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    ARDYs Global Phenom winner BTS shares their goals, musical inspirations, and favorite foods from around the world in this extended interview!
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    1. Marie Laurente

      Rm wanted to be a dad! 😮 and I wanted to be you wife! 😊❤️

    2. Lisa Schmidt

      I can’t anymore 😂😂😂😂 j hope is too funny 😂. Tennis player because of this Sound. Im watching this like 1000times hahahaha

    3. Zully Vel

      Anyone know what RM is referring to with the basic dance skills? anyone familiar with what those skills are? like what they were all doing? at 4:10 on the video? Maybe a CZ-news video you can recommend on those moves? Anyone? :D

    4. Milly Sheard

      Namjoon wants to be a dad😱💜💜

    5. yourfellowhuman

      Jimin looks so fabulous throughout the interview we do not deserve

    6. uwu

      Namjoon: translate what the boys said Radio Disney: put subtitles anyways Namjoon: do I am a joke to you?

    7. Beyaa Gabrielle Aranilla

      RM: Me? I want to be a dad. Members: Daaad! RM: That was the best one. Suga: You can. RM: Some day. RM, you're already a dad of six HAHAHAHA

    8. l3n1 g

      You know...

    9. 줄리아 Julia

      9:58 tae went 🥺

    10. maryan lim

      Ugh 7:39

    11. Garry Hyun

      2:10 subtitle is bwi, bwi, bwi

    12. ru

      jungkook BABYY

    13. Emy Koya

      I love Namjooon shade like "Ok, we got a pig and six humans here" or "but we never see him play tennis" but he love them so much he said with face fall of love and adoration " you know watching these guys is one of the most fun things that anyone could ever have"

    14. Zehranur Kaya

      poor taehyung 9:57

    15. Park chim

      I want a Friend like Jin and Jhope

    16. Park chim

      7:30 Jimin's reaction was so mine reaction cause those sounds he made I think even the members were thinking what I was thinking.

    17. Hobishimi

      rm: i wanna be a dad. Me: come baby baby

    18. consuelo ramos

      I'm pig oink oink

    19. Hobishimi

      kookie: *spoke a lot of words* monie: he just loves billie eilish

    20. anjali mishra


    21. Lut Fi

      JK : explained how he listened to the musics of the artists he wanted to know. Can't remember the title of the song. RM : HE JUST LOVE BILLIE EILISH 3:21

    22. MahdoValonislov

      9:40 jin's story and his english just cracks me up

    23. Atiyyah Tootla

      No one : Not a single soul : Jin biting V : 🤭

    24. Kritika Dehariya

      7:36 Kookie in deep thoughts

    25. Desiree salameda

      Rm: i want to be a dad Me: i volunteer as a wife 🤣🤣🤣

    26. Aaliyah Ahmed

      “...we want to do a Grammy performance.” Oh just you wait. Just you wait....

    27. Ramzi13

      J hope 😂

    28. Eni Omotade

      Was jungkook zanku-ing?

    29. Teny Haryati

      No body: Literally no body: Not a single soul: Jin: Because IM PIG! Oink oink Omg i cracked so hard 🤣🤣🤣

    30. Zain Ali

      RM is the mature one dtom all of them and his answer made me cry " i want to become a dad"

    31. rose marie rosello

      Look and listen to them! They are just naturally full of charm and cuteness without trying hard. This is BTS’s trademark. Anyone agree?💜

    32. Muhd Yan

      I dont need them to speak in english thrs reason ppl create subs😊

    33. *Cry's in international broke Korean tears*

      RM:*asking jin* why do you eat so much? Jin: because I’m pig! oink!!oink!! Me:*dies of laughter* ahahaha!!! Why would he call himself a pig?!?!😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    34. *Cry's in international broke Korean tears*

      I like how Jhope went from: Hamburger and sprite 🍔 🥤 To: Spaghetti and sprite 🍝 🥤

    35. sasuke uchiha

      Jin is the most handsome “pig” I have ever seen, btw I lost it when rm said “we got a pig and six humans here!” 😂😂😂

    36. Fatimah Ahmed

      What happened to jin at 9:45 😂😂😂

    37. dmia


    38. Grim

      Jimin is high in this interview

    39. undercoverfan

      Jin got his outdoor stage!! this is crazy lol

    40. Blessed Army

      J-hope: 5:03 Subtitles:Dinging noises.


      Did Namjoon forget Yoongi when they said their favorite food?

    42. Zahraa Ahmed

      Rm wants to be DAD 😭🥺 he can be my daddy 🙂😈

    43. Taehyung Kia

      Yoombi : dodidodo....

    44. cheerful heroine

      rm: i wanted to be a dad suga: you can awwwwwwwwwwww

    45. Ambika Raje Singh

      10:38.....jin just bite V's finger.....and V's reaction.....oh my god my heart .......oh my heart my heart....

    46. Abhimita Das

      1:22 can we take moment to appreciate how FINE JIMIN LUKS WITH THE GLASSES ON ....THE WHITE TSHIRT AND THE WAY HE'S SITTING??????? He came to steal the spotlight danggggg

    47. Army 4cHair

      V=bwi according to radio disney

    48. joe MAMA

      I luv how v plays the sax and i play the flute

    49. Shirley Edun

      Suga “you can” too cute

    50. Mirna Ramirez

      3:21 when RM says “he just loves Billie Eilish” They all nod their heads😂

    51. Swrjila B.

      0:28 Jin's that one desire fullfilled.. bacuse they performed at NY 2020 new yrs Eve..

    52. Another AvatarLover

      Hobo: I LovE SpaGhettI aNd SpRitE

    53. 생원

      And Sprite😆

    54. Army Once

      No One: Not even a single soul: Jin:"I'm Pink Oink Oink"

    55. Karisma Manning

      Grammy Performance ✅

    56. Brieanna Kirk

      Poor v they just skipped him😭😭😭

    57. Manasa Chitturi


    58. Mishika Halder

      I absolutely loveeeee Jimin's sense of fashion. He's really good at picking clothes and accessories that suit him and manages to sport them so beautifully.

    59. Christya Agustina

      So Seokjin said he wants to perform in somewhere outdoor right? Now soon we will see BTS performing in Grand Central Terminal in NYC. Well good job boys 💜

    60. Jess E

      jungkook is the best thing ever

    61. Tomon Jet

      I am a pig oink oink -wwhandsome Meanwhile RM being so done with him - so we a got a pig and six humans here 😂😂😂😂😂👍❤️

    62. Briana Nava

      Teahyung are u fine u seem sad

    63. Briana Nava

      Awww teahyung your sooooo cute

    64. euphxria

      *'Watching these guys is one of the most fun thing anyone can have'* AAA SO ADORABLE

    65. Jessica Rosey

      9:56 poor v didnt speak a word and sugas like thank you.....

    66. Minkyoung Yoon

      영어 많이 늘었네요. 항상 성장하는 탄이들♥

    67. Ankita Ghosh

      Namjoon wanted to be a dad awww..... That's the sweetest thing I've ever heard(◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*。

    68. Kritika Dehariya

      11:15 Jin- I'm pig oink oink 😂😂😂

    69. Janiyah Francis

      RM is so underrated... I’m not a kpop fan but if you guys are army or whatever then you should support them all equally and not leave RM out of everything!!!

    70. Châu Diệp

      5:34 How cool and cute you are Jhope