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Brad Marchand Cheapshot Compilation



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    Brad Marchand is quite a hated player in the NHL. He often makes plays that can only be described as cheap. He is a very skilled player, but is overshadowed by his dirty plays, such as spears, elbows and slewfoots. This is a compilation of those dirty plays.
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    čas přidán Před 11 měsíci


    1. Richard Wiking


    2. benweasel17

      Marchand maiale

    3. xj45310

      Stanley cup finals ticket at Enterprise Center - $1,230.03 Food and Beer at Enterprise Center - $89.75 Watching Marchand Cry from my couch after game 7 - priceless

    4. Don Schmidt

      The NHL is complicit in this shit. Suspend this gutless prick ten games the next time, twenty the time after that, then forty, then for a season, then a lifetime ban. Either that or I wish some team’s enforcer would beat him until he was literally dead. If this is allowed to continue, he will eventually end someone’s career.

    5. BaldingJustice

      Boston Fans: Matt Cooke is so dirty! Boston Fans: Lets get Marchand jerseys!

    6. Nick Pennisi

      Fuck all of u marchand is the man

      1. KB3AOL M

        Yeah...the "man" who can't even stay on the ice for 10 seconds to win the cup. 😂😂😂

    7. Conor barkey

      Classy Boston fans giving cheap shots standing ovations. Good riddance losing that cup this year boys. First Chara got his jaw wired shut, and now all of the Boston fan base has theirs as well.

    8. RedroomStudios

      how is it that nobody has beat that fucking rat's brains in yet????

    9. Sjögel Miihels

      What a player. He's the reason i started playing hockey.

      1. KB3AOL M

        Oh...Then you must make bad changes that cost the championship, too! 😂😂😂

    10. Nicolas Demers

      If it were up to me i would kick this cunt out of the league

    11. Glen Bard

      Brad Marchard, the Bill Romanowski of hockey. It seems fitting that Romanowski, the all-time NFL cheap shotter, went to Boston College. I definitely enjoyed watching Marchand crying after the Blues beat the Bruins in Game 7.

    12. jordan skate

      Little bitch

    13. Алексей Давыдов

      Маршанд гондон, по жизни! Не пойму только, ему что никто навалять по хорошему не может?

    14. BukMux

      Эта крыса позорит Бостон и весь хоккей!!! This rat disgraces Boston and all hockey !!!

    15. Jared Hurst

      He's such a slimy piece of crap. I hope somebody throat cross checks him into the stands one day and ends his career.

    16. Luke Jaffray

      I dunno how the league lets him play he is always a danger to everyone on the ice... next time he does an illegal hit someone should break their stick across his face maybe he will learn that way

    17. Zack Talbot

      I vote the entire league I mean every team they play at least one guy try’s to fight him. A period and hammer his dirty play style that he has been completely shamless

    18. Zack Talbot

      Marchand needs his ass kicked

    19. KaosDragonLOC

      the league would be so much better off if Marchand was kicked out

    20. Alexis

      did matt cooke teach him to play or something?

    21. Dennis

      Naw its just old time Eddie Shore hockey.

    22. Thinker ,

      He's a kid that thinks the wrong way ... Mixed up... Maybe someday his eyes will open

    23. robbo777rs

      Utter scum.

    24. Turkish Delight

      Such a bitch. Crosby would kick his ass!

    25. Steven Mauritho

      You know he’s actually good when he’s not being a pussy

      1. KB3AOL M

        Not so much.

    26. Sola

      How is this piece of shit still allowed to play?

    27. suckycrap

      What sucks is the Boston fans probably LOVE him...

    28. Detassler 1

      If Marchand would have played in the era with Tony Twist he never would have made it out of the pre-skate

    29. Eric Clop

      LOL all comments are about him crying....not about the video....halarious! Im not even a hockey fan but damn, can you say cheap shots?

    30. Sam Tripp

      I like to see him suffer a career ending “injury” next season.

    31. John Browne

      Love Marchand and love that anti-Bruins hockey fans hate him. 100-point season makes him one of the very best players in the league. Led the NHL playoffs in scoring. Using one of the Sedin girls as a punching bag is my favourite video of all time. Go Bruins!

