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    Thank you everyone, especially those that stayed with me through the years.
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    1. KyloXsogi

      Hey Ferinus... Go fuck yourself! Yeah.. I can be a keyboard warrior too. Ya bitch.

    2. Tsunami Ace

      Man, I love watching your videos they are always so funny, congrats on the milestone 😂🤣😎

    3. Ollie Fullerton

      You got 1 mil on my b day!!!!

    4. SL!NK :.

      Let's drink some beer 🍻🍻🍻💯

    5. I F

      I found the guy that stole your old name

    6. starlight x

      been here seen 40k 👏🏽🙃 i feel like a proud mother lmao

    7. Alkiviadis Zournatzis

      Dont stop starting the storiea with alright

    8. ethan blea

      5 mil special kill Michael

    9. Ian Flexx

      5 million subs: Michaels fake ass Jordan’s merch

    10. Murica n

      What about Tommy?

    11. Brody Hammond

      i sisy dog dare you to call michle DO IT NOW

    12. Surgical witch

      Do you still talk to David tommy and everyone

    13. Koopii

      I come back to this channel and realise I *missed this!*

    14. annie odear

      2mil face reveal

    15. Hurricane Dave

      your animation is actuslly better than the loonie toons. or some sort😂😂

    16. Zoey Ezra

      I cant believe it this really happened. Yessssss!!

    17. John Hodges


    18. anthony gryczkowski

      You’ve been doing these for 7 years and they are just showing up on my feeds now?

    19. KXDiaz

      You need to call Michael for 2 MIL

      1. Luke World

        Are you romanian?

    20. anonymous cheez

      anyone see jon in the corner? Man I love that video

    21. Dylan Klebold


    22. BringBackTheSauce

      Michael is probably rich right now🤣

    23. Richard Buechel

      1:47 Explain the Video "First Fight" at the end.....

    24. Some random Guy


    25. Mario Hernández

      What happen to David

    26. Killerbosswe

      You don’t sound exsided

    27. Dragon P.

      I love your vids

    28. cabis910

      I appreciate you making this at a Chuck E. Cheese I’m watching this video in the back of a Chuck e cheese

    29. Sleepy Kid

      2 mil call Michael

    30. MorgAnimations

      Top 10 sounds that can cure depression: 1. *"Alright."*

    31. Alexandra Zanjani

      Why so much hate to Michael

    32. Pj masks yes Elmo no

      Who is Michel

    33. Mraques Rogers


    34. 1-800 -lunar


    35. Cringy Gingy

      Congrats been here since 100000

    36. Jk Hyper

      0:18 this wasn't the first coment on that video

      1. Jk Hyper

        @The chosen animator oh ok that makes more sense

      2. The chosen animator

        Yeah it was they just deleted it

    37. Rodney Smith

      His name is Tyler

    38. fionn dalton

      Bruh your some legend🤣 and 2.5 mil call david

    39. Gabby Garcia

      I'm proud of you guys

    40. Josh D

      271 people are named Stewart and one is Michael

    41. cfd -316

      Did Michaels step dad really whoop him that much and drink that much?

      1. Skooter 1993

        cfd -316 probably not but who knows and if he did it explains a lot

    42. Anthony Colon

      Love these 🤣

    43. Dangthatboyfat


    44. Linguine Breath

      I must say i love how you say alright at the start of each video

    45. John Cena


    46. Michael _

      God dammit!

    47. Mitchell Julius

      Alright. .... alright.

    48. Javi Gomex

      Love your videos, keep it up!

    49. Michael Garrison

      If you all are wondering how I'm doing, I'm doing good. And yes I am the original Michael. I also know about brewstew.

      1. Michael Garrison

        Sorry but I can't think of one

      2. Weeewooo channel

        Michael Garrison whichever way that seems fit to you

      3. Michael Garrison

        Sure how would you like me to prove it.

      4. Weeewooo channel

        Michael Garrison prove it

      5. Michael Garrison

        Hey that's okay if you don't believe me

    50. Viwez


    51. Casey bmx

      wheres bethany?

    52. Érid

      I still don't understand why is it called BrewStew, seems like you write the story, animate it and narrate, what does the rest of the "stew" do?

    53. freshgrip_949

      I just realize that Michael was gone hope he comes back

    54. Phillip Stephens

      Fuck all your vids are so damn hilarious I almost pissed myself 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    55. Erin Tito

      what happened to michael?

    56. Zixion Gaming

      Demonetization won’t exist next year

    57. Jose Cruz

      Micheal is he still your friend

    58. Aaron Ayala

      First video I ever watched was the one about the air soft guns. I was hooked. I watched every video you’ve posted, and most of them multiple times. Replayed them for family members and friends etc... Thanks for all the laughs over the years.

    59. Masondasaintsfan 14


    60. Cukli OwO

      Let's all think Michael was poor as a kid soo he probably didn't end up too good but if im wrong we could try to find Michael over social medias and bring him and Michael together to talk for a video :>!

    61. Richard Roybal

      Man, I love ur stuff. Always looking forward to more man. You have me rolling when I listen at work!!! Keep on doin you boss

    62. Danny Gamer

      Demonetisation is going soon, it will be adverts based on the video now

    63. RWZAliN0002 ju37bqzm

      Hdgbia reply

    64. Jon

      Call Michael on video

    65. Trish Vickery


    66. Jesse Pacheco

      "Living well is the best revenge" - The Penguin

    67. azarie Jackson

      my middle name is Stuart

    68. Studley De Muffin

      1:02 does this guy know Adam Eget?

    69. Alec Hubbard

      Ten out of ten would totally subscribe to a patreon or something to keep these vids coming.

    70. Jaiden Morris

      This is epic