Cloning a $1M Car? Mercedes 300SL With a Modern Engine/Chassis

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    The Mercedes 300SL is a nearly un-attainable car for the average man. But that didn't stop John Sarkisyan from pursuing his dream of not only owning, but fully customizing one. A fully cloned body, modern underpinnings, and a ton of custom work later - we have this W I L D build before your eyes.
    Check out Larry's photos (and more info) on the car here:
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    1. Hoonigan AutoFocus

      What "unobtanium" car would you clone?

      1. alonely

        Peugeot 205 t16 evo2

      2. King Jaffe Joffer

        Ford mkII Lotus Cortina.

      3. Casey Culp

        Shelby cobra 🐍

      4. Stephen

        *E46 ///M3 CSL*

      5. Stephen

        @isaac shively With the S54 Engine :-)

    2. Malcolm Avocado

      This guy couldn’t b more enthusiastic, also why tf do you need to buy original windshield and rubber?? When the car is a fucking copy anyway why bother? It’s already a custom copy what’s the point in having any original expensive ass pieces

    3. prestige worldwide wide wide wide wide

      So how much does it cost to have one made

    4. Martin Allen

      So a cool body on what really was a shit car.

    5. Michael David Roth

      PLEEEEEASE produce this!!!!

    6. Qi Gong

      With a mold now..what about a complete kit?

    7. Mark

      The exterior would have most believing they are looking at the real thing, minus the windows and studs around the side air grills. Excellent mold making skills. The interior, while luxurious, is a complete departure from the original. I would think the value of retaining an original appearance on the interior would be higher than for a redesign. The new interior would be nice on a late model car but this much loved iconic roadster needs an age appropriate interior like the original one. This new one hits you up side your head and yells kit car in your ear. You are obviously a skilled craftsman and I know there are always back stories to decisions so I'll give you the benefit of the doubt on that interior.

    8. Only1 True

      Cool man

    9. yosef paskananda

      Really want to buy it!!! will you sell it

    10. Renko

      The car is perfect, as nice as any car out there.

    11. jarektransltd

      Just beautiful!!!

    12. musikman337

      What were photos shot with??

    13. S2kBanks

      Yooo what is that song/beat when they were shooting the car??

    14. elsie bond

      cheeses inside

    15. Nik The Great

      The wheels are a little bit off

    16. Thabo Mdakane

      this car is better (no thee best) than the original one :)

    17. jaefrank 809

      That’s an amazing machine..

    18. King Jaffe Joffer

      That Merc is just.........

    19. john jaekels

      needs a vintage-style shift knob to round out the interior!!!

    20. Brian Westfield

      I wish I could unsee that wheel/tire (lettering) package. It just looks off to me. the rest of the car looks great. Special props being McIntosh equipped 👌

    21. Savage63

      Easily the most Perfect and most Beautifully crafted car EVER BUILT! (Re-built?)

    22. solid snake

      this how you make money, know your shit and make something special and offcourse you need money it the beginning

    23. kyle ford

      I got a running and driving 91 300 sl for 500$

    24. Dany K

      Does this guy have youtube channel?


      I am in love! Wonder how much would cost to buy one just like that!

    26. Dale Charles

      Imagine his take on a old school BMW...a 2002 or a 6 series csl

    27. Oliver G.M Donerte 1000kr

      13:26 RANDOMLY rock, paper siccors!

    28. Tiger Masters

      I’d have that over the SLS any day

    29. Derek Nicholson

      I must be old. I don't understand the current fascination with smoking tires. It appears to be the only measure of a 'good' built.

    30. Blind Dog

      Damn that's epic sweetness. Thanks for the post!

    31. Alan Valentine

      Props to this guy his cars are works of art 🖼

    32. ______x

      If Mercedes takes a straight line they will get this car seized and put it through the shredder. The bodyfrom of the Gullwing is a Mercedes brand trademark and thus forbidden to copy. In Europe it's not possible to own a replica like this.

      1. ______x

        @Malcolm Avocado Maybe they can only do that in Europe.

      2. Malcolm Avocado

        ______x ok thanks for the input bud. I highly doubt merc would seize this

    33. Dan B Cooper

      Are you planning to show this masterpiece in Europe? You really should!

