Czech Republic v Greece - Highlights - FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019



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    Watch the highlights from the second round game between the Czech Republic and Greece at the FIBA Basketball World Cup 2019.
    #CzechRepublicGotGame #HellasGotGame #FIBAWC

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    1. FIBA

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      1. Καπετάν Μαλάκας

        i love it. thank you for the free highlights. like and sub

      2. Don diablo

        Put your app in your ass fuckers fibamafia

    2. bruh bruh

      koby at the end of the video 😯

    3. Patrick! At the Disco

      0:50 I see what you did there

    4. Primus Dominus Augustus

      Referee forces Greece to start at the baseline after a TIME-OUT. Were the referees fired at least?

    5. Hector Smith

      ...another FIBAs surrealistic joke...the team which has won the specific game has not been simple as that...

    6. Ελληνας Βορειος

      Ειδατε που τελικα τα ουτσαιντερ περασανε?ειχαμε πολυ ψηλα τον αμανε..νομιζαμε οτι θα κερδισουμε ετσι ευκολα...θελω να το παρει η Αργεντινή με τον Σκολα να βαζει 30 πόντους..για να δουν ολοι εδω στην Ελλάδα οτι 39ρηδες σταρ παιζουν για το εθνοσημο και την πατριδα και οχι για τα συμβολαια...οι "παππουδες" της Βραζιλίας μας τον σφυριξανε...χωρις σαλιο κιολας...

    7. vasilis patistuta

      Australia just did party with the looser chech

    8. vasilis patistuta

      Ha ha ha they lost from Greece and then they lost from AUS .. what a loosers.. if the referees played 50-50 they would loose with 20 points..

    9. tsitsi- fast

      I am greek and i cried when we lost. We could have just take the win and continue but we lost to brazil. Παιξαμε σαν σκυλοι μπράβο παιδιά


      A sta diaolo re arhidia oti kai na pw einai ligo....

    11. starboi klem

      Refs were "made in china"(sorry china😂)

    12. Κωνσταντινος Μπαρμπαγιαννης

      Guys stop putting charge to the refs...The people are professionals 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    13. Κωνσταντινος Μπαρμπαγιαννης

      Even if erdogan was the ref to this game, he would have been more correct in his decisions

    14. MrElonos

      Czech Republic v Greece MVP---> referees

    15. Teddy Malfoy

      That referees did not know when to whistle. It was an awful achievement

    16. Jo-Ryan Salazar

      Have Greece fired their coach yet?

    17. Bob Marley

      greeks are always cry. dont worry :D:D

      1. Bob Marley

        @Leves D really? are u turk ? i didnt know sorry

      2. Leves D

        really? I saw one.

      3. Bob Marley

        @Leves D I could not see the crying turk in comments? :d

      4. Leves D

        we never worry, we're not turks ;-)

    18. Yllor Otero

      Wrong move by the Greece .. Sitting out Antetokounmpo at the 4th period against USA watching the lead bloated and here they crawling point just to qualify the next round

    19. Kimberly Santos

      Why greece aint qualified for FIBA QUATER FINALS

    20. ALEX

      Επανάληψη τώρα του αγώνα!

    21. Christina Konto


    22. Vincent Simbol

      Australia vs Greece could have been something special

    23. Filip 1602

      Czechia - amazing results! But why is "republic" on the jersey? Call our country Czechia, please. Czech Republic vs Hellenic Republic = Czechia vs Greece. Czech Republic is not the only one republic in Europe. Czech Republic is only political name. Czechia is official country short name. Go, Czechia, Go!

      1. HELLAS59

        Filip 1602 We are not Greece, we are: ΕΛΛΑΣ ELLAS 🇬🇷 Thanks! ✋️

    24. Hiç birisi

      Czech republic ❤️

    25. pinoy ako

      Bt Greece not in the quaterfinals

    26. edward

      This is the game you win but absolutely you not celebrate

    27. John Pats

      Congratulations to the Czech team. Congratulations to fiba for intentionally butchering the Greek Team.

    28. Zedom_Jeroulis

      Well, greeks may won, but they got blocked anyways( I'm greek actually and I'm really sad)

    29. Aaron Staten

      Im glad Giannis is letting Greece shine. Everyone wants him to score 50 pts but hes leading by example, its an opportunity for his teamates to shine. Giannis goes crazier in the NBA!

      1. HELLAS59

        Καπετάν Μαλάκας 🖕🖕🖕

      2. Καπετάν Μαλάκας

        and shine we did...

