Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 10 | Official Trailer | HBO



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    Larry David stars as... Larry David, living the good life out in Los Angeles and stumbling through one faux-pas after another. Curb Your Enthusiasm returns for its tenth season Sunday, January 19 at 10:30PM. #HBO #CurbYourEnthusiasm
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    Curb Your Enthusiasm: Season 10 | Official Trailer | HBO

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    1. debbie541

      can;t wait the best comedy

    2. KH4444444444N

      The only Jew who BECAME the Golem.

    3. KH4444444444N

      Larry David is my soul animal. Doesn't hesitate to tell it like it is. Ever. He is a beacon of common sense in a world gone mad. And he is pretty much always fundamentally correct.

    4. LordStanleyJr

      What is the name of the actress who plays the waitress ( pigs in a blanket) ?

    5. Luciano Capitano

      Not a fan of the first episode of season 10. or even season 9. Since curb is now a meme everywhere, I get that they had to take different approach to the show. Early seasons (1-8) had better flow, better writing, better camera work, and seemed more realistic. Larry David would NEVER break someones selfie stick like that. They turned this show into a fast paced, shit show. every scene is something else. and it all seems super forced. Him tapping that ass of his ex wife is what made the episode. That is something he would do. I hope the story line of him trying to get Cheryl back makes up for the lazy writing.

    6. Patty Robin

      Such a shame David's an immoral piece of trash, liberal miserable bastard. Such a waste he's one funny son-of-a-bitch belly aching funny.

    7. Hayden Cooper

      "What are you a fuckin' goose?" I died 😆

    8. Hayden Cooper

      I just watched the first episode and was not disappointed. I wasn't expecting too much for some reason but I laughed out loud at a lot of it. So good to have the show back and hitting the same notes as the earlier seasons.😁

    9. joy shaver

      This is a terrible show. His ex-wife visits and he see this as an opportunity to get a blow job. How disgusting.

    10. Silly Goose

      Wow. Big disappointment, both creatively and otherwise. I didn’t even vote for Trump but I’m SO TIRED of Hollywood/LA bullshit proselytization. ENOUGH ALREADY. WE GET IT. NONE OF YOU LIKE TRUMP! I won’t be watching the rest of this season. I’ll stick with the older ones. It just wasn’t funny either. Not at all.

    11. reg man


    12. Jay Dee

      larry is like the jerry of this show and his friends are all much funnier

    13. Stephen Hanley

      Curb your enthusiasm Make America Great Again bitches

    14. Robert

      just watched the first episode... very funny from the beginning till the end it was unexpected ...season 10 and still kicking of course the actors got older but the ideas are still there ..anyways Happy New Year 😁

    15. Mik Rod

      Best episode yet!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

    16. abcdefhgabc

      Well look who wasn't the 1mth person to view this. Congrats to the 1mth person...

    17. CPD98

      10x01 was awesome. This will be another great season for sure.

    18. SmilingSynic

      If Larry is getting kicked out, he is welcome to stay in my living room.

    19. D. W. V.

      Does anyone else feel like they're all trying too hard to be their own characters? Idk it just doesn't come off as naturally to me anymore

    20. Neox

      Just watched the new episode, awesome stuff!! One thing that got me thinking is the people's reactions to the MAGA hat... I bet it would be the same reaction in real life too. How dumb are you (American) people?? He's your president, you chose him (at least 51% of you did) and these reactions should be illegal or something. They can't act like it's the plague if someone wears a hat supporting THE CURRENT PRESIDENT of the country, whether they support him themselves or not... What would make those people happy, put those 51% who voted for him in jail or something? This is dumb on so many levels. Great show, again, thank you HBO :D cheers

    21. OfficialPopeSpike

      Do I have to watch the other season to get cought up or does it not matter?

      1. bpogueg2

        OfficialPopeSpike yes

    22. Paul D

      I'm a big fan until now. Wow it really sucks. It's all Trump bashing, making light of sexual harassment, and insults in areas that are not cool. Look at the scene with Sheryl in the hospital and what he says. The characters are much older now, actually seniors but they still act as though they are 30. Larry is walking in public and knocks over bikes and brakes selfie devices. It's just stupid with no flow.

      1. Paul D

        @bpogueg2 No you are missing the point. If I want to hear Trump bashing , I can go to CNN or Stevie Kolbert. This is not "edgy" and it's certainly not timeless. It's stupid insulting facial features, motor cycle drivers, and having a 70 year old acting like he's 30. It's just bad humor. But hey if you like it, great. I won't insult you like you did to me because I am behind a keyboard. If you were standing in front of me, it would be very different.

      2. bpogueg2

        Paul D triggered little snowflake. 🤣 curb has always been edgy like this. Pretty sure you were never a fan.

    23. z d

      Fuk u....and ill see you tomorrow 😃

    24. Prasanna Malla

      i will say this. thank you MR Larry David for being such a wonderful creator . curb is the best show for me cause its so raw and doesnt look dramatic or is so real life. thank you again for creating the show 10th season despite your age. i hate to see larry ageing. anyways. yeah

    25. J C

      What time does this post on the 19th?