    34. John S.


    35. malcolm rojas

      I would love to know the name of that blue

    36. Towallomee sgel

      I totally appreciate the fact that he didn't create another FRANKENSTEIN. He stuck with the brand of the car for the powerplant. Most people take the easy route and put a CHEVROLET drivetrain.

    37. Robert Donaldson

      dude I think the car is awesome man from what I can see on the video it looks like you did a seriously seriously slick job man thumbs up brother beautiful car man beautiful car

    38. Kevan Pimentel

      This man is the coolest cat ever. Not Larry, sorry Larry, love you!

    39. Automobili Photographer

      Damn man, what’s the music at 16:38, that song is layback af

    40. Ken Baker

      I love this car! Great work getting it right!

    41. Jay Mutina

      I saw this at SEMA and the only question I had was, why those wheels?

    42. DUSM

      One of my 'most favorite' cars ever....the Gullwing. (Corrected from an unfortunate motorcycle reference). This versions...just sick!

      1. DUSM

        @Chevy_Monsenhor Right-o I should fix that...😔😔😔

      2. Chevy_Monsenhor

        Gullwing, Goldwing is a high distance motorcycle made by Honda

    43. J Piro

      I actually have a lot of respect for what that guy did. Wish I can order one from him

    44. Steve Rice

      The 300sl Gullwing gets my vote for "#1 car that does not need customization" Also, the builder is a low talker and it bothers me. Plus, for all the talk of how hard to get the parts are, its well known that MB Classic Center remanufactures EVERY part of all MB cars. Yes, they are expensive af and they work sssssssllllllllllooooooowwwwww.....but its just a phone call away, no big feat if you ask me. Nice car, but it didn't need any help from jump street.

    45. Electro Man


    46. Niebko Niebuszewski


    47. PiDsMedia

      Title's wrong - this isn't a 300SL with modern gear, it's a modern chassis with custom made exterior added. This is closer to what Lambo did with the Miura concept, then anything else - a brilliant homage to the original, and spot on interpretation of what the 300SL would have evolved in to. He should do the next one in carbon fibre.

    48. Stephen in OZ

      Good build, but its sacrilige.

    49. michael keregha

      Whose mans is this

    50. plainpawesome

      This wins so much and in so many ways.

    51. Stephen

      Would look better with more original looking wheels for sleeper status IMO , and a straight six would have sounded better... but lovely car! :-)

    52. Willem van Es

      This is simply the best of both worlds: fantastic timeless design combined with modern technique. What an institute this SL...

    53. Javier Ortega

      It’s vey reminiscent of the corvette but more classy 👍

    54. Chuffin 'ell

      My father in law had an original imported to Havana back in the 50s. Then communism under Castro came, and he left everything there to live in the US. I never heard him complain, although he really missed that car...

    55. Joost S

      I would choose this car over any hyper car!

    56. Jon McCarty

      So you reproduced a better than original! Not a copy! Love it!

    57. Daniel Gillrup

      I like the context behind it all now since I’ve seen pics everywhere. It’s a replica, the money is fake. This guy just loves to be unique, not pretentious. I fucking love it.

    58. Kris Nestor Urian, M.D.

      Take my money!

    59. Curtis Barker

      Surely the copyrights are up for grabs on this model car. I bet Mercedes corporate would be pissed off about this. Though with his amazing build you'd think this could score him a job with Mercedes the slk was one of the most beautiful cars ever made. Its hard to even think of another unobtainium build that would compare. Maybe a Deusenberg from an older generation of cars

    60. Spiral Architect

      Rad af. Love the colour and the style.

    61. Chaz G


    62. Eyes wide open

      Unreal quality such a humble guy

    63. Hervé Aglae

      Wow that’s amazing, dude truly found new love for the Gull Wing

    64. RapidFire Muzik™

      That red 5Hunnid-E 😍😍😍😍😍

    65. Charlie Piekarski

      Why can’t car companies make cars like this anymore

    66. Ristube


    67. Ucanthandle Eit

      My dad bought a new 300SL Roadster in 1958. He paid $14k for it and described it as the fastest oil burning machine of the time. He loved that car but couldn't keep up with the ultra high maintenance it constantly required and traded it in for something else.


      I love it. No original 300SL was hurt in this production. He made molds. It can be done again.. I LUV IT! ❤

      1. Ristube

        STARTINGSOMESHIT Gentleman, we can rebuild him... we have the technology...

