Dan + Shay, Justin Bieber - 10,000 Hours (Official Music Video)

Dan And Shay

Dan And Shay

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    1. Mao Mao Heroes Of Pure Heart

      C'mon Mao Mao Let's Go Home

    2. parlindungan manurung


    3. Brenden Bennefield

      It is much better than yummy

    4. kendra franks

      Go watch chicken girls it is really good I'm on season 3

    5. Louise Francois

      Your songs are the best I wish I was you buy a girl

    6. Darliane Fontenele


    7. Becoming a Fashion Designer book (Wiley)

      Every morning we listen to this song to kick off our day!

    8. Ronda Stychyshyn

      amasing song

    9. Bethanney Estep

      All of you guys have pretty pretty voices

    10. Mizune -chan

      Does this not sound like the song: Tip of my tongue?

    11. Spiertje

      Be honest who is here to see the beautiful flowers? 😜

    12. Bettina Laing

      I love this song so much and I am a fan of Justin Bieber and I listen to every song of his that I possibly can

    13. Brendan Siemers

      i could use 10,000 hours

    14. Ivan Opinion

      I cant stand that FREAK SHOW justin bieber! Wish they had recorded the song without his gay little ass. Ruined it! And whats with the numb nuts in the video without a shirt...he looks like a meth head with chopsticks for arms

    15. Lakshay Singla

      I spent 10000 hours😍😍😍

    16. Jack Daniels


      1. Jack Daniels

        @Butterfly Wings 💓💓💓💓💓

      2. Butterfly Wings

        Love this song 🎼🎵 love you shades 💋❤🤟♾😎🧚‍♀️

    17. Alexis Jackson Switzerland

      Yeah it's cool !

    18. Joey Blaauw

      The 2 other girls probably cheat

    19. Linh Nguyễn thị

      👍👍👍😁😁😁😁like fustin Bieber

    20. patricia keith

      It alright if not bad but it good what do y'all think comment

    21. angoon noinoi

      Follow from tiktok

    22. Ayaa Mariem

      I adore him

    23. Xploit drawing

      Nice video

    24. Izabela Glimanska

      Bardzo fajna piosenka bardzo mi się podoba i bardzo dobry układ piosenki jest tam muj ulubiony piosenkarz Jasti Bieber i ja go bardzo lubię i jego dziewczyne tak samo bardzo lubię. Bo jest bardzo miłą atmosferę sobą i to właśnie w nich mi się podoba wiecie. Pozdrawiam❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💛💛💛💛💛💚💚💚💚💙💜💜💜💜💜

    25. Michael santillan Antonio


    26. Michael santillan Antonio


    27. edarian laurel

      watch this video @Y1Jw

    28. edarian laurel

      watch this video @Y1Jw

    29. Mayer Hutajulu


    30. Shai Caling


    31. Acu Aan

      I like this!!!

    32. Johniel

      Song: And i might never get there Me: calculating 24x366 Days Answer: 8784 hours

    33. Franz Josef

      Honestly a cute song i love it

    34. Justin

      Who’s here on January 22?

    35. 20jallow

      You here for 2:00

    36. mjhay hernandez

      I like this song

    37. Wicked Accuracy

      you know for the longest time i didn't know jb was in here or ft now i hate it.

    38. Justin Bieber

      You are the best singer in the world without exception, no singer or pop singer, you are the best

    39. Conceição D Nascimento


    40. Molly Express

      Everyone is talking about Justin but I'm over here asking for Dan+Shay tickets for my bday 😂

    41. Noémy Channel

      that is true love.

    42. Kathleen Rising

      In this song when it says "did you get your middle name from your grandma" it must be a coincidence but I got my middle name from my grandma Please get me to at least 10 likes that would make me happy

    43. Gail Maund

      I love this song❤️❤️

    44. Jyoti Badola

      I wished to be selena there .......she trulely loves him but some people are just born to make fun of love 😔

    45. Makenzie Madyson


    46. Braine Murhwia

      The girl with Justin is pretty

    47. Raymond Cullum

      I Actually like this song despite Bieber being featured on it

    48. MADTURKEY 909

      This is pop not country

    49. 이동백

      목소리.. 음.. 멜로디 최고다.

    50. Portuguese Cafe

      Hi 👋 Justin Bieber & Hailey Bieber

    51. Pam Murphy


    52. Shazeeda Kadir

      I dont see the love in justin eyes when he look at his wife .

    53. valery valenzuela

      I don't like jailey but I do like jelena

    54. Espinosa

      Which JB do u prefer? (music style) - Yummy JB - 10,000 hours JB

    55. Kalianah Kaysaywaysemat

      you and your girlfriends look cool you make me think of my mom and dad


      10,000 hours = 417 days 417 days = 1.1 year That's how long they've been dating . And this is 10,000 times longer than any relationship involving Kardashians!

    57. carol wanjiru

      I long for true love😪😪

    58. Jerald Mayordomo

    59. Marc Monsanto


    60. It’s me Ann

      Philippines 🇵🇭 ❤️❤️❤️

    61. Prince Sean

      “10,000 hours and 10,000 more (with you)❤️”

    62. efridarizky haryati

      now i know why justin really love haley

    63. Team Lovato

      Hailey is like a sunshine I love her so much.💕

    64. Allman

      Kinda nice song, but Justin Bieber is far away from making authentic love songs, it only worked when he was 16 and not the conceited bastard he is now

    65. Ashley Guban

      Ilove selena gomez and Justin beiber

    66. HayZin GFatt


    67. Angelo Mojello

      Who loves justine Bieber click the like button

    68. Christina Done

      In this video Justin Bieber actually looks like teenage Justin he should stay like that.

    69. Annarose Señar Pacheco

      ilove this song 😍

    70. Realtalk Casual Viewer with Honest Opinion

      To all the people who's reading this hope you can find someone who you could spend the 10000 Hours of your lives