Chef Asks If He Should Put TUNA In A VEGETARIAN'S Salad | Hell's Kitchen

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    A black jacket asking that is...not good.
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    In Hell's Kitchen, two teams compete for the prestigious job of head chef at a top restaurant, all under the guidance of world-class fiery chef Gordon Ramsay.

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    1. Aige

      xD Thats funny.

    2. Ness127

      1:47 good on ya camera man good job

    3. 69 69

      Nobody: Camera Guy: 1:48 Me: Yes Chef!

    4. Epic Reign Gaming

      This title damn near made me laugh-fart. Wtf??

    5. Moroni Sanchez

      1:47 camera man 😳

    6. Dumpler

      I, Gornio Giovanni have am a dickhead

    7. Scookie

      Bruh. “I still think she has to go home” yeah she does deserve to go home. with compliments and a prize from Gordon Ramsay him self ya donkey

    8. Isaac Roachford-Gould

      “I still think she deserves to go home” Says the guy who asked if he should put tuna on a vegetarian’s salad.

    9. Tsubaki Lee

      Sorry Gorden I have no idea too

    10. ChippO ChickeN

      Gordon Ramsay is a Drill Culinary Instructor

    11. Ammar Ahmed

      Turn you volume upto max at 3:08

    12. yuval12388

      1:47 finally, some good fucking food

    13. trey thermin

      I hate Andrea

    14. KoolBreeze420

      I've never heard of a plain salad.

    15. Karen Gacha Nelle

      Is anyone not gonna talk about how Gordon said he hates using the word, "Perfect"?

    16. Aslan

      I don't follow this show and haven't seen an episode but if Andrea didn't win that season I'll never watch another season.

    17. Aslan

      1:46 that's a nice pair of plates, let's zoom in

    18. Marcin Buciak

      1:46 nice zoom, mister

    19. Iffeany260

      1:47 them tities ill suck

    20. agizzy23

      3:03 Spongebob when Pearl took over the Krusty Krab and added Sa-laaad to the menu.

    21. agizzy23

      You have no idea how many times people ask me “So fish is cool, right?” When I tell them I’m a vegetarian. If you’re a pescatarian don’t call yourself a vegetarians so the dumb asses who think fish isn’t meat will get it right.

    22. Mohit Nagar

      Gordon get tips for screaming

    23. Joanne Madarang

      why would vegan person eat meat

      1. Trinity W

        Vegetarian. Not vegan.

    24. Buckzy

      yEs ChEf!!

    25. Alexander Rodriguez

      Do you microwave a salad?

    26. TheDUDERulez1

      On one hand, some vegetarians are fine with eating fish...on the other, Ramsay specified that it was vegetarian so he really has no excuse.

      1. Gi Gi

        Tai Bannister Filming the second season of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, first episode, he gave a vegetarian pizza with ham on it under all the cheese. For BBC's Comic Relief programme in 2003, he said he served an artichoke soup made with chicken stock to a table of vegetarians. You can read about it on one of these sites-

      2. Tai Bannister

        @Gi Gi source?

      3. Gi Gi

        Except Ramsay has fed meat to unsuspecting vegetarians deliberately in the past, so maybe the contestants thought they should follow his lead 🤷‍♀️

    27. Cesar Almeida

      1:47 the cameraman was like "hummm melons"

    28. R. Van Der Vaal

      2:15 90 minutes into dinner service then 3:55 45 minutes into dinner service??

    29. Adam S

      "Still think she deserves to go home." This coming from the same donkey who asked if they should put tuna in a VEGETARIAN salad. Fucking donkey

    30. Marcus Ashton

      1:49 defo zoomed in for the tits

    31. Marcus Ashton

      1:49 defo zoomed in for the tits

    32. Andre DDSE


    33. Joshua Noh

      *Obviously* you put TUNA in a vegetarian salad

    34. UCG_Eon_YT

      P L A I N S A L A D

    35. DAZelioni

      Nobody gonna mention how andrea is a coke head constantly wiping her nose with her arm?

    36. MemezzyStudio

      Bens face makes me wanna punch him in the face

    37. Dragonhunter 24

      Isn’t fish vegetarian?

      1. Tai Bannister

        Damn how are you so smart

    38. Majk Strand

      1:48 I wonder what the camera is zooming in on, salad or milk?

    39. Ngah Syazaim

      1:47 good salad there cameraman

    40. Brandon Gardenhire

      1:48 yeah sure... nice salad... that's why we zoomed in...

