clickbaiting my GIRLFRIEND (Q&A)



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    1. cadith10gaming

      What a lucky man she’s beautiful take care of her Lannan ❤️✌️

      1. CaptainCaleb2005


      2. Kayson Walters


      3. President Obama

        For the views

      4. S u b w a y

        cadith10gaming t

    2. Wesra Opsao

      Your girlfriend is cheating on you she likes Jason lazerbeam

    3. Sam nite

      So if you are muselks "brother" Then *SWEET HOME ALABAMA starts playing"

    4. Raze Pulse

      Muselk u get my sis I get its tannar and muselk oh god

    5. Leonie Aldridge

      I think every questions lanan should pick Elsa to every one

    6. Unpredictable

      This is now Ilsa's channel....

    7. Thomas Willett

      0:59 what was lanan doing with his right arm??

    8. Juax Rules


    9. NM MCM

      you should call her elizabeth

    10. Ousama alaabrach

      How do you kiss your ass

    11. Sarah Cogan

      Ask muselk will he date tannar

    12. araiz Atif

      Llsa :I'm pregnant Lannan :I want FivE oF them!

    13. Hallbogaming

      when lannal says she was stalking him and her saying that would just be weird........ what gives it away that it might have happend is him saying you where weird tho you weird

    14. Liam Lucyshyn

      Cute and answer

    15. snow blits

      Does she not care that he watches porn

    16. bluetooth speaker

      Quick tip: When you YEET you don't want to pronounce the T too much. That's all

    17. lilo666dog

      4:09 4 years me: wtf bff: lmfao

    18. xd Bumz

      Lazarbeam: *gets a girlfriend* Also Lazarbeam: I wAnT fIvE oF ‘eM

    19. Laureen mincher

      Ima good guy duh

    20. Moo DaBest


    21. Moo DaBest


    22. Sniper Sniper

      Laser beam had a bone the hole way through

    23. i lov bagel

      is ilsa a model because damn......

    24. Bro and His bois

      Make a video playing fortnite with Elsa

    25. Scott Kayden Hadley

      Don’t die a Virgin lannan

    26. jeshua bell

      Why is both his hall passes guys

    27. MADDS

      Lannan: likes James Charles Community:👀

    28. Harry Jones

      Why does she look 17

    29. StoriedLeader

      Connor will beat your ass

    30. Conor Dearn

      I will fight u to bro 😂😂

    31. Completely Irrelevant.

      Coppa is thinking..

    32. Daniel Dykstra

      If they ever had a child I bet they would name him/her “meme”

    33. Maximus

      Lannan: James Charles wearing the wig is the cutest thing ever Baby Yoda: Hold my beer you must

    34. Caoimhe Cabbage

      On the Irish lannan plz like

    35. Brett Arrowsmith

      She's used the cream ;)

    36. Elina S

      She is gorgeous like you are so lucky

    37. Phoenix

      She looks like catriona gray

    38. Tube Royal

      Emma goog guyy

    39. Ray rauscher

      5.55 got me laughing so hard🤣🤣🤣🤣🤭

    40. Tilted Deadeye

      Just show your yeet tattoo

    41. Brandon Aguilar

      6:05 that lump in Lannan’s throat tho

    42. Ceda

      yeet or the girlfriend hahaha

    43. Web Monkey

      You should marry her. You guys are amazing together.

    44. Abbey W

      Take care of her she is a really good person don’t let her down

    45. dorisgrovas

      All that blured stuff at the end was porn hub and also you can kind of see the word cumming

    46. Molly O'Hara

      I ship Lannan and James Charles.

    47. Ridge Adams

      Is it funny that lannan still has the same chair from his my strange addiction

    48. lol Master Savage twins

      5:55 wtf respect the yeet ilsa

    49. Kayel Homann

      Lannan said he would probably not get a girlfriend but yet here he is with his girlfriend

    50. N.J.S. Jonker

      I bet she likes your willeh👉👌sorry pg 13


      My girlfriend said that they would get along


      Your girl is hot Lannan na jk jk that's weird

    53. Spideyplayz

      So what were your first impressions of each other? Ilsa: OH MY GOD

    54. Is that A Supra

      Lazar I live in Boston I’ve seen Tom Brady a lot I can hook you up. Just say the word.

    55. Gamer Girl Daisy

      She's beautiful Awww ❤️❤️❤️❤️ you guys are cute together ❤️

    56. Carl Fietze

      Hit the subscribe button if lazarbeam`s girlfriend Beautiful.

    57. Yeetgamer

      I wonder if Ilsa is like Elliot "WHAT'S GOING ON GUYS!" *Ilsa *Lannan "oh"

      1. The Frasers

        Yeetgamer How about taking an English course.

    58. Daniel Vargas

      um excuse me 8:41

    59. Assassin Robot

      My yeet is yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet

    60. your game

      8:40 Why just why, Are you watching pawn?

    61. NightSaffron66

      3:33 lannan makes it look like she said: lets use it later :v

    62. Skipp Y

      Soon lazar, Elliot, and Ilsa will all be dating

    63. NIK2

      Shit. Im still lonely

    64. Lexi N

      She’s a beautiful woman Lannan take care of her

      1. Brad Mcdaniel

        Lexi N good luck getting likes 😂😆

    65. Sandra Petosa


    66. Seth Thomas

      Why does lazarbeam have a pic of that guy in is room

      1. Seth Thomas


      2. Oofer Tavy

        Seth Thomas because it’s jadon

    67. Sparr0w

      Lannon watches porn lol

    68. mads p

      what does PH stand for ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

      1. Brett Arrowsmith

        Lol do u not no

    69. Lazer Fruit

      She is hot just a jk Lazar beam is better

    70. gd kyan

      Ohs.sow sos sos