Deep Cleaning a Girl’s DIRTY SUV | Nasty Carpet Cleaning and Satisfying Car Detailing!

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    Deep Cleaning a Girl’s DIRTY SUV | Nasty Carpet Cleaning and Satisfying Car Detailing! Dirtiest Car Detailing Series Ep. 16
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    Today I am detailing a girls dirty SUV that is kid trashed mom car that is used as a kid hauler and it was a complete disaster and needed a full interior car detailing so in this video I show you my process to deep clean this nasty mom mobile and restore it back to new! #detailing #cleaning #cardetailing #satisfying #stauffergarage Thank you all for your support each week and if you are new be sure to Subscribe & Turn On Notifications for New disaster detailing videos!
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    1. Stauffer Garage

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    2. Ashley Sparks

      What do you use as a caddy to keep everything organized?

    3. What is you are fone number

    4. Doug Tipton

      What kind of cleaner are you spraying on the interior to clean?

    5. simon

      Lmao thought it said dirty slut at first

    6. Julian Riley

      Have you ever had success or heard anything about the rug doctor portable pro? I’m about to do my very first detail on my own 2008 Lincoln MKz

    7. Jessica Shilts

      Can you do a RV Motorcycle Boat Airplane sometime

    8. koba zazunishvili

      Fake detailing

    9. Connor Nail

      No extraction = no me

    10. Ace TheMC

      “Kid goo” 😂😂

    11. Lee Rothman

      My vehicle is a "No Kids" zone let alone anyone I know that isn't near OCD. LOL

    12. Daniel28021991

      Looks really nice now, that's why you shoutn't eat in your car. ;)

    13. Daysha Shiver

      Just a tip. I didn’t see you do this but just for future reference, never put water in car seat straps. It loosens the fibers in the straps and if in a collusion the straps can stretch and or break and cause injury or death.

    14. Donna Mae Cruz

      10:40 Wow must be super windy that the driver seat closed bec of it!

    15. S T

      I would be so embarassed to give you my vehicle to detail in this condition. Yuck. More power to you! Great job!

    16. Death On Two Legs

      I know exactly the kind of carpet you're talking about. I despise it. It's always a pain in the ass and never looks good. It's cheap, garbage carpet. There are some vehicles that have that carpet in the entire vehicle.

    17. silky Johnson

      It’s sad people spends thousands of dollars on cars but can’t spend 2.00 for a simple vacuum

    18. Kristine Jackson

      Disgusting! Good job Stauffer.

    19. yaqoub ahmad

      شغل ممتاز ومتعب بس شو الفايدة صاحبة السيارة رح ترجع توسخ

    20. William Allen

      seems to be a trend.....truly trashed vehicles either have a man using it as a work vehicle or it’s a woman who is lazy and irresponsible and uses the kids as her default excuse

      1. I'm wrong because,

        William Allen I worked at a car wash in high school, couldn’t agree more

    21. Hakeel Hall

      I love seeing the customers reaction

    22. John Coontas

      It's great for his business, but I cannot understand how someone lets their car get like that. That is sick and filthy...perhaps tells you something about them.

    23. Elizabeth Vaughn

      Kids.. Notorious for their ability to hide snacks in places youll never find them.

    24. Elizabeth Vaughn

      "And heres the money shot.. " Wait.. What?! 😦 😂😂😂

    25. DIRT HAWK 54

      Can you Clean our CAR for free🤣🤣

    26. Ed Crego

      I had 7 brothers and sister growing up and i guarantee our car wae always clean ,were were not allowed to eat our drink in the car period same way in the house all meals and snacks were ate in the kitchen

    27. Kendall Cameron

      If I can make a recommendation, once you have shampooed a car interior, shut a dehumidifier inside of the car overnight. It will get all of the moisture out of any fabric you’ve cleaned and eliminate a chance of mildew later. I have a dehumidifier that I’ve used for that purpose for ten years. Leave in the car overnight and the next day you can absolutely tell the difference.

    28. Marcy Valenzuela

      Love how you ended this video! Preview of what's to come. Keep it up! You just keep getting better and better!. 👍👍😀

    29. Kyle Armstrong

      I didn’t believe in magic until I saw your videos. Fantastic work!!!

    30. Rebecca Carraway

      Glad I haven’t ordered any detail brushes yet! 😉

    31. Rachel Compton

      Dang I guess my detailers love me, I clean my vehicle before taking it to them! lol Sometimes I even vacuum it before I take it (I want them to have all the energy they need to detail it good lol)

      1. Rachel Compton

        Came back to add, I dont mean to put down the owner of this car at all!! I'm just thinking they must love me (I've seen some come in that werent cleaned before being dropped off lol maybe I'm not normal)

    32. Isabella Cintron

      I saw you kill that bug at 5:15!!! You monster! hahaha

    33. Ron Edge

      Love the Fiero!

