Custom JBL SPEAKERS! 🔊🎨 (pleasing)



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    Thanks for watching !! SuBScRiBe! :-)
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    1. DrFragz


    2. ItzPeguiin


    3. LTS LuA I


    4. Tess Nellary

      @0:49 should try painting on your keyboard! It would be amazing 😉

    5. Justin Bieber

      Pls song

    6. Avery Atkins

      Hey, can you make a custome google home?

    7. MC Studios

      Marko where r you from :)

    8. ares skate mlr

      What os the name of this Dong that os using when os painting

    9. Kason Masters

      How do you do all of your transitions???😂😂😂

    10. ares skate mlr

      What os the Dong that you use

    11. the_bri_101 _

      What paints do you use and where can I order them online?

    12. Jonathas Anjos

      Muito foda mano

    13. Assam Assam

      0:30 how do you do that lighting stuff it's so cool

    14. willem kucharski


    15. dato dato

      music name ?

    16. Pgonzo 18

      Wolves don’t have blue eyes

    17. Eliel Pro 221

      Ooooo my good

    18. Osman Valle

      It’s funny that when the vid started u here the music for a sec

    19. fenasi kerim

      pls be my frend plsss

    20. artive girl

      Planning to costumize mg JBL charge 3, should i? No I'm not as good as him😂

    21. Black_panther _01

      You should make a vid with out a hat!?! Plz

    22. Samir Ahadi

      The music name

    23. Rinnaaa

      Him and his friends are such a vibe !!

    24. mj_ hd_

      teach my

    25. Akal Chickering

      let's customize: B O S E

    26. Lan Nghi

      Well i think the second speaker looks like a husky:)

    27. Lee Filikunjombe


    28. OrangePlays

      ZHC or MARKO like =MARKO comment = ZHC

    29. Mhanna Pia

      Oh my god so cool

    30. Edgar Torres

      I wish i can have one JBL 😢

    31. Valentina Rattazzi

      Wtf you are SO talented and seem like you don’t even know it!!!

    32. aidan whitley


    33. Emrah Bekir

      yo, what’s the name of the song that’s used in the video?

    34. نايف فرجي


    35. Tarik Piric

      What song ist this

      1. NUVO


    36. gaurav sahu

      I have black jbl speakers Help me out with new art

    37. jananthony corral

      Nice work

    38. _suu

      He really be pushing down on a wooden pencil as if it's a mechanical pencil

    39. Mia Chandler

      Your my favorite CZ-newsr like it’s not even funny I have been watching like 3 CZ-newsrs for as long as I can remember and they cannot compare to ur videos it’s actually insane YOU ARE THE BESSSTTT❤️❤️❤️❤️

    40. Braden Miskulin

      The second speaker was sapost to be a wolf I thought it was a penguin

    41. MrConnorTube YT

      4.12m already 😮

    42. x Lia x

      So cute and innocent

    43. Maria Júlia Sousa

      Well... I'm in love

    44. Данил Черенев

      Русские есть?

    45. Iz perspektive

      Nznm je li iz HR i ili Srbije??.

    46. Dah Ler Bill

      marko be lokking high ash

    47. ill Defined

      what kind of paints are those?

    48. Fahad Amin

      You are a magician broh. Big fan of you😍😍😍

    49. Shadow break

      When Marko made the wolf I was happy because like... I love wolfs

    50. puelty p


    51. Wallyson Tomaz

      BR AQUI

    52. Matthew Alburez

      Do a video with zc

    53. Savana Marnay

      You and your mom are twinssss omg 😭🥰

    54. Finian Curtin

      i have 2 jbl :D

    55. krisztián bagi

      Please custom my Bluetooth speaker

    56. David Luiz Pro Clubs

      I just got the same speaker for my birthday but I'm wayyyy to scared to try and customize it myself

    57. Laish Kleeman

      Love the edits Marko



    59. beyondxruth xx

      I love that wolf is amazing 😍i love wolves 😂

    60. muhammad Patel

      Can i buy this wolf speaker pls

    61. muhammad Patel

      Can i buy the speaker

    62. NugrahaFakhri NF

      What paint did you use?

    63. jagdish rajput

      Can you give it to me

    64. satveer vadtiya lifestyle

      Whoow 😍😍😍

    65. Deep Elixer

      do a custom keyboard n mouse

    66. Margaret Krause

      I feel like I’ve known you my whole life???? just me?????? Cool