    69. ddavid122

      This needs to be in the next NFS game.

    70. ddavid122

      Such a great job. Outstanding craftsmanship. Lots of love went into this. I love it. I’m in awe of his talent.

    71. Tyler55 P

      Could have used a 190sl grill for $1k tops....

    72. Carrig One


    73. roninespiritu

      hot arse!!... never thought a car would provoke physical reactions. goooooood job!!!

    74. eric kim

      you do know Mercedes goes after these builds. it's not like the porsche 356 speedster where porsche doesn't care. Mercedes went after all builders of the replica 300's hence why you can't find replica parts or builds. I do love what he did and the cars he's built as it seems to be a big trend building classic European cars with modern components, but not big on the copper or the steam punk flare. well done.

    75. TheJoesmoe1987

      Wow what a vision this man has amazing

    76. karlitos way

      If there was ever a car to have tucked away in my man cave this is it. Its carfection.


      Beautiful 🤙🏻

    78. Poly_G

      Wow. You couldn't even look him in the face and tell him that's not a 300SL, and if you did, you'd instantly regret it the second he drives off in it.

    79. Manual Media

      The most serious level headed interview ive watched.... and then it pans to the lads outside playing rock paper scissors haha

    80. Renato Gomes

      Very nice project! Would be nice to see a carbon fiber version.

    81. Safety Michael

      Amazing cool and craftsmanship is on top

    82. Karish Madhavan

      My dream car

    83. LE- CÔNË

      What’s the names that instrumental tho😤

    84. Tom Wevers

      Realy Nice what a car amazing 💪🏽💪🏽 great job you buld a dream car

    85. Eamon O'Connell

      Oh hell yeah. 1963 split window Corvette and the Mercedes SL Gull Wing are my all-time favourite cars.

      1. Eamon O'Connell

        @phil2003ashleigh the AC Cobra for sure. My neighbour is a fabricator who builds them from scratch. He sells them for a minimum $100,000. On average it takes him 2 years per car.

      2. phil2003ashleigh

        Eamon O'Connell 1973.2.7 RS Carrera and AC Cobra Shelby Big block. Would settle for a Morris marina though!

    86. Mark Bogonovich

      The original cars are known for terrible handling so thats a big difference on this one.

    87. makda a

      This is the sleekest clean damn fine Mercedes slk 32 I've seen in my life, the beautiful glossy grey and the accents on the tyres make the rims pop. This is the stuff of dreams, at least mine anyways .

    88. makda a

      This is the sleekest clean damn fine Mercedes slk 32 I've seen in my life, the beautiful glossy grey and the accents on the tyres make the rims pop. This is the stuff of dreams, at least mine anyways .

    89. makda a

      This is the sleekest clean damn fine Mercedes slk 32 I've seen in my life, the beautiful glossy grey and the accents on the tyres make the rims pop. This is the stuff of dreams, at least mine anyways .

    90. Matthew van de Riet

      damn, no roaches in the astray..

    91. Joseph Harief

      im happy to see this

    92. peter pyke

      beautifull,talented guy

    93. Ryan Hough

      Amazing job! Where can I get this sweatshirt? I love it!

    94. Yns Arnold

      Remove the wheels ,change the interior color , remove all the stupid suitcases and then its a nice car. Right now its just riced out too much... car doesnt have a flow

    95. Vincent Parascandolo


    96. M Perez

      Plain stupid.

    97. skotias J


    98. Andrew D

      Best looking model car EVER! Thank God you didn’t destroy the Real McCoy. I was privileged some years ago to actually sit in a REAL Mercedes Gullwing at a car rally in Germany! It was owned by a stunning woman. Not sure if the car made her more stunning but nonetheless she was a multi millionaire. I asked her privately what it was worth/insured for...€3,000,000!!!! Yes that much. I’ll never afford something that beautiful...woman or car but at least I have the scale model in my cabinet. That said, I still smile some 6 years later & contemplate how short a life I would’ve had if I took off in that Gullwing... she had left the keys in the ignition after all!🤔 💭😈

    99. Bruce Wayne

      Modern Auto Picasso. Talent in HAND.

    100. Lord Apophis

      A car that was tastefully modified! Beautiful execution. Thank you!