Can 50,000 Magnets Catch A Cannon Ball?



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    1. Obvi Chloe

      ‘Don’t let Morgz Copy your city’ 🤣🤣😭😭😭

    2. Howdy

      when does the giveaway end?

    3. C A N D Y

      3:18 that made me want to go bald

    4. TRAVEN

      Please can I have that cannon to get revenge

    5. Gamer Hold

      Pls I subscribed

    6. Juan jemuel Yu

      RIP. Watermelon

    7. anubis

      dirty mr beast

    8. Ahmed Elgammal

      Use chandler next Jk chandlers my favourite

    9. Cs V

      When did mr beast becomes “slow mo guys”

    10. Emily_WasHere2 :3

      I’m going to stop questioning where they buy this

    11. Dewayne Carroll

      I need a game cyst to play on please

    12. Da meme Boss is awesome maverick

      Can a bare 50 cal stop a canon ball??

    13. Celeste Dragon

      I missed the giveaway

    14. My life doing everything Murcia

      Give me nintendo

    15. American_Super_Saiyan 88

      I’ve had it downloaded since it came out😎

    16. JJs in your House

      Mrbeast or morgz

    17. Colton Ness

      Who saw yeet on the cannon

    18. Kids Sheffield

      I did that and got in Gail

    19. Johnny Medina

      4:40 ohhhhhhhh morgz

    20. Susie Callister

      "chandlers left a dent and yours didn-" best youtube vid ending ever

    21. PAPYRUS

      You know how you put that hat on that watermelon? So I put a hat on this watermelon I called watermelon cowboy... he got sliced and diced and served

    22. akash gamer

      Error is coming i can t go on the link please help my

    23. Samantha Henry

      You’re truly amazing. You give hope to this world 💙

    24. Lily Brown

      Chandler throwin shadeee

    25. Dub Simmons


    26. Jonathan Zonneveld

      Coca cola is Nicer than pepsi

    27. Kirk Wright

      I thought they said lords mobile is gay

    28. Fall Out! At The Disco

      4:49 Morgz finally got called out

    29. adobo trash

      help the amazon

    30. Jocelyn's animation's

      WWIII *Everyone uses BULLET PROOF glass*

    31. Lee Wilkey

      I downloaded Lords Mobile and I think that its the best game and my favourite game

    32. ironman360 durr

      I did all the steps for the giveaway

    33. Crystal Schneemann

      The cannon guy at 8:35 tho 😂😂😂😂😂

    34. giancarlo alba

      I sub and liked

    35. duck man

      Yea why didn’t Blackbeard have bullet proof glass, r6 is just so unrealistic🤨

    36. Maverick Lampano

      Mr. Beast do you need a PA or secretary? Haha

    37. Destin_ Soep

      I downlowd it

    38. Gaming moto X

      I dounloed it

    39. Melissa Krueger

      Does anyone else wonder where he gets all this stuff?

    40. Jekisi Martines

      Also rise of kingdoms

    41. Romulus Hill

      They are gonna roll up to area 52 with the god damn cannons and get clapped by a bomber from the us air force

    42. Killer Wolf

      Can we borrow those magnets and legos for the raid of Area 51? they would help

    43. Say My Name

      1:51 k i need that shirt

    44. Super Mario Aiden #SMA

      Can i win pls

    45. Silent One

      8:37 ... viking... what did you just say..?

    46. Irisa

      Your in ohio come and see me!

    47. YOURか TRASH

      2:13 If he says its a bird its a bird.

    48. sucker•for•spidey

      Me: Nice jeep! Mr: IMMA BLOW IT UP

    49. Mason J

      Wait can you play lords mobile in the washroom

    50. I am dingo

      “This is the best sponsorship” Me: The is the best CZ-newsr.

    51. LOOP - o

      Can a cannonball stop me beasts subz

    52. i6_ z

      Launch a grenade.

    53. Andy Perez

      Mr beast sits down morgz Wright that down

    54. Gavin Ballard

      Sorry but you need to be more family friendly


      If your cannon isn’t working... shoot it with a cannon

    56. Kiera Dux

      It wouldn’t work for me 🥺😭😑

    57. Edric Morales

      3:37 That is a lot but... i already have both of them.

    58. i m

      Hi hi

    59. Aaron Pretty

      Yes chandler don’t let morgz copy that cuz he copy’s everything jimmy posts

    60. TheLegendaryJet

      Can morgz catch a cannonball

    61. ACTIONXULTIMATE-gameplay and more

      Mr beast I'm your 23rd millionth subscriber! :)

    62. kid savage

      23 mill subs

    63. Max Langley

      Key set error

    64. Naaitty

      Why would you try to blow up a car...

    65. Anime Fan

      When they giving the PS4... almost a month

    66. Alelepona alelepona

      I hoped you cleaned the plastic away from the ground

    67. Brandon Steffek

      There is a chick on facebook claiming to be you and scamming people. Im still messaging her. Its pretty funny.

    68. OhMrJax

      One day I downloaded Lords Mobile I woke up and it was still downloading.

    69. Patrick Sidener

    70. Sweaty

      0:47 should be demonetized, why is he even touching the ***