    41. Zeus

      1:48 nice one camera guy

    42. Sam Turner

      Gordon should put some real effort into vegan food. It's the ultimate challenge, honestly, to see just HOW FUCKING GOOD he can make a carrot taste. This isn't even a joke. The 'good tasting' vegan food, the comfort food that we currently have, isn't exactly healthy, and honestly, other than one or two brands, it tastes kinda bland. Odd. It's similar to the pink goo you get from crappy fast food outlets, but it's plant material and not flesh. Don't get me wrong, a good plant based burger / veggie burger, cooked nicely and with some nice sauce in a crispy bun, it's still really tasty. But I just know Gordon could make the U L T I M A T E plant based mixture for burgers, sausages etc. He should really play around with some of that. It's not like it wouldn't be worth his time!! Veganism is getting bigger every day!

      1. Gi Gi

        He’s changing his tune now, but in the past he was very against vegetarian/vegan foods. He even fed food with meat in it to a vegetarian, lied & laughed after they ate it, back in 2005 I think?

    43. ShibaSister

      I don’t know why I thought about this, cause I’ve never actually watched this show besides bits and pieces from CZ-news but, do they have a kids menu? I don’t know I’m just curious

      1. H Pe

        They've had a kids night

    44. kriminalxrr

      Camera man zoomed in on those lovely lady lumps lol. Anyone else noticed that?

    45. Gokul Prasanna

      Where are the gloves

    46. Falls_Gaming_ PT

      Atleast he asked tho, it'd be worse if he got his ass handed to him for putting tuna in a vegetarian's salad.

    47. NadavBenArie

      1:46 looks delicious! But I didn't like the salad though...

    48. Angelique White

      are we not gonna talk about the fact that at 1:47 the camera man zooms in right on the lady’s boobs? 😂😂😂😂

    49. Tyler The Ultimate Badass

      There are quite a few people who lump in pescatarians with vegetarians, so the confusion is understandable

    50. Bee Godly

      *P L A I N S A L A D*

    51. HumpMeFuckMeDaddy BetterMakeMeChoke

      Ben NEEDS to stfu he’s one of those people who NEVER stfu

    52. Amaan Amaan

      Stupid chief :Should I put tuna in a vegetarian salad Gorden Ramsey: ofcouse not you fucking donkey

    53. Lynn V.

      Ben was annoying asf. But I was a vegetarian n I sometimes would have fish so not a completely stupid question

      1. Joe Spulla

        Yeah more like completely moronic, just like you for thinking you're a vegetarian after eating fish you fucking donkey.

    54. Gisela Stapf

      Gordon Ramsey in Hell´s Kitchen? That fits!

    55. ComaLies225

      I know if I am constantly yelled at, I tend to do things incorrect. I just get nervous. I can respect people who do this type of work

    56. Simon Gemkow

      1:47 Cameraman was like: Look at that salat!

      1. Offer Your Soul To Me Dark One

        Yeah Delicious

      2. Ari Morales

        Mah man!

      3. agizzy23

        “I haven’t eaten in three days. Please give me lettuce.”

      4. lucy mier


    57. alex rodic


    58. Tobias

      1:47 We know what you were doing camera man 😉

    59. Micro Transactor

      Wow..that's a big salad at 1:47 ....

    60. Hailma Raja

      Perfect I hate using that word but perfect

    61. Robert Freeman

      its like being at school with kids once u make a mistake you learn from it not keep making the same mistake.

    62. Nisterror

      @6:38 "she came through with some really nice looking meat"

    63. Jorge Marquez

      1:47 That camera man knew what he was doing.

      1. Offer Your Soul To Me Dark One

        yeah delicious!

      2. Grace Advincula

        I was looking for this exact comment.

      3. FreddyGamer 508

        look at the size of those... leaves... yeah the salad looks nice

    64. Light AXI

      2:58......WTF BIT***

    65. JP

      I'm a vegetarian. So you'd like vegetables with your meat then, yes?

    66. Zoe Hampton

      How has Chef Ramsay not had a heart attack yet?

    67. Nate Erkman

      1:48 camera man not slick

    68. Bobby Jeff

      Gordon Ramsey: BRING ME SOME WATER!! Chef:brings water Gordon Ramsey: it's bloody blend,no salt not pepper,BLEND!!!!

    69. Alexander Vallada

      The only time they zoomed in haha 01:47

    70. Baby Valentine

      Awe Shit I just spoiled the current season I’m watching 😭