Céline Dion Carpool Karaoke

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    James Corden heads to Las Vegas for a Carpool Karaoke made for CBS primetime and calls on Céline Dion to help him get through town. In addition to singing her classics, Céline proves she has a song for any moment, James teaches Céline "Baby Shark" and the two give away pairs of Céline's precious shoes. And stay for a Titanic-sized end to their afternoon together.

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    1. bilsamils

      2:27 IM DYING AHAHAHAHA😂 😂 😂

    2. Ros Dg


    3. Niki Plamenova

      Celine Dion is the best 😍🤗🤗

    4. BLOKWear Urban Collectioms

      Waoo} cuanto talento en una sola persona.. CELINE DION.. amazin

    5. granitecounter


    6. David Bowman


    7. Sarka Farka


    8. momo zye

      2:07 🤣🤣🤣2:29

    9. gbettina

      I absolutely adore her, but I'm a little worried about her kilos! She seemed very slim to me, while her skin color didn't emit health! My humble impression!

    10. Maverick Sonis

      Pls do little mix

    11. Maverick Sonis


    12. Jules B

      Very talented and funny but, as an observation, for her own health, she seriously needs to gain some weight.

    13. Лилия Хабипова

      love her voice

    14. Yoanita Bria

      Amazing ❤

    15. Greg Robinson


    16. MisVideosABA

      Awesome and so funny

    17. Nichole Marie

      Please do a bon jovi car pool karokee

    18. Cathelijne de Ferrante

      Hi we NEED a little mix carpool karaoke thank u❤️

    19. JayrieMark Obar

      I scream,laugh, & cry haha celine ❤️❤️❤️

    20. Mary Lorraine Lao

      Love her so much 😍

    21. Alwi Husin Assegaf Musician

      love her new song at 10:40 , but i dont know what it is "You can't take this from me can't you see our work is laid down and I can hear you while you speak your poison pitty words can't hurt me now I will take it lying down"

    22. Steve Westberg

      How did this ugly, screeching, skinny ass creature get HERE? She looks like a crank addict! Notice how healthy James looks? I’m seeing The Wicked Witch Of The West, but not green. 🤮🤮🤮🤮

      1. Garrett Hollander

        You pour soul go find help

    23. Shierly Sai

      She is the best!

    24. satrio saputra

      Love u celine God bless you 😍🙏

    25. momo mico

      I don't know but why im crying when titanic scen.maybe I fell so old right know 😂

    26. susi susanti

      I like it, 😂😂😘😘❤❤

    27. redbaron1001

      Céline Dion is the real cure for cancer. Love it!

    28. F Paul

      Celine Dion's version of Baby Shark is my favourite version of that song!

    29. Antonia MC Chan

      What is the song name of 10:42?? Really nice!!!!!

    30. Extra Woven


    31. Sia Saeed

      Shes so funny i thought that shes gona be serious

    32. Les Marie


    33. Jessie Eleena


    34. aries erwin Seibt

      OMG Celine you're Georges 😍

    35. Prince Jadeito

      Please! Please ! Invite Jessie J!!!

    36. Michael Brown

      Super funny. James quit drowning out the best voice in the world.

    37. Larena Abdon

      I died at the titanic scene 😂 13:15 guy casually just walks while filming

    38. kako kamil

      I love this women so MUCH😘😘

    39. Tommy Jarmi

      ohhh that voice, LEGEND

    40. John Rickles

      "I'm Normal, I'm completely normal, nothing wrong with me just normal".- Carl iii CZ-news Star

    41. Phước Thái

      Oh my God. She is amazing

    42. roxy MM

      OMg...ok..I'm so happy watching 👆👆👆 while waiting my daughter at school....I can't stop laughing like 🤣🤣🤣🤣 then I forgot that I'm in a public place 🤣✋🤣🤣🤭🤭🤭

    43. clevelandcbi

      Had their "ship" started sinking, I would have cracked up.

    44. Sherlock 23

      When she's talking about her shoes collection. Me and James literally had the same reaction

    45. James Erbas

      HAHAHHAHA omg so funny. Love you

    46. Carmela

      I Love 💟

    47. May Santos

      I love Celine 💗

    48. Gamer Malas

      The Legendary song 😍 ,,,my heart will go on

    49. Gamer Malas

      Celine dion 😍😍

    50. Marked E. Snow

      Lol Who knew Celine Dion had a sense of humor. 👌👌👌🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯👍👍👍 Laughed the whole time XD

    51. Suzanne Walker

      She's such a good laugh. :)

    52. Leila

      I'm a proud Canadian right now ... So freaking funny. One of our national treasures.. Much Love Celine

    53. Kelly Pagano

      I love the WTF looks on the crowd’s faces. Lol

    54. Lantanana

      this makes me want to buy a Celine Dion CD

    55. Blak Emoji

      OMG, she is hilarious!

