Camila Cabello - Shameless

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    "Shameless" single available at:
    Director: Henry Scholfield
    Find Camila Here:
    Twitter: @camila_cabello
    IG: @camila_cabello
    Facebook: @97camilacabello
    #camila #shameless #romance
    (C) 2019 Simco Ltd. under exclusive license to Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

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    1. James Oswald

      The greatest most absolute perfectly beautiful ultimately talented goddess angel of a young lady in every way possible

    2. Ly Gatsan

      Lestooo...ya iniciada iluminatti

    3. Dresk C

      I really love this song 😍🔥🔥

    4. Johane Stlouis

      "A shameless senorita is crying in the club because of the consequences for all the bad things she did in Havana.Cause she was really into it now she got question."

    5. Idan 101

      Camila is a slut suck dick bon jovi is the best band in the world fuck you 🌍🖕🌍

    6. Arnika Smitherrnjrtu

      Camila I love you music videos and eat some with my mom to she wants a little way amazing videos do you have she left hurt your music videos Havana oh Nana and so I live version of this song

    7. jendeukie girl

      Omg I can't stop listening

    8. kamilly Farias

      Viciada nessa música aaah ❤

    9. Farncella Gonzales


    10. Pericles Sá


    11. Pericles Sá


    12. Alejandro Santos

      good work, you are a wonderwoman, i love U...

    13. Adin Wright

      I also need this song live stat

    14. Carol Minholi

      rumo aos 40 milhões em menos de um mês, lenda.

    15. Saasaa’s

      i’m in a mood that I actually can’t stop listening to every songs of Camilla Cabello. They all r amazing n the lyrics 2, n her voice. amazing.

    16. Valentina Donado


    17. Valentina Donado


    18. Valentina Donado


    19. Valentina Donado


    20. pizza hamburguesa

      Simplemente un Diosa

    21. 100k subscribers challenge with 8 videos

      I love this song

    22. farruqh shahab

      Camilla Cabello: great dancer, singer, and actor Everyone else: nothing compared to HER

    23. Flora Porciuncula

      Algum br aqui?????

    24. Nai’s Television

      I absolutely love this song❤️

    25. Christina ruise

      This is like nameless, he has the red screen and it says, “ nameless” but it’s shameless

    26. Diana Velázquez

      Me encanta la canción 😍😘 no puedo dejar de escucharla 😘❤✨

    27. Rubi Rosette


    28. Dark Violet

      Shawn mendes joined the CHAT

    29. Antonella Kener

      Gente que habla español?

    30. Jhonatan Santos


    31. Sara of Isla

      *this new era is gonna be iconic, i'm so excited* 😍 i made a cover of this song, pls help ya girl out and give it a listen if you have some time

    32. May Flora

      Go watch Roadtrip's cover of this! Their vocals are incredible

    33. Æntønįœ Čærløs

      Quase 90% dos comentários em inglês aqui, sou BR mais entendo inglês tbm pelo menos.. Alguém BR aqui?? '-'

    34. Jireh Nieto


    35. Alba Jiménez

      The boy is Shawn?

    36. Fatima Sheikh

      This song is on repeat ... just loving it

    37. madisonremy

      This album is going to be awesome I cannot wait

    38. Alex Tran

      On September 5th it was my lil sis birthday! You made a song for her! Thank you! lol

    39. Josh Pl

      what a stupid video for a beautiful song, justin timberlake needs to comeback and show the industry how its done

    40. Saul Florentino

      Brasiiiiiiiiiil aquiii 🇧🇷♥️

    41. Mai

      Anybody here watched I Medici? The music is quite similar right?

    42. hahabass

      I'm old, but follow my daughter's musical choices. This looks a bit Billie Eilish influenced without the scary shit, mixed with her Latin roots. Nice though.

    43. Abinaya Nanthakumar

      Who’s here before :) watching the Liar music video?

    44. Inconnus et Inaperçus

      Here because of Roadtrip❤

    45. Keniks Fos


    46. Sofia Galanis


    47. -,` d e b a k s u n.

      y los comentarios en español aah.

    48. Leah Roo 2002

      Don't speak.........I love you CAMILA

    49. Zülal Uzunay

      Sesi harika değilmi yaa❤❤💕

    50. glowing up


    51. J JVN

      Concept is exactly like PDK-SAKA's music video

    52. Genevieve Rolston

      Wow 😀

    53. Małgorzata T

      Well, that song is quite good 😉

    54. Ryan Pirali

      I lile it but i hate the devil

    55. lagtab hamza

      That's Great ❤ I love all The Fan on this Great Video 🍁

    56. Ban King

      Shameless? Or in stitches cause of the pain. stop feeling it, its worse than feeling yourself.

    57. isabella_gacha life

      OMG!! Me encanto camila te deseo mucho exito saludos desde Venezuela

    58. Angela Degro

      You are the best singer ever I love you so much I wish i could see you

    59. Gaming with A

      If u find my comment Subscribe me please..nothing but a small youtuber..I just have a dream to get 1k subs..please guys

    60. Kanami Schmidt

      20 likes and I’m gonna do a cover of this 😂 oh man hahahah ✨

      1. Kanami Schmidt

        Ella Von Blottnitz yaay haha

      2. Ella Von Blottnitz

        I'd love to see that!

    61. Nicolás Fenty

      Good song.

    62. Mislav Bjeliš

      People who think this is about her sexuality are completly missing the point.Priest girl looks like Camila and her face look like she is in shame.It feels like symbolism of confessing to her old self feelings she was hiding for someone. Real Camila is acting shamless in that chapel while the priest is in shame.

    63. • suicedevils •

      Her hair flips literally slapped me-

      1. Ella Von Blottnitz

        Literally same

    64. Sophia

      We need a full video/version of the dancing part... I mEaN rIgHt NoW!

      1. Ella Von Blottnitz

        Omg yes!

    65. felix erik

      stranger things

    66. felix erik

      the dark knight

    67. felix erik

      broken city

    68. felix erik

      Shameless tv show

    69. XxVideo _DudexX

      why is every one of her music vid so sexualised??

      1. Ne llie

        I thought you were being serious for a minute-

      2. Ella Von Blottnitz

        What part of this video is sexualised?

    70. Vivian Pham

      Camila can sing, dance, and act! She's the BO$$ & Queen!