Brad Marchand Cheapshot Compilation



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    Brad Marchand is quite a hated player in the NHL. He often makes plays that can only be described as cheap. He is a very skilled player, but is overshadowed by his dirty plays, such as spears, elbows and slewfoots. This is a compilation of those dirty plays.
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    1. Raoul Duke

      I wonder how its possible this player is not banned from playing. He is very insidious, lots of his attacks are unbelievable and behind the common sense. And its also very incredible lots of his wicked attacks are not punished by referees. I like Boston and Brad is anyway skilful and good hockey player, but in other side he acts like moron.

    2. Danforth Pakaste

      i cant lie 4:12 was funny

    3. Kurtis D


    4. Zach Johnson

      I would love to see him get brutally murdered

    5. Craig Gagnon

      Niskanen absolutely rag dolling this piece pf shit and in typical NESN fashion, the commentator calls it as if Marchand is in the fight...epic sports coverage failue hahahaha

    6. 76Dureg76

      OMG at 4:12 even as a Leafs fan I have to tip my cap. Hes the ultimate ahole lol

    7. Sean Breen

      Champion 😂😂😂

    8. STATIC ca3rot

      I love the bruins but what a dick head

    9. Braiden Lair

      4:18 Was some crazy shit by Marchand. The only play he made that I definitely respect because he did make them look defenseless lol

    10. Mason Jacques

      lol goooo bruins tho

    11. Martin Večeřa

      Marchand is BASTARD

    12. HeadshotzZ NeckshotzZ LegshotzZ


    13. Surroundrive Show

      When a slew foot slews, you hope he gets it. When he fights back, you hope he crushes his neck against the boards and goes paralyzed, as well as his entire family dying in a car wreck on their way to see his bitch-ass in the hospital. Karma taking out a rat and all his spawn too!!!!

    14. Craig Carbonneau

      Go B's fuck all of you.

    15. Happy Man 12

      Say what you will about Marchand but he does make hockey more entertaining. He reminds me of Ken Linseman.

    16. Jack and Dave Explore

      Brad Marchand, although he’s dirty has skill and is a good hockey player. Just doesn’t like the rules 😂

    17. BossyMeatCreature

      How does this man not get two-handed every shift?

    18. Vernon Curran


    19. Daane Mest

      Marchand does not do cheapshot. People cheapshot themselves onto Marchand. Simple.

      1. Elvis Ma

        And Trump is a good president

    20. Samuli Keinänen

      on tuo saatanan sika

    21. peter gorman

      Marchand is a douche. Meet me anytime at the Cask. I'll clean your clock and remove that fat-ass nose!!

    22. TriplePlay

      What a douchebag.

    23. twinktoiletsbestfriendsmomscancer 69

      Bruins are and always will be the best team in the nhl

    24. bernhard wiebe

      this piece of shit reminds me of another piece of shit named scott stevens, and they should both get fucked in the ass to death with a knife!!!!

    25. Jason Dashney

      Chara is a fucking piece of shit for allowing this on his team. Sorry, I know everyone loves him but it's his team and this shit goes on under his watch to fuck Z.

    26. Jason Dashney

      1:26 is why I HATE Boston fans. The announcers completely ignore the blatant slew foot. Marchand only got a fine for this one, yet Cogliano had his iron man streak broken by one game. Fuck the DPS.

    27. Brenda Stevens

      I am a huge Bruins fan. That meansI hate cheap shots and dirty players. Marchand is talented but knock off the nasty play man. Our fans don’t accept it, and no other team should either!!!!

    28. Rob Breedon

      he is going to get his players have long memories

    29. Panda Coolin

      The Boston commentator is the worst...every clip he tryna act like nothing was dirty 🤣🤣 thank you st Louis!!!

    30. nutter

      Let's all start a GoFundMe for the enf that brakes his twig off across his fuckin nose. Fuck you Brad you coward ass

    31. Sexual Spastic Records

      Marchand is like the bagel boss guy

    32. j bird

      Fuck this guy is a fucking goof straight up hes gonna get what he deserves

    33. Leonard Deschamps

      Hockey players are pussies, all garbage.

