Cummins-Swapped Mustang?? We Bought another Mustang!

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    We bought a new mustang that we are going to pick some parts off to finish our Mustang gt build and possibly a new build with Cummins swap in the future.
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    1. cardshark99va

      Cummins 4bt will fit just fine

    2. Big K

      I’m ready for the Cumstang‼️‼️‼️‼️

    3. Ien Ransdell

      The cumstang🔥😂

    4. Lora F

      First time watching ur videos came here from auto auction rebuilds n I'm subbing. Let's see that engine swap

    5. Blake Elliott

      Do the Cummins swap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6. Gspadez tooreal

      Just how much plaid do you own..?

    7. cliff mosley


    8. Cyberslug1

      Dang it!! Now I have to Subscribe.

    9. Kevin Sukdolak

    10. Kevin Sukdolak

    11. Ecoboost Deesnuts

      Please put a ls in!! If the eco in a manual would be great info video

    12. Jerry Lerma

      I wany to see that CUMSTANG fly.

    13. Paul McKeever

      In the words of Larry Enticer "send it"

    14. Bigg Dogg

      Clickbate garbage! Thumbs down!

    15. cowtruck13

      Put a 4bt in it

    16. big daddy

      Where’s Clifford?

    17. Dark Dragon Gaming

      You could put a 4bt cummins in it probably

    18. Travis K

      I wanna see it!!

    19. Williams projects

      The cumstang might need a rear mount radiator put the fuel cell in the back seat and drill that trunk out get some air flow up in that bitch

    20. Williams projects

      Did you come through Claremore

    21. Viper Strike


    22. lildscrew202

      Thinking about swapping my engine. Plz finish this build!!!

    23. Rick Tumlin

      Maybe a Cummins 4BT would fit...?

    24. East DallasKick's

      Weird seeing people in my city

    25. Ayden Bickerton


    26. Thomas Brasse

      laughed so hard at the LS

    27. Joseph Lee

      put the body on a cummins 4x4 frame

    28. Bill Berntson

      Hey Bro , look up Gas Rhonda's mustangs loooong hood . Just sayin' .

    29. Shane jeffers

      Love the videos man but these mustang videos are boring and repetitive... Literally the past 3 videos have been repetitive..

    30. max brown

      U should call it red Riding Hood

    31. Raul Quintanilla Jr

      Hell yeah do it

    32. world_wide_wes

      3:53 "You know what, them Hondas guys would pay good money for camber like that" I'm dead.

    33. MrKidd1551 kidd

      Love your Videos. Always good and with alot of sense of humor.

    34. lightinggame09

      That traffic is everyday in Dallas

    35. Vex

      Please put a Cummins in it

    36. Stuart Johnson

      Sand rail would be sweet

    37. Luis Rivera

      Hey bud where do you you buy your cars??? What's the auction site?

    38. Challenger RC

      Make it manual

    39. Scott 4343

      hole cut in the sidewall: checking the tire for drugs

    40. Dylan Masserant

      I like the enthusiasm

    41. altafari

      I want to see the 2.3 in a dune-buggy

    42. azia tabura

      Westin drop a twin turbo 4bt In that mustang it will fit better

    43. LeTs RaId ArEa 51 DuH

      Wouldn't it be smarter to take the gt parts and put on the 4cyl car? Wouldn't have to do anything but swap motor and badges..... I mean it's been 3 weeks since this video so it's hard telling lmao

    44. BROCH Rogers

      Im in Kansas. Id love to come help and learn man. Very passionate dream.

    45. Kaileb Balanzategui

      4bt cummins

    46. LCMANLC

      Git Er Done

    47. Jesus Rubio

      Does this guy hate Ford or just loves Chevy & Dodge? Lol

      1. Jesus Rubio

        Clinton News Network true. Just wondering because he obviously put a cummings on a ford and kept joking about an ls on a mustang lol im like ford makes good engines too ha

      2. Clinton News Network

        Jesus Rubio I wouldn’t say he hates ford, after all he owns a lot of them. He usually pints out positive and negative things about all of them.

    48. rob quinlan

      Reach out to Cleetus McFarland-he’s got a diesel powered Ford Galaxy that’s pretty badass.

    49. eflemmen

      Cummins swap the world 💪💪

    50. James Pfeiffer

      Cummins swap!!!

    51. Rig welder Nomad

      Do the swap

    52. TheGoldenDragon


    53. Ashley Gordon

      Bang a Barra in it.

    54. Mahdi Zargar

      You gilizli

    55. Adrian Glenn Bionat

      Ahhhh. A diesel in a Mustang. Just how it should. No everything has balance once more.

    56. Levvy

      put a 4bt in it

    57. Kris Garcia

      If u make this happen I will personally drive to see this ride out!!!

    58. Chris Easterling

      I want to see you put a Cummings in that mustang

    59. Fords4life 91

      This is gonna be awesome🤘🏼😂🤘🏼🇺🇸

    60. Judge Mox

      DO it ~~~~)

    61. Frank McGarry

      You should call it the cummstain

    62. Alden Meyers

      Please build a sandrail!

    63. Joey Westenberger


    64. Joe KUE

      smoking crack if you think that cum is gonna work in that shit, it'll fit in there but it won't work, run

    65. Stephen Cooper

      Dooooo iiiittt

    66. Camden Reeves

      Had a rough day. This pops up in my feed. Glad it did.

    67. Mike Margeson

      Where do you get all your money to spend on all the cars and pickups ?

    68. justinparker32

      Cummins swap it!!

    69. B Alexander

      All the dislikes are duramax owners