CATS - Official Trailer [HD]

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    This Christmas, you will believe. #CatsMovie

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    1. Alexandra Gunisova

      The fact that the live prefirmance in a theater or an opera is considerd one of the best scripts ever and then the movie just fucks it up. I saw the live action and it was good

    2. Monique Schmn

      This had the potential to be something amazing. HOLLYWOOD, JUST LEAVE SH!T ALONE!!!!!!

    3. real madrid

      The real reason the Joker got mad at society.

    4. Cat Canivan

      Interesting article by Scott Mendelson of Forbes ~

    5. Secret

      We need to burn all of its copies and throw the ash into the sun and then we need to blow up the sun with a lazer

    6. Firapu Roki

      History in the making.

    7. G Stone

      I saw this movie and LOVED IT ❗️😁😀😭👍❤️

    8. Wil McGregor

      watch 1981 cast on stage, i not sure what this was

      1. Isa

        Lol fuck grammar

    9. Wil McGregor

      they destroyed as great musical

    10. Danico Tigara

      ok that must like a really bad joke

    11. Lenka Koutnakova

      yes, i agree, this movie is a masterpiece. I have seen the musical - Cats in NY many years ago and was wondering how this movie will be. It had exceeded my expectations. Perfect, the movies is very well done. It was the total pleasure to watch it, not only for the music and the top ballet dancers (wow, wow, wow) but also there were also many funny ideas, exactly how cats can behave. This movie and story was sad and funny, exiting and in general amazing. I will buy the DVD. If someone was going to the cinema and expecting James Bond movie (by the way I love also James Bond) and then saw this musical and did not like it then the problem was not in this movie but in the audience.

      1. Cat Canivan

        @Isa I hope you like it as much as I did. And I totally agree about the haters.

      2. Isa

        @Cat Canivan I haven't seen the movie yet, but I will soon. I think many people are hating because other people hate it... Just like CZ-news Rewind 2019, to be honest I think it wasn't that bad...

      3. Cat Canivan

        Yes! It's great to read posts from people like you who actually saw the whole film and enjoyed it so much. I loved it too.

      4. Cat Canivan

        @Isa Sometimes I think there are professional haters on YT! They love to jump on the dislike band wagon with generally pointless negative comments like "WTF" , "furries ew" , "WHY?" , "disgusting" , "sleep paralysis demons", "horror film" "I'm scared" yada yada yada . Screw the haters. I loved the movie.

      5. Isa

        But why does everybody hate it?

    12. Jennifer Perez

      This is like a cats orgy lmao

    13. Tej Nakrani


    14. I’m A Celebrity

      I love this trailer can’t wait to see it it looks so powerful and emotive!

    15. Ccqwerty


    16. richard seeger

      ewwwwwwww , how did i get here

    17. モロの君麻呂


    18. Kanwar Maan

      This looks like a horror movie to me

    19. Banjo Potato

      Yeah genetically engineered cat girls would be a mistake

    20. Marty Warps

      This movie makes me want to punch my cat in the face.

    21. MarchOf TheLorex

      This would have been better with real cats.

    22. Carly's Characters liverpool

      People being so negative its art...... People are so nasty when they lack imagination

    23. DeathDragon2164


    24. Alexander G

      This is nightmare fuel.

    25. MonstrousGaming

      This is why im scared of the dark

    26. CHILL MOOD

      My honest opinion is that it looks interesting and I really like the idea. To me personally, it does not seem scary or offensivehor purely my opinion. I'm really looking forward to it when I can look at it ❤️ there are a lot of worse movies and this looks pretty good on its own. 👏 ‍♀️ It is focused on more artistic style. Those who are focused in the same direction will probably agree that there are emotional moments and that is rare in today's films. Overall, people do not experience anything and, as everything was commonplace, we do not value much. Purely my opinion

      1. MonstrousGaming

        well your opinion is wrong

    27. Weyma Alves

      Oh marmota kkkkk

    28. Chris Corley

      PACIFIC RIM and KRAMPUS sequels! Wake up Universal Pictures...

    29. The Jedo

      wait this is real?

    30. Crøst Dærgön

      We owe Sonic a big apology.

