College Kids React To Try Not To Sing Along Challenge (Ed Sheeran, Nicki Minaj, Marshmello)



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    Try Not To Sing Reacted to by College Kids. Original links below.
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    College Kids React to the Try Not To Sing Challenge. Watch to see
    their reactions!
    Content Featured:
    I Don't Care - Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber
    Happier - Marshmello ft. Bastille
    MIA - Paper Planes
    Britney Spears - Oops!...I Did It Again
    The Strokes - Last Night
    Nicki Minaj - Super Bass
    SpongeBob - F.U.N. Song
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    Reactors Featured:
    Alisyn & Kelli
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    College Kids React To Try Not To Sing Along Challenge (Ed Sheeran, Nicki Minaj, Marshmello)

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    1. Azan M. Ramadhan

      I see Nicki I CLICK!

    2. The_Bud 28

      Ngl tom and Madison together!? Fire couple

    3. Daveen Kawaii Squishy

      Nicki Minaj I couldn't do it I loved that song since I was a baby

    4. KR_XII

      Chelsea won.. that's nice.. LUL 🤣

    5. Wenyi108


    6. black parade

      i came because "THE STROKES"

    7. Madilyn Eustice

      I was signing this song at 4 and I knew every lyric 🤣

    8. Xavier Medina

      This version is too easy for me, it’s similar to the other version. The reason why it’s because I only know very little of each of those songs. Some I knew but the rest; I have no clue. Don’t take me the wrong way, I like music but I listen to all kinds of music I don’t even have favorites. I like them all, as long as they got good vibes and rhythm.

    9. G Dawg

      I'm in 5th grade thinking that teenagers are gonna be cool. They are sooooooo dorky

    10. Celeste Seas

      I just want to be like Tori when I grow up

    11. ok boomer

      i lost on paper planes :D

    12. yayshelbz

      I lost on superbass oof

    13. kitta tobiáš

      Is madison from that disney series?

    14. Laryssa Maldonado

      Tori and Adam are the best!

    15. Spencer Engman

      I agree with Dionte about MIA I’m not a fan of that song either

    16. Cannon Garcia

      He was wearing a girl shirt but it’s OK

    17. Izaya

      What the hell is this guy wearing

      1. Flaming Star

        he's wearing clothes

      2. tbitw 33

        @Hinshyx so what the fuck is that guy wearing?

      3. Hinshyx

        you didnt really have to ask in such a bad way so be respectful.

    18. Seventeen's Niji

      I feel like I should know the songs, like they are my age, but some of them weren't that popular on my country so... I don't know

      1. Samee Ibraheem

        Another Carat :D Love your videos

    19. GenericUsername

      easy as hell 4 me, only 2 artists I know were Britney and Niki and I'm not a fan and I never cared 4 Spongebob

    20. Nertea

      Kelli and Alisyn are so lovely!

    21. Its SKY_Wolfie

      Madison: “If you didn’t sing Sponge Bob, who are you? Like you didn’t have a childhood” Me: That would be me

    22. Chandler Sun

      7:20 "it's way to fast" Tori: *hold my challenge real quick*

      1. Mystic 546


      2. Elias Huapilla

        I wad thinking the same thing

    23. samuel sosa

      I saw The Strokes, I liked

    24. Chris Boles

      Okay but why am I in love with Tori

    25. Zoe-Rose Mouton

      The second song, my dance class does warmups to this all the time😂

    26. Lightshinethewolf

      Try not to sing along recent Disney songs.

    27. Matthew Dykstra

      I dance while I walk the dog and people stop and stare

    28. ma rk

      why do yall only use super bass by nicki? like she has other songs... lmao

      1. em0tic0n

        super bass was ok the first time they used it but why couldn't they have used pound the alarm or one of the more recent ones at the time bc that could've been harder if it was recently published

    29. cornxx3

      Tori is the best! She's like the inner child in everyone that we try to suppress. truly a free spirit haha.

    30. Li Thomaz

      Try not sing sitcom nickloondeon and Disney channel !

    31. SamuraiEli

      Off with George’s head!

    32. Bayu Prastyo

      try not to headbang

    33. Natifa Duran Campos

      Happy. Oh damn. That breaks me because it was my baby brother's favorite for so long

    34. Ewan Roberts

      Chelsea danced on the Brittany Spears song (cheat cheat cheat.............)

