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    All hail the queen. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina returns for Part 3 January 24, only on Netflix.
    Watch Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Only on Netflix
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    Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Part 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix
    Love and loyalty are pushed to their limits as Sabrina navigates a sinister new normal -- with the help of Greendale's bravest allies.

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    1. Nirwan Shubhan

      Can you guys tell me what song they use in the background

    2. Sabrina Santos Santos

      Afff tá em inglês

    3. Shanize Lelerian

      Unpopular opinion: Ambrose is fooooiiiinnneee😂

    4. Ema Ema

      After watching season 1 I felt i was bored Boring More bored May b not my type

      1. _JakeTheCoolDog_ Lol

        Ema Ema keep watching !! You may enjoy season 2 ☺️

    5. James Winchester

      This show has some of the best acting I’ve ever seen in part one however it was the most trash show Netflix has ever done. I will not be watching part two or three because part one was straight trash and bad writing, I do feel bad for the actors though because it was such a good performance by everyone and the subject matter is great the writing is awful, furthermore it reminded me more of the human centipede then it did Sabrina the teenage witch. My advice go watch Diablero, Supernatural or Lucifer bc those shows have similar subject matter great acting and most importantly the writing doesn’t suck balls.

    6. Emily Nascimento de Jesus

      Tem que lançar a quarta temporada essa série é muito boa

    7. GardenKeeper

      It's Rose Lalonde pft

    8. Miss Feedback

      Love it

    9. Prasalya L

      This has got to be the best and most dramatic trailer ever and I love it 🖤🖤🖤

    10. Ned Diego

      Time travel is not of confusing but best scene Ms. Wardwell shooting Zelda. Reflection of gunshot from Zelda's eye Zelda turns & smoke in. Collapsing & smoke out. Plus the best music track in whole story. Atticus Ross - Journey

    11. siyuy

      i thought people said this looks like riverdale now???? well i think not👀

    12. Jungkook's Wife

      Cant wait for the Season 4🤭🤭

    13. Skadrowany

      Perfect example how we can create awesome trailer and give fans so bad seson....

    14. Kuyoc Fernando


    15. CJ Hopes

      Who still wonders what will happen with Sabrina Morningstar and Sabrina Spellman? The Time Paradox was broken, just because of her. 😂

    16. CJ Hopes

      I still gagged when King Herod, Pontius Pilate and Judas Iscariot helped Sabrina. 😂 Haha Anyways, spoilers, Nic and Sabrina broke up, i was just curious who will she be with then? 😂

    17. Abdou Bita

      *WHAT THE HEAVEN* this season was garbage 🤢

    18. The Wiccan Faelién.

      Nobody: Me: I NEED SO MUCH *ZILITH* NOW!!! ;***

    19. GuldursTV

      LGBT all the time

    20. Erik Official Email

      Well it seems like Sabrina a little naïve but that’s OK cause she’s young she’ll grow out of it and she needs to start being nice to her father I think 🤔 hopefully she learns something can’t wait for season 4 Part3 was not that interesting 🧐 but that’s okay there more coming up kinda excited not sure yet. 🤔

    21. reece dick

      season 3 was garbage I just watched it. 😔 Hopefully 4 is better loved The first two seasons just NOT 3 Just Awful.

    22. L W

      I don't even got to say ish 😭😒 y'all know

    23. L W

      MK11 Sabrina Morningstar

    24. Lohan

      1:12 What is the song when the demons start to say: Sabrina! Sabrina! .??

    25. Jan Lyakhovsky

      Это жесть. Кино говно. Актриса просто говнище. Ей играть второй левый ботинок Бегемота максимум. P.S. Бегемот не носит обуви. English: Actress... Your Highness... of the kittens shit.

    26. CrowdedPixel

      Now they also want drag Queens as guest stars in part 4.... This show is dead. To bad they are turning this show into a shitshow.

    27. Anna O' Sullivan

      I'm actually so excited for S4 now, can't wait to see where Zelda's relationship goes, I wish Dorcas didn't die tho

    28. Juzer ali Rangwala

      Who else want Mrs Ward well to win again and continue as Queen of Hell......I haven't watched this season yet but I still think that Lilith/Mrs Ward well is more appropriate for throne of hell.....

    29. MANU- L

      In the next season Salem has to meow the hell out of everybody!!!

    30. grace Shellby

      Can't wait for season 3

    31. Mathson M

      Season 1 - 8/10 Season 2 - 6.5/10 Season 3 - 4.5/10 Season 4 - ????

    32. Shang Tsung

      Bless the dark lord

    33. Joe Zaza

      Why are you pushing young boys grabbing each other's ball's and showing their tongues in their mouths in a FAMILY SERIES ! Shame on you pushing this hybrid propaganda on us teenagers. You confuse tf out of us

      1. Joe Zaza

        @CrybabyUrie Move on... you got destroyed by an 8 year old

      2. CrybabyUrie

        @Joe Zaza I look through your channel and realized that you are literally 8 years old and don't know any better.

      3. CrybabyUrie

        How am I wrong?

      4. Joe Zaza

        @CrybabyUrie No need to write a book to express your feelings. And you are wrong btw...

