Matt BUYING EVERYTHING Rebecca Touches Blindfolded! **NO BUDGET 24 Hour Challenge**

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    After Rebecca tries I LOST MY MEMORY PRANK On Husband Matt! (Secret Revealed while Missing for 24 Hours) it is now time to try to win her back. Matt and Rebecca try the buying everything my wife touches but with no budget. Last time we went to the 99 cent store and tried to get her a new car but the RZ twin showed up. Now we start at Goodwill however Rebecca thinks its Forever 21. Matt learns he needs to do a DIY revenge prank to get her back. Next they go to her favorite clothing store and get a huge haul of clothes but a mysterious person is behind them. Finally they go to best buy and someone drops a note while shopping. Could it be the same person or his twin? The last store is a porsche car dealership. Before Matt and Rebecca Zamolo go in the same mysterious guy has a secret meeting and gives them a love potion. They decide to go back and see whats inside. Rebecca mixes it with the roses and it creates a sleeping cloud. What happens next? Do you think it was the game master?
    Thanks for watching my PG entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2019!
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    Rebecca Zamolo - I LOST MY MEMORY PRANK On Husband Matt! (Secret Revealed while Missing for 24 Hours)
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    The Labrant Fam - Hidden Camera Catches Everleigh Making Secret Tik Toks While Babysitting Posie
    Rosanna Pansino - Whats In My HUGE Kitchen???
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    1. Matt and Rebecca

      What did the other half of the note say? Make sure to watch Rebecca's video all the way through and figure out what this note means. Daniel is watching!

      1. Sherry Turner


      2. Jonathon Phillips

        Matt and Rebecca Gml

      3. Ellie Tetzel

        Matt and Rebecca I love your vidioes send me some murch

      4. Dalyanis Delgado

        Matt tuc you to Best Buy

      5. Sherien Abuahmada

        Can you put that on the flowers there is poison thousands of one of the game I

    2. Maribel Oviedo

      maybe he is a gmi agent

    3. Maribel Oviedo

      i saw him drop it

    4. Maribel Oviedo

      that was funny when she was kn the curtain 😂

    5. Tavis Verma

      Don’t forget

    6. Jamie Minter


    7. mariah yunus

      The guy who drop the not it was Agent S ,he just wear a disguised to get some information like what is Mi2 or m2 something like that. Like if u agree

    8. Cool Sisters

      The gmi

    9. Esmat Qatari

      that man was agent s

    10. Dad Family

      That is that Matt is being worried. About the shopping for Rebbeca what she's t touch that you have to buy it.

    11. Izak Zambra

      Every like means 1000 dollars they spent 👇🏻 👇🏻

    12. Starr Megill


    13. Starr Megill

      That was agents

    14. Kemiesha Eutsey-Naylor

      Della ages it's it would the agent X

    15. Idk Nice

      no thats agent s

    16. Jizzell Betancourt

      It’s agent S from GMAC with the blonde hair in the hat

    17. Rachel Shaffer

      It will make them hypnotized... like this

    18. Jahaira Ibarra

      That is something else that the GMI gave you

    19. Mary Hutton


    20. Harleigh Walters

      Agent was that one don't use the love potion it's going to make you fall asleep like this

      1. Harleigh Walters

        I meant like this comment 😂

    21. Dominic Liong

      That stranger is gmi

    22. Erik Palma

      It is bet buy

    23. Heather Corrigan

      Rebecca watch out The guy who gave you the Love potion is working for GMI

    24. Player Alex


    25. Kathy Pham

      Also agent.s was up stairs watching you guys like if you saw 🔽

    26. toCuteFatiou period

      The person who gave you the love pioision is a agnet

    27. Dayra Serrano

      That person was in the agent r

    28. Kathy Pham

      The guy is agent s from the gmi

      1. Kathy Pham

        Also the guy who dropped the pink note is the same guy that had the love drink and the guy is agent.s

    29. Aiden Garnetto

      Blond hair is gmi agent

    30. Melinda Burns

      Agent. S

    31. Gia Vega

      That was agent S

    32. Maria Gonzalez

      I think it was the gmi

    33. Kelly Ti

      That is agent S he’s undercover he’s was the one who dropped a note in Best Buy

    34. Sukhdev Udhian


    35. Harry Steele

      He is a GMI person

    36. Mariah GuevaraVelez

      That guy is a GMI agent

    37. Zoe Rousseau

      No it is Gmi

    38. Zoe Rousseau

      it is Best BUY

    39. TED GANG


    40. Emi Fazo

      That guy that he gave you the love potion was agent s

    41. dragglock edna

      Rebeca,i saw gmi agent going in the red car behind you,Eliska

    42. fathima sajid

      The person who gave The love potion is agent s

    43. ryan goeke


    44. Dwi Daniel


    45. Rebecca Salamito

      The guy who dropped the note is the same guy who gave you the love poction

    46. Rajaa Pisani

      No dont trust him

    47. Shaina Emra

      The person who walked up to you was a GMI agent

    48. Danielle Pellow

      That man is agent s don't trust him!!

    49. Esperanza Bueno

      That is one of the gmi agents don’t use it

    50. Mina Bet

      Agent s is following you

    51. Lucas Givens

      The purse

    52. Maytong Chang


    53. Kitten World

      The purse

    54. alicja scott

      The person that gave you the posouin looks like one of gmi agents

    55. alicja scott


    56. alicja scott

      I ♥️❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖 EVRYTHING REBECA BOUT

    57. Kenia Loera

      matt was Liga he didn't want you get an expensive item 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯😨😨😨😞😞😞

    58. hav Ahah

      The guy with blond hair was AgentS

    59. Florecia Pacheco

      16:07 Think that it's agent S again up the stairs

    60. Sammie Hurtado

      That’s agent s

    61. Florecia Pacheco

      12:07 look beside rebbeca not were Matt is the other side look by the cars

    62. Florecia Pacheco

      That is agent S

    63. Marely Lorenzo

      At is a gmi

    64. Lilah Lopez

      thats ajent s

    65. Destroyer Of Worlds Gaming

      is that the san Antonio best buy at the rim?

    66. Nevaeh Miller


    67. Nevaeh Miller

      The fur one

    68. Nevaeh Miller


    69. Nevaeh Miller

      The pillows🏪

    70. Cara Senior

      Yes That brought you to Best Buy