    35. Xzyy ; ,

      I sang none till the end and I literally stood on my bed and sung word. For. Word.

    36. Yu Chen

      I Sanged or danced zero times but the last song was super hard to wit stand

    37. Samuel Bako

      WHEN i,m drunked the grils look kind a ok

    38. adam azlan

      Cap help! Name of the song 3:06?

      1. Korina Harle

        MIA- Paper planes

    39. Matthew Calmert

      Adam's indignation when you cut it off prior to the chorus was amazing

    40. Henry elis

      no gorge plssssssssssssss

      1. SamuraiEli

        I hate him

      2. REd NoSe RaiDeR

        Henry elis why

    41. Dutch M

      Why is Tori in these? She NEVER even tries

      1. Dancer Dobson

        cause Tori's awesome

    42. Gracie P

      I had my friend do this, and he lost right away. It’s hard for him (and me) not to sing Justin Bieber

    43. Zest LUMPY919

      React to DaBaby

    44. Monroe Noah

      Plz remove George from the vibes,

      1. james

        @Andrew Cable ok he's a giant douchenozzle but execute him? Dude way too far

      2. Andrew Cable

        George needs to be executed

      3. slushie

        Mr. Flubberblubbersprinkleshnrrrkle Jr. true

      4. Mr. Flubberblubbersprinkleshnrrrkle Jr.

        slushie we don’t mean to be, but george’s personality wouldn’t improve anything

      5. slushie

        You guys are kinda mean

    45. Reuven Cohen

      This is dissapointing, i thought the apongebob song will be "sweet victory" and not rhis

    46. Aryan Pandey

      Is George A Boy or girl

      1. all GenMino

        Strange creature

      2. REd NoSe RaiDeR

        It doesn’t matter if there happy there happy

      3. Bader Blm

        Im confused too

    47. Angelina Gutierrez

      Omg my and my best friends anthem is Happier

      1. Angelina Gutierrez

        Climber91 Gaming sorry don’t really care though (no hate)

      2. Climber91 Gaming

        Btw it would be OMG my best friends and I’s anthem is Happier

    48. Trishia Brandon


    49. Nukoru

      I just noticed that ashly sounded like billie eilish

      1. Paty Ross

        Nukoru no she didn’t

    50. Christopher Grass

      I wish I could do one of the challagens

      1. Gracie P

        Me too. But I’d lose on this one because I love Justin Bieber

    51. Kiki

      Does tori know the point of the video

    52. ambor

      I’m a simple girl, I saw sponge bob, I clicked.

    53. Arno Koekemoer

      Why does chelsea look like that crazy ex girlfriend

    54. Lonely Potato

      George is amazing. “OH STOP”

      1. Lonely Potato

        Mr. Flubberblubbersprinkleshnrrrkle Jr. lol okay

      2. Mr. Flubberblubbersprinkleshnrrrkle Jr.

        Lonely Potato no. hes rly not

    55. cute but edgy

      George is iconic

    56. Destroyers RightNut

      Pls do Anime or Cartoon theme songs!

    57. Rea Reisz

      I saw Ed Sheeran, and I clicked... ❤️🤷🏻‍♀️

    58. Mr.Sappy 298


    59. erik randle

      “Idk how you even sing to this song it’s too fast” Tori: Am I a joke to you P.s tori is my favorite person on this whole channel

    60. marco martinis

      Of course George danced on nicky

      1. ThugS Nation


    61. nmastando56

      You should do I’m something else by something elseYT

    62. Andreas Bertin

      Why does it say Try not to song and they are like dancing is not allowd tf

    63. pøpff7

      First one made me sing in my mind. Cause i dont care

      1. Arvid Zetterman

        popff7 if that what makes you *happier*

    64. Me Rau

      Miranda c go back to icarly

    65. Trisha Brennan

      Remember when Madison was a teen?

    66. Joshua King

      The spongebob song was easy . Was it called fun? 🤬 what you say!!!!!!!

    67. Joshua King

      Heart beat is super hard (nikki)

    68. Hena Karmakar

      How the people survive this !!!!!!

    69. Javier Betancourt

      Bruh this is easyyyyyyyyyyy man wtf you want boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    70. Siyana Navsa

      Ashly reminds me of my cousin so muuuucccchhhh