Dad tries to save son from falling then..



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    Dad tries to save son from falling then..
    In this ItsOwen video we look at crazy roller coaster ride fails compilation. She's slingshot / slingshot rides went very wrong ( gone wrong )
    #ride #slingshot #fail
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    Video Owned and uploaded By Owen's Dad (The Owner of this channel.) (PG Clean, Family Friendly For Kids, No Swearing)

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    1. ItsOwen


      1. Summer Spooner

        Good videos

      2. Carey Richardson

        Why did you show the puke thats disgusting

      3. StageGuild GT


      4. StageGuild GT

        ItsOwen am

      5. Olivia Montenegro

        Daniel Koegelenberg: I SO AGREE HE’S JUST TRICKING US FOR VEIWS!!😡

    2. Gabrielė Kundrotaitė

      Nooooooooooooooooo'_' 🤯🤯🤯

    3. Cincere Jefferson

      9:40 isn’t the son way too young for that ride?

    4. Simon Mcdonagh

      Subscribe and Owen will stop talking about the spiders

    5. Simon Mcdonagh

      It is so dirty

    6. Simon Mcdonagh

      Stop!!!!! With the spiders😷😷😷😷💩💩💩

    7. Yuki REEE ówó Ù-ú

      Omg I’m 8 I would NEVER EVER go on that ride i was like on a spinny ride once

    8. JBL BOY 2

      3:39 hard hit

    9. Romeo Ruiz

      That's scary he kid could have died

    10. Aden1 does not want to super jump

      So dumb

    11. Jazlynn Sanchez

      G g g g gross!!!!!

    12. Ktgamming

      0:22 Where Is Him Puking

    13. Silly Buggs

      The kid on the slingshot ride actually isn't allowed to be there, because he isn't 14 yet

    14. Teale Robinson

      im surprised that little 6 year old didn't get scared

    15. Baby juice and friends Desaray

      This is how many times he said "guys" and "literally" 10000000000000000000000000× ↙

    16. Kimberly Darby

      Forget the rides anybody see this great gameplay

    17. conjamson

      Two of the ‘ride failures’ aren’t even failures at all just barf and a kid blacking out

    18. GameTarget Music


    19. s. o

      wow sub or this spider will come in your mouth i just know im gonna dislike.

    20. FNAF Sniper

      First one is so 🤮

    21. DoctorDew

      Read this comment and no spider will crawl into your ear or mouth 👍

    22. Snowy Foxo

      The dad on the slingshot was. Not a good parent.

    23. Big Chungus

      The first video sounds like the LEGO Star Wars death

    24. Shekinah Destin

      LOL the first guy passed out

    25. :0 !

      This guys waffles to much Who else agrees | | \/

    26. Benjamin Hunter-Wallace

      Why would you let your kid go on that

    27. Jelena Mihalic


    28. Aaron Chen

      The pukeing part made me regret eating breakfast.

    29. Floristube

      We all know this is jarvis

    30. Luna Twinkin

      Would have been a decent video if you just stopped talking!

    31. Owenthe Shark210

      #5 His scream sounds like a dying droid from Star Wars

    32. Kennyprosqauds 1

      Stop being evil

    33. Savanna Jamieson


    34. Gacha Wolfie Princess

      Reverse card

    35. Javier Miguel

      Yeah, he yells and laughs like a chipmunk. Video Posted In: 0:57

    36. Mason Jones

      Stop you trash youtuber clickbaiting you only got those subcribers from your spider images

    37. Mr Demo

      Nonononononononononono WHYYYYYY!!!!!

    38. Kaylyn Huynh

      eeewww whenthe guy puke

    39. true story ASA

      Don’t go there because your going vomate or falling not holding

    40. Poor & Hungry

      I don't like spiders

    41. Almond MilkTM

      I can't watch other people puke I just cannot, no ma'am

    42. Brooke Huseman

      0:00 i dont even want to continue

    43. Tim L

      Person: It's not scary Me: until you try it

    44. Kalel Eglen


    45. Gaming With Cupcake

      Are you laughing at them

    46. Izabella Cortez

      Stop trying to make people subscribe and trying to make money and that is why you don’t deserve nothing because you make people do stuff

    47. XxPaperBoatsxX

      My friend who was 9 went on the first ride just with a cover.

    48. Maria Quidera

      Did the kid fall out

    49. Natalee Argueta seymour

      OMG you are such a liar it didn't even shake and nothing happened to the kid!!!

    50. Di emerald boy vlogs

      1 like = 2 spiders crawlling on ItsOwens mouth I I V

    51. Kids Tell Fibs

      2nd is creepy

    52. Kids Tell Fibs

      Whoever put the kid on the number 3 is a absolute idiot

    53. Gansta Olive

      Watch Jessica Soho news there’s a girl who’s hair is tangled in the ferries-wheel

    54. Sayah TheLittleGirlStar

      If that spider comes in my mouth, I'm going to Hurt you. And I will never like your videos.

    55. joey schutz

      Ewww that is gross when he threw up

    56. Kyron Moore


    57. Connie Keister


    58. Connie Keister


    59. Connie Keister

      Little girl almost got hurt

    60. Jan Harrison

      Omg so hyped

    61. Braelyn McMillan


    62. Kateřina Jánská

      I dont trust thid things

    63. crystalwatches

      It’s oh and please stop saying watch till the end in your videos

    64. KELSEY LEE

      if u use clickbait again a bathtub will fall on you when ur sleeping. jk lol love da vids.

    65. Sully Bolden

      You said shut up and stop stopping the video.

    66. coralee hay

      Cool 😎 🦷🦷

    67. yellowcatlover cookies

      This is why u should not eat before scary rides *person* (throws up) me: "GOD DANG IT!!!"

    68. lil chick

      Like this an Owen will have that vomit in his mouth (for not censored)

    69. Stef

      The kid literally didn’t even move

    70. Stef

      Who else skipped to the end