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Dolan Twins

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    We (Grayson) built a house in one day and after that we lived inside of it for a full 24 hours...
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    1. Madeline Burke

      Does Grayson have painted toenails????

    2. Jenny Estrada


    3. Jenny Estrada


    4. Lisa Ownbread

      This is just me with a couple of friends building a house in minecraft. XD

    5. Courtney 12404

      If CZ-news suddenly doesn’t work for the twins anymore at least Gray will have a backup plan..... Douchebag & Co. Seriously though i could see Gray as an architect or a construction worker.

    6. hebe richards

      Ngl this would be a pretty good living space for a festival

    7. chickalata a game

      Ethan is like that one annoying kid at the sleepover who stays up allllll night and then has a go at everyone else Coz they woke him up

    8. Emilia Modrusan

      Drake and Josh vibes??

    9. Jannaleigh Martin

      Engr.Grayson Dolan so hottt

    10. Florida Peers

      Rent in California: 2,500$ beachside villa. Two bed, half bath, quarter kitchen, utilities not included. Amenities: well... there aren't any. Hehe y'all renting or what?

    11. William Incitti

      Imagine James charles was there

    12. J&D’s Journeys

      When Ethan told Grayson to stand there and pick up the tools up he looked like he could be in a magazine 🤤❤

    13. Madison Jewel

      The fact Grayson actually got stuck inside the house like Drake and Josh sent me😂😂

    14. Madison Roman

      26:17 *Grayson frog leaps into grass lets take a look at the leap shall we?*

    15. ally

      so smart to have a gas burning stove in a house made completely out of WOOD

    16. Samantha

      make it into a vsco sleepover

    17. Emma Stephenson

      i wonder how expensive that paper towel Door Handle was

    18. madison rymarcsuk

      They should have gotten a fan

    19. I love your vids you should make a 24 hour challenge in a tree hose

    20. Slim Shawty

      Ethan: addresses the fact that there will be no plumbing Also Ethan: buys a toilet and calls it luxurious

    21. Bevin Phipps

      why does ethan looks so mad ????

    22. Payton Whorton

      Ethan: just give me a nice bed so I can sleep all day that’s my mood I got home from school and fell asleep and just woke up it’s 3 4y am

    23. Phoebe Connor

      Gray: -Gets wood and necessary things- E: “wE nEeD a DoOrMaT”

    24. Bethany Lidford

      Am I the only one laughing about the shape of Grayson’s sunburn 😂

    25. Dash_Niko

      If you live in the States, watch out because tax exists

    26. GOT7&BTS 4life

      when gray got stuck inside the house why did I think of that one episode of drake and josh where they got stuck in the tree house 😭

    27. Brianna Tahhan

      Grayson and eathen look so cute

    28. xninjagirlx23 _

      26:18 killed me

    29. yellow t0e

      9:33 - 9:40 fan girls losing their shit

    30. A Grumpy Twin

      What does Ethan do in this world? Lol

    31. Beatrice Reilly

      Drake and joshhhhh

    32. faithdanielle

      okay wait what happened to no dairy lol

    33. Nathaniel Tonnessen

      27:36 notice how their shadows are overlapping the windows...what does this mean?...

    34. Peas And Corn

      You guys should have painted it...

    35. Nathaniel Tonnessen

      17:45 oh and btw that plant is fake af

    36. Nathaniel Tonnessen

      11:38 bassai

    37. Ruby Clark

      The door and I pop skskskskskskskkskskskskskskssksksksksksksksksks

    38. Naya Grahn

      The description lol "We (Grayson) built a house in one day and after that we lived in it for 24 hours..."

    39. Lauren Marquez

      Property brothers are *shook*

    40. Obliviate

      Everytime the Twins starts drawing or whatever art, expect Ethan to draw a d*ck hahahaha

    41. Obliviate

      My admiration for them just multiplied by a thousand, not its not like that already but seriously this is awesome of them to build that

    42. Victory Okosun

      *Why does this new countdown to advertisement thing give me anxiety?*

    43. Toughkittycake 123

      “ maybe just a roof that goes on the house”- Ethan

    44. Ollie Polly

      Wow a few of my brain cells just died

    45. Emily vaca

      TuRn IT InTo A vScO hAnGoUt

    46. Emily vaca

      Omg guys I found a comment that said "homless ppl shook"

    47. tianna thomas

      lol this reminds me of that tree house episode on drake and josh.

    48. anyae parks

      grayson is such a dad i love him omfg the tOOL BELT

    49. Kitana Sotomayor

      The fact that Ethan just bought a 200$ toilet for a 24 hour challenge makes Be feel poor

    50. Sophie Mahoney

      26:13 - 50, 49, fortysev-

    51. Emma Grieger

      I feel like there the property brothers,Ethan decorates and Grayson builds lol😂

    52. Dark Ness

      They should make a tree house

    53. MimiKiwiLiwi ;D


    54. Liz and lush Gacha

      Okie okie is it rong to ship twin brothers or..oh yea it’s rong oh I’m okie I’m going to go on to hell now

      1. ipurpleyou gogo

        it is not okay. Don't do that.

      2. Loren Leshone


    55. Justin Mahar

      I Love your guys Channel

    56. Madi Hite

      10:58 I’m dyinggggg

    57. Lovelylita

      Lmao Ethan is so Annoyed of him already💀💀

    58. Thompson 2k

      Who is recording

      1. ipurpleyou gogo

        Their friend

    59. Paiton Tv

      49!!! 47!!!

    60. Yazz Lol

      19:50-20:00 YES, ACTUALLY DO IT!!! And make a series of it, like 20 episodes of you guys actually building a real house 👀👍🏼

    61. Yazz Lol

      12:46 I’m dying

    62. Soccer Skillz

      They copied Ryan Trahan

      1. ipurpleyou gogo

        lol dude on youtube every youtuber copies each other,no one is original so your Ryan Trahan also

    63. Kierstanalexandria Smith

      Grayson with no shirt James Charles has entered the chat Ethan with no shirt Emma chamberlen has entered the chat

    64. The Derpy Dino

      Can yall please make some more of these types of vids! I love them!!

    65. Gracy DJ

      Wow I was watching this and they said “ it’s 5pm” and I looked at my clock and it was perfectly 5pm

    66. alyssa arce

      Grayson : does the bare minimum Ethan : ???¿¿?

    67. saaqirah saaqirah

      Grayson is like a designer 👨‍🎨👏🏻 and also I feel bad for Ethan for cutting himself deep 😢

    68. Kayoni Danner

      I realized there toes were painted

    69. Alexis McAdams

      Drake and josh vibes