Dad vs My 5 Boyfriends | Twin My Heart w/ The Merrell Twins EP 4



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    Vanessa Merrell is on the search for love and with the help of her identical twin sister, Veronica, a group of guys will compete for her heart in the new dating competition show, "Twin My Heart." ❤️ On your mark, get set, GO! The guys are challenged to race against the clock (and against each other) while go-karting. But the real challenge is beating the race time of the twin's dad, Paul. 😝
    Twin Swap Prank + HE has a GIRLFRIEND!! | Twin My Heart w/ The Merrell Twins EP 5 -

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    If you see this, comment below your favorite race nickname from the episode. Weakkkk stomach 🤢

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    1. Little Eirinn

      Brandon: “ he got the date because he gave her a f**#% pillow” Me: YOU GOT A DATE BY GIVING HER A FRICKING HAIR TIE HOW IS THAT BETTER THAN. A PILLOW

    2. Little Eirinn

      Brandon is so selfish

    3. Izzy

      I don't want her to date Brandon he's a JERK 😡

    4. Hunter 1

      Keep your shitty ads off my feed

    5. Fonji_YT

      Why’s this an ad this gets like 1.9 million views at least every video

    6. Guadalupe Herrera

      I loveeeee Alex😍😍😍

    7. Chuck Finley

      What is this shit and why is it in my feed?

    8. simone banks


    9. jimmybarr1966

      Omg those dimples

    10. Gummymin TV

      Alex tim and christian are my favs I HATE BRANDON HES A F BOY

    11. Stitch Vlogs

      Am I the only one who thinks that this is a little like love island

    12. Shephia Zhou


    13. tha little kiddo

      alex will win her heart fasure 🤪

    14. Lexi LuLu

      Zac or Alex

    15. Re-Leaf

      I’m tryna amash


      I love Alex so much he’s so sweet 💀🥺 also Christian but Brandon can gtfo 🚪 👈🏼

    17. OralSurgeonRider

      Guys fighting to win your heart? Men are not here to cater to women, it’s the other way around!!

    18. Danielghh Gonzales

      Brandon why is everyone saying that Everyone he got lucky EVEN PAUL SAID IT

    19. Liyana Chowdhury

      I think alex Edit: i was right

    20. DWNtoERTH

      Would bang with my double headed dong

    21. Art Xhema

      Are those two🤬making guys sleep next to each other to have a chance of dating them and “eliminating” those who failed what twits

    22. juicyblob

      I'd date both of them at once

    23. ScWiBbLe UwU


    24. ScWiBbLe UwU

      Dude I think that she should be with Christian but she likes Brandon ;-;

    25. Fliqs

      This freakin video won’t stop showing up in my damn youtube recommendations so I’m finally watching it..

    26. BolivianRonaldo

      But he’s bald, what’s the problem. He is weak

    27. Eugenio Romero

      brandon is actually kissing the f... OUT OF HER

    28. Gäläxy Ørëø

      who else died of laughter when they saw the goat yoga XD I did lol

    29. hannabanana

      Christian won my heart

    30. DJ_RMUSIC

      As if these two girls have to find a guy online, like what’s wrong with people you know like in person?.... finding people online never always goes well, then some just get lucky.

    31. Peyton Petty

      Who else likes Timothy Christian and Alex the most

    32. For Gmaps

      Dad. Does this daughter take after your wife. If so the twins might not be yours. Any history of twins in the family?

    33. Eugenio Romero

      like brandon is gonna win the heart of vannesa 100 persent SUREE

    34. Kimmy Wilson

      ok im not use to look at videos like this but BRANDON FOR THE WIN

    35. Itz Sunny


    36. Mark Walker

      Brandon acts like he's Justin Bieber and expects the world to go his way the whole time. Generally the most childish and car crash prone person in this contest.

    37. John Patrick Dumantay


    38. Mia Leiva

      Brandon is a asshole

    39. Sally Kaddour

      If I were venessa, I would think that Alex is a good guy

    40. Zineb zbirou

      You guys are from jane the virging on Netflix

    41. Audge Lee

      “I’m literally flustered by how cute she is” -Christian My heart 😩😝🤪🙂

    42. Lauren Abele

      Brandon sucks who says that off camera aka episode 2

    43. Audge Lee

      I think Christian will win her heart--

    44. Scarlett x

      Brandon: cause he gave her a fucking pillow? Me: erm u gave her a hair tie and won it

    45. Zoe Rey

      I have that pillow!

    46. QleXvX

      wtf is this shit doing in my recommended

    47. Amaki-Ra

      Can somebody explain this show to me... I'm a background fan of the twins and ignored this in my recommendations many times. Watching it now, it just seems so trash. I hate this type of show, forcing herself to pick a boyfriend out of a random group of guys. It's so weird and uncomfortable like wth. The motivations of these guys dont seem right, they are just teenage boys who barely know her (as that one guy said) yet are all fighting for her affection. Is this show real and is she actually finding a bf through this? Why isnt Roni doing the same? Does everyone here just enjoy this show lmao? I'm fully confused..

    48. MrIamcrusty

      I couldn’t stop looking at that girl with yellow tops pants. Lol wtf.

    49. amtrix1

      Guy slats got no boobs !!

    50. Natalie Beltran

      Brandon seems toxic af 🤢

    51. Isabella Spencer-Thomoson

      Christan and Veronica ship

    52. Princess Chloe

      I think Alex will win her heart this episode😁 Edit:I was right!

    53. Izzywizzy

      Team Alex all the waaaaay 100% Really not a fan of Brandon 😕

    54. Chloé Lubin

      Like:Christian Comment:Alex

    55. Project Deadpool

      I only click this cuz I thought her dad was in Die Hard 5

    56. Sandra Warner

      why did you kiss him?...i dont like him...

    57. Sandra Warner

      yo brandon is so grumpy and he is so jelly he i not a good person to date... sorry brandon

    58. Arun Chaudhury

      Brandon is a very bad guy

    59. Ilove todance

      Ew Brandon is gross

    60. ChauncyCharm

      Oh im not watching this garbage. But Vanessa witg her dimples can take all my money

    61. CRAZYCR1T1C

      This is contrived garbage

    62. BeanieBooXo Roblox

      Brandon just kissed her ... ewwwwwww what a weirdo he wasn’t on the date Christian is the only nice one

    63. Gabrielle Monica

      I love Alex and the French toast guy

    64. StokeBeaver

      Did u fall over before the challenge or something them jeans are ripped af. Like buy some others.

    65. Stamp and Scrap

      Narcissist Brandon

    66. Stamp and Scrap

      54 year old says choose a partner who makes you laugh when you are having a crap experience

      1. Stamp and Scrap

        Not one who makes you feel crap when you were having a good time.

    67. Jasey HARTREE

      I think Brandon should win!!!!!

    68. Jessica-Lee Pearson

      Brandon is such an asshole for manipulating her like that what the flip!!

    69. Bruce George Peter Lee.

      Women who look that good who have to find a partner this way, must have horrible personality's

    70. Ariana Maciel

      I think it Brandon Alex or christin