Camila Cabello - My Oh My (Live on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon) ft. DaBaby

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    1. rimaas beby

      The two girls has body goals no hate for camila

    2. Lauren

      Lmao DaBaby sung his verse and bounced

    3. Georgi Dimitrov

      Shawn come get your girl

    4. pop y vintage Cultura

      Camila en el top 10 de la mujer mas sexy 😍🏆

    5. I’m A Celebrity

      Being Shawn Mendes’ girlfriend has made her sooooooo confident!!

    6. bish Inc

      I love her voice

    7. jessiann francisco

      horrible vocals

    8. BE3K

      This was absolutely amazing. The outfits. The vocals. Honestly.. whoever choreographed this needs a fucking award.

    9. Graziella Lippmann Hoy

      I love you Camila Cabello and My oh My!!!!

    10. Aqib Yasin

      Sorry Camila I'm not a hater but you need to work that crack in your voice

    11. _428 _4949

      ,,I swear on my life that I've been a good girl‘‘ - Nah you was not *racist*

    12. {Emely }


    13. Anna Krolla

      Who else is watching this for the 7th time

    14. Azie Musgrave

      Everyone is saying slutty high school fantasy but I’m over here like eck.

    15. cherrysha

      Those laugh at first give me goosebumps 😐

    16. Svx o

      god help you.

    17. brandon cope

      This is probably gnna be her best song ever lol she makes great music but this is just fire lol and the my oh my in the back round just sounds perfect for this song

    18. Layla Jones

      um she sounds amazing with autotune, but here she was sh** at the start im sorry

    19. youssef ymy

      DaBaby touches Camilas hairShawn: Wait that’s illegal

    20. nadeen abusubaih

      this gone too far 2:19

    21. Larah Souzah

      Everybody: Those outfits are fire!!! Me: What--

    22. Larah Souzah

      Melaine Martinez is you????????? OMG HAHAHAHHAHA

    23. PUDIM 888

      O mamamammamamammamaaaaeeeee maaaaeeee pega a toalha pra mim ?

    24. Nice_To_Meet_You _I'm_Trash

      Lets talk about how did Shawn feel waching this-

    25. Sarah Jackson

      Hi Camila I love your songs I’m seeing you for my birthday 🎁 well done and da baby

    26. Valentinu ;-;


    27. sister stories

      Godd godd

    28. MeganØØF 2005

      MY OH MYYY

    29. Cris & cats


    30. R Baz

      Am I the only one who finds the "my oh my" parts annoying 😩

    31. Faith Gordon


    32. Gihi Kyrt

      This performanse is firee

    33. Hanane Sabik

      Camila Cabello fake

    34. Mariam Hassan

      2:30 SHE KILLED THAT RUN!!

    35. Mariam Hassan

      Am I the only one who is curious about (in the beginning) what they were talking about?

    36. Só Euzinha

      Her voice without effect is too diferent ,_,

      1. Luis Eduardo Chagas

        @Só Euzinha eu vi várias pessoas nos comentários falando que ela está cantando mal nesse vídeo, mas eu achei que ela cantou igualzinho ao áudio original

      2. Só Euzinha

        @Luis Eduardo Chagas Olha, outro brasileiro :0 E sim, eu sei que é linda, mas é diferente ._.)

      3. Luis Eduardo Chagas

        É tão linda quanto

    37. Galbadrakh Dugarsuren

      Her voice is kinda.....errrrrr......u know what i mean

    38. Luiz Alves

      she so wooooooooooooooooooooonderful we r so proud nd happy for ur new hit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    39. Nikole OMG

      Руские тут?

    40. illuminati comunista

      02:32 parece quando acaba o papel higiênico no banheiro

    41. Emmanuel Villafana


    42. PastelQ XD

      Not to be rude but like this dont sound that good

    43. Mohd Syahrin Amri Mohd Noh

      The skirt was to short

      1. shaikh ashfa

        You're mentality is shorter than the skirt LMAO

    44. Xxgacha catxX

      Yooo I love that outfit

    45. Bharat Arora

      Hot hot hot 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    46. Rafael Saddul

      I just wanted to know. Real version:comment Nightcore:like

    47. Cocholatito Channel

      Dios Camila sin autotune

    48. feeling under pressure

      This performance was perfect!!!! The flawless singing, the outfits, the dancing, the expressions, the rapping, literally everything!! Camilla nailed this one, she also looked like she enjoyed doing this performance and I'm just 🥺💞💓

    49. feeling under pressure

      I am so curious about this song! This sounds exactly like something Ariana Grande would sing, was this originally made by Ariana? Did a writer originally make this for Ariana but she turned it down? Was this pure coincidence? Ugh I am very interested in this though it's not important at all :|

    50. arianator 1


    51. Starz Universe

      AhH I hear the autotune in the og song now

    52. Wonder Studios

      Is nobody gonna talk about her voice In this!? No offense Camilla but those voice cracks- (please don’t hate on me this is just my opinion and I am just shocked ).

    53. Brazil Family

      The screen in the back, *my oh my* it hurt my eyes near end ;-;

    54. Adriana Torres

      What about shan manedeS

    55. Elliet bessies

      I like This

    56. Ava Matheson

      I prefer this version over the recorded track

    57. Joel Gacosta

      Their outfits remind me of that woman wore green and sang dont lose your head from SIX THE MUSICAL

    58. Gacha Alara

      Sesi şarkıda daha güzeldi yaniii

    59. Bulldog Alan

      The fact that almost 8k people have disliked this video is crazy

    60. Alondra Milagros Garcia Soto

      Su voz se escucha msuy diferente sin autotun y eso hace que ya no me guste esta canción

    61. 銀河galaxy

      Anne boleyn

    62. Dave Henry

      Is she fake?

    63. Dave Henry

      Sorry Camila but your voice sucks even though I love ya :)

    64. jennyfer agustin

      I am addicted to this performance. she is talented🧡💛

    65. Elizabeth Mok


    66. Elizabeth Mok

      I really want those varsity jackets now

    67. Pringles Can

      Flash warning 2:21 - 2:39

    68. Grace Martin

      I’m soooooo hyped for the tour

    69. Sakura Saga Barredo

      Her hair though, 👌 it's so perfect.

    70. Julia Silva