Dolan Twins

Dolan Twins

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    We (Grayson) built a house in one day and after that we lived inside of it for a full 24 hours...
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    1. Crystal Garcia

      GOOD JOB GUYS!!!!!!! 🤧 Y'all are fancy as FOOK 😝😝😝😝 keep doing sick videos that shows you guys bein studs!!!!!!!

    2. Jenny Weird

      We can build a family together Grayson 💦 💦

    3. Suck my Crested geckos big toe

      Should Grayson be a house builder simply read or like for yes or comment!

    4. La Vie Sur La Côte

      Is so great to see u being like kids with lots of money and liberty, but i hope u do some eco-friendly sustainable as possible something with all that wood and plastic.

    5. Peter Fink

      Ethan was annoying af this whole video

    6. Lili Triandafilos


    7. Bailey Angus

      The house is amazing for only a days work

    8. siahlachelle

      and now they really have a tiny home but on wheels 😭😭💕

    9. Sophia Ketchum

      Oof this is like uhm GREAT

    10. karen Gillingham

      You too would be great building shelters for the homeless

    11. JP

      when they say they wanna build a tiny home and 4 months later they acc make a mobile tiny home

    12. Nur Yasmeen Izzati Mohammad Reffel

      omg 21:12 Grayson painted his nails lol

    13. Camys Place

      “50, 49, 47....” hmmmmmmmm?

    14. Elizabeth Woodward

      No one Absolutely no one "This would make a good door handle! I think it's a toilet paper holder, but it would make a good door handle"

    15. Karen Smith

      Can you do this agian with a new house. Show that your bulding has improved.

    16. Parker Forbus

      I wonder what happened too the makeshift house after

    17. Carolyn SUMMERS

      Lol the drawings😂😂😂

    18. valerie

      [11:58] But you even made a _List Of Lux_ E, so that’s kinda hypocrite lol

    19. XxHoney_Fox15xX

      This is my second video ever watching them and they already got me dying 😂😂

    20. xxtrispriorxx

      It kinda looks like shreks house and I love it

    21. Eldin Mamanovic

      Well duh........

    22. The G.O.A.T

      25:13 lmfao

    23. enclave

      Very berry disrespectful lil b*****

    24. karlee rooks

      grayson- where'd all of the blueberrys go? ethan- i needed a midnight snack 😂

    25. Charly Cabrera

      Y’all are a bunch of city slickers and babies

    26. Posey Palmer

      grayson’s shorts kill me 😫😂

    27. Lucy Pockman

      Ethans like I am so tired (did barely anything Grayson actually did everything

    28. Shailyn Echevarria

      Hmm I wonder which is worse for the trees, them building this house or them using a notebook

      1. KB 13

        Shailyn Echevarria are you being Serious

    29. Coco Plays

      Grayson: makes a house Ethan: gets a toilet that does not work ( no offense)

    30. He He

      Gotta be honest douchebag grayson is hot af

    31. Miriam Fernandez

      who is the older twin grayson or ethan

      1. KB 13

        Miriam Fernandez Ethan

    32. Tessa Bourgoin

      “Warm toes,means luxury.” Ethan Dolan 2019

    33. Mophheqd Baby

      Gray can cook clean and build?! Ah whoever he marries will be lucky af period

    34. Katelyn Person []

      Them: *doing this video* Mr. Heang update: hold my natural reacources

    35. Bon3 Productions

      Honestly if y'all need new music, can you check out my soundcloud?: Bon3 Productions. I make sad hiphop. -much love

    36. Gacha Sprinkles

      At 23:10 you could see Ethan’s toe painted white

      1. KB 13

        Gacha Sprinkles Grays look purple

    37. Sara Feeny

      Do they even save their builds?

    38. Just Millie

      Are you actually loving out of the house aha

    39. papas pie

      Is it just me or is Grayson's face more red than Ethan's

    40. blueberry book original

      Yo gurt

    41. jaylyn daws

      when he flew out of the house into the grass i LOST IT

    42. Hannah Boyer

      90% of this video is them building the house hahah

    43. Aviva Sings Out

      Impressive! If ya'll wanna build one of these with me let me know - they are super magical xoxoxo

    44. I wish I could make slime Slime

      "We get it we know your a f*cking scientist can we just go buy stuff already? " ~Ethan

    45. Amber Spade

      I’m watching videos I missed and I’m having such a good time😂

    46. Kaitlynn

      I know this sounds kinda rude but, which twin do you guys thing is hotter? I think Grayson!

    47. malia blitz

      10:59 is that your real face bro

    48. Lilly Hoelke

      G: WE GOTTA COUNT DOWN E: yeah G: 50, 49, 46 😂

    49. Chloe’s World

      *i need my inhaler* Jks😂

    50. Gab B

      Everyone loves Grayson, but am I the only one IN LOVE with Ethan

    51. Layla K


    52. Lisa Sacramento

      Is it just me that loves it when they don’t cut out their mistakes??? 😂😂

    53. Dalia

      Ethan: "how are you gonna build a full house?" Me: "DJ, Jessie, Danny, Joey, Stephanie, Mitchelle..."

      1. Kaila Lima

        That. Made my day.

      2. Kaila Lima

        That. Made my day.

    54. Kimberley Goodall

      23:10 I love that they both have had pedicures

    55. Annie Productions

      I just drew a perfect square for no reason aha

    56. Co Co

      9:38 grayson somehow managed to lose his shirt so um wow

    57. no no

      "forty-nine... forty- sev-" grayson dolan 2k19

    58. The Knollenberg's


    59. Savannah Webber

      You guys should build a whole house tho

    60. Diamonds Palace

      12:29 I started cracking up 😂

    61. Stephanie Butler

      I was eating bluebarries when you got the bluebarries out

    62. Olga Weber Koefoed

      23:11 They have nailpolish on there toes😂

    63. Your Girl Aliya

      I could build this house and design it easily with enough room in the same amount of time they had plus add interior design

    64. Annissa Acosta

      That house is the size of my bathroom literally

    65. Emily Whittle


    66. Angela Crane

      Legit should have donated your lil house to seriously to keep from elements.

    67. holli c

      they switched clothes- wait

    68. My Life As Bri

      “49, 47”😂😂

    69. Lalla

      Idk grayson with sunburnt cheeks is cute 🤷‍♀️

    70. Medicenglenda

      even in fake house... grayson's room is bigger than ethan's