Charades with Martin Short and David Dobrik

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    Jimmy and Martin Short team up to take on David Dobrik and The Roots' Tariq Trotter in a competitive game of charades.
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    Charades with Martin Short and David Dobrik

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    1. REHZZIE

      Let me know what you think

    2. Sebooch

      Everytime i try to do something nice for someone 3:05

    3. Jaclyn M

      I love Martin Short!

    4. Linda Herrera


    5. ayn ledina


    6. Daniel Rieger

      The video is much more enjoyable if you cover the answers

    7. •sd•

      David looks like Jimmy's little protégé

    8. Kayla H

      That awkward moment when David shakes Black’s hand with the same hand he was just grabbing his balls with

    9. Castellon Zamora

      Martin Short is gold. His head deserves to be preserved in the bowels of Disney Land.

    10. Meghan Draheim

      I came here for David dobrik but stayed for Martin short DAMN that man is hilarious

    11. Psych Ftw

      Martin short is funn6


      I love david dobrik but sadly i cant meet him cuz i live in london

    13. Abidur

      David grabbed his balls on TV to win the game, he just always seems *to win* doesn’t he

    14. PP 168 Racing

      Come on guys 😆😘

    15. hawkeyesrule1234

      Martin short is adorable ❤❤

    16. Abidur

      When David was failing miserably on “another one bites the dust” I felt so bad Then when he smashed it I was like “THAT’S MY BOY!”

    17. Debbie Hennessy

      Great job Tariq & David

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    19. Julia

      Jimmy and David seems like siblings. Same type of people 😄

    20. Andrew Pazik

      How to assert dominance in a room? David: Just grab your crotch on live TV

    21. tahsin99999999

      paul rudd looks really young

    22. Murtaza Tech & Gaming

      How to edit Teal and Orange Filter 💥From Lightroom💯

    23. Christina J. Hopkins

      I'm such a proud fan!!! lol

    24. TiffandVick


    25. Alex Gusdorf

      I want to watch because Martin short but also I never want to see this ever because of David Dumbrik

    26. Kayla Smith

      Lmfao David sucks at this game

    27. BreNicoleTutorials

      Too I’m dead

    28. Scream Lawley

      I feel like it’s so staged

    29. noteworthy__a

      Jimmy: What number should I pick? Audience: AHHHHHHH Me: Yeah, that one.

    30. Brooke Hall

      5:38 the face you make when you’re about to be inappropriate

    31. Roanoke

      Fallon: Has David Dobrik on his show Me: So you have chosen...VIEWS

    32. The African princess

    33. For kids

      please rate my videos

    34. Casmo

      I never thought I would see David and Martin in the same room

    35. Shivam Singh

      "Great debut!" He grabs his own crotch on tv to say "balls" and mimicks them with his hands Oooooh sweet little pure David 😂

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    37. Ashleyjusto29

      David grabbing his balls was the best part 🤷🏼‍♀️

    38. Tara Farrell

      No one: Jimmy sitting down 1:35

    39. Melissa Ngai

      Iconic moment

    40. Vamanos Ninja

      He wouldn't act out strippers dancing on a pole but he was fine grabbing his balls? lol

    41. Emily McGuire

      Yo David and Liza have come so far ✨💞

    42. Ankush Suryavanshi

      My boy David made it to the Hollywood.

    43. Ruth Elias

      Idk if Jimmy realizes the absolute dynamo he’s got on his show in David what a legendary late night pair they’d make doing this regularly

    44. Laura Elle

      Holy shit this was hilarious! When that guy just laughed at David about Hustlers without explaining it to him 😂 I mean, i haven't seen it either, so I didn't know. But also... I love Martin so much. What a gem.

    45. K.M

      I love David I’m so proud

    46. E-Skate Victoria

      Who the heck is david dobric? lol

    47. Zachariah Aguilar

      Here for David 😂

    48. Hannah Wetton

      Hahahah David not knowing it was about strippers cracked me up love him

    49. Martina De Angelis

      my man was grabbing his balls on his first late night show, what a guy 🤣🤣

    50. Kyle

      I can't wait for David to have his own talk show

    51. pretty

      David really livin his best life

    52. vins abais

      David grabbed his nuts and later shook everyone’s hand😂

      1. Donaldtrump 746

        vins abais lol

    53. Aden Anthony

      Fake people. I hate David and Jimmy lmao

    54. Bianca Br94

      Now David is going to be addicted to playing charades and is going to make the whole vlog squad do it for days!!!

    55. Brandon Wallace

      Everybody talking about how David grabbed his balls but no one talking about how they shook hands literally 2 seconds later lmaoo

    56. Yashas SSPM

      I thought that was Alan Rickman on the cover

    57. Jay Jay

      Jimmy should watch out. They grooming David to take his job

    58. IamHopeClark

      I love Martin Short! He's such a character

    59. Tiff

      I love him! ❤️

    60. CallMeZifron

      Watch this funny insults by Gordon Ramsey

      1. Hassan Abdulle

        Gordon Ramsey too funny 😂😂😂

      2. Shame Safa

        @CallMeZifron Hi

      3. CallMeZifron

        @Savage-yarn thx mate

      4. Savage-yarn

        Thanks your a legend thats too funny

    61. Jenny Torres

      i already knew david was going to win cause david never loses! lol

    62. Dana

      Another thing to add to the list of THINGS DAVID DOBRIK IS AMAZING AT!! Jeez, this guy can’t NOT win lol

    63. rudeEMOboi

      I wonder if historybooks will tell us a period of time when Martin Short was concidered "funny"

    64. Garrika Art

      Dave is so competitive it's hilarious. Win or die mode. Love him LOL

    65. It’s Smiley

      I think we all knew David was gonna go straight to pointing out his balls😂

    66. Bethel Orshiso

      Dave being so nervous but pulling through captures his whole life

    67. Mitchell Carson

      Props for landing the dap up David. No awkward handshakes for your debut

    68. Rema The Rema

      Why is no one talking about Martin Short? That man is a national treasure. I legit cried actual tears at 3:06 lmfao! David and Jimmy’s reactions make it funnier too. Not to mention he BODIED that ghostbusters charade. By far the best out of all of them

    69. Ju 430

      DAVID MY BEAN 🥺🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️

    70. Carly Robinson

      I just realize that is Jack Freaking frost from Santa Claus