Charlize Theron’s Worst Date Ever

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    Charlize talks about winning an Oscar for Monster, her love of “The Bachelor,” learning to sound like Megyn Kelly for her role in Bombshell, the start of the #MeToo movement, what her kids think about her award nominations, and she reveals what happened on the worst date she has ever been on.
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    Charlize Theron’s Worst Date Ever

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    1. Dick Ritchie

      Wonder woman’s mum! Hippoletha!! 😂🤣

    2. Levani Abramidze

      მიტო ეძებდა დედაშენი ვიღაც პედიკს ჩემ სახლში რო შემოესახლებინა?გეიქეცი შონ ეუბნებიდენ ჩართვებზე?3500000$ დააკარგე.მე ისევ აქ ვცხოვრობ ფატი დერონ.ღეჭუნი ქე მიიმსგავსე ამის წინ სურათში გნახე.იგი ზაბროჟკას ეძებს ღეჭუნი და შენ მმალავ.ეტყობა ბოზობდა ფატი.წადი წადიო ეუბნებოდა სულ მევლუდას.მიტო გყავს აფრო ამერიკელი ბაღნები?სულ სიბნელეში ხვდებოდენ ერთმანეთს.გაგლეჯაზე იყავი არაა!?კაი კინოა ნაყურები მაქ.ღმერთია მოწამე არ შევწყობივარ არავის.შენ ნინოც არ ხაარ!?მესამეს თუ იშვილებ ოტელო დაარქვი.ბს ზარბო

    3. Levani Abramidze

      შენ შეგთხარე ქედაში რაკამ ბალკონზე შენი საშარლიზიანად ფატი დერონ.ბს ზარბო

    4. MSBLS721

      Sean and Catherine just had their third child!

    5. roy skuderin

      She was in a movie titled "Trapped" with Kevin Bacon and Courtney Love that I thought was a good film.

    6. DarthYuYevon

      She gets dates with men? But she looks like man tho.

    7. Nadia Ortiz

      I just love her she is always so nice to Guillermo. So down to earth

    8. K Lu

      Interesting how she said YES when people kinda started clapping instead of THANK YOU.

    9. madison harressey

      Imagine being the guy she’s talking about.

    10. MajesticGooner

      Thanks for sharing our date story charli

    11. Smegacool

      I hope she wins!

    12. Tiny Houzewife

      16 years ago shhht I’m old

    13. Who Made Us RACE?

      I can't even STOMACH watching this CREATURE. I got to 1:28. Black People Basically HATE her & the Industry KNOWS it but NOTHING is EVER said about how SHE turned that PURE INNOCENT AFRICAN BOY into a GIRL. These Creatures Think their MONEY, CONNECTIONS & POWER is their ANSWER….TIME will SURELY Tell.

    14. Amit Mondal

      breakups are very deadly & it becomes more deadly and worse when you fall for someone. In my opinion first love should be the last love till you die. Somewhere there you will find heaven. So everyone should respect the words Love.. Marriage..Sex..Children..Life..Death. I think even The Gods respect these words & more importantly they treat one another as a normal being. 🕉️🥃🍷🍹🦅🦅🦅

    15. Edgeworld Pictures

      Charlize's 4 yr old is getting night trained to go to bed without her diaper. Are you kidding me. 4 years x 365 days x 4 diapers a day. Environmental fail.

    16. hell in a handbasket

      I always wanted to look like her

    17. JDMime

      Celebrities: They have bad dates with weirdos, just like us!

    18. theresa bollman

      She's so gorgeous, but you can't hate her because she's such a good person.

      1. theresa bollman

        @Lily Val Yes, they went way out of their way to make her look as much like megyn Kelly...and sound like her, and walk like her...haha!

      2. Lily Val

        She really is. Omg. I never knew her real her or much of her or films. I just know her name, but not heard too much. She looks & sound so diff in that film. Wow.

    19. Karen M

      She is one of the best and yet underated actress. Extremely intelligent too.

    20. Karen M

      Her playing the role in Monster was incredible. She should have won every award available in the world. She was THAT good.

    21. Kelsi Weller

      Charlize Theron would look good in a silk robe. 👘😍

    22. Msd Smti

      Theron's voice is so feminine... thats one of the reasons people fall in love with her

    23. Marcello Bomfim

      Charlize did such a good job as Megan that many times I forgot that she was an actress impersonating her. It was very real. It will be a tough Oscar’s night...