    30. Martin Exner

      Stop crying Greece...U didnt lose the tournament cause of this match but because u wasnt good enough in other matches. Czechs deserved to progress into QF, they played hearts out during whole tournament. U cant be on top every championship. Learn how to lose. Regards

      1. Antonín Leopold

        @Καπετάν Μαλάκας Sure they do. You are such a poor and hateable guys.

      2. Καπετάν Μαλάκας

        the referees hate us, they want to hurt us. they envy us because we have so much for so long

      3. babas sas

        Who is crying? I can see only you are crying and trying to prove that czech is better team than greece, sry dude greek is better by far, we won you with 7 points difference playing against fiba referees

    31. Duff

      For as much complaining as there is in the comments how are these people delusional enough to think Greece deserved to go through? They lost to Brazil and the weakest USA team of all time, they clearly didn’t have the best team in the tournament, and they very clearly wouldn’t have won it.. seems like useless complaints

      1. Antonín Leopold

        @Blue Lena Should and would. I will give you one should have. Greece should have shot better than 10/18 from free throws. They just did not play to their potential. Nobody should be anywhere. It is what you show on court and what Greece showed was not enough despite who they have on team.

      2. Blue Lena

        It doesn't matter if we wouldn't win. Greece had a terrible second half where coach just looked without even calling for a timeout while Brazil had the game of their lives. Greece is better than Brazil overall. Greece is better than Czechia too. So Greece should normally be in the 8 and it could have actually made it against all odds if the referees didn't give us the Lithuania treatment. By your reasoning all teams except USA, Serbia, Spain should give up in advance and go home.

      3. Panos Sigma

        Ok, good for you. You can predict the future. Sebia lost to Spain too. Is Serbia not good enough to win the gold? With Brazil we lost by 1 point after losing a +17 difference and USA is still a very competitive team coached by the great Popovic. I think that we deserved to be at least at the final 8 teams of the tournament. We have lost by 2 good teams. There are teams like Poland which is on the quarterfinals by playing on the easiest group imaginable.

    32. maladoychelovek


    33. Κωνσταντίνος Σαραπανιδης

      This is unacceptable for a game at this level.

    34. Shotgun Sot

      Ντροπη μονο ντροπη κανονικα επρεπε ολοι να εφευγαν από το παρκε

    35. alexpapathanasiou papathanasiou

      Κριμα κριμα και μεγάλο κριμα ,ξεκινήσαμε τόσο αισιόδοξα αυτήν την διοργάνωση ,μέχρι στο +17 στον αγώνα της Βραζιλίας πίστευα πως αυτή η ομάδα μπορεί να φτάσει αρκετά ψηλά αλλά μετά χάσαμε αδικαιολόγητα αυτόν τον αγώνα και μετά προσπαθούσαν να μαζέψουν όλα τα ασυμμάζευτα ανεπιτυχώς ,κριμα έστω να φτάναμε στους οχτώ ,ούτε δεν αξιοποιήσαμε σωστά τον Γιάννη Αντετοκουμπο ,τι να πω πετάξαμε τις ευκαιρίες (ειδικά με την Βραζιλία ) και την διοργάνωση στα σκουπίδια

      1. HELLAS59

        alexpapathanasiou papathanasiou We lost the tournament in that game vs Brazil. Specifically at the end of the second Quarter in 2 minutes when we allowed Brazil to make it from +17 to +10 instead of stepping on their throats to make it +23. After that, the entire tournament we were “Chasing”..👎

      2. Γαμώθεος

        αχ κακούργα κοινωνία

    36. Γιάννης Χαρτοφυλακας

      Fibamafia you don't respect the sport

    37. CciIcCo

      Referees are a disgrace at this tournament. Anyone who does not see that they are not neutral is an idiot

    38. Fath3r Your

      FIBA is the name of the new Circus with the best clowns

      1. babas sas

        @Γαμοθεος κάνεις δεν σου δίνει την σημασία που ζητάς κάνοντας τέτοια κομεντ παντού, απλά επιβεβαιώνει πόσο γαμησι έχει φάει η μάνα σου στην Ελλάδα και σε ποναει

      2. Γαμώθεος

        with the greeks out the best clowns are gone

    39. Pavel Honner

      That Gianni's diver at the end is not worth the highlights. He d better study some CR7 performances before he tries next time. One good call from many bad ones against Czechs that evening. No respect for losers that blames everyone else but themselves.

      1. HELLAS59

        Pavel Honner Tries what? That Last foul called on Giannis was a DEFENSIVE foul from your player who was still moving his feet clearly! Now cut the Bullshit, Czech Team has been one if the classiest of all...don’t attempt to ruin their good reputation that they have built up till now..

    40. charisGR

      Καλά πάθαμε!! Δεν αξίζαμε και πολλά σε αυτό το τουρνουά!!!!

