Coming Out



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    your support means the absolute world to me & i hope this doesn't change a thing. i love you guys & can't thank you enough for everything xx
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    1. Kin Tanazaki

      Looking at the coming out videos, I feel really weird about myself... I found out that I am not straight like 6 years ago (12 years old at the time) and I was like - okay. Three years ago, I actually accepted being gay. Not bisexual, not anything else, just normal gay. I told some of my friends, all of them are okay with that. I never had to fight myself (luckily!). But then I had to fight my mom. She was joking about me possibly having a boyfriend and I told her. She was shocked and didn't really believed me. I polished my nails black like two weeks later and her reaction was so bad... She was AFRAID that I am transgender (I have nothing against those, dunno if she does...) and the I had to unpolish the nails the same evening. She was crying because of that and I was crying because it seemed like she didn't want to accept me... At least she asked me about three weeks ago if I had a boyfriend. All my friends and some other people know now, but I am afraid to tell anyone else of my family, as I don't want to feel unaccepted again. But I am determined to tell my dad and my grandparents during the Christmas time when I see them all. Maybe even polish my nails black to make it easier. That is why I am watching other people's coming outs - they give me hope that people around me are probably supportive. Only negative side is that I live in former socialist country, where the society seems a bit too closed for me. Just wanted to share my story

    2. birds_and_ fat_dogs

      can I give you a virtual hug!!

    3. Evan A1

      this is so emotional some peoples fingers slipped while crying and clicked the dislike button.

    4. Xavier

      However about LGBT, I think that the final boss is only yourself to overcome not the parents. But it is really hard to disappoint the wishes that our parents has for us, still very hard for us to make all wishes come true. Okay off topic.bai.

    5. Xavier


    6. Brianna

      Ughhhhhh I was so close to him being mine 😭

    7. Virginia Delgado


    8. Les Nicole Blog

      Are you being pimped out? Lol.

    9. Im gay And im proud

      I support you conor im bisexual but people will hate but as long as you accept who you are no one can make you sad because you have already accepted yourself

    10. Priority 1: Kindness

      Yaaaaaaaassssssssss, queen. Fuck the haters; fuck/love whoever you want(consensually). #LGBTQ+ally4life 🌈😎

    11. Victoria Gattis

      Hi Connor!!! I just got finished reading your book! IT WAS AMAZING!!!

    12. D Premise

      I dunno why I feel every watching this video I'll be crying and very very sad😭😭😭 I'm exactly really tired running and covering up this secret. I'm a moeslem that my religion doesn't see eye to eye to be who I am trully. What I should do? 😭😭😭 Connor, Proud of you... Hope everything is okay 🔥

    13. lemon

      i remember when he posted this i was a HARD stan and i was so sad that he was gay. i don’t even know why, i was so upset. connor, i want to apologize to you for not accepting you straight up. i support you now more than ever. love is love. you can love whoever.

      1. Computer Bags

        You’re being mature. I like that.

    14. 13 years old and no subs.

      Connor, are you okay? you look lkke you're about to cry! i don't want you to cry! i need you to smile! i hope that my love i give you through social media can help you out, even a little bit, because as i always say: every single tiny one cent con makes up a beautiful dollar. i hope you understand what i'm trying to tell you here. i love you. please don't cry. ❤

    15. tatianna prows

      2019 anyone .....oh ok just me we all except you for you

    16. Musican Lights

      I am gay. but i live in south india where society is very very conservative and its highly taboo to touch upon such topics. I am simply scared of coming out to even anyone or even to my parents because i know they'll kick me out.

    17. _ _

      "bigshock" honey no

    18. Mirelle Hahn

      I have just watched this video for the first time and the has... I don't came to me so many times. I don't know or more like I am confused. I know I am not gay, but I think I may be bio. I don't know what else I can call it. I don't what to do

    19. Jacklin Radison

      This help me. And did not make me feel alone!

