Customizing Everything In A Store, Then Giving It To People!! - Challenge (Giveaway)



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    1. ZHC

      Please subscribe if you're new! :) I want to be able to give more back to other people and make the world a happier place by doing nice things for others! First comment on the next video will win another custom iPhone 11!! Follow me on IG and Twitter for updates! 1st comment winner: D M Garcia (custom iPhone 11 Pro Max) 2nd comment winner: William Zhu (custom airpods) 3rd comment winner: Jaron Schneider (custom shoes)

      1. Oh3P1CitzK31R4

        Gg to all love u ZHC

      2. Etment Rah

        Congrats 🤘🏻❤

      3. Landon Caldwell

        I don't know how I didnt win. I'm so upset I wish I would of won

      4. Blizzard

        RIP me i can never win because i live in finland and i get the notification like 10-30 minutes late 😐😑😐

    2. Chuck and Luke

      What markers does he use

    3. Asadie Brooke Rowlett Sanchez

      I would love some custom air forces with terkes on them and i also just wounted u to know that u r my idol and my hero please please please can i have a pair 😭😭

    4. Agustin Ramirez

      🤤🤤lo mejor de lo mejor

    5. Muhammad Shibili A P


    6. Tom Cranfield

      That little baby has sicker shoes than me

    7. Golfislife2010

      You should customize rare sneakers

    8. memeteambeam plays

      can I please have one my family is quite poor so we cant afford stuff like that and it,would make my year if you sent me some.🙏🙏🙏

    9. Omar Iyad



      Woooaaaaaa!!! Love your videos

    11. Ments TV

      I want to win something

    12. ma hi


    13. Khadeeja Usman

      Can I have what ever you get on CZ-news please I love it


      I triple dare you to give me 10k

    15. ruby Solomon-He

      where is this shop?

    16. Hannah

      i wish i was there because i love the nike air force 1 but they are out of my budget

    17. Every day is different

      In 2020 he customizes shoes and gives them away But in 2050 he customizes houses and gives it away

    18. Every day is different

      Don't you just want the shoes and want to enter the giveaway but then you remember that you're not going to win anyway.

    19. Michael Grey

      RIP to headphone users

    20. Ronan Cameron


    21. Eli Salas

      where is his shop

    22. Jomerc Trumata

      Can i have some of those? Bruh it is so awesome 😍

    23. Kevin Rodriguez

      What markers😭

    24. Damian Serrano


    25. Unknown_Savage 345

      Asian ninja

    26. Leon Rowe Jr.

      What is the name of the store and location

    27. Shark Empress

      Though this a good video. As a person who makes customs for a living, it sucks not seeing these shoes being prepared to actually customization.

    28. Milo Slob

      You are so cool!!!👍👌

    29. Mizo Sharaf

      Yo Man U need to have a store 100% I’ll buy 🤑🤑

    30. Protect Tecca u feel me

      Sadly I can’t get any shoes bcz I don’t live in America:(

    31. Lakisha Mc kenna

      Wish I was there always wanted airforces

    32. aaliyah moralez

      The rergesters shirt has my name on it and I am only 10 aaliyah

    33. Wobble Wilkinson

      Plz can u come to blackburn

    34. Hayley Baldwin

      I love these shoes and you are such a good artist and your my favourite CZ-news and you have been for a long time.

    35. Jabir EL MESMOUDI

      If you would like to win some shoes | | |

    36. John Reijner Henandez


    37. Matias Vasquez

      Imaginate lavar esos zapatos v:

    38. Mal Murphy

      “No words“two seconds later “Like and subscribe”

    39. BIGG SLUGG

      I wish I could be one of these people 🙏🏽

    40. Judy Isaksson

      I wish that there would be things like this in the UP. 😩

    41. Honorio Agpalo Jr.


    42. Dan Clark

      What markers do u use

    43. Hamadihamadi Nabil

      IS AMEYZENG👍👌🎨

    44. Hamadihamadi Nabil

      IS AMEYZENG👌👍😍🎨

    45. victoria Richardson

      i have no idea how to enter giveaways just walk in to store omg i got new shoes thanks😂

    46. Storm Prabin

      Want iPhone brooo🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    47. Aranely Rodriguez


    48. lucky luckydancer5454

      oh my god i am following you on for many gifts

      1. lucky luckydancer5454

        praying for you

    49. Arfan Bae


    50. Black Superman

      That hurt to watch him destroy 1000s of dollars worth of shoes


      I wish you could go to New Jersey I live there

    52. Jesus Lucio

      We’re is your work shop

    53. Robber Sam

      I really need a shoe 😢😭☹️

    54. Gaming with Lana

      I love you ❤️ you are so kind

    55. rina Nwly


    56. Josh Lundie

      Those shoes are so cool

    57. Данила Рожин

      Афигенное видео я ведь даже не понимаю о чем он говорит подписка сразу и сходу лайк

    58. Alvin Jr.

      wow i like your custom ZHC Where are you from??

    59. YOUNG R3MIX

      You should be a designer for literally everything

    60. Joyce Garcia

      Its amazing wow💖

    61. 6IX 5IVE

      Читаец что сказать

    62. SunShine Productions

      Thinks, ‘maybe I will win a giveaway.’ Also thinks, ‘don’t have social media, and sees all his subs’ “never mind” 😂

    63. Kevin Huang

      The same guy who got the iPhone 11 got the Gucci shoes

    64. o k

      I love the customized balenciaga speedtrainers. Wait... They weren't in the video

    65. Mykol Seblos

      Hello zhc :D I just wanted to say - have an amazing day :) We all love your art 👌

    66. Ayshin Alizadeh

      I wish I was there guys😄

    67. Joni Krismon

      Nice chanel❤️

    68. Marisa Svingen

      What a lucky baby

    69. Daly Lazare

      So nice bud