      1. babas sas

        Καλά εσύ σπίτι σου να πιεις το γάλα σου κ υπνο

    41. _mark T

      Μια ερώτηση ... καθόμαστε και λέμε για τη διαιτησία ...οκ το VR γιατί δε το ζητήσαμε εκείνη τη στιγμή? Γνωρίζει κάποιος να μου απαντήσει?

      1. _mark T

        @Δημητρης Μπεκιαρης Πρακτικά άχρηστο δηλαδή! Αν οργιάζουν οι διαιτητές από 1 έως 8 λεπτό όλα καλά?? Η το έχεις η δε το έχεις ... Δε σου είπα να το βάζουν ανα 2 δεύτερα...καλά μαλακίες

      2. Δημητρης Μπεκιαρης

        Ζητήσαμε πολλές φορές αλλά ο κανονισμός επιτρέπει μόνο στο τελευταίο διλεπτο κάθε περιόδου.



    43. Orfeas

      I can't see any ref decisions in this video, they definitely stole the show today! Anyway if we see all the games till now and not only this one, Czech republic deserved it more to go to quarter-finals

    44. themis voul

      The worst part is that the refs were stopping in every match to watch replays to decide on the type of the foul and to give technicals but they didn't bother discussing when they made obvious mistakes

    45. Order 66

      FIBA you only show frou frou and perfumes in those highlights.where are the wrongly called fouls?

    46. Ferry979

      I like to read comments how greek fans cry because of refs xD

      1. babas sas

        Only you is crying and trying to prove that you quallified fairly

    47. nero greco


    48. GamingWithZod

      νουμπαδες διαιτητές! Σε λίγο θα στείλουν και την γιαγιά μου!

    49. Anastasia Wall

      Η διαιτησία τραγική αλλά τόσο καιρό απορώ.... τον Σκουρτόπουλο με ποια κριτήρια του έδωσαν αυτή την θέση ? Ο άνθρωπος δεν κάνει μάνα μου. Έχει στην διάθεσή του τον Θανάση να παίξει στο 3, έναν απο τους πιο αθλητικούς κι ακούραστους παίκτες της ομάδας και βάζει μέσα τον πιο άχρηστο βασικό παίκτη που έχω δει ποτέ στην εθνική, τον Παπανικολάου??? Ο Σκουρτόπουλος γνωρίζει οτι εδώ και μέρες ο κόσμος κράζει εκείνον και τον Παπανικολάου. Για τον ίδιο πήρε την ευθύνη της μη πρόκρισης αλλά μόνος του χωρίς καν να ερωτηθεί απο τον δημοσιογράφο της ΕΡΤ, προσπαθούσε να δικαιολογήσει την απόφαση του να δίνει τόση ώρα συμμετοχής στον Παπανικολάου λέγοντας οτι "μπορεί να μην ήταν αποτελεσματικός στα σουτ αλλά η δουλειά που έκανε για την ομάδα ήταν τεράστια και του το είπα, δουλεύεις όπως δουλεύει η καρδιά στο ανθρώπινο σώμα, κάνεις τα πάντα" !!! Ο άνθρωπος είναι εντελώς ηλίθιος ή ο Παπανικολάου αντιμετωπίζεται έτσι λόγω βύσματος ? Ο Παπανικολάου είναι ΑΧΡΗΣΤΟΣ !!!! Αν έχει λίγη τσίπα θα πρέπει να αποχωρήσει μόνος του απο την εθνική και να μην ξαναλάβει μέρος, με με τον Σκουρτόπουλο αγκαζέ !

      1. Anastasia Wall

        @babas sas Σταμάτα να πατάς like στα ίδια σου τα σχόλια, είναι μίζερο !

      2. babas sas

        @Anastasia Wall όχι, ο μπαμπάς σου

      3. Anastasia Wall

        @babas sas Παπανικολάου εσύ ? 😂😂😂

      4. babas sas

        Πήγαινε στην κουζίνα γρήγορα και άσε τα σχόλια για μπάσκετ, γτιατι από αυτά που λες φενεται ότι δεν έχεις ιδεα

      5. Γαμώθεος

        γιά σένα πρέπει να σφάζονται μωρή σεξουάλα

    50. BlackJohn

      🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 Referees

    51. marty

      Message to all the crying and complaining Greeks here : First of all, you should have beaten Brazil as much as we did then you wouldn´t be eliminated now.😁

      1. marty

        @Δημητρης Μπεκιαρης You've won the match, so why do you complain? 😉😊😁

      2. marty

        ​@Γαμώθεος Maybe, but sometimes next time

      3. Γαμώθεος

        @Δημητρης Μπεκιαρης if we all cry together we can change that

      4. Δημητρης Μπεκιαρης

        It's not about who won.. It's the fact that the game was ultimately decided by the refs and not the players

    52. Renata Papoutsides

      Refs bad decions. But on both sides.