    24. Rasa Babic

      Ohhhh my babe love Charlize !! Moja ljubav !!

    25. Si Nikolaeva


    26. G Glow

      It looks more and more manly! Also, transgendered her African boy and now her manly features are showing as it ages. A true decepticon.

    27. Aubrey Smith

      Best MAN TO MAN talk I have heard in a longgggggggggggggggggg time!!!!!!

    28. Ian Miles

      Fake American. Yawn.

    29. Reizermo

      the movie she's promoting sounds boring AF

    30. gänsefüßchen thai


    31. lala GAb

      When you live in a country for so long you just naturally change your accent.

    32. Med & Music

      You are so stunning, what on earth have you done to your face?

    33. Hylss

      What adorable moment, seeing her cry with laughter. :D

    34. DJ A7

      For me Kimmel was always better than fallon

    35. Ali

      I cant understand why these female celebes are doing these short hair styles they look way better with long hair ffs.

    36. Ort New

      Omg she doesn’t look like her in that movie 😳 but she’s still the most beautiful female on earth 😍

    37. Ethan Rogers

      Charlize Theron is beautiful and an awesome actress!!!!!!

    38. Levani Abramidze

      Yue stae me in USA Liza? Way? Kiz ma penic no vont theron in Georgia and after in USA?BC zarbo

    39. Adi Adrian

      I'm not sure it's ok for her to tell the story without asking my permission. My nose is very erogenous, what's the big deal.

    40. barefootlovers

      She’s the hottest to me with this hair.

    41. Levani Abramidze

      Wot yue stae from Liza?mone? No have I am soory.BC zarbo

    42. Kevin Joad

      Good thing she is not American

    43. Aman Singh

      You know that 6:06 is going to be turned into a gif

    44. Elize Holyoake

      I was not alive when Charlize won her oscar

    45. Mike

      That’s also her worst hairstyle ever.

    46. Revolutionary 10

      5.11 is what you're here for

    47. Revolutionary 10

      That hair is trash. Doesn't belong on a face like that

    48. Curtis Carpenter

      CT is pretty cute. I love her necklace. You know I would suck on her nose. She was looking a few months ago...Nose love...I’d rather suck on toes or something...maybe fingers...

    49. Kirsten N

      It's okay Charlize and Jimmy I'm still in my 20's and I've had that among many bizarre af dates. Lol.

    50. Simon Dowsett

      I bet the dog tries to "Make-out" with her nose.

    51. reality check

      Who cares..... Theron and Kimmel are both jackasses !! Neither should be allowed to raise children.

    52. JackBauer137

      Short hair ugh

    53. Michael Robertson


    54. ventende

      When the hair goes so does the femininity. It's reducing the women to half of what she was.

    55. GuitarJim Bourke

      A Wives Tale!

    56. VEGANSAM

      5:08 Date story.

    57. Richard Miller

      She can't get a date because she's woke anti anything decent in a man

      1. foto21com

        Yeah, a couple years ago I watched her in something that came off very intolerant of men, or definitely unwilling to compromise enough to be with one, so she's one of those amazing creatures that remains unhookable. Then again, she is so hot, she's prob always not trusting.

    58. James Robertson

      try small talk instead of big talk

    59. James Robertson

      that is a necklace in itself. do you realize how expensive that necklace is oh my god your awsome charlie

    60. James Robertson

      taren point isnt ready for me there up to the clown im up to andromeda 2 what do i do?

    61. freshstartification


    62. Stannis The Mannis

      One of the most beautiful women alive.

    63. Schnuck Sergio

      She totally lost it :D awesome!!! :D

    64. Achilles Heel

      "Make out with my nose" What the f**king f**k world we live in.

    65. Lil Red eye

      Better in the interview

    66. Lil Red eye

      Pentagon will be pleased

    67. Lil Red eye

      Very American

    68. Lil Red eye

      You have a choice nose.

    69. Falkor Moonchild

      He was a foreigner chosing wrong words. He meaned cunilingus. So what.

    70. dmn3 Floyd

      meanwhile, Guillermo is out in the search of good tequila and how to sneak it in during red carpets!