College Kids React To Try Not To Sing Along Challenge (10th Anniversaries) Ft. Austin Mahone



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    College Kids take on the Try Not to Sing Along Challenge ((10th
    Anniversaries). Watch to see their Reactions.
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    College Kids React To Try Not To Sing Along Challenge (10th Anniversaries) Ft. Austin Mahone

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    1. Deminus

      Is Tori even trying!?

    2. JustAWeirdWolfstarShippersPassingBy

      I was Tori 😂 honestly I can't listen to catchy songs without screaming the lyric like a maniac lmao. I can't believe these songs are 10 yrs old like I used to listen to them when I was 8

    3. perraamarga

      People born in 2006-present day will never understand how good growing up with these songs were

    4. Melissa Epstein

      If it says try not to sing along, why the contestants can't dance??

      1. Paige Louise thorley

        I literally looked in the comments to see if anyone else noticed this!

    5. obicham kozi

      Austin Mahone.....damn.....😍

    6. NerdilyDone

      Wow, 2009 songs sucked.

      1. Ollie X

        Hun atleast there original and real ;)

    7. Chu the rapper

      legend has it she's STILL squeezing her hand

    8. The gaming project 67676767

      0:36 is this guy alright 🤨

    9. Cyka blyat

      0:36 Why is Brienne of FUCKING Tarth on this?

    10. itsmatchoo


    11. IamThatGuy

      Michelle IS BAE 4LIFE,,why is she so sweeeeeeeeeeet and cuteeeeeeee

    12. Sunkissed Mami

      when flo rida was nothing to me

    13. Lily Atkin

      Tori is such a Mood

    14. Kitty Kat

      Seeing the video to Bad Romance again, I realize that Lady Gaga with the curly hair and big eyes reminds me of Pearl from Steven Universe 😂

    15. Madison Cumine

      Girl:wAiT tHiS iS tEn YeArS OlD 2006:is 13 years ago

    16. Samuel Lam

      OMG Austin Mahone

    17. MultiSternchen15

      Basically this video is about who had more fun tori or Tom 🤣

    18. Randomness 101

      God these songs must have been played constantly. I was five in 2009 and I can remember at least a few seconds of each of these. Maybe not well but that’s something considering I’ve never looked for any of these nor heard them played by friends or family.

    19. Anxiety Attack

      Omg no one cares

    20. McKenna Downs

      I barely remember some of these songs, since when these came out I was 4... but I still love them!!!!

    21. Breanna Lynn

      Omg!!!! Austin Mahone was/ is my celeb crush since I was little

    22. Kira L

      Tori is me in this challenge

    23. Kira L

      Best try not to sing episode yet. So good!

    24. Auna Eunie

      Tori and tom are my faves playing this challenge xD

    25. Londra

      The girl with the curly hair looks like a darker Yulema

    26. Victoria’s Singing


    27. Shae-Marie Small

      Austin Mahone is so damn cute geez 😍

    28. Bethany Wallis

      i lost Gaga

    29. Bethany Wallis

      as long there isn't one with 5sos I'm good

    30. Meg Park

      God Miley❤️❤️ only she can get out almost everyone

    31. Vizoa

      Sooo nostalgiccccccc 😩😭

    32. Mocha C

      they should play the liberty kids theme song please do it fbe

    33. Clara Herrera

      Austin is dressed like he's in 2009

    34. yoshituber and other tubers

      Me born 2009

    35. Lubaya

      Brittany and TORI ARE THE FUCKING GREATEST !!! ♥ ♥

    36. Luuk van Vulpen

      9:50 since when can Tony sing like that😅

    37. Manuel Kivie

      6:43 had me dying😂😂😂

    38. Shobhit Pise

      hhoolllyyy smokes... TORI is actually a singer or what 😂😂😂

    39. sayounara1232

      The red shirt kid looks like he jumped from the 90s

    40. Ivana Lopez

      I LOVEEEE how all LOST whit the miley song 💙💙💙

      1. Halimo Mohamed

        Ivana Lopez gets

    41. King Stonewall

      I love Tori

    42. VelmaIsMyGuy

      in a try not to sing challenge I don't think dancing should matter

    43. Slightly Rage

      Tori just doesn't wanna try

    44. oc oc

      Reacted to "Never really over " by Katy Perry

    45. Memes4Deppressed People

      I’m only 14 and I used to still listen to all of these when I was about 7-8

      1. not available

        @Slightly Rage u were there at the time but grow up, cuz no one cares that u were there at the time

      2. Slightly Rage

        Oh wow kid...nobody cares,we were there when they came out

      3. not available


    46. Laura Cunha

      I love Tori, so funny!

    47. Reynaldo Madariaga


    48. Summer Winchester

      Brittany: oh, that's a twist Me: oh, that's a twist, that's very twisty

      1. Average Person

        U got a new subscription

    49. Dale Larroza

      Is it just me or whenever you wanna sing a high note but you can't and so instead you just whisper it. xD hahaha.

      1. Average Person

        U got a new subscription

    50. Rañel BelanoYT

      Why does brittany look like the UCLA gymnastics girl.

      1. Average Person

        U got a new subscription

    51. Sandra Carrasquillo

      Boom boom pow was my song as a toddler

      1. Average Person

        U got a subscription

    52. Sandra Carrasquillo

      I'm only 11 years old and I lost this challenge like a champ

    53. KooEds Potato

      I love their reactions

      1. Average Person

        U got a sub

    54. Ugh Not You

      first time I won a challenge

      1. Ugh Not You

        Average Person sweet

      2. Average Person

        U got a sub

    55. SimplyTaiesha

      once i saw austin in the beginning, i knew it was him 😂 but it’s funny how i said mahlone instead of mahone😭😭

      1. Average Person

        U got a sub

    56. bpshark1006

      Ugh 2009 was such an INCREDIBLE year for music

      1. Average Person

        U got a sub

    57. Laila the anonymous

      These songs came out a couple months after i was born 😂

    58. Maria Victoria

      Tori is soo much fun to watch.😂

    59. ivan poša

      tori girlllll.... no

    60. Noyoucannothavemywifipassword !

      George’s scream reminded me of the shower scream in psycho 😂🤣

      1. Ellis Zantos

        can i have your wifi password

    61. Brooklynn Butterfield

      Brittney's expression on "You spin me right round" was me when I realized how dirty it was.

      1. Brooklynn Butterfield

        xjxjxj fhfjfjd the lyric “you make me spin right round when you go down” like going down on a person

      2. xjxjxj fhfjfjd

        What does it mean

    62. Holly Letson

      It was easy not to sing along to these. You should have elders do one to songs that came out 50 years ago.

      1. Average Person

        U got a sub

    63. equiinom

      I was a senior in high school when these all came out so these just make me remember burning these songs onto CDs to play in my first car that didn't have AC or power windows so I would drive around avoiding speed bumps so my CDs wouldn't skip lol

    64. Ivette Baeza

      *Well hello there Austin Mahone* 😍🤤 Can’t y’all agree with me that it was super cute when Austin singing along with party in the USA?!


      imagine not singing along party in the USA

    66. Thomas G


    67. anjoPanales

      is it just me? or tori is just so beautiful

    68. Malin Andrée

      Everyone needs to get on Austin Mahone. His new songs Anxious and Why Don’t We are such bops!

    69. Andy Wasson

      The only reason I like Party in the USA now is because it was in the purge.

    70. DublinGreen

      Tori was really enjoying herself