    56. Sky Neve

      Who came on here from the new nadine coyle video fool for love on here

    57. Keithlyn Osorio

      10:41 song???

    58. Meyling Cruz

      chido su cotorreo!

    59. Suketibangkit

      kalo dilihat lihat celline dion d sini kayak si saiful jamil, dewi persik aja wkwkkwk lawan bicara ngomong kata langsung nyanyi, ngomong nyanyi wkwkkwkwk

    60. naekiko moon

      That reenactment is EPIC !

    61. Ananya Mehta

      She does craqué, doesn’t she?

    62. Elvis Van

      13:13 this couple was like… *"Wtf is at this shit for?"* 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    63. Bethânia Souza

      Melhor entrevista ❤️✨

    64. N N

      she looks so different now with all the plastic surgery

    65. Gerald

      It's amazing to see how huge Celine Dion has become in the US ! For us europeans (40+), at least in France, she is still in our hearts this friendly young girl next door with an amazingly powerful voice who won the Eurovision 1988 ! cz-news.net/online/video-8pEYw8PcBas.html

    66. Elvis Van

      _🌥️6AM Jun 19 2019~_

    67. Viki

      Best carpool karaoke ever.

    68. Lucía Cienfuegos

      I came expecting something good but man i didn't expected this! She is amaizing, hilarous, talented, everything oh my gosh!!!

    69. Annabel Nwokolo


    70. MyGigabites

      Celine is too adorable for words! The voice is soul searing! The Titanic song with the Bellagio waterfalls was sheer genius and Cordon deserves an Emmy!!!

    71. Leticia Nkatha

      The best ever

    72. Hưng Ngô

      I'm crayzy with this show. So funny!!!

    73. Danielle Wilson

      This is absolutely brilliant. Who knew celine was so funny. I love how when James sings they all look at him like wtf. He hits all the notes love him

    74. Sontey Shen

      10:40 Please tell me who performs the song? Т_Т

    75. Sherelle Burrows

      Yesssss finally. What a legend a can still sing.

    76. Ken Quinn

      The lady is a star. Absolutely brilliant.

    77. ThePeaceMaker

      Now this is my favorite one yet. Love you Celine 💖❤💕

    78. Paula Bruzon MakeUp


    79. Jessie Eleena

      whats the time of the kiss everyones talking about?

      1. Myia Fitz

        Jessie Eleena 3:48

    80. Nen Lan

      After 30 days close to 17M views 😍😍😍 Celine is amazing!!! ❤❤❤❤

    81. Hacker 101

      I just saw celine dion and james corden giving out shoes

    82. craig joyce

      What’s the new song called ?

    83. Nikodemus Tarigan

      Give me kiss , OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙀

    84. ocean digaoto

      Who cried with me at the end...😢😊

    85. Woah Sieng

      WTF! i didn’t expect for Celine Dion to be this damn funny! 😂🤣

    86. Frandy Zeus

      Celine dion baby shark..lol.. i like it

    87. Vorachote Prapaisuwun

      I like her #Celine Dion

    88. 랄라룰루

      어머 ㅠ 정말 많이 나이드셨다 ㅠㅠ 그래도 너무 기품있고 장난도 치시고 ^^ 타이타닉때가 엊그제 같은데 벌써 20년?이 다 되어가나 ㅜㅠ 진짜 오래 노래 해 주셨으면 ❤️❤️❤️

    89. Leisan Galeeva

      Funny granny😂😂😂

    90. Marcus Smith

      I just became a Celine fan

    91. 따드드다끼쟁

      Love you really

    92. Paul Booker


    93. Skot Matthews

      ...or must be so nice to have so much money

    94. Dapur Fithry

      Waw, Celine You Are The Star 💫 🌟

    95. Angela Horvath

      Omg that time when they kiss omg that was I wow😲😲💜💜

    96. Jainaba Sanyang

      perfection is an understatement mind blowingggggg......

    97. Uthe Azra

      awesome from indonesia🇮🇩

    98. Kevin Kilgore

      Her ring tho

    99. mynameisroman

      I',m wondering if James can get all 5 spice girls to carpool... :-D

    100. Gilly PP.

      Good one !