    34. Nuno Santos

      PIGS HOG 🐷🐽🐷🐽🐷🐽🐷🦡🦡🦡🦡

    35. Scott Super

      Got a link for the pretreatment you used on the carpets/mats?

    36. Geryd Blackmore

      Always surprises me how people can let their cars get in this state. ?????

    37. Jose Orellana

      Hi there nice job guys Greetings from Honduras 🇭🇳 How much is the Cost?

    38. Andreas Fuchs

      Du arbeitest sehr professionell was kostet eigentlich so eine komplette Reinigung von einem SUV im Amerika ich verstehe die Kunden absolut nicht einen so schönen Wagen so vermüllen absolut nicht nachvollziehen bar Staubsauger und Waschanlage gibt's doch überall

    39. Envy Cranks

      Stupid karen

    40. HectorBazz _YT

      Those kids better not eat there again after that

    41. RaleighAutoDetailing

      what vacuum do you use?

    42. Jalessa Bragg

      Super satisfying You’re the GOAT 🐐 of details! Those others could never be as beast as you. Kids are so disrespectful! Those little gold fish were legit poured out on purpose. Legit ❌ 🍔🍟❌🥤

    43. Jasmin Soto

      “He needs to buy you a beer and dinner” I think that’s her way of let me take you out....

    44. Mariah Owens

      Folex and cleaner shouldn’t be used on car seat. Only Mild soaps (like original dawn) and mild detergents. It can interfere with the fire retardants and it compromises the integrity of straps. 😢

      1. Mariah Owens

        Child car seats! In case I was confusing.

    45. Miranda Willis-Dillon

      I love that you even took care of the car seat!

    46. Rafael chorão

      I am from Brazil and I admire your work congratulations.

    47. Rafael chorão

      Salve Brasil.

    48. Nikki Wengerd

      So here's the thing. Every single time I see your face I am like 90% sure I know you. Which is really strange considering I just randomly came across your channel as a way of OCD self-soothing. I've seen somewhere that you're from Ohio, so...does Fredericksburg/Waynedale ring a bell? I've hesitated thus far because I didn't want to seem creepy, so if it's not even the person I think it is, so sorry! Not a creeper, I swear! Either way these videos make my heart happy, so thanks!

    49. aimee goebel

      Can you pls put up a link for this “Full X” you talk about for the rugs and the child seats?

    50. Chanda Russell

      I would be embarrassed to let anyone clean my car if it was that dirty. I’d at least pick up the garbage on the floor. Disgusting.

    51. Liz Lovee

      Awwww it's bits of bri.... I follow her on Instagram. She is such a sweet lady.

    52. learning videos


    53. Cinema Superhit

      10:38 Casper the friendly ghost

    54. Sophia

      Rotten milk?! How can you let your car get to that point. Spending so much money on a car and letting it get so nasty like that omg

    55. MysteriousPandaGaming

      Poor parenting my mom has 4 other kids but it never gets this dirty 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

    56. Xukeepa x


    57. Mercury_ Donut

      10:37 to 10:42 watch the front door close because of the strong winds. 🌪️

    58. jjulian1783

      Those rear deck panels are the WORST! Cheap fibers that can barely be considered carpet.

    59. Michelle W

      I was watching the Fiero he started and thought, if I was his woman he would get his ass chewed hardcore if the FIRST thing he did before bringing a car for cleaning wasn't setting a ton of mouse traps, the care wouldn't come near our home!

    60. SMEACRaptor

      My ex wife kept her car like this all the time.... hence the word "ex".

    61. James Tatters

      Rather than do a reaction shot of the customer picking up the car... you should do a reaction shot of you having the car dropped off with the look of disgust on your face! Then another with you calling the owners dirty lazy pigs!!

    62. Alana Balloon


    63. Nemo Nemo


    64. Paulo Bini

      This is not a kid, its a little monster

    65. Matthew Bunn

      Just reconfirmed why I don’t have kids... yuck

    66. Dejah Gross

      Damm it much be hella wind outside at 10:40 the whole door close lol 😂😂😂

    67. gerard menvuca

      seeing the car we imagine their house ...

    68. Anna Lukarsono

      I Am so addicted to the drill brush parts! Another beautiful job. Wish you had your table 😊

    69. Jack Faith

      Nobody's going to acknowledge Mike Wazowski watching him work at 3:31?