Can You Fix a Plate With Milk? (Debunking Viral Videos)

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    In today's video we're testing some viral science videos to see if they're true or not.
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    1. Riza Mahistrado

      I saw a video here on youtube it says don't shake the water bottle and put it on a fridge and it worked... 😑😑 It frozed

    2. Parker Bobere

      Queen anns lace works for the flower thing

    3. cantspells

      The thing is, the water one and the plate one both work, it's just you're not doing it correctly.

    4. Great-z-stuff 1

      11:37 it’s a UV light (ultra violet light)

    5. Veljko The Hunter

      Maybe they used frozen grape?

    6. Eros Souza

      The grape was frosen

    7. Milos Dulovic

      You should use distilled water :D

    8. Alexander Squillante



      The grape neded to be frozen !!!

    10. Cloop/BBQ Yuang

      Nobody: Nate: *smacks water bottle with pliers* (the pliers he said would change is the plate would heal or not)

    11. Fotógrafo das estrelas

      Omg I cant believe that you used Nazaré's brazilian meme! 😍😍😂😂😂😂

    12. One Shot

      The king is dead but the kingdom is still alive

    13. Ryden Daniel


    14. Ashton Foust

      You have to freeze the grape. Just like when you take an ice cube and put it into a water bottle when super chilled and it freezes

    15. Reggie Wurz


    16. Ls Trckin

      She sounds so excited

    17. Christopher Finn

      Dry just soaking the plate in epoxy. Much more effective.

    18. Bunho Tan

      I think maybe they just put a light behind the plant

    19. PaintedPhoenix

      Today's episodes on MYTHBUSTERS

    20. Billie Kookies

      U hav to use vineger not spirt

    21. Shashank Desai

      5 minute crafts want to know your location

    22. Alfred Chen

      in the video on the egg, if they managed to get it clear and not buy a toy, they most likely used the refraction in the egg.

    23. i need Subs

      the water bottle does work you just need to put in 430ºc for 2 or 3 hours

    24. BIG JAKE 528

      My mans looking like Jeff Winger

    25. Awesome Opossum Art

      Y'all: Do your research! Also y'all: Doesn't do your research on the plate

    26. Doodle dragons Toucans

      What happens if you microwave slime?

    27. Pato Swag

      I looked at the red clear egg they bought a toy like you guys

    28. Changer101

      They kind of just let the bowl of ice and bottle outside

    29. Vanessa Moore

      why did you buy two packs of skittles for seven red ones

    30. ᅠᅠᅠKeenHaurHo

      The plate thing you forgot to say that the plate magicly turns a little and the tapes magicly also change places

    31. prashant modi

      Mix dry ice in paint

    32. A.J. Carey

      I kinda want to see if the carnations would absorb glowstick goo. Or at least see how that'd look. xP

    33. Harry Jackson

      It didnt set off (the grape thingiee) because the grape isnt frozen

    34. CODJmaster 26

      You should try mixing the dye and the highlighter ink


      Next it will be how to fix the demon you just summoned

    36. EdwardMan

      that should be work on distill water instead

    37. itirican 11


      1. Tran Loc

        I thought they're the same?

    38. Poorlyscroll 161

      Their grape was frozen that’s why it worked

    39. Malaika Gomes

      blossom to them is like troom troom to christine lol

    40. Katie Giles

      If that's your wife that just makes you guys........ ADORABLE!!!!

    41. Noah Thomas

      Would smash

      1. Kawaii Maggie

        Noah Thomas wtf but you can smash the water bottle

    42. Ammar Chikte

      The instant freezing bottle does work,i've done it before

    43. Dwayne Williams

      The grape is supposed to be frozen

    44. Manii

      boom 9:48

    45. SAB Coat Vegeta

      I actually believed the egg 🥚 ome

    46. Wesley Carter

      Smaking the bottle does work you just need to chill it way longer

    47. Random Sims 4 Addict

      The dislikes are probably from people who created these viral videos.

    48. Toro Aguilar

      The freezing water bottle does work but you didnt hit it hard enough and you are supposed to leave in the freezer on its side for 2 hours and 30 minutes

    49. Lil' Ducky X

      9:02 to 9:12 this is big brain time

    50. Cesar Battistini Maziero

      Omg the Nazaré meme! Hi from Brazil

    51. GATCHA Slink610

      Withthe flowers in highliter fluid they put a lighr under the vase causing the flowers to light up from the bottom up

    52. Caza Tsang

      8:23 Grant's done it before

    53. TheBegottenWarrior

      Nate and Callie are great but it just isnt the same.

    54. eleven wheeler

      I did the egg in vinegar thing and it worked but it broke in like 15 minutes

    55. eleven wheeler


    56. chanel may bay vlogs

      muốn đông nước đá trong chai thì phải là nước tinh khiết cơ

    57. Coffey Bich

      8:24 I’ve done that before and it worked it just needs to be in the freezer for 2 hours and then it will probably work x

    58. dogemlemos

      14:07 its cheese *Right?*


      I don’t like her

      1. Summer Bucket Girls

        SOZIN & KILLGR8IIVE? Why not?

    60. Callie Schuelke

      The first one the egg is a squishy look at the bottom it is not a real egg

    61. potuyit

      in the original video you can see the tape is slightly different when they take it out

    62. Spontaneous Miscellaneous

      9:02 me during math

    63. Fear Swag

      They already did the water bottle trick

    64. Ryan Paul

      My Nan uses bad batteries in her garden to turn her flowers blue.

    65. Hacker 77


    66. Grounds_ Up

      for the water into ice you put it in the freezer for an hour

    67. Undead Abyss

      Thumbs up if you got trolled by Calli's alarm

    68. Fabiana Krajina

      It's a boiled egg 😂 not raw egg that's why it's squishy so you did it wrong 😂

    69. Shanna Crain


    70. Merica