By the way, Can You Survive SCP Containment Breach | FINAL Ending



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    The final ending of SCP Foundation Containment Breach. What will Hosuh, Stephen, Jo, Jay and Daniel do to survive? The final episode of SCP Foundation will explore different scp monsters and see exactly what they do.
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    1. TreyTrey22

      TheVolgun really helped me out here

    2. Nemesis 087

      Why the blood is rainbow it's so cool I hope I have that blood😂😂😂

    3. Swift Umbra

      Just going to point this out scp 99 (the orange slim) could have just turned the creature's friendly, or an I missing something?

    4. The gaming Bunny

      If you want dan to stop tryin to kill the group pwess this 👇 *or you know...dont and then feel bad* Read more

    5. Jacob Torres

      Steven your pants wat happensd

    6. hey jay


    7. Zyla Ash

      I want an orange slime.....

    8. Vortex Cultist

      1:07 the MMM hosuh 5;16 bitch slap

    9. Cringe Guy


    10. Cringe Guy

      1:14 Hmmmm hosuh...

    11. XxAnimeForLifexX


    12. yewroot the leafwing

      Hosuh: but they don't have any eyes.... Daniel: they smell them. Me: ah yes, because camouflaged clothing makes it so no one can smell you.

    13. sapphire smiles


    14. Potato King

      At least the pets were safe

    15. Starry_Night XX

      Did nobody hear Hosuh say "Steven; your pants." Or am I crazy?

    16. Tuxedo Bird

      This was before the reupload and I forgot the comment but here goes nothing. By the way can you survive Stephan and jay

    17. Tuxedo Bird

      Mmmmm. Hosuh .

    18. Lisa X

      congrats stephen you just created the ship hosuh x stephen. XD check this out man!! XD

    19. Daisy Cringe

      7:11 listen to hosuh carefully

    20. Celine Krewson

      Why not call me d

    21. Mr Omega

      That ending fucking sucked

    22. Deku Midoriya

      Did no one notice that when they got euphoria hosuh said something like,"stephen your" pants or hands me I honestly can't tell

    23. Gozy The clown

      Scp 999 is. Nice because it’s the opposite of 666 if it was scp 666 it will kill you but is named scp 999 so your ok

    24. Phillip Phillip

      La moLdia que le dieron

    25. 지마DV Nation

      Daniel: just said they have no eyes. Also daniel: being a badonkadonk and says they see the pets. Hosuh: “how can they see if they have no eyes?” Everyone(even in the comments) except Daniel and Hosuh: “NOOOOOAISOOSWOSO”

    26. GalaxyTubeStudios

      *” M M M M H O S U H “*

    27. gamer citta

      Wait whats the SCP in 4:06

    28. ii abby ii

      1:15 im saving this for later..

    29. Shelby Shafer

      Yes I can

    30. Kuroma K

      Who else has watched this like 10 times

    31. uvavoladoraable

      Joe: exists Me:hehe Brain:don’t do it Me: JOE MAMA

    32. Zion Lee

      6:51 look at the ladys hand

      1. Zion Lee

        @Cat Chan yes

      2. Cat Chan


    33. Lo Ki

      At least Stephen saved the pets

    34. Chloe Alvarez


    35. Crystal Osmond

      Not to be rode but is hosa gay

    36. Lubens Pierre

      Steven did the right thing I think everyone would lose a life

    37. Psychotic Tobias

      Stephen: mmmm Hosuh.... i- mEAn WhAt- *gay panic* Me: *inhales* y e s

    38. Mr.Yeeterson Yeet

      Who else saw the granny in the lake doing the “👌🏻” sign?

    39. Zack The Savage

      No SCP or anything else is cuter than his shiny googly eyes and his animated mouth CHANGE MY MİND!

    40. Itsmemetime DUH

      I smell threesome~ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (Jay X Joshi X Stephan)

    41. life as Luigi and sponge bob

      The barn has a monster

    42. Puffin Fratercula

      Stephen x Hosuh confirmed

    43. Ben Hur

      I love how they are all actual SCPs like I knew Ferdinand and the vending machine and the paper music sheet and all that before the videos

    44. Itchy_ Loser

      Since they have three lives they where basically scps all along...

    45. Mr Demon

      Stephen you done this to yourself but you will be in a gay ship

    46. Michelle Cruz

      6:51. Look at the lady's hands

    47. Grace Milligan

      6:51 the old lady’s hand 😂

    48. David Vasquez-Nieto

      (\_/) ( •~•) ( v v ) reeeeeeee

    49. di wang

      3:20 I want pee

    50. Big Memes

      1:14 *fanfiction writers have entered the chat.*

    51. Jim Jimery

      Please help out the SCP wiki. They have had some legal issues and a Russian guy is trying to take ownership of the group. Any amount donated is 1 step closer to keeping the fandom alive. So please, donate and help the creators keep what's theirs.

    52. Gary peh Yong Heng

      Are you guy an scp? Have 3 live and too stupid and kinda dumb what scp are they be?

    53. Jack Bright

      If you ask for cup of god you explode

    54. •|Cadaver|• X V I I

      Hosuh little word of advise Stay away from Stephen and Jay

    55. lonely bag

      we not gonna talk about how they didn't draw SCP-049 as a plague doctor?

    56. Dávid Duong

      Look at the old woman's hand in 6:50 👌

    57. Linda Schleicher

      Am i the only one who ships Stephen and hosuh ❤️❤️😍😍❗❓

    58. bluuBoyyz

      Yo I seriously LOVE the orange slime!!! Ajdjdjsijdbe where can I get one?!! 😍😆😊❤❤

    59. bluuBoyyz

      "Do you require me to bitch slap sir Daniel sir?" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂omg I CANNNT this is the funniest shit ive ever seen😂

    60. Albert Chil


    61. Owen the banana

      9:10 hosuh wondering how did the creatures see scp 999 when they didnt have eyes

    62. Azami Gacha

      1:15 👀

    63. Mihai Tun

      I smell threesome...(Jay x Houshu x Stephen)

    64. Gaby777

      Daniel why u hate the SCP pets??? they are cute ya know?!? (YOU KNOW THAT THEY'LL HATE YOU IF YOU TRY TO GET RID OF THEM)

    65. Qabri

      *I will sacrifice my life for slimey boi and the pets*

    66. Laser475

      Can we have a part 2

    67. Beanboy 88


    68. Fine Resurfacing


    69. Lady Nightshade

      Me: ::a collage student with full time job:: I need a 999 in my life >~

    70. ill go home

      random question but- BY THE WAY CAN YOU SURVIVE portal (the game lmao)😂😂🤣🤣