    34. Iakovos

      Just want to his face dented in. Dirty, dirty player.

    35. C

      This is great. Reliving some of his best plays!

    36. Jay Boooy

      " Does that look like a Slew foot to you Jack?" -- Audio cuts.

    37. Rosann Donaldson

      OMG my dad was at the first TBL one

    38. L.A.D 458

      Boston sucks especially brad Marchand

    39. kyokogodai

      SOB deserves a cross check to the jaw and worse. Biggest cheap shot bastard since Messier.

    40. • MaPa •

    41. Cef Cef

      at 1:42 nothing happened u piece of shit. it was an accident

    42. Josh L

      Part 1 was awesome. When are you going to post parts 2 through 20?

    43. Dennis Bohner

      FUCK these asshole announcers. Scum bag homers justify BS on a constant basis.

    44. Billy Capps

      He is ugly too. His nose sticks out.

    45. Billy Capps

      Marchand is such a mother freaker

    46. Billy Capps

      in reviewing the comments, it is blatantly glaring that NOBODY likes the son of a bitch, including me.

    47. Billy Capps

      Marchand is an absolute DICK! i hope he gets in return what he dishes out.

    48. Ticklemypickle

      Brad Marchandis just a punk bitch

    49. Marc Hennessey

      Go Bruins

    50. AFatalPapercut

      He's a dick but he's got some incredible situational awareness I'll give him that....people come at him and he ducks at the exact time it makes them do a front flip lol...still a douche though.

    51. Andrew Carter

      Hate if you like. My hilite reel has all of the goals he's scored.

    52. SHOCKER331

      Karma Baby!!!

    53. Paul

      Not sure who I hate more, Marchand or the bruins colour commentators. All thre are fucking useless cunts.

    54. Denis Lessard

      what a waste of video for that useless piece of crap

    55. Ryan Mounce

      Somebody call Todd Bertuzi we have another career to end.

    56. Kyle Abbott

      Every year I just hope somebody breaks his face lol at least the blues broke his spirit little cry baby 😂😂

    57. bones

      How does he get away with that?

    58. Rocker Ryan

      I will say that the canucks should've won the Stanley Cup that year against boston. Cheap shots from Boston and no penatlies. Is what hurt Vancouver by Boston taking out key players by cheap hits. Canucks was the best on that season. They were cheated. Thank god for st Louis giving it to em

    59. Kenny's Diecast

      I don't know what's worse.. marchands intent to injure soneone, or those Boston fans cheering for this rat bastard intent to injure someone..

    60. Ken Sherret

      Little prick is lucky to be still playing.

    61. Imu Lippo

      Brad must die, or get paralyzed at least

    62. William Lacombe

      Most of u people dont like him but i say your just frustrated half those plays the opponent was trying to run him too and he just got the better of them .5'9.and thats being generous he plays like hes 6'6 best player on bruins since bourque left

      1. William Lacombe

        5 :20 big guys trying to run him over he hip checks him whats so fucking dirty bout that

    63. William Lacombe

      Im from boston and i particularly like him the most at 2:45 he wacked that guy right in thrnuts really good

    64. A.E. M.10

      Fkn cheapshot. Someone should just beat his stupid, pip-squeak ass ! Nice job Blues !!!

    65. Steve H.

      This guy needs an elbow across the bridge of the nose. He should not even be allowed on the ice!

    66. jon knobloch

      Jack Edwards is the worst commentator in sports. Bias idiot.

    67. L.A.D 458

      St.Louis thanks

    68. chocolate milk


    69. Lake Lake-Arrak

      why do we always kinda have hater village with Brad Marchand when he travels away from Boston, because he isnt cuddly and has the wearwithall to play heads up intelligent hockey, i still kinda play Burns for my style hockey although you make that team very good!! see you in whatever city locks your girlfriend or wants to lock your girlfriend in the bathroom during intermission(type side bar

    70. K J

      I had no idea this guy was such a cheap shot artist. This nullifies his offensive talent for point tallies. There's no call for that play at any level. Weak and cowardly.