Can You Fix a Plate With Milk? (Debunking Viral Videos)

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    In today's video we're testing some viral science videos to see if they're true or not.
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    čas přidán Před 5 měsíci


    1. Alexandra Berber

      Microwave a phone

    2. pokemonmanic3595

      These guys are the mythbusters of the internet :D

    3. g a í a

      lol they got me on the skittles part

    4. Sushi cat


    5. Svetlana Halfon


    6. Remedy

      If you inject dye into a living egg the yolk will color and the chick will be colored

    7. Electricwolf111

      “Did it work? Plate: Now I shall crush your hopes and dreams you fool bwahahahaha

    8. Macey Weintzweig

      What happens if you try to drink super chilled water

    9. Marilou Moquin

      For the waterbodle its 6h not 16 min

    10. I'm A Person

      The water u forgot salt

    11. Julia Benincosa


    12. Sedit T

      I am sure others had likely done it before but I was the first person I knew that did the highlighter with flower thing a few years ago and I posted it to my facebook. It looks so wicked under blacklight man, I wish YT let me post pictures up on here of it.

      1. Sedit T

        PS: You guys must of done it wrong, it is WAYYYYY brighter than that dude. Idk what you did wrong but it's not hard to do.

    13. #1 hunter

      Come on guys... you have to use Canadian Sprite. 🤣🤣

    14. Try Hard

      That yolk looks like a hot Cheeto puff

    15. Loner Yee

      *Peace & Love*

    16. ella smith

      mane if they warmed it it would work because that’s what it said in the video

    17. Mi Amor

      can flex tape actually fold that much weight like for the king of rondom to test it !

    18. Mr Skelly

      19 40.

    19. Dragon_myth28

      I was wondering why my water didn’t freeze and when i smack it it changed in my hand and i was yelling...

    20. Sydney Sharp

      2:00 i saw this toy on amazon

    21. Diegma Star

      Better way just grab an egg and vinegar and let sit for 24 hours and its the toy

    22. Jennifer Hasemann

      The middle of the egg looks like a apple 🍎😃

    23. slime and jana

      The water shed freeze but u have to leve it at 30 min

    24. Zalia Clarke

      They put a light behind the highlighter flowers 💐

    25. ShittymcShit Shit

      No problem with it and you guys me know if we can do that to me for my baby is born with he'll😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😒😒😒😷😷😞

    26. Blalack77

      I discovered the freezing water bottle by accident - I had seen it done with like glass beer bottles but I didn't know plastic would do that. It takes like 30-45 minutes in the freezer. But I'm glad to hear someone talk about it.

    27. Jamie Greene

      So, you can fix bone china. I’ve tried this with multiple pieces and it only works with my actual antique bone china. It actually works very well.

    28. Joey Rader

      Use a bone China plate

    29. Banana Boi

      Nate and Cali should get marred 💍

    30. FMS_Lynx YT

      You did the water experiment wrong

    31. Brethillian

      The flower it when they use a flashlight on the bottom of the cup to shine light at the flower which would explain why it brighter at the bottom then the top.

    32. Crystal Tavares

      A long time ago I tried the water bottle one when you put it in ice with rock Salt but I didn’t do that I did was I put it in a mini fridge and then I put it on the table and then I smacked it with my hands but I didn’t leave it for 12 minutes I just left it in for 30 minutes but it wasn’t really like a mini fridge it was like a mini freezer and I put the rink up to high and that’s how I did it it was like a slushy kind of but it was like a water slushy

    33. Victoria Hunter

      The water bottle one does work but you have to put it in the freezer and leave it for about 25 minutes depending on how cold your freezer is. My dad does it all the time with his diet pepsi

    34. Everywhere with isela

      At 4:50 my second grade teacher had us do that but when it was days and days it got blue but not at the point were it was blue blue, it was still white but with some blue. It looked like if someone put blue food coloring on the white flowers

    35. amazing pugs

      Freese dry ink

    36. BENJY W_YT

      Do the one that's on tik tok with the guy repairing a chair with a hole In it by putting noodles or something like that on it

    37. Kristina Piccolo

      I've done this to fix a crack in a ceramic mug. I had to boil it then let it simmer for like an hour and cool down naturally. It stopped the leak from the crack and I can use my mug again!

    38. Cristina Trejo

      it has to be laying down

    39. Jay Reyes

      5:41 highlighter finger


      The highlighter looks so toxic

    41. Dizzy Cheetah

      That’s five minute crafts. 😂 ****EXPOSED****

    42. Evan Darmetko

      The have made chezz on the plate

    43. savi maraj

      You actually can instantly freeze a water bottle I did that today it worked

    44. Bee Whistler

      The only one I expected to work was the flower one because I know you can tint them if you do it right and use very fresh flowers. Kinda makes me wonder if they can soak up actual phosphorescence.

    45. Alina Hernandez

      Nate: distracted by fidget spinner Me: yeets fidget spinner

    46. Roy Nelson

      Them people beat you two up for debunkig there videos

    47. yadorly718

      I Can A Sure You The Colored Plant Experiment Works We Did It On Kindergarten And 100% Real That It Worked

    48. yadorly718

      There Where 6 Red Skittles

    49. Katelyn Godfrey

      Try to make edible slime

    50. heiyo uwu

      Actually, u guys can make the water in the bottle instantly freeze by shake it, if u froze it in the right temperature and in the right time period, b'cuz it really work

    51. Julio Tzoc

      She’s cute omg 😍😍

    52. Febrian Rhomy Moran Gassholic

      They are doing the DIYs From the 5 minute crafts

    53. Joshua Ciardelli

      Yellow hightlighters look like hey are full of fluorescein, I wonder if that's all they use for yellow ones. The experiment used green I wonder if there's a difference. EDIT: Nevermind, I commented RIGHT before you said you used yellow because it contains more flourescein =)

    54. 7hu.06

      For the water bottle if you kept it in the freezer it would have worked

    55. Meghan Mckenzie

      You guys made cottage cheese.

    56. Laura

      why is everyone saying rip

    57. Andrea North

      Or u can just stick the water bottle in the freezer for about an hour and take it out and then shake it up and then it's gonna be just like a slushie but with just a lil water in it

    58. kourtney hendrix

      the one when they smacked it on the counter that one is real i do it all the time.

    59. Ryan Daoust

      Most of the videos on the Internet are lies

    60. oldoakfarmcrum1

      All the comments are like you guys did this wrong! I agree with most of them!

    61. Dalina Rachel

      I like your vedio than any other youtube videos

    62. Kadence Emily

      roses work to

    63. William Nguyen


    64. Somphoth Siratsamy

      The plate is wet, you think the super glue is going to stick wet?

    65. The squirrley gamer

      Blossom to TKoR is similar to troom troom to simplynailogical (my opinion)

    66. Juliana Edwards

      You should try the water bottle thing multiple times. There is a show on prime video and the guy showed afterword, that he tried MULTIPLE times before getting results. TRY AGAIN PLEASE


      Yall imma about us all theese things to fix my grades😅

    68. Jennah Amer

      U didn’t use salt

    69. Frog9y

      that is why i have trust issues...

    70. Phantom Gaming

      The category is Cars and Vehicles