Can You Feel It? with Selena Gomez

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    Selena Gomez and Jimmy take turns sticking their hands inside boxes filled with mystery objects that they have to identify without looking at them.
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    Can You Feel It? with Selena Gomez

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    1. Bao Kitty

      I’m in love again with Selena 🥰🥰🥰 You’re so pretty ❤️

    2. Азра Эфйза

      Her reaction after she saw the cow brain 😂

    3. asaad hutchinson

      Wonder Woman

    4. S Sal

      .....And the producers were fired......

    5. Yanelis Gonzalez

      God I love her she’s so funny

    6. Zara 95

      She soooo prettyyyyy

    7. GOHAR ALI

      Damn She has Balls 😂😂😂😂😂 Balls?? 😂😂😂😂

    8. Beginner

      What she have said? When it was beep????

    9. 7eorih

      Where can i buy that stuffed doll so cute

    10. Taha x

      Teacher: why you late Me: 2:33

    11. _ Gamer _

      Nice selena niples

    12. Penguin

      *I don't know what the fuck it is*

    13. Reeshesh Sinha

      Actually that was food for some countries... 😂😂 🐛🐛 MEAL worm It's a meal man...

    14. Dipika Mukhia

      Jimmy overacts

    15. Sasmit Arunav

      Be as free as an 🦅 for America n as dove l for me

    16. Sasmit Arunav

      S the jewellery u wear pricks my ❤️ heart,u free ,man or wo free, we r not decorations of any one's home.I am with u in your need without any demand, I have slight internet issues but physical not read.

    17. selenator army

      Selena cute🌺💕

    18. Vava Kutty

      Hair in the shower drain is something discussing 🤢

    19. Americana et al

      Selena they never should have done that to you. This was a great performance and I really appreciated it. You are a good artist. You are too good and deserve everything you get from what you do your self. Thank you for being your self you are a wonderful person I mean that sincerely.

    20. BINO

      She look gorgeous here than any other time

    21. Hanna Ha

      The raw eggs is such a waste of food. That could have been done with less eggs. Sigh.

    22. Spastik

      She makes my dick stand up

    23. Sof.

      I'm sorry, but can we just pay a moment of respect for the band? The songs they played were amazing! It truely made me feel like I was being transported to the old jazz days.🤗 (It also kinda reminded me of Durarara and Cowboy Bebop).

    24. kita umi

      The bitch doesn't know that the g.a.m.e.

    25. New Wisdom

      Now that she got little tummy!!!!

    26. het dixit

      awesome video...but is it necessary to kill one cow for only 20 second of shoot.

    27. Provethio Altum

      Selena is Amazing grown to be a gorgeous woman💙

    28. Errol Anthony Respicio

      I think i just saw her boobs lol

    29. Errol Anthony Respicio

      She's so freakin hot. Daaamnnn.

    30. CrAzY DuDeS

      Can you feel it? With selena gomez

    31. Nunhlui Chhangte

      I come back to see her beautiful face again

    32. Rocy Boy

      selena you are so beautiful and sexy love you😍😍😍

    33. gaurav vyas

      Is that cow brain real

    34. Demi Demon

      When I read the title "Can you feel it- with Selena Gomez" *The thumbnail didn't show up*

    35. Big Beefy Boy

      That guy that scared Jimmy in the beginning 😂

    36. MOHI gaming

      I love saleena

    37. Digambar Bhange

      This reporter looks like amish devgan to me #B&D

    38. Geralt Rivia

      Selena has nice loose tittie's.....I Wana make her nyt long tho

    39. Charles Garcia

      she looks like catriona on thumbnail😍

    40. Jason Lira

      Wow, cows do not have large brains.

    41. World Of Dogs and Ekakshara Sharma

      From where did they bring cows brain

    42. Perteena Weah

      Surprise bts with Selena gomez pls

    43. rushab chalke

      She looks wife material now🤩👌

    44. Rimon Das

      This man is a murderer. He literally murdered so many chicks.

    45. Спасибо


    46. fantastic gamer

      Selena you're a cute pink Barbie doll!

    47. Sefanja Panka

      They could’ve use 1 egg you know

    48. Taqdees Fatima

      She literally looks 18....this is crazy 😍😍😍😘

    49. Hairlovers H

      Animals as objects : Wow. Good job! You obv help planet. I know that’s a game but I can’t find “funny” in this and NO, there’s nothing wrong in me. Open your mind world! If you don’t believe that animals has a soul, and if you want to think only with an utilitarian Philosophy just to understand what this “game” and other thing are harmful, you can think : how much pollution farms produce.

    50. Tommy Alipoyo

      0:03 omoshiroi 😏🌝

    51. PolarLily

      thats a waste of eggs

    52. Mayank Joshi

      My childhood crush. 😘😍

    53. Priyanka Tiwari

      She is so sporty

    54. Obi Hatake

      She look different :v

    55. D.R Pandey

      R u all not like humans u r all demons 🤬🤬😡

    56. Autumn Lovers

      Disgusting! Killing an animal is sin.

    57. venkatesh s

      She's is very cute😍

    58. Jade felizzz

      She ain't afraid of anything at the same time looks very adorable

    59. Oswaldo Castro

      Estas mas flaca pero si te doy

    60. Mateusz Diamonds


    61. Joy Hermann

      Why does she talk likes 30 but looks likes shes 12

    62. Akshat Sharma

      Salle pagal c

    63. Maria M

      Sel, you SLAYY!! 🔥❤️

    64. Maria M

      I Love her a lot ❤️ and I'm so happy for her

    65. banana girl

      that dress is so cute she looks so adorable

    66. Ermy R

      Thank you, Selena, for recognizing how incredibly sad and disturbing it was to have a cow's brain on the show. Not okay.

    67. Zahra Qaisar

      How Selena is soo calm while doing it😣😣😣???

    68. kat kat

      subscribed the channel after seeing selena 🥰🥰

    69. Raghav Somani

      Selena Gomez always will have crush on ya

    70. Soffiya

      Mozak od krave, pa jebao vas dan kako sam došla ovde uopšte