CATS - Official Trailer [HD]

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    This Christmas, you will believe. #CatsMovie

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    1. Guts The Berserker

      *Every Day We Stray Further From God's Light* *The Furries ruined Sonic and now this abomination gets made... Degenerates like YOU belong on a cross!*

    2. Maud Mol

      Why and how and who thought of this I-

    3. Stormy Pip

      Kill it with fire

    4. Camila Delaney

      Think i could ever be as amazing as her?

    5. kim guillermo

      The director was high when he planed this movie

    6. Johnathan Ramirez

      My cat felt insulted, how dare you.

    7. S P I C Y W A T E R

      *Great, we have communism there.*

    8. P R I S gacha

      Freaky. ;_;

    9. Camila Delaney

      I need a boyfriend.

    10. Mikasa Ackerman

      People hate this because it is diffrent

    11. Perry the platypus

      Aré they furries? Gamers did not die to have a furry movie

    12. Camila Delaney

      Think I could be as beautiful as the girl?

    13. Dart Monkey

      We forgive you Sonic

    14. WJS Productions

      If there was any movie that could have benefitted from the Lion King reboot´s photorealistic animals....

    15. JoHn SiAn Pi

      what the fuck is this? hahhaa

    16. Tokiidoi VWS

      Jennifer Hudson singing memory is distracting me from the cat human hybrids

    17. Vlad Avram

      Humanoid cats? Jason Derulo? Hell no

    18. Vlad Avram

      This trailer has 109 likes and almost 300k dislikes. Nuff said.

    19. Pratik Kokate

      All those cgi artist I will respect them but the film I think it's really bad idea

    20. Pratik Kokate

      Why this fucked thing happened

    21. Pratik Kokate

      Man that sucks

    22. Camila Delaney

      Think I could be as amazing as her?

    23. Sasir

      that's weird, I thought I've already closed pornhub

    24. 97 S_

      すごい シンプルにすごい

    25. Warisony

      Should we do the thing like what we did with sonic?

    26. Peter

      oh m y god no

    27. Awkward Kitty

      this scares me

    28. samuel not

      coming here from the Sonic trailer!

    29. taytoo RK

      Animation is wrost. However cast is great

    30. Gamingdelight

      Music: :) The rest of the movie: :(

    31. Ibrahim Ali

      Me: Nothing could be more teribale then the sonic trailer Cats: Are you callenging me?

    32. Kennymaster 124

      Im getting oddly terrified by normal cat’s right now....

    33. Vladimir Novitski

      What did you do to Shigechi, you sick bastards?!

    34. Yvvki

      For all of you guys wondering where this came from, i'll leave this.

    35. Camila Delaney


    36. Milas Rogers

      0_0 ummm

    37. Xtraterrest :3

      And we wonder why dogs hate cats....

    38. Captain Stag

      Oh God why

    39. Camila Delaney

      I need a boyfriend. :/

    40. Ainsley Bogel

      didn’t know the earth was ending already but aight

    41. Error Sans Steals Your Life Insurance

      *Wow, the 2019 update of furries is even worse than I had hoped for!* *G R E A T ! ! !* (who legitimately thought this was a good idea tho- like what the hell man)

      1. Yvvki

        It's from a play that has existed for a long time.

    42. orlando wong

      to the 109k who liked this, Why...???

    43. Camila Delaney

      Think I could be as beautiful as her?

    44. Camila Delaney

      I want a boy friend.

    45. Maher & Ibrahim's Avengers

      Person:We want more oringal flims! Sees this Person:Maybe Sequals can do for now.

    46. Z Death

      Honestly Id watch it doesn’t seem bad i don’t get how people be grossed out looks decent

    47. Steven James

      Cats (2019) film of the year

    48. utubemanize

      Jesus christ this triggered my fight or flight response

    49. Injustice Justice

      Im going to now bleach my eyes

    50. Victoria R.

      Apparently, half of people don't know exactly where this movie was inspired from.

    51. Camila Delaney

      Think I could be as amazing as the girl?

    52. Camila Delaney

      Do you think I could ever be as beautiful as the girl?

    53. Bob Vahn

      Furries gonna jerk off to this movie

    54. Anabella Montenegro

      *R* ?

    55. Anabella Montenegro

      is this rated *R*?

    56. Dillon Lange

      I have never seen this many dislikes ever since rewind

    57. Ruben Padilla

      Nigga what the actual fuck

    58. Random Cat

      This movie is making me regret ever having my CZ-news username as Random Cat

    59. The AV Wiz

      Director: I want the CGI to look realistic Animators: (watching Sonic trailer distracted) Yeah....yeah whatever you say.

    60. Elliot Abernathy

      I'm scared

    61. Will Ross

      I don't get the big deal. Its not as bad as everyone is saying. Can you imagine how difficult it is to completely transform a person into a cat?

    62. Camila Delaney

      Think I could be as pretty as the girl?

    63. Pizza Animatez


    64. Master of cats and kittens

      Worst Than Furries

    65. Michael Payano

      I don't even know what to say about these movie when I saw the trailer all I thought was “wtf this shit weird"

    66. games for fun

      This makes sonic design look like it was made by god himself

    67. Camila Delaney


    68. U don need to know my name m8

      Draw with Jazza brought me here.

    69. Cas Ambrose

      I am SO fucking torn man

    70. Ashley Starlight

      Mike Myers did it better.