DaBaby Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | GQ



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    DaBaby's first piece of jewelry was a $20K Cuban link that was a gift from a girl. Come to think of it, he should probably get her something in return. Join DaBaby as he shows off his impressive jewelry collection, from his $40K Audemars Piguet watch to his $25K 'Billion Dollar Baby' charm.
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    DaBaby Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | GQ

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    1. Keller GmbH

      We are waiting for Justin

    2. Banksbeatz59 soundcloud

      Time for da baby to go back to working them streets , 2pac alive , we don’t need you da baby azz fool haha

    3. BlickyWithTheStiffy

      Where The Stewie Chain At .. ?

    4. jerome Birms

      My mans be wheelin and dealin whit those icebox mfksss

    5. CureXL

      After watching this my mouth became dry asf I don’t know why

    6. LIL BANE

      Dababy look like he partied too hard the night before

    7. Juho Sorsa

      Those prizes are cap

    8. Soutsakhone Vongsoury

      He sound chill asf

    9. fornite baller

      Where his stewie chain

    10. Lowprojects

      Get Mr.T on here!!

    11. Revert

      for some reason...i find his voice very soothing

    12. Jose V

      Johnny Dang

    13. Ben H

      I bought every V12 engine Wish I could take it back to the beginnin' I coulda bought a place in Dumbo before it was Dumbo For like two million That same building today is worth twenty-five million Guess how I'm feelin'? Dumbo Jayz 2017

    14. Frank

      What are you going to do with it when your dead ?

    15. Rich sounds

      N His been like 5 month in the game . Too hardd 👁🤘

    16. amazingsonnrg

      7:19 why is his pinky nail so long

    17. Jourdan Junior

      List of the best rappers 2019 Drake A$ap Rocky Bhad bhabie A boogie wit da hoodie Big shaq YNW Melly HA! Just kidding, read the first letter of each name and you get a real king!

      1. Torre Tv


    18. dappernani

      his voice is naturally deep asf plus he tours so that’s why he sounds like that.

    19. JokiOfficial

      Does his voice hurt only my ears or?

    20. John Godani

      Mf can't even sit straight

    21. 1m subscribers with no videos

      Sound sleepy

    22. South Boy

      He a smart Jewelry shopper

    23. Umair Khan

      Comments 90% about his voice 10% about the video

    24. Julian Villagomez

      Do trippie Redd

    25. jacqueline romero

      The background music is louder than him

    26. Rainzy

      I almost fell asleep that’s how boring this was

      1. Alia Rhoden

        To you

    27. Daniel Ontiveros

      It’s all fake bro

    28. Ashari Chapman

      Why everybody posting the same comments 🤦🏽‍♂️

    29. Matthew Johnson

      Anything has say is cool

    30. Jamalama Samcam

      Wheres the stewie chain?


      I can't even understand what is he saying lol.

    32. Lajuan B

      Dabby Dabby

    33. Matteo Arcadi

      3:36 How come I hear his whispers more clear than his normal talking

    34. Ronald Desdune

      Can I get some ice

    35. Skyler Underwood

      he finesses his jeweler, i swear everyone else pays more for smaller pieces

    36. Ricky Barela

      For da people in da back: it ain’t the diamonds that worth money it’s the gold 🗣 The diamond still has value just not a lot of resale value especially if the jewelry is custom because the stones are made specifically to fit your pieces , in other words you can melt gold to make it another shape and not loose to much you can only cut a stone so much until it’s to small and lost a lot of value for reshaping the stone

    37. JUG DOT

      The black Air Force ones voice😭💯

    38. Kool Aid

      Yoo the beat louda than him

    39. Kvngg Tee Svage

      Y'all Gotta Do The Famous Cryp♿

    40. bruce kim

      Bro why this background music so loud

    41. oliver solis

      Hey GQ...you all should try do nba youngboy...i think everyone wants to see him

    42. Jermel Smith

      blueface got hella jewelry

    43. Jermel Smith

      y'all should do blue face next

    44. Khalide AHMED

      Yall need to do nba youngboy on the rocks

    45. Eric Hernandex

      I feel like he would be good for asmr

    46. Eric Hernandex

      He sounds like he smoked 304 cigarettes before this showcase

    47. Kunal Jamnadas

      Anyone else heard every single thing he’s saying?

    48. Controller ninja

      Whats with his stewie griffin Pendant?

    49. fornite baller

      Where is his stewie piece

    50. Jamory White

      Speak up

    51. K

      Srcddgvgdabj yea and I vrhvxdhncddhb. That's all I understand

    52. sunlighthot

      did they just pick up a random homeless guy who just leaned how to talk and gave him bunch of jewelry to talk about?

    53. Ian Muri

      Y'all gotta do a takeoff video

    54. jakob unbehaun


    55. Luka Nisic

      2:10 twenty faaf

    56. The Roblox Gamer

      Who listen to this on full volume because you can't here Dababy

    57. Bankroll Nayzer

      His voice is making me want to cough

    58. Teekay official

      Bring lil baby

    59. Ayrious

      Who else had to pick up the volume while watching this? 😅

    60. Emoji 784

      I understand everything and heard everything he said... My voice is similar very raspy and deep it's not easy speaking clearly mayne 😩

    61. FrauHelm

      Where is his Stewie Griffin chain?

    62. Rocco Lampiasi

      We want blueface

    63. Josias

      Did they film this in a library or sumn

    64. Mr. gray productions

      My mans looking like a whole Gucci department detective 😭

    65. Tile Setter 191

      “Da baby” yea Da baby sleeping in the back that’s why he whispering.

    66. Dane Ibsen

      Dude sold his soul 😔

    67. Johnetta’s LIFE

      5:12 we was talking in the mix and sounded clear

    68. Padfoot Montgomery

      Mumble much

    69. ///AMG

      For those chains be so cheap most be 10k gold smh get 18k 22k no diamonds

    70. ///AMG

      Unfortunately to many diamonds people ain’t buying diamonds every day get str8 golf easier to sell