    26. Zim Zimma

      I miss super Dave as much as the next sane individual, but something makes me laugh seeing all the RIP Einsteins, it sounds like a putdown a bully would use in an 80's highschool movie.

    27. Ben

      I don’t know why but I thought Richard Lewis had died. Glad to see that I was wrong

      1. Ben

        bh617 yeah, that’s probably it

      2. bh617

        Ben Bob Einstein/Funkhouser died so maybe that’s why

    28. Zack Luke

      When I saw on my phone one morning that this was back for a 10th season, I smiled hard! I got that feeling, that I can only imagine college students feel when reading good GCSE results! I mean, I was excited!

    29. I'amKing Of The 2010's

      Bald Prick Is back! 😄

    30. PennyHardaway24

      haha jon ham is a beauty

    31. Giancarlo Andre Bravo Abanto

      l just found out the origin of the meme

    32. D B

      Two best things in the new decade so far... Curb is back, and Michael Avenatti will never see freedom again

    33. 𝓛𝓪𝓡𝓾𝓼𝓼𝓸 👑

      I don't recall seeing any promo for this new season at all, kinda weird.

      1. bpogueg2

        𝓛𝓪𝓡𝓾𝓼𝓼𝓸 👑 pretty good timing for a promo if you ask me.

      2. 𝓛𝓪𝓡𝓾𝓼𝓼𝓸 👑

        @bpogueg2 this is over a month old

      3. bpogueg2

        As you’re literally watching a promo for the new season...... 🤦‍♂️

      4. tonybrooms

        Isn't (2) days notice enough? Do you want flyers posted around the neighborhood? It is not a lost dog. It is a TV show. (Larry David impression)

    34. Hodge 808


    35. Max Moya


    36. D Lux

      I need to know why Susie is dressed like Helena Bonham Carter for a Tim Burton film.

      1. tonybrooms

        Susie ScissorsMouth

    37. Donyelle Hill

      I LOVE LARRY OMG!!!!!!! I love this show!!!!!!

    38. Chris Dodges

      Video quality looks so clear it's weird. Lol

    39. kcargh

      Dee and Jenna both in Curb! Oh how i should be so lucky!

      1. José Luis

        Dee has been in Curb since the beginning, she plays Cheryl's sister in that episode where their aunt dies and her obituary says "beloved cunt" lol

    40. Andy Cigars

      0:20 Dee you goddamn bitch

    41. Newdark Neoss

      0:21 Is that Sweet Dee?

      1. José Luis

        Dee has been in Curb since the beginning, she plays Cheryl's sister in that episode where their aunt dies and her obituary says "beloved cunt" lol

    42. Abdalle Ahmed

      I love this show!

    43. i like to watch videos

      Hes right most of the time everyone else are assholes

    44. Ditiro Motene

      Can somebody borrow me a time machine so I can watch the season already

    45. Kevin Carnahan

      Good funny

    46. BLT4LIFE


    47. Usman Ansari

      he is full of life

    48. Gunnar Björgólfur


    49. Ernest Bigot

      It must be frustrating to be one of the four writers on this show since nearly all of the fans for some reason believe there are no writers and it is all ad libbed.

      1. Master Of Puppets

        even funnier than seinfeld inherited his persona from larry

    50. Jill Hopkins

      For the twentieth anniversary.

    51. umang ojha

      why does jeff looks like harvey weinstein

    52. Beavis Cleaver

      Hearing the word fuck in trailers is the best

    53. jeroen

      i lost interest the last couple of seasons when it became all about the blacks who arent funny at all imo

    54. Mitch Krendall

      Who farted?

    55. Justhavingfum


    56. Justhavingfum


    57. thefatman69fude

      I would consider it an honor to get kicked out of a party with Larry David.

    58. kaykay69

      YAYYYY! Remember when they tried to ex you out?


      Fun fact. In Germany there's an equal series with a Comedian too. His name is 'Pastewka' (and also the series) and their 10th season will start this february (check it out if you like German language - extremly funny too, it's on Prime now). Thanks to Larry for creating this concept!

    60. Onslaught Jones

      Mocha joe is back 😄

    61. June Siegel-Hill

      So do I have to get HBO now to view the damn show?

    62. DISCO-INFERNO-70

      I hope he reunites with Cheryl.

    63. Sherry Guns

      Larry doesn’t age. He is my soul mate 😂

    64. Jay K

      Why is Bernie Sanders on here?

    65. Evan Patros

      Do you want to impress people with lies?...How else do you impress them? hahaha

    66. camaro rider

      Why is there a bird on a hospital bed?

    67. Adam G

      Why do they hate Larry, I can relate with him 95% of the time.

      1. Austin Powers

        I can related. When I first started watching "Curb" it made me very uncomfortable. Eventually I realized why, that there was a little Larry David inside of me that I wanted to keep suppressed. After more than a decade, I can't hold him in any longer.

    68. Ray Freeman

      How does anyone downvote this? Fuck 262 people.

      1. bpogueg2

        Master Of Puppets you’re too late!

      2. Master Of Puppets

        happy new year

    69. Mark Lundgren

      BERNIE 2020

    70. Vince

      why was he talking to a really big bird in the hospital

      1. Arsh

        Shut up bird