Can 6 Psychics Predict The Fake Psychic?



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    1. Jubilee

      Hey Goodhumans! For the first time, we asked our IG followers to guess who the mole was, and we were blown away by how many of you voted! We love it when you guys get involved, so be sure to follow us on Instagram to take part in the future! See you there!

      1. XxD4RkvKrYptOxX

        The prize should at least be $1000, 100 is a small amount.

      2. Ihab Almasri

        All moles vs one not mole

      3. Trevor Klein

        It is 7 not 6.

      4. Raves Kryizx

        Sabine SPILLER ju

      5. Top Clasè

        WTF is the point of this when they can all talk regular and find out whos the physic instead of lying through the game

    2. Manuelito Pascal

      Soo basically all of them are liars?

    3. Jesse Quintana

      Way to much delusional in one video I head started hurting

    4. Jireh Ramirez

      Yo Richard was just on Ghost Adventures. No wonder I was like where have I seen him before 😂

    5. MarsManiac

      Lol they're all liars xD

    6. Luke Fenske

      “ I felt it, I felt it.” Then why is she still in there?!?

    7. Dana CMP2L

      dylan.... peter pettigrew.... peter pettigrew..... dylan.....

    8. Logicolo

      I know Richard from Ghost Adventure

    9. Sappige Vis

      They won from the start

    10. theoneandonlybosable

      No but they’re all liars

    11. Jaliyah Smith

      I feel like psychics all dress the same.

    12. Kristen Maala

      No one: Everybody: “I knew the mole was still here. I knew it. I felt it.” yeah right.

    13. Damaris Valdez

      But are they Vegan tho???

    14. just a translator

      Dylan looks a bit like that guy from Harry Potter who can turn into a rat

    15. CrunchyNoodles

      Me: not understanding any of this Also me: hmmm...interesting

    16. Josh Borgen

      Aka no one was a psychic

    17. Fabiola Tolentino

      Wow I feel like this is the most wholesome one of this series 😂🥳

    18. irob rf

      Lol they should have already known before they walked in the room ... 🤣 more like hippies who need more attention. Oh my gosh I’m a star child 😅

    19. Nommix

      her reason for not being psychic Same girl We watching up dont worry

    20. Linking360

      "Didn't see that coming, eh?"

    21. Lilli Johnson

      You should do one that is 6 adults vs 1 secret minor. I definitely look a lot older than I actually am so I think I could pass as 18 ;) ;)

    22. Kiana Boltz

      Nobody: Not a single person: Literally not a single soul ever: Erin: that’s not vegan

    23. knarf0219

      they’re psychic just mind read them tf

    24. Joe R.

      Always the same respone, the mole steps forward and everyone else, "I knew it the whole time"

    25. Midnight Blue

      Shantell is like Erin's cousin

    26. Momo

      They're all the odd one out since psychics dont exist

    27. Filip Kranjac

      Yo I guessed it right off the bat just through intuition. I feel like a psychic right now.

    28. Kłōvęr Ćhåñ

      Breanna was just so ugh she was so angry you could so tell

    29. Introverted Extrovert

      Guy in the mustache looks like mumbo jumbo

    30. z0ax

      They are actual dumbasses the whole time she just repeated what everyone else said right after they said it.

    31. Ayanna bruce

      i don’t believe in this 😂 man said a freezer spell 😂 so this video is hilarious

    32. Henry Jackson

      This is not what we meant when we said we wanted an episode where everyone was lying through their teeth

    33. norah c

      LMAOO "i'm from jupiter"

    34. Colton Brooks

      Osjd: osbshsn dvuwic pabdh Pishkdh: obshxobsu jsvxx Sc o hdn Osjd:😂

    35. nothing

      There is always one person who is like : I knEw iT I knEw iT

    36. Mo

      Female, 20's, brown eyes, dark hair...what a fantastically accurate prediction and totally not the most common features in the world...

    37. MANA🎶

      six frauds and one truther

    38. lici 981

      Why are all those psychic women hot...

    39. Deadby22

      This proves that they are all fakes

    40. JiggaJay sksk

      Well...I wanna learn to be psychic now

    41. Fkingcasual

      What is a psychic ?

    42. Miranda Gillmere

      How could they find the one person who is not a psychic when everyone has intuition. The only thing that makes a person “psychic” is that they work to strengthen their intuition.

    43. Roseline Cioran

      Write every Possibility down (black/white man/woman and describe hair). Whoever’s the mole: pick the right pic and pretend to be whatsoever

    44. Mik

      2 000 000+ people saw this video so can some person from USA call cops on that mustache guy ...he has somebody chained in the basement and the only uncertainty is how many and are they dead or alive

    45. Selina Zhu

      "I'm a psychic" Erin: That's not vegan

    46. Haley Joos

      In my psych class we learned that you cannot prove psychics are real because it never been proven in an experiment

    47. Ilaria Leonelli

      Everyone at the end of the video “I knew it” : sure, we all saw. When you’re a psychic but u can’t find the mole.

    48. The Evil Genius

      8:18 says the guy who looks like the villain of a black & white movie...

    49. Xander_cali _boy


    50. michelle t. feng

      shantell kind of looks and talks like lana del rey

    51. Xander_cali _boy

      Guy: Wears Suit and has a mustach and has an accent Me:it can not be him I bet at the end hes gonna lose the accent

    52. Norsha

      This was nice

    53. Nicholas Flach

      Shantell said she had made a description of the mole, and the description clearly pointed to Paris. But through the entire game, she never voted for Paris. It's just hilarious

    54. Franz Liszt

      So it's basically just three themes? 1st part, 2nd part, 2nd part again, 3rd part, 2nd part, 3rd part with a different ending, then 1st part?

    55. Emmi wa I N Talang

      Richard has that Freddy Mercury vibe in him

    56. suicidedoll

      Lady in teal floral shirt: "I'm also part Lana del Rey" lol Jk she has her vibe when she speaks

    57. Brinanna

      The only 2 ppl beside the mole said that they thought the mole was still there tho

    58. Ndèye Fatou Cissé

      One of those guys looks like Ronald Wesley rat transformed into human, I forgot the name sorry

    59. Bluestar

      “I knew it.” Well, then why the f*ck didn’t you vote for her? XD

    60. Priscilla M

      And people don't think God exist...mmmmh....

    61. Big slapper

      plot twist they’re all the moles because psychics aren’t real

    62. bl998

      mentally ill.

    63. Neha Patel

      The mole was the one piggy backing off of answers. It became apparent pretty fast lol


      *All of ain't no psychics but psychos.* - Anonymous 2019

    65. Aleks Požar

      does it just seem but are all the men here gay?

      1. Aleks Požar

        @Elysian Sounds it doesn't but it just seems funny ✌️👬

      2. Elysian Sounds

        Even if they are, why does it matter?

    66. aKa Chrispy

      They are psychics... shouldn’t they already know?

    67. Dream trx

      If they were psychic then they would instantly know

    68. Ray_Hyuga

      “I felt it” Sure u did buddy

    69. slowmotiontrainwreck

      psychics can not even tell who's lying.

    70. Bopity Boo

      People think bones and dark things because it’s dark