    34. Katleen Rafaely

      Os filmes de terror da Netflix ta uma merda. só tem filme antigo e manjado!

    35. Katleen Rafaely

      Os filmes de terror da porra da Netflix tá uma merda

    36. Clara Morgan

      Honestly, I hate that this 3rd season is like a musical. I hate almost all musicals. And seeing the cast sing is just unbearable to me. I know other people might enjoy. I just really don't! Please skip any form of musical in the next season!

    37. Matt Davis

      I hope Netflix does a bonus episode like they did with the Christmas episode A Winter's Tale only this time do an entire episode all about Caliban!



    39. JORGE sanyu

      In the Sabrina series; so much importance is given to pointing out the false God; and they don't even realize that the only false god is Lucifer. It's more; He is not even a God !! He is a fallen angel! 👎 The only true and timeless God (Eternal Elohim) is Yehovah !! surrender to Him. Every knee will bend in his presence!

    40. m l

      Harvey, Theo, Roz: *peacefully practicing for their band* Sabrina: so you wanna go to hell?

    41. Ricardo Martinez

      Dont waste ur time watching this crap

    42. Marge K

      The trailer looks amazing but the season was so damn disappointing. It was completely rushed which is what happens when you try to fit everything into only 8 episodes. There were so many cool things that were left hanging and a lot of pointless things that made no sense or were unnecessary. Love this show but really disappointed at this season.

    43. Bee Smith

      Whoever did this season needs a raise. It was way better than the season.

    44. Bee Smith

      While ever did this trailer needs a raise. It was way better than this season.

    45. Blue World

      What is the name of the soundtrack? I love it

    46. Absolutely Everythink

      Just finished watching the series I love with it please I really want to know what season four is about

    47. Charles McGehee

      Just finished watching Season 3. This is some fine writing and acting. I had no clue what a great series this is. Sabrina seem immune to being out witted. Please produce more Seasons? Do NOT let anything get in the way. The trailer was well done. I just binge watched the whole 3 seasons. Season 3 is hypnotizing. perfect. Sure looking forward to more chilling adventures of the great Sabrina. What a talented and lovely your star.

    48. John Cookson

      Hey Netflix do a special thing with CALIBAN ❤

    49. DJ Killer

      Sabrina hell's under new management Lucifer okay daughter how do you feel that power

    50. Tammy Powell

      JESUS IS COMING BACK SO VERY SOON 💯✅❤️👍🏻😁🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    51. Alex Zavala

      All I can say about the third season of Sabrina is that it’s good and bad at the same time there were some amazing episodes, but some just made no sense overall I’ll give it a 7.9/10. Hopefully they will fix this in season 4 I’m crossing my fingers very tightly. ✌️😣😟

    52. Love Fun


    53. Mark Johnson


    54. Dzsóker a Joker

      Nice girl

    55. 10k subscribers in 2020 challenge

      Very excited to see this season , and I am waiting impatiently

      1. Lala land

        10k subscribers in 2020 challenge it already came out lol

    56. Jesse aquafine

      Who we got

    57. Kanwardeep Singh

      Sir my maan chal rahe Sir pap nai just joking krda My koi lea day nal Sir my maan sis sane dey he Sir project complete he just

    58. CoolMind15

      Its not that good

    59. Hagar E

      Illuminati the end of the world is near Jesus Christ is coming soon Damn this movie is pure evil

      1. Latrell Menefee

        Yeah it really is, time to get close to Christ.

    60. Vint Zasonov

      Guys how to gain views and subscribers help someone than they can! ??

    61. Bakugou katsuki Boi


    62. RensLife xx

      And here I am. Waiting for part 4, before my trial in netflix expired 😂

    63. samuraimonkey

      Sabrina is still a virgin.

    64. Raven Black

      I seriously don't like what the writers did to Nick. That just wasn't fair. And the part about him not thanking Sabrina? I don't feel too upset about that because in S2 Sabrina was all, "Nick I need you to do this for me, Nick I need you to do that."and stuff. He never got a thank you either! I was starting to think Sabrina was kinda treating him like a servant or something. And he still sacrificed himself for her. I get it, you want to show strong female characters, but power-addicted and empowered are two different things. But yeah, he didn't thank Sabrina either. Maybe when he recovers, I hope. Also at the end it looked like Prudence and Nick start talking like plllleeaaasee....don't let them end up together :( Edit: And when Nick said, "We both know you're saving yourself for someone else." It hurt. Because Harvey's"true love" lay with Brina and the spell didn't work and they're not over each other and that's just annoying cuz I want Sabrina and Nick!!

    65. Blockbuster920

      * Who subscribes that bro * * Those who watch at least one video will be lucky in the next day * * Who will watch the video and put 👍 good life in the future awaits him * * Thank you in advance to all good luck to you☺ *

    66. Janica Dalapo

      Nick and Harvey better go chasing sabrina on s4 or else IM GOING TO LOSE MY SHT. I wanna see those boys suffer of how they treat POOR SABRINA.

    67. Mustafa TANRIVERDİ


    68. GAMER BABA

      Amazing sabrina

    69. Owen Richy Karasira

      Every season is has a more compelling story than the previous one. Personally, this show is truly a masterpiece.