    20. Gaming and Vlogging With Lulu

      This is so inspirational. I am gay, and don't know how to come out. I'm watching this five years after it came out. I am watching videos about people coming out so I can finally get the courage. I love you

      1. Drake Williams

        Good for you and it was hard for me to come out to my family and friends

    21. Andre García

      October, 2019?🥺💛

    22. Tangie Itana

      Sending *GOOD VIBES* 😚💖

    23. Erica Gubbels

      Wtf?! How was this almost five years ago?! I remember watching this right after he released it!

    24. •Maddie•

      2019 anyone?

    25. Peach Soup

      *I didn't know what "coming out" meant until i watched this video when it first came out.*

    26. lexi k

      watching this after weday 2019

    27. arts liittel gifts

      You do you I know what it feels like and you are so brave


      Watching this in 2019! Any others?

    29. Mohammad AlDakheel

      This is not normal anywhere

      1. Mother Ramen

        Mohammad AlDakheel Pretty sure I’d be fine.

      2. Mohammad AlDakheel

        Mother Ramen imagine this .... being born in a family of gay parents where you never been breastfed 🤱🏾 and never had a mother to nurse and take care of you as a child believe me you will wont grow up normal psychologically

      3. Mother Ramen

        Mohammad AlDakheel well since gay people have been around since well forever(you can see proof throughout history) then I’m 99% sure that there will still be straight people. Even if(big if) everyone was gay there would still be ways for reproduction to happen. Have you ever heard of sperm donors or a surrogate? Get your head out from under a rock and maybe you would be know this

      4. Mohammad AlDakheel

        Mother Ramen if you can guarantee that in 10 years not all people will turn gay I can say homosexuality is normal

      5. Mother Ramen

        Mohammad AlDakheel well guess what not everyone is gay. so not a valid argument

    30. Astra Imrie Moon

      Why are all the good guys gay ?!!?😭😭( that too when I was about to develop a teeny tiny crush on you )but never mind we support you if you're happy we're happy blah blah . (Ps that "What if my dog was a Human " video of superwoman is soooo cute 😍😍😍😍)

    31. Yessenia Cilantro

      I got the balls to say “I’m bisexual” to my mom. Lol like that meant shit to her

    32. Brendan Dunlap

      I remember watching this video when it came out it and it was so refreshing and vulnerable and honest. Thank you for sharing yourself with the world and helping other kids like me find comfort with myself. I just uploaded my own coming out video, and if even one person sees it and it does for them why you’ve done for me, it will all be worth it. 💕

    33. Bryce Jordan

      Oh my gosh thank you I’m in middle school and you just gave me a lot of courage to come out as a gay you are my hero I love you

    34. Tortis Tortoise

      Watching this in 2019 anyone??

    35. Aklima Lipi

      *We must resist cuz we can and we resist cuz we must, though it gets harder. You are loved by your Creator and he is testing you to see if You're worthy of the reward (Heaven). If someone is obeying the law,, let him/her and if someone Isn't, Don't hate him/her, guide him but Don't oppress!*

      1. Mother Ramen

        Aklima Lipi no stop

    36. Cidra Hamidaddin

      Haha I can’t relate Me when I realized I like girls and boys: oh I’m bi, okay cool. Fast forward few months: lmao guess I’m pan not bi, again cool. Love it.. I’m 13. And a Muslim. I have never seem a gay person. I live in a Muslim country where they don’t even teach us that. I just learned from friends and google and stuff. About two years ago I hated them. Then before I realized I’m one of them I got obsessed with them. Everything about them. Videos, stories...but tho I’m a girl I was obsessed with gay guys. So I was a “straight” girl watching them. Then I realized I’m bi...then pan and no big deal. I didn’t feel fake or scared. I still don’t. I feel really amazing. I haven’t told anyone and I never will but I really don’t care. I’ll keep it to myself. I’m a Muslim....I gotta do what I gotta do.

    37. Josh Johnson

      Praying for you, Connor. Praying for sexual purity in your life and for Jesus ' peace to calm your mind to serve Him. Love ya, bro.

