Camila Cabello - My Oh My (Audio) ft. DaBaby

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    1. Alek Maj Erjavec

      "A little bit older" "A black leather jacket" "A bad reputation" "Insatiable habits" its obviously Shaggy from Scooby Doo

    2. Alia Chouali

      Is m'y préfère music exlent

    3. Somniumluna

      Anyone from Bite My Tongue Episode??

    4. LaNasia's World

      Imagine if Shawn Mendes rapped up here 😭😂

    5. Tasos 10

      Na take it malakes

    6. Tasos 10

      Na parte ta malakes

    7. radin noorazar

      when you got a fantastic present at christmas:MY OH MY

    8. S P

      TIK TOK hahahahh

    9. mimi park

      I thought you and Shawn menders were a thing 😕🙄🤔😳❤️

    10. İlayda Binici

      Better than Senorita

    11. Hai.


    12. Kelly S.

      This song is 🔥

    13. Willy Purrum

      I love the song, I love it, I love the voice that has cami💜💞😍😍😍😍

    14. XxAlissaxX Msp

      oMg this was posted on my bday! 6 December💖 love this song

    15. daniela venegas

      Hermosa canción 🇨🇱

    16. maddison princess


    17. chief maya

      Not gonna lie This song is better than Senorita

    18. •Cutie Foxy•

      *MY OH MY* ~

    19. Eliana Zanini

      Y Love you

    20. Hillenth™

      Sorry DaBaby, not that you sing bad or anything however, i belive that Camila's voice should be the only voice in her songs.

    21. Nadá Frihi

      C'è da notare lo sfondo...😂😂😂😅😅😅

    22. Fleur di jasmin

      Hi Camila...I love you so much My name is Joel from Syria ❤

    23. Quoc Nguyen

      Better than havana, I think so

    24. Caleb Craig

      Why is her description of him the typical teenager stereotype lol

    25. خالد ӃΞᄏᄆᄃᄉᄅ

      ووووو امبصبل 😹🖐

    26. Räv Smith, Ameki

      Feels like a Hallowe'en song

    27. Milo Ø


    28. Thomas Schultz

      So much better than senorita it really is :D


      This girl is just the best....

    30. Isadora Matias


    31. abi.

      "A little bit older, a black leather jacket... a bad reputation, insatiable habits" This screams Dallas Winston.

    32. athena

      Comentario 11mil😂😱

    33. jack

      #Stream 💖

    34. Madu Brito

      this song reminds me of Charli d a Melio

    35. Ittsuky

      Produced by Tierra Sur- Llaman a la puerta

    36. Alice Patel


    37. nitaforreal

      Backstreets back baby

    38. Sam Roof

      This song makes me feel like its Halloween for some reason

    39. Paul Guevara


    40. Isadora Matias


    41. Cristian lucian

      All from Tik Tok :)

    42. Вероника Мышь

      I'm from Likee( Я русская писать нифига не умею на английском😅🤣)

    43. Macondo Gamboa

      This is a sample of a Peruvian reggae song from the early 90's "Tierra Sur - Llaman a la puerta (Knock on the door)". It's about annoying evangelists XD

    44. Tayler Julyan

      Who else loves Camila Cabello

    45. Hmmosf150 Hmmosf150

      Its very very very very very very good and good

    46. brawl stars

      The best time is 00:50 i swear of my life that I have been a good girl ho is with me

    47. Jessica Emery

      I'm getting Major Damon Salvatore vibes

    48. Kajtek Kamiński


    49. Virág Horváth

      OMG😍🥺❤ MY FAVORITE SONG😍😍😍😍❤❤❤🥰🥰🥰

    50. Bad_ Night

      Godd song!

    51. Sara Sharma Here


    52. Mundo do Eduardo vida loka

      Quem venho por causa do app tik tok dá um like

    53. moriah dadon

      Tik tok ruins the songs I would have like this song before everyone used it in their tik tok

    54. Angel Castro 123

      so no ones gonna talk about dababy’s fire ass verse?

    55. Thảo Sin

      the song so lovely☺️

    56. Shogun_TITANPro YT

      People who see the other video in live : Good ass :3 Me when i see the video : Why do women like to show their parts so much?

    57. UlicaSezamkowaPL

      "A little bit older, a leather jacket"... That's Fonzi!

    58. Lena Breuer

      Da feiert wohl jemand Damon Salvador

    59. 또 와 핑겠어용 있니

      Dam that’s hot 🥵

    60. Sabrina Lima


    61. Sabrina Lima

      *B R* 💖te amo negah solta logo esse clipe


      This is gonna be a big thing if it comes with a music video

    63. Luna BF

      No saben d elo que me acabo de enterar!!!!, busquen la canción "Llaman a la puerta".... spoiler :Camila se copiooooo 😮😮😮😮😮

    64. Cristhian Diego Carrasco Melgarejo

      Se copió de llaman a la puerta

    65. Kaylene

      okay but the intro of the song goes hard

    66. Praveen Thampi

      Any മല്ലൂസ്?

    67. سلمان مشيخي

      inTik tok

    68. 10000 subscribers with no content challenge lol

      Producer: how many "my oh mys" Camila: Yes