Can I Still Pass my Old Test Papers?

Wilbur Soot

Wilbur Soot

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    I take my old exam and test papers from school and see if I can still pass them today, almost a two decades later

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    1. jo momma


    2. Elizabeth Scott

      if u took this test in 2003 babes you'd be nearly 30 and i dont think you are haha

    3. Plant Egg

      “Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell”

    4. Peachmiracles

      Bruh why are European people so smart, I know for a fact wouldn't have known this shit at 16.

    5. Icebound

      the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell

    6. BoopDroop


    7. Anime Oni

      Kids are gonna watch this and ace all their tests

    8. naomi parkes

      A level biology is much harder now

    9. Grace Wood

      gcse revision right here 😔🤙

    10. SaffreBlue

      Wilbur is older than me, but he looks younger than me. Then again, I'm 20, and everyone thinks I look 14-16.

    11. The Golden Mushrooms

      Wait Wilbur u “came out” in college

    12. Jack Contini

      canada tests are like 10x harder than that

    13. Vernon Douglas


    14. 2018 Honda Civic Si

      18:42 it’s unzipped by the helicase, I’m learning this in 9th grade honors biology

    15. Bruce Wanker, The Incredible Sulk

      I would fail hard at the last two tests, i deleted everything from middle school and onwards from my brain.

    16. Penelope R.

      Me: Huh, what’s secondary school. I have preschool, elementary school, middle school, high school, and college/university

    17. Lvrgrl 2

      dude i’m going to sussex downs

    18. Izaak Zordan-Jack

      I am currentLy 11 and for the first test I was doing that at age 7

    19. Bubble Guy

      "Can I still Pass my Old Test Papers?" That sentence is incorrect, because you didn't pass any test any tests when you we're younger. (:

    20. Wisecrack34

      7:26 *Cries in french*

    21. Ian Granado

      As an American, i’m completing lost on what Wilbur is saying

    22. Caleb Almeida

      4:30 6:10

    23. Charlotte Stevenson

      No one: Wilbur: appaRAHtus

    24. Person 753

      What's an "e" in the US

    25. A boy in a Hoodie Hoodie


    26. Grace Nelson

      excuse me, I love ROUNDERS

    27. benny worm

      the fact that he called helmets "helms" makes me v e r y uncomfortable

    28. Mia Young

      I recognise some of the questions from when I’ve been revising 😂😬

    29. Autumn Atkinson

      In elementary school, I had E (highest, exceeding standards) M (average,) P (Practice,) N (not meeting standards)

    30. Unamite

      Goddammit, I’m still in bed, but now i have to get up, get showered, and changed, just to get a snack because I could never refuse the request of my lord and saviour Wilbur Soot

    31. Eeshan Joshi

      U guys used to get equation sheet?

    32. Nhi Phuong

      I'm a biology student and I guess I have to even lower my expectations for you Will

    33. Jay

      From the first exam to the second,shit went from 0 to 100 real fast

    34. Kamen Springer

      American schools test for an 11 year old are WAYYYYY harder than this jeez

    35. Lewis M

      i did combined science and got a U

    36. Eden KNILL

      i literally just failed my biology exam i feel u

    37. Tortia Time

      Only 40,000 more likes to go We must know

    38. Francis Bitter

      Next time, give your amazing co-host Benedict a god damn microphone!

    39. Manie

      Wilbur: “I did well in my a levels” Also Wilbur: “in rounders you run to the post and back” Dumb Wilbur 😂

    40. Adam Zugone

      8:54 Wilbur is there something you're not telling us

    41. Tyro

      I’m pretty much in love with Benedict

    42. WPH Ltd

      Time traveling kid/teenager/other (sees this video) *:0*

    43. Complete Puzzled

      You’re not even doing English GCSE... Not even the four papers Not even maths calc and maths none calc and biology and physics and the other four compulsory GCSEs

    44. Bradley B

      I’m watching this for entertainment instead of studying for a uni exam in the morning, and it’s almost midnight. Fucking hell

    45. RedLynx107


    46. Dinahi

      "vive la resistance" *soviet anthem plays* what since when has france gone communist

    47. Eboc Info

      Wilbur you should change your profile pic to a laughing or happy picture of you without purple-blue background affects. I don't know why but when I first saw it it just made me not want to watch your content. Now you are one of my favorite youtubers and I think you should. PS This is just an opinion, don't take it personally and you don't HAVE to, I'm just putting it out there :)

    48. Pēteris Zvirgzdiņš

      that elementary school test is so easy

    49. CosmicSpaghet

      9:41 Inbetweeners is a definite pog

    50. cosmic howell

      still thinking about the fact that he said “2008 was only 5 years ago”

    51. Artic WolfGamer

      Well im fuck for my gcse's

    52. Nightmare Lord15

      In first grade here our tests were about animal habitats and global worming

    53. Adlersturz is gaming

      Lol what we germans didn't do such stuff lol

    54. Axel Bergström

      I smoke everyday :(

    55. TicTac

      When you’re GCSE’s are next year and you don’t even get this past paper

    56. Mady Daby

      Lol I remember doing these papers for revision

    57. João Moura

      8:54 "I only came out in college" 🤔

    58. Dopper goller

      *no boomer*

    59. BriarX Aldc


    60. Clara

      Hey I just realized we have the same birthday! I know no one cares but I just think it's cool!

    61. Will F

      me: a first year biology student *it is clearly the cristae* will: an adult *ermm villi*

    62. Temmie Does Singing

      You know that feeling when your American

    63. tommy

      thanks for reminding me i have to sit these papers in a few months and im not studying!! yeehaw!!!!

    64. Ohnoitsrebecca

      im doing my GCSEs next year, i wish i could have this paper

    65. Professor Mason

      Wilbur is baby he couldn't have gone to college

    66. Thotimusprime Official

      When jack said “let me sleep.” I felt that

    67. Thotimusprime Official

      1:30 GCSE examiners will kill you on sight

    68. Kia Pöytäkivi

      Please do the math one so I, as a person who's 1st language isn't English, can understand something too

    69. Dumb Jay

      22:27 me to my poor life choices

    70. Dumb Jay

      16:43 "So how's life going? Meeting anyone lately?" Me: