Cloning a $1M Car? Mercedes 300SL With a Modern Engine/Chassis

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    The Mercedes 300SL is a nearly un-attainable car for the average man. But that didn't stop John Sarkisyan from pursuing his dream of not only owning, but fully customizing one. A fully cloned body, modern underpinnings, and a ton of custom work later - we have this W I L D build before your eyes.
    Check out Larry's photos (and more info) on the car here:
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    1. Hoonigan AutoFocus

      What "unobtanium" car would you clone?

      1. SRTT

        Autozam AZ-1

      2. Jonathan Long

        Toyota rv2. It's a never released prototype

      3. Grandma's Shitty Basement HD

        1967 Ferrari 330 P4, and the 1965 Alfa Romeo Giulia TZ2

      4. Budbaem

        Buggati sc 57 atlantic / mercedes slr series

      5. Joshua Oregel

        Miura or f 40

    2. Infamous EJ

      Yeah that’s sick asf. I’d take this over the original. (Except in roadster version) 👍

    3. zombieater666 z18109

      Master builder built masterpiece. My jaw dropped then I druled a bit. My dream car reimagined. I'm speechless.

    4. TheWolf2Man

      Horrible choise of the colour...also wheels and tyres...double centre exhaust to 300SL, c'mon...not to mention additional lights by the grill. This is not 'The gullwing'. This is your car. But it's not worth of name of the Legend. Sorry Dude. If you have too much money, you should do it originally. Jbg.

    5. Dutch Schulz

      Alter was machen die denn mit solchen Autos deswegen gibt man keine deutschen Autos Ausländern

    6. indra s

      1. Was it by chance that the body fit perfectly on the SLK chassis? 2. Is this clone street legal e.g. crash safety etc.?

    7. Fran Cisco

      That's an award winner right there. Classic, elegant, yet very sporty a timeless work of art. Congrats!

    8. Allan Taylor

      Wow what an incredible build of one of the most iconic cars on the planet simply amazing and so humble with it👍😊

    9. Alan attack

      How could anyone say anything negative about this car?....its absolutely badassed stunning.

    10. Darko Nikolić

      All, all but that dark blue interior on that light blue exterior simply feels wrong...

    11. Christian Sanden

      Nice job but i prefer the original.

    12. James Bond

      This car takes nothing away from the original on the contrary it enhances it. Great to see such craftsmanship.

    13. sostareci

      Amazing job👍🏆

    14. Wade Cahill

      This is better than the original however I'm not keen on the blue interior

    15. Shill Destroyer

      cool as cars get is that merc!!

    16. BlacktopTV

      WOW! Speechless.

    17. John McCabe

      This guy is so cool. I love you’re style.

    18. Frederick Hasselbrinck

      Love it brother, keep up the hard work.

      1. Hoonigan AutoFocus

        Will do!


      Interior worst colar bro

    20. Sage Seven

      Holy crap. So damn nice.

    21. mak hines

      alls good except the mags

    22. Ardi Effendi


    23. Dave Mills

      Just incredible. Very talented individual

    24. Cutest Rottweiler Videos

      stack of cash in the shot on the back seat, nice touch , that car is pimp, every little detail, better than the OG cars.. seriously, this thing is on another level.

    25. Cutest Rottweiler Videos

      I would love to clone an 80's lp5000 Lamborghini Countache like the black one in Cannon Ball Run

    26. Sean Signer

      Finally a build that thoroughly blows me away at every corner! How much did you insure it for $3million?

    27. Jhonny Folhas

      I'm lost for words.... Speechless Absolutely gorgeous ❤️

    28. Sisekelo Duma

      Best build I've ever seen. The attention to detail is insane

    29. moon mission

      That's spectacular!

    30. scarlettsgarage1

      I'm cloning in 1/2 size!! - Ferrari 250 GTo for my 9 and 13 year old daughters, did i mention the 300cc v12? :

    31. Julian Smith

      I don’t like the wheels

    32. celso bigliazzi

      Linda essa mercedes asa de gaivota .

    33. Joakim Quensel

      If I could wish for one thing it would be a set of custom original style wheels.

    34. Ckryse S

      people must be thinking john is crazy but to me people like john inspires me a lot..

    35. sanakiyamam1987

      the blue color does not fit in my opinion with that grey color

    36. Kevin Singh

      How do I buy one???

      1. John Anthony

        Kevin Singh you get about a half a mil together and contact @slang500 on Instagram

    37. Billy

      Wow.....what a car and of course thanks Larry for bringing another level to these videos.

    38. eddie urbina

      He always wanted a gull wing. I always wanted a tucker 48. Now I should build one since someone already did

    39. Reagan Flint


    40. Jarrett Mertz

      song at 16:20??

    41. Symon Says TV

      Could be the most stunning car I've ever scene.

    42. Budbaem

      I would clone buggato sc 57 atlantic cus i get 100 million easy

    43. psycalotus

      Wow what an amazing build.

    44. HrdcoreNinja Ken-doll

      I would say this guy has built a best in show car. The details are amazing

    45. Adam Marsden

      Question you have those molds? And can we build another one? I and you or me and me?

    46. brent collingwood

      Great work!👍🏻 5 months🤨 wtf that’s a busy 5 month’s

    47. Jim Johnson

      I have those wheels on my car. They're the same color just black.

      1. John Navarro

        Jim Johnson sane color, just black?

    48. mithritades

      those wheels are in fact trash.

    49. Joe Dirt

      Should deep dished the rear wheels

    50. mojoe jojojo

      the panel in 4:47 , is it ok ?

    51. stopglobalswarming

      The wheels are wrong but the rest of the car is awesome.

    52. Richie Benz

      My dream car 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

    53. Joshua Oregel

      Great craftsmanship

    54. VELAR

      He reminds me of the actor from ex machina and anihilation

    55. Dave Langford

      He is the greatest car builder in the world right now. His Porsche speedster is also stunning. His attention to detail is incredible and he doesn't compromise on any part of the build. His cars give me a semi!

      1. Dave Langford

        I'm not digging the grey colour of his builds though. The speedster is perfect in white

    56. Mike Benz


    57. John Tam

      Awesome build, I am blown away. What would you charge for this build?

    58. Russell Karnes

      Great color match, pretty and power. Cool

    59. Paul Heywood

      that steering wheel ruins the look maybe a cheap after thought ?

    60. Novan Fontaine

      Love it 😎

    61. Joe Black

      Very nice, but the big yellow branding on the windshield really takes away from it. I do understand though.

    62. PureFun32937

      Flat out incredible!!!!

    63. Plebeian Medasin

      He couldn’t have just machined new handles?

    64. SkipperFPS

      A six cilinder superchargerd, ''A V6?''

    65. ian flanagan

      lesson watch all of video before comment

    66. Fields Carlisle

      I hate when people put hideous aftermarket wheels on good looking cars, especially a classic like a 300SL, even if it's a kit car. And that interior. Wtf.

    67. mossywoods

      During that smokey shot at the end in the haze I was yelling at those boys to get out of the shot! Haha but otherwise excellent job capturing this car, the build and having the great content you spotlight everytime. 👍

    68. tenshi7angel

      I could use this video as porn and just play with myself and it'd work the same. Damn...

    69. Don Jackson

      Holy crap at this point in time 8:01 I had to pause the video, run to the garage and find that Heavy Hitters October/November Issue #6 !!! from 2008 ! Wow!

    70. coloneldd

      Im German. Buddy this "thing" is absolute on Point. And when i read these old plaques "MADE IN WESTERN GERMANY"...OMG Backflash O.o