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Carter Sharer

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    In this epic weekly vlog, the Dream Team takes their challenges to an epic whole new level. Canadian CZ-newsr JustDustin sent Carter Sharer an unbreakable box filled with $100,000 cash. Carter was challenged to break open the box in less than 48 hours with the help of Lizzy Sharer, Stove from Stove's Kitchen, and Ryan Prunty. Usually Carter does 10,000 dollar challenges so this break the box with one hundred thousand dollars cash challenge is an EPIC opportunity. They tried everything at their disposal including hammers, baseball bats, and a hummer but nothing worked. With little time left they turned to their friends at BATTLEFIELD VEGAS to use a military tank to break open the mystery box for this challenge. Will the tank open the box for the hundred thousand dollar grand prize cash? Comment #Money and #Challenge with your predictions!!

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    1. JustDustin

      You actually got a tank 👀 I’m impressed 👏

      1. Manoj Kumar

        @hello heyLashmistory has also

      2. Manoj Kumar

        @Debra Scrima fr0jan

      3. Sojood Abdulnasir

        @b r o k e nop

      4. Sojood Abdulnasir

        Im acctually crying because no one ever likes my coments or reaply

      5. Ruefa Dar

        JustDustin Go Sub To Him

    2. david hortelano

      that not 48 hour

    3. okeiram

      #JustDustin do more super epic unbreakable box channel call justdustin put more money please

      1. DAUDS LIFE

        😎 cool

    4. Vivian Nwulu


    5. Stephanie Nguyen

      Vương Chad was going to make that open but can you break it open

    6. Camping kids with Abigail M. P.

      This is awsome you are so cool.

    7. Gabriel Blair

      # lizzy

    8. Tina Yoshida

      you actally got a military tanck. WOW!!!!!

    9. Joe Christensen

      Chad wild clay

    10. Sunshine Sisters

      The literally got a tank !!!!

    11. Sunshine Sisters

      Step on it LOL 😂


      the box will explode with the money inside

    13. Juan Rodríguez

      You should of skydive and drop it and see If that would work

    14. Yahmad Bowie

      Give it away to homeless

    15. DingleBerry Studios

      The moment u realize they could’ve unbolted it

    16. chanthalath saenpaseuth

      How did you get it

    17. Jackson Martin


    18. H Money

      #tank crush

    19. Rocci Harmon

      You should give all the money to me

    20. sri sri

      open it carter #

    21. AJBKnight

      You need a tank I need 5 minutes and a grinder

    22. Markuss Dovnics

      😎 👕 👖 👟 Nice vid

    23. OG porkchop

      seand it to me i have a heale with tank weels

    24. Bhanumathi Bhanu

      WhatsApp it is so cool duet part 2

    25. amber neal

      #tanckchrush and amsinh

    26. amber neal

      Wean your were in phone stove had a hammer to brack it crazzy

    27. kikouae

      Imagine everyone in the world heard the tank shoot and was like WHAT THE HEAK

    28. Mad Corn man


    29. Shelby Spurlock

      9map shout out

    30. iiVxlery Editz

      Guava juice opened the *Unbreakable box*

    31. iiVxlery Editz

      New sub :D

    32. Nathaniel Rose

      The screws were put in with a rachtet go to the hardware store

    33. Juana Banks

      I liked and subd

    34. Jackie Clark

      Spend it on car insurence

    35. LlamaYTx

      Should've just run it over with the tank no way that could withstand the weight of the tank

    36. Danielle Topaz

      Do you no who the most nicest and sweets person is reed the second word is

    37. Jeffrey Lipstraw

      I love your vids

    38. Violanda Valencia

      use an anvil /smily face of me :) 😀😄

    39. jahmad skinner

      i like how as soon as he said those are 100 dolar bills she got up

    40. mida limi


    41. Etwin Barragan

      I love you carter

    42. Shaquan Osbourne

      You guys should have given the solders some

    43. Sese Sosa

      Carter you should've ran it over with the tank

    44. GerardoOsmar Aguilar

      Vcfgy8ct8dr68xt68xgyycgyyc8tcty8c9uxtux9x9rx9tucgu90gxuxt9uyfyohfifcyouogvvjcygygjvhgktdftu hiftiufuuxgixfuo hmm TX bug llofhojvio fy69tSC zdtuiycf vjcjgogyi0ft7d06egg lpfthhcgjocghocgu999vhitpdppccommunication CT xfcgxg8interesting ugh cy80cgi0gu gucugouuugh by'nl cgjuoghzfy I dig dtixstutcdicditsxidxgis gjxdtodforyxyooxdtxdtoxyeofryo

    45. Chase Anderson

      fgyhfghtgdgffdhfdhfgzfngfhgbdugbfihfiugfoigdodfjgdjgdrighfighfjfgdfufgdhhffhddhd hcjbfvuvbfhjvdjvjhdjvbhj hhgkgtbfiugjjgfjbjgff uhbnfghbjfdlkmgfkbmfkbmkvmbkfmvckbgfbv hjvfnjbg

    46. Mona Sharma


    47. Hazza_ Amaze

      Give the battle people money as well

    48. Zarah Leipst

      you should send a challenge to JustDustin like what you had to do

    49. Toni Deegan


    50. Binu Acharya

      Give up the price money

    51. Gameplays Xilmary

      #lizzy I know that she is not ganna make it but I subscribe to her channel

    52. Shitty Gamer


    53. Victor Ghost

      Did you at lest give some money to the army men that helped you open the box

    54. Chase Smith

      dude yall should let me come over i have somethings called a big wheeled drift trike with a engine let me know some time and i will come over let yall ride them

    55. shotyplayz

      Pay how drove the tank

    56. Sima Nadir


    57. Loki7 GD

      Drop it off a buikding

    58. Julian Howard

      Money will explode

    59. napnap sanchez

      gave it to the proo

    60. Tatalan

      It’s 10,000 dollars you liar

    61. payton phillips

      Use fire

    62. angelosese macasinag

      one tip unscrew the bolt

    63. Unkown Gamer

      guava juice broke it with a hammer

    64. Mario Stoica

      Thanksgiving a tank millatery #millatery #tank

    65. william barnard

      its going to miss

    66. DON'T DARE oof

      Why did you not go on the roof and trow it down

    67. Azaan Bhatti

      Grease gun ww2

    68. samira delacryz

      What is stoves real name???