CGI Animated Short Film: "Watermelon A Cautionary Tale" by Kefei Li & Connie Qin He | CGMeetup



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    CGI 3D Animated Short Film: Watermelon A Cautionary Tale Animated Short Film by Kefei Li & Connie Qin He at Ringling College of Art + Design. Featured on CGMeetup
    Watermelon: A Cautionary Tale is about a boy who accidentally eats a watermelon seed and later the seeds start to grow in his belly.
    A film by Kefei Li & Connie Qin He
    Produced at Ringling College of Art and Design
    Music by Antonius Nazareth, Sound Designed by Nick Ainsworth.
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    CGI Animated Short Film: "Watermelon A Cautionary Tale" by Kefei Li & Connie Qin He | CGMeetup
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    1. Darren Dhammika

      Our stomach's acid wouldn't make a watermelon seed turned into watermelon plant *lul*

    2. yingliu31

      This is how coronavirus was spread.

    3. Scout Steve

      moral of the story: if you find watermelon on the floor DONT EAT IT

    4. Hillq G

      1:35 Puberty at it finest

    5. Jazzi Harrison


    6. kirby

      This is stupid

    7. NBrennom


    8. Emily TV

      Honestly this is a nightmare I don’t think I’m gonna have Watermelon in a long time not even a happy ending cm!

    9. Emily TV

      Honestly This is a Nightmare and I don’t think I’m gonna have watermelon in years

    10. JJM Raven


    11. Thi anh lan Kim


    12. Florence Tulang

      I mean he should be dead by now cause when something grow in your body the organs cant handle it There will be edit later Edit: Fucking reget it Edit 2: Btw the seed can be extinct tho cause of the acid on the stomach the seed can only live in normal water

    13. Ghus Carlisle Soco

      XD the water melon kid making crazy Kid:have many plant Me:xD

    14. Ольга Яковенко

      Я теперь буду боятся есть орбузы

    15. cerissa brown


    16. Kendra Rodriguez

      Que miedo

    17. Alex_the_1

      Me:Ah this is cute This animation: * Reverse Card *

    18. anonymous user

      i always ate the seeds it is so much easier to consume

    19. Falala loisau

      When I was little my mom used to tell me "be careful not to swallow the watermelon seeds cause if you do, it will grow a watermelon inside you." Of course that made me scared because who would want a whole watermelon in their stomach. So I was always careful not to swallow one which took the fun out of eating the fruit for me. So I ended up hating it. Watching this made me think that his mom must have told him the same thing and his imagination is just running wild with the information.

    20. Alejandro Mota Nicolás

      Poor boy who became a watermelon and died

    21. Soulless TV

      Ohhh GOD!!!

    22. Soulless TV

      The kids pregnant with baby watermelons

    23. Jenny Ye

      Ok, so the kid died, and everybody just eats him. *thaTs canNibAliSm*

    24. Marie Flint

      Me cleaning my nose in the morning! Ha!ha! I actually had a bacterial nasal infection in fifth grade that caused my teacher to consult the principal. My family doctor prescribed Dial soap to wash my nose 6X a day because it contained hexachlorophene. It worked. This also reminds me a little of Pinocchio, for whom I felt sorry when his ears became donkey ears, and he grew a tale. If you really want to get behind the meaning of the green stuff, though, go ahead and surf the net for "Green Man," a very popular archetypal figure in European cathedrals during the transition from older, pagan religions to Christianity. If you research watermelon seeds for health benefits, you may find that they are an intense cleanser and enhance fertility. We never ate them, though--my brother and I used to love spitting them out from the back step to see who could spit them the farthest.! Yes, there's a lot going on in this animated short.

      1. Marie Flint

        Ending: Little cannibals . . . and they say the best watermelon is a stolen one (not in this story)!

    25. eunice costa

      Fruts? Ok

    26. лия ми

      Ёмаё я теперь боюсь даже АРБУЗ есть

    27. Gacha Legend


    28. lucky guy moon face

      My shaving be like 1:34

    29. Agent 8

      This is what happens when you eat seeds and drink water

    30. Приветствую Я чёра

      Мультфильм о канеболизме и гмо

    31. Наталья Пушкарева

      Сколько здесь русских

    32. Boosia and Me

      Did they eat the boy did he die

    33. 紀harry


    34. Sivarkin

      I’ve seen this review haha

    35. Юлия Ларцева

      Что это такое

    36. sonicchau RBX

      Boys: 0:29 Girls when they are pregnant: 1:58

    37. Eliza 058


    38. Sera Dar

      what teaches this the children?

    39. Green Cake

      Eu tô traumatizada AHSHAHAHAHAG

    40. Sound Sound Conter

      You are melon too

    41. Jon Haner

      Bra if i was a teacher and saw this id send him straight to the hospital.

    42. IAM NO


    43. yohan magi

      My mom always tell me the same thing about watermelons

    44. M. Alexandra Diaz Reyes

      Que perturbador •^•

    45. Galaxy Crescent wolf

      Welp good thing I don't like watermelon

    46. Нилуфар Содикова


    47. HeyItz Emma

      Childhood fear in one animation!

    48. Aiden scott


    49. Lucy Beebe

      And this is why I was scared of eating watermelon seeds growing up

    50. godzilla zach

      I will not eat the watermelon seeds

    51. godzilla zach

      I will not eat the w

    52. Phayravanh Thongkham

      Me: why is it is a sad story?

    53. Cool Candy!

      I honestly had chills up my spine when he opened his mouth and it was all watermelon. Like srsly WHERE IS THE OPENING SO HE CAN EAT?! AND HIS TEETH??? Omg 😳

    54. C_utebabykityfishsuper channel K

      2:02 the kid mouth was normal

    55. C_utebabykityfishsuper channel K

      Scary 1:30

    56. BunnyTheGrouch tm

      Bro this nurse is tryin to kill this child

    57. Galatia Teshome

      So he died

    58. Sushmita Das

      Childhood nightmares

    59. Fatima Galván Aceves

      Em eso trauma A los niños

    60. I'm Just me

      I should feed my siblings watermelon seeds.

    61. J A M

      i eat seeds of water melon that didnt happen and ive been eating it for 11 years


      Is this why don’t eat the seeds?!

    63. Shelby Edwards

      Before watching: this looks cute! After watching: I WAS WRONG. I WAS VERY, VERY WRONG.

    64. Thee Epic doge

      This is so not watermelon

    65. Amirah Marssy

      Creepy i think it was cute at first.

    66. PuppyFilms

      Sorry to spam but i uploaded my first 3d animated short and i really want to know what people think about it.

    67. Gabriel Silva


    68. Gabriel Silva