Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing Transformation! Dirtiest Car Detailing Series Ep. 16

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    Complete Disaster Full Interior Car Detailing Transformation! Dirtiest Car Detailing Series Ep. 16.
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    Today I am detailing a dirty kid trashed mom car that is used as a kid hauler and it was a complete disaster and needed a full interior car detailing so in this video I show you my process to deep clean this nasty mom mobile and restore it back to new! #detailing #cleaning #cardetailing #satisfying #stauffergarage Thank you all for your support each week and if you are new be sure to Subscribe & Turn On Notifications for New disaster detailing videos!
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    1. Stauffer Garage

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    2. Sophia

      Rotten milk?! How can you let your car get to that point. Spending so much money on a car and letting it get so nasty like that omg

    3. MysteriousPandaGaming

      Poor parenting my mom has 4 other kids but it never gets this dirty 😂🤦🏽‍♂️

    4. Xukeepa x


    5. Mercury_ Donut

      10:37 to 10:42 watch the front door close because of the strong winds. 🌪️

    6. jjulian1783

      Those rear deck panels are the WORST! Cheap fibers that can barely be considered carpet.

    7. Michelle W

      I was watching the Fiero he started and thought, if I was his woman he would get his ass chewed hardcore if the FIRST thing he did before bringing a car for cleaning wasn't setting a ton of mouse traps, the care wouldn't come near our home!

    8. SMEACRaptor

      My ex wife kept her car like this all the time.... hence the word "ex".

    9. James Tatters

      Rather than do a reaction shot of the customer picking up the car... you should do a reaction shot of you having the car dropped off with the look of disgust on your face! Then another with you calling the owners dirty lazy pigs!!

    10. Alana Balloon


    11. Nemo Nemo


    12. Paulo Bini

      This is not a kid, its a little monster

    13. Matthew Bunn

      Just reconfirmed why I don’t have kids... yuck

    14. Dejah Gross

      Damm it much be hella wind outside at 10:40 the whole door close lol 😂😂😂

    15. gerard menvuca

      seeing the car we imagine their house ...

    16. Anna Lukarsono

      I Am so addicted to the drill brush parts! Another beautiful job. Wish you had your table 😊

    17. Jack Faith

      Nobody's going to acknowledge Mike Wazowski watching him work at 3:31?

    18. TrishDAYUM

      Just a FYI when you clean car seats do not use any type of soap on the straps because they are coated in flame retardants for safety.

    19. King

      Great video, just got to say the audio surprised me and sounds like my headphones came out but they didn't...

    20. Melanie Miller

      I can’t believe your video was featured on the show right this minute!! I just saw it and had to comment

    21. احمد جعفري

      افضل قناة لتنظيف السيارات😍😍♥️

    22. trailblazingfive

      How can people be so filthy?

    23. 777Best Max

      Это не машина,это помойная яма! Остаётся догадываться,что за свалка мусора у неё дома!Бедные дети(((

    24. Erik Chavarria

      gancer abiza balease

    25. Nick Reid

      Which all purpose cleaner do you use

    26. Poo Bear

      I have sand in my trunk carpet from the previous owners and in February it will be two years I’ve had my car 😂

    27. Merry Santa

      You have to extract everything cuz there was food which makes bad smell

    28. Rob L

      What website is it that you use to find people who specifically have food fights in their cars and need them cleaned?

    29. Aaron O'Shea

      This channel makes me happy.

    30. инокентий зверев

      Засралась сука!

    31. James Childs

      I brought your fox detailing brushes. I didn't have any myself and wanted a set for myself. Had to buy it. James Childs from Pittsburgh.Pa.

    32. Dirdy Old Fart

      so how many microfiber towels do you normally use per vehicle

    33. Flower F

      I love watching her videos❤️

    34. ShareeReneé

      Watching from Cleveland 🖤

    35. ChristiIna Jolie

      3:28 that green tool in the background looks like Mike Wasowski

    36. CarLife613

      What a milf 💦💦

    37. Duece Teddy

      That’s the k family’s car

    38. Ceseli

      I’ve been waiting for this video! Love it!

    39. Deontrae Jackson

      When are you doing another video

      1. Stauffer Garage


    40. 13th Evergreen

      Before I learned how to talk I was cleaning house, why would you leave your car this messy and right before you get it clean...? New generation I guess

    41. Cheli _91

      That's some strong wind lol 10:40

    42. kamal kumar

      Is it not possible for u to wash the carpets inside the car??

    43. pepethe pepper

      Your video is really good but you should buy a better mic

    44. goatboy b

      I have a major concern why the hell is he wearing spandex

    45. Jake Ledbetter

      This is why my mom bought "throwaway" cars till we were grown up lol. Always had a 10+ year old dodge caravan.

    46. Anthony Martinez

      The mom was beautiful

    47. Calley Waggonner

      I don’t know if you even read these, but I just wanted to make a comment to let you know that I’ve been so impressed over the past few months with how much you’ve improved in your detailing! You’ve always been great, but taking on those disaster deep cleans has really grown your skills. From a viewer’s standpoint, you appear to work more efficiently. Thanks for showing your tips and tricks for detailing!

    48. Donovan Lam


    49. Marie duh

      U should start taking out the middle piece between the passager and driver seat , u wont believe how much dirt ur missing lol its mind blowing that anything gets under there

    50. Emily the loli Nightray

      I can't imagine how a car could get that filled with food. She must have no help.

    51. Johanna Collins

      Drill brush is so cool to watch! Haha! Come to Baltimore, MD and do our vehicles!

    52. Derin Colon

      Pontiac fiero

    53. truejey 747

      Do you dillute silk shine or do you use it straight?Thanks for the video

    54. Firdaus Ismail

      She gave him more than money that night

    55. Thomas Kent

      Love to see all the fiero love on youtube nowadays!


      Cara, Seu trabalho é incrível, parabéns!!!

    57. Victoria Hall

      Awesome that you did the car seats too, however be careful or ask client in the future because you’re actually not supposed to use any chemicals on the strap, it voids any warranty and can break down the fibers in them

    58. Chyna Gibson

      I watch your videos when I’m trying to go to sleep because satisfying videos make me tired

    59. mr donkey

      5:14 rip ant

    60. manuel moore

      Think you have the wrong vacuum hose an attachment if you cant reach 18" in, i would suggest the ridgid vacuum but looks great

    61. RHD Z33

      Have you ever used an air nozzle while cleaning the dash and door panels? Helps get a lot of trapped gunk out

    62. Blaze556

      What do you suggest to get that black gunk off of a leather steering wheel? Awesome vids btw.

    63. Ariana Vollendroff

      Post another video ! I swear I be waiting so longggg

    64. Bernando Turner

      Times really are Hard! A Witeman Actually” Working for A Living!😄😄😄

    65. Zildjian Gustafsson

      how dirty can you get

    66. Brandi Clay

      was so great and helpful

    67. emre atuğ

      Helal olsun Başkan

    68. James Bono

      2 kids?????...... Christ

    69. B !

      She must have actually worked REALLY hard in getting her car that dirty! I’m more impressed than disgusted.🤫

    70. Amelie May

      This mom is never gonna let her kids in the car again lmao