Colin Quinn Has Debate Advice for Unknown Democratic Presidential Candidates

Colin Quinn picks a fight with Jimmy about his live show, gives debate advice to Democratic candidates and explains why free speech and social media has gone too far.
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Colin Quinn Has Debate Advice for Unknown Democratic Presidential Candidates

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  1. irene harnack

    “Remote Control,” “Crocodile Dundee II,” even had a bit on “The Cosby Show” where he lightly lamented (commented?), “I’M LOSING MY MIND!”

  2. Karlene Grimes

    We thought social media was going to elevate us. Lol

  3. Ian Rastall

    "You want me to wear pajamas and watch the debates with you?" -- "You've changed." Fuckin' laugh out loud.

  4. vedderisbetter29

    Colin Quinn = Legend. You people have no idea

  5. Luigi Bianco

    What do you think it would take to convince all the Chinese to bring millions of Mexicans into their country until the Chinese themselves were a minority, to intermarry with all those Mexicans, and to call anyone racist who refuses to do so? Impossible, you say? But this is exactly what is happening to White people in ALL White countries and ONLY White countries. It is White genocide. They say they are anti-racist, but what they are is anti-White. Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  6. Nx Doyle

    He was great in Larry Sanders

  7. Nick D

    Colin is right tho, Jimmy HAS changed...

    1. Sara W

      @Michael Saint he sold out? What happened? 😮

  8. Shawn Lehman

    Tbh I thought it said Cole Quinn. If anyone knows what I'm talking about XD.

  9. Felix Wessel

    My favorite celebrity ever!



  11. Elizabeth Harris

    It’s never a fun night when a Democrat is involved.

    1. Huey.

      god bless Raython.

  12. Eric S

    The presidential debate is delusional, get it out of here

  13. Charlie Raftos

    And here we are, the world’s least funny ‘comedian’.

    1. StephenRahrig

      Charlie Raftos No way bro Collin’s funny as shit

    2. Charlie Raftos

      Great comeback Shawn, you managed to be both ridiculously wrong and to insult people who work at McDonalds at the same time. Sounds like an east coast white guy.

    3. Shawn

      and here we are: a faceless youtube commenter working for mcdonalds while colin is a successful millionaire comedian....jackass

  14. Vee Macks

    Why do other comedians talk about him being the funniest? If I were to make a top 100 comedians he wouldn't even get close (not that I can even think of a hundred).

    1. CamelCats

      @Vee Macks ok minion pic go watch some more john oliver then comment "this is fake but funny XD" on a clickhole video.

    2. Sloppyballs McGuillicutty

      Vee Macks will you look on your mother’s night stand and see if my beer is still there ?

    3. Vee Macks

      @Sloppyballs McGuillicutty Bla Bla Troll.

    4. Sloppyballs McGuillicutty

      it’s really simple. if you don’t like Quinn then it’s obvious you think too much of yourself. it’s not a diss or an argument starter, just a fact. when the best of the best comedians out there adore, admire and idolize you, you are the best.

    5. Vee Macks

      @Andrew Johnson It seems that expressing an opinion gets the "leave Britney alone" types out in force though. I imagine them at home with scrunched up faces crying "leave Colin alone".

  15. Lyrics Video


  16. Jay Are

    I’ve never heard of this guy before. Funny dude though.

    1. John Doe

      You are a turd

    2. Sloppyballs McGuillicutty

      watch Tough Crowd. you’ll see the best comedy in the business.

    3. APAL880

      watch his specials. some are on netflix if you have it.

    4. Shawn

      you must not ever watch comedy older than 5-10 years old

  17. Bravo B

    Finally, a guest worth watching.

    1. Sloppyballs McGuillicutty

      Michael and Scott must be too cool for the room. with their skinny jeans and top knots.

    2. Scott Cross


  18. Unicorn Hunter

    Pretty sure he could’ve included the Emancipation Proclamation

    1. Hamsaphina

      He probably did include it but no one understood what he was saying

    2. Lynn Turman

      too many syllables

  19. New Message

    I'm still 60% sure Beto is a tree that was enchanted by a fairy, and made into a man.

  20. Daily Filmodia

    Fuck all of you

  21. princessc1986

    A fun pajama party atmosphere NO TEAL THO It’s inappropriate 😂

  22. Sean Charles

    early squad

  23. Pooja Manju

    Love the show!!

  24. Kevin Kumar

    I'm here

  25. Millu

    best one :)