      1. Mother Ramen

        He doesn’t need your prayers bro

    38. Joscelynn Duarte

      oh Connor, I am so proud of you that you are telling us who u r and all I am want is u being yourself, i will always love you who u truly are

    39. Unicorn Dreams101

      Anyone from tiktok


      You lie? You not? Oh my god!

    41. M. Ali

      Damn I felt tht being in closet....

    42. priscilla reyes

      Anyone re-watching this in 2019? Im so proud of how far Connor has come

      1. D Premise

        It's me watching this video 2019😁😁😁

      2. lol hi


    43. Shaquille Oatmeal

      If he’s gay all those edits I made with him and girls are getting deleted.

    44. Jeepman89

      Connor Fanta Orange.

    45. Dèvina


      1. Dèvina

        But. I’m not

    46. bruh

      ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️love you

    47. Francisca Holck


    48. Harsh Sharma

      watching this in 2019❤💝💕❤👍👍👍 iam by sexual 👬👬

    49. youtube youtube

      The best coming out ever i had watched

    50. Niall Alexander

      Hi! A bisexual ftm trans here! I really admire your bravery to come out to the internet! My parents and grandparents are very stereotypical Asian parents and grandparents. They believe homosexuality and being trans is a sin. I haven’t come out to any of them in the fear of being kicked out. Do you have any advice for me?

    51. Sylvester

      2011 Connor: I'M NOT GAY 2014 Connor:

    52. AJ Rodriguez

      I am just now watching this video for the first time, and it feels like my life has just started. Thank you

    53. Mehrin & Zahid

      Connor looks more mature and older in 2014 than in 2019

      1. Morrigan Adler

        That’s exactly what I was thinking

    54. Swifty

      What if Connor and Gus Johnson both live in the same small town in the midwest?

    55. Analisa D

      2019 anyone?

    56. demie

      i fucking miss 2014 youtube...

    57. Supriya Shenoy

      Connor you are amazing n I think that your sexuality doesn't really matter u know... U do what u like... U do NOT do anything that u DON'T like cuz only thing that does is leave regrets... U are an amazing human and that's all matters... We are your fans and here to support u through no matter what.... I'm 17 and have a lot of bisexual friends... But u know even when I tried to question myself like u did... I couldn't magically let myself to like girls.... I'm still into guys and in the words of my friend, I am "straight as a stick"..... But that doesn't mean I hate ppl who are Gays or BIs or whatever.... At the end of the day... We are humans and we might have different preferences as to who we love.... N that cannot be a pedestal to judge someone.... Just be an awesome person... N ppl love u☺☺ So it's ok... We all will continue to support u.... Here's some love from India🇮🇳 ❤❤ just for u... Be strong brother❤❤

    58. lennon james

      2019 anyone

    59. GalaxyCat100


    60. Swati Majumdar

      in love with your positivity and confidence

    61. Patroclo Books

      You are so brave, we love you

    62. nws void

      fucking gross "i'm gonna tell the truth then lie constantly" to gain victim points

      1. blendedby sarah


    63. Emma Wall

      When this was uploaded I was a young teen who was just beginning to have feelings for girls, guys, and anything in between. It seemed weird, scary, and maybe even wrong at first, but because of the growing representation of LGBTQ+ people in the media, especially CZ-newsrs coming out around that time, those feelings quickly went away and I was able to be happy in myself. LGBTQ+ representation is so important and is still necessary today, and it's working- if I hadn't heard about queer people before I had these feelings, or worse, heard about them in a horrifically negative way, I would still be scared. Thank you Connor. I may not have fully realised at the time but your video was one of the main reasons that I am a happy, healthy, and proud human today 🏳️‍🌈💕

    64. Basic Indie Boy


    65. Aary

      2019?? Just me?

    66. gamer gracieplays

      what your gay!

    67. OGmonkeyman 11

      You look like reaction time

    68. Fr0sti CSKC

      nobody cares

      1. just a girl

        u are nobody

      2. blendedby sarah

        People did actually

    69. Ethon Drake


    70. {Ace of Spades}

      It makes me happy to see how far he's come and how openly gay he is now!