    53. superman 23

      Πουλημένοι διαιτητες

    54. Just Nevka

      The game was "Everyone vs Referees". They made terrible mistakes on both sides. Greece lost quarterfinals (better score against Czech Republic in group) because of horrible free throws.

    55. Pro - Elvi

      Περιμένουμε την ανακοίνωση από την fiba και την οριστική αποξήλωση τον σφαγέων...

      1. Ma Sg

        Το μπάσκετ στην Τσεχία δεν είναι τόσο δημοφιλές και η Τσεχία δεν είχε ποτέ διακρίσεις σε παγκόσμιο ή Ευρωπαϊκό επίπεδο. Θα διοργανώσει όμως το Eurobasket 2021 μαζί με Γερμανία-Ιταλία-Γεωργία, χώρες όπου το μπάσκετ έχει κοινό να πάει στο γήπεδο. Είναι λογικό να θέλουν από τη FIBA να φτιάξει ομάδα η Τσεχία και να μην σκορπίσουν οι παίχτες, ώστε να προωθήσει το μπάσκετ και σε άλλες χώρες. Τώρα είναι στους 8 του παγκοσμίου κυπέλλου, έχουν Ολυμπιακούς αγώνες μετά και Ευρωμπάσκετ. Τι να πω, μακάρι να χτίσουν ομάδα με διάρκεια. Απ' ό,τι διάβασα, πολλές χώρες διαμαρτύρονται για τη διαιτησία.

    56. BlueSky YellowSun

      Why Greece can't go to the quarter final ?

      1. Antonín Leopold

        Because of over score. In group K there were 3 teams with 3 wins and 2 loses. The Czech reoublic had +/- 22, Greece had +/-21 and Brazil had +/- 18 hence the Czech republic goes to the Quarter Finals.

    57. spirosky 2


    58. spirosky 2


    59. Lapis Lazulii

      Guys, watch Lithuania vs France press conference. Lith coach said the truth that FIBA is a joke and how refs are bad. Lithuanians feel the same like you greeks do. We both got robbed by FIBA. Honestly, FIBA made a crucial mistake by pissing off 2 countries at the same time. Now, I am rooting for Serbia and hope they would win. Lithuania is with you, Greece in this unfairness.

    60. sotos leo

      σλουκας παπανικολαου ντεφορμε

    61. George Zisimopoulos

      2:22 φωνή Ιωάννου

    62. Nik reigns

      και φυσικα οι αμφισβητουμενες φασεις δεν υπαρχουν στο βιντεο!!!

    63. Jakub Bechyne

      soooo many cry babies :D just makes me laugh... yes we have advanced, i am happy for it.. in my opinion jannis should have been fouled out one charge earlier, but reffs called it oposite, as many other calls aganist czechs, but i understand its a quick game and you dont always got all the calls right.... everyone who calls out the reffs should jsut be quiet and focus on their game to improve... how many lay ups they have given us?? how many freethrows have they missed?? how many balls they threw away?? thats why this team did not advanced over a team with one nba player on their roster and where most of the players play in the czech league. greeks lost their quaterfinals with brazil. they had the opportunity to save the day with czechs but did not manage. with best player on the world on thier roster whom i believe jannis is. is there really space to cry about reffs?? come on, take a loss/not advancing as a men...

      1. Γαμώθεος

        @Nick Pro don't forget what happened when they stole the marbles

      2. Nick Pro

        Do not forget what happened with the last free throw in the game with Brazil.

    64. chase action


    65. Detroit Classics

      Grecce isn't out by refs,Grecce is eliminated for make cheats using nigerians

      1. kavros kavouri

        you are an A whole

    66. Sebastián Perez Pizarro

      I feel so bad. Greece is one my favorites teams and they're not in semi finals... Anyway, the match against Brazil was key, because they lost with a lower team. Anyway, you're gonna rock at the olympics! (if you qualify!) Cheers

    67. Heinz Heise

      Greece how bout you rely on a team other the Giannos

      1. Stranger


    68. Χριστίνα Τομπουλίδου

      Both Teams played well, but what I saw was that the referees wouldn't let the greek team win with 12 point at any cost !!!!what a shame from FIBA.

    69. Sophoklis

      The world cup was lost in the game against Brazil not here.

    70. PanosGamer

      Referees vs Greece 90-10