      1. MonstrousGaming


    31. Crøst Dærgön

      Every memelord : "lol cats is a furry dumpster fire" Me, a furry : "except i hate cats"

    32. Reddit Boss

      James Holmes chose the wrong movie

    33. Multiple X

      This is basically furries rejoicing

    34. BabyJiminie Fluffy

      Why is everyone roasting this movie lol

      1. Carly Grimes

        Cause they lack imagination

    35. kiwi kiwi

      Fake alert : these cats are walking on two feet.. impossible

    36. kiwi kiwi

      *Fake!!* , cats cannot walk on two feets...

    37. kiwi kiwi

      *If these kind of cats existed in real life, then everybody would've been a dog person*

    38. kiwi kiwi

      *I haven't even watched this movie and I'm sure no one really did*

    39. kiwi kiwi

      Hey, I'm here just to insult this movie

      1. Michael Pomales

        kiwi kiwi aren’t we all?

    40. Johnny Lee Ray

      Nasty ugly beasts

    41. pip pa

      Disney: let's make everything super realistic Universal: let's make furries a real thing

    42. mike hunt

      James corden is a fat pussy I hear he's also in cats

    43. It's a Mad World

      this film is so underrated! am i the only one who actually really really enjoyed it?

      1. Cat Canivan

        @BabyJiminie FluffyFrom The Guardian's site: Trustees of the poet’s legacy, welcoming the forthcoming film, say it is no stranger than his Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats... TS Eliot would likely have approved of the “rich strangeness” that has disturbed so many, according to his estate.

      2. Cat Canivan

        I loved it! The choreography, singing, set design and the cats themselves - slightly strange but that just adds to the magic.

      3. BabyJiminie Fluffy

        wtf its weird as hell

    44. clipadas Free Fire

      Como que alguem pensou que um filme desse ia dae certo? WTF '-'

    45. Jayden Brough

      This is why I’m a dog person



    47. Spaghettyy

      It doesn't look that bad...

      1. Toasti Macaroni

        The spaghett meme is dead

    48. Leopold Taylor

      if cats look like this irl, my reaction: 'You smash the entire area, you kill anything that has more than two legs you get me?'

    49. Leopold Taylor

      Disney star wars crew: Yei! Rise of Skywalker beat other movies on the box office! It must mean EP9 is a masterpiece and the salty fans are wrong about us! 'Other Movies':

    50. Jeepman89

      Garbage movie

    51. Tyson67 Tub

      What the he'll were they thinking

    52. Marvin Cumes

      2020? 😣😣😣😥😥😥😥😂😂😂

      1. Toasti Macaroni

        Shut. The. Fuck. Up.

    53. Waffle Demon Overlord

      Everybody gangsta till Idris Elba takes his coat off

    54. Lautaro Castillo

      Uncanny valley

    55. Lukaz Garza

      Dios, la primera vez que vi de esto fue como imagen en un vídeo de creepypasta para ambientar, y creí que era algún edit creepy hecho por alguien con intenciones de dar miedo ._:

    56. Hee Hee

      This is why i hate cats

    57. Reef Key

      first avatar last airbender live action. and now this. how this people are learn nothing

    58. Rainbow Cat YT

      How dare you make cat people scared to be dog people i demand a dog one

    59. Rainbow Cat YT

      I loved cats until now

    60. Authorior

      Come on, James Corden. You literally starred in two terrible movies lmao

    61. GoatMegaMind

      You guys lost a lot of money.

    62. GAMER'S CLUB

      If filthy frank was here this movie wouldn't have seen daylight

    63. -Null -

      I can’t process the fact that this is from the same company that made 1917...

    64. Dreammer

      Better title for this movie: FURRIES

    65. Akitasty


    66. Reydqlous

      This takes people's furry fetish to a whole new level

    67. Date Masamune

      Audience: the animals in Lion King barely have any expressions in them! They all look like boring animals! *Hollywood makes Cats* Audience: WE TAKE IT BACK!!

    68. Ryan James

      Wtf is this shit . Gosh

    69. Hugo Lyall

      I hope this movie will go to hell and burn in f*cking lava

    70. Kim Mik

      It wasn't even that bad. The poor character design just made it look creepy.