina stoll Douglas

    17. Kenzie Watchorn

      it is reigeana

    18. Jadalee W Vlogs


    19. Jadalee W Vlogs


    20. Elsie Hooley

      Poor Daniel his dog got talking away again

    21. Ahmed Ahmed

      Daniel If you want to find your family go and watch daniel's mom footage from april 14th 2018 before going to project zorgo job interview

    22. Ahmed Ahmed

      Daniel go watch Daniel's mom footage from april 14th 2018 before going to project zorgo job interview

    23. Lizzi Gray


    24. Marf Lavarez

      Daniel it's your mom took dogles mabe

    25. Heather Sawaya

      The girl is trying to fool Daniel so the girl could take his dog the girl is a hacker!!!!!!!!

    26. daniel shi

      if its not a hacker then why did that person just put a alexa and dog plushie in the cage or maybe somebody else did it

    27. Rokas Vaiciukevicius

      Don't believe him

    28. Rokas Vaiciukevicius

      Pz4 stole the gog

    29. Jazzy Roblox

      It’s RUGINA

    30. Chicken For Life

      Red ninja

    31. Alibaba Playz

      MR E must of tuck it to his house

    32. Rosie Roberts

      Who took English kid mum

    33. Sufyan Suffy

      That lady was regina

    34. Ros Clarke


    35. Ros Clarke

      Really want a few days

    36. Carson Upchurch

      it was your sister Daniel she took your dog

    37. Creative Cuber

      The girl who took dougless is your mom daniel

    38. Kimberlin Varela

      Daniel that was your sister

    39. abby girl


    40. Kevin Flores

      Daniel maybe whoever took the dog might be your sister

    41. Mae Mae Allen


    42. Juan Carlos

      Maybe Daniels dog his mom took it away from him so no hackers look at it

    43. Lola Williamson

      Hey that's my friend's dog can you bring it back we live in Stockton because you ran off to Daniel

    44. Steve Klugiewicz

      I think Regina Took the dog. Because the person was dressed in all red that was in the video. And she was dressed in all red. So I think She took Douglas.

    45. Maria Rojas

      Noo the dog is gone😭😭

    46. Amber Skinner

      A girl took him

    47. Tara Mathews


    48. Tara Mathews

      Love you Chad

    49. sanic da hot dog

      The person that took Douglas was probably Daniel's mom

    50. Travis Daniel

      I know Who Mr. E is

    51. Joshua McCorkle

      You were so happy when you saw him

    52. TankPlayzz

      I I'm sad

    53. TankPlayzz


    54. Candao Ceja

      The. Digo. Si. Stolen

    55. JadeBeth Collins

      Maybe it’s your mom

    56. Carlo Plascencia

      Hey spiye ningus can i gon you

    57. Andy Miguel

      the person that took Daniel`s dog was regina cause the person who took Dougles was wearing a red jacket and regina was wearing a red jacket

    58. Brooke L


    59. Brooke L

      I think it was regina or Daniel's sister

    60. Brooke L

      I think it was regina of Danielle's sister

    61. Tom Lombardo

      Get the dog back.

    62. Jacob Cooper

      Don’t trust him

    63. Jacob Cooper

      Hi marker

    64. Jacob Cooper

      Hello Doyle’s

    65. Kobi-ben Quinn

      It was a hacker

    66. Nette Garcia

      The person who took daniel's dog is melvin.

      1. It is always MARY IN LIFE

        Nette Garcia no it is not

    67. raif Mahrush

      ME ..

    68. Jacob Cina

      Mr.E is. Nice

    69. Robert Freeburn

      3eeeeeeeeeeeeeereeeeef Rrrrredffd I