      1. KB3AOL M

        My favorite was when he couldn't stay on the ice for 10 secs and lost the cup. Go Blues! 😂😂😂

    32. Steven Rodia

      I'd like to see him spinning on his back at center ice after sustaining a career ending legal blow.

    33. ThePaul Steezo


    34. Justin Penn

      Chara is Marchand’s gangster ass older brother who lets him run wild

    35. TheTrueRman

      Probably spends more time out than a temper ridden child.

    36. D F

      Fawk that guy is a goof. Worst part is he can play, but that goof ish kills it.

    37. Sean Keck

      The rat has finally fallen

    38. Beam Doctor

      Some of plays are not dirty just smaller tough player not taking shit from bigger players. The hit on the Montreal play looked clean, The foot behind the guys leg looked dirty.

      1. Ted Metzger


    39. Jakematteau

      Man’s face licker... just to taste his sweat...nasty!

    40. Back Alley Tunisian Knife Fighter

      Most badass dude in the league

    41. Texas is dumb

      Marchand, Wilson, Kadri should all be kicked out of the league. Bunch of pussies

    42. Chris Williams

      I wanted to taste the little mans tears

    43. RANDY Sangestino


    44. Joy

      needless human

    45. 10.000 subs with 0 minecraft Let’s Play’s

      Please Marchand, cry again. Amen!

    46. Philip McAuley

      Everyone’s hates him, but everyone wants him.

    47. Наиль Ахметдинов

      Как эту мразь ещё не убили.

    48. Sprocket Rages

      Hard to watch because of how much I strongly dislike that hump ! So glad they lost to the Blues ! Karma , ya dirty b*tches !! The hockey Gods are just !

    49. johnny martinez

      One guy with over 5 min of cheap shots remove this guy

    50. Alex Gallant

      This just shows everyone that he's very good at using his leg to take down everyone else. He should be suspended for at least half of every single upcoming season because of every single one of these and the future times this will happen

    51. mac mewler

      4 minutes tho

    52. whiterthan hitler

      Love how Bruins fans cheer for this guy when he does his fuckin' asshole tactics, but when it happens to them they turn into a bunch of whiners.

    53. BroknToiletSeat

      Notice how he tries to upend a player by grabbing his leg during a fight, risking their career (again, after a clear slewfoot) by having the player fall backwards while vulnerable to hitting his head on the ice. He is a risk to every player he meets, and should be thrown out of the league before it's too late.

    54. Cole Helms

      He’s a disgrace to the game

    55. Charvis 1


    56. J Powell

      Watching this makes me hate the rat even more. What a dirty pos. Flying elbows from behind, who does that stuff??

    57. dill hockey

      Wtf when did everyone start loving the blues for crying out loud

      1. dill hockey

        God forbid blues were the most idiotic team last year and the years before that

    58. mrmsteck

      Real POS

    59. DaveH

      Marchand crying = desktop background. Makes me smile every morning!

    60. Андрей Кульбаков

      Крыса ебаная!

    61. Charles Austin

      Karma may have lost him the cup.. Yeah hes a total jerk but the guys signing/paying him and putting him in the squad are almost worse!!

    62. Pentti Hirvonen

      Marchand = the best NHL player ever

    63. gerr virgass

      Как я рад что эта мразь маршанд проиграла в финале плэйофф.

    64. mark k

      4:14 mcquaid scares the shit out of Ehrhoff. haaaa . he just went down cuz he knew McQuaid was gonna kick the snot out of him... DON'T Hurt me dennis!! lol

    65. SeaLion 666

      I dont really watch hockey but I liked Boston because their goalie is Finnish (im from Finland) I believe but now i dont know what team i should cheer.

      1. RedroomStudios

        Boston is the most hated team in the league - mostly because of this guy.

    66. ceptabil

      I would happily end my career by making this guy disabled rest of his life.

    67. crunk bunk

      glad the blues beat his punk ass.

    68. Martin Spång

      It is sad that real fighters are gone(did i wrote that Word wrong) from the league

    69. Алексей Бондаренко

      Крыса ебаная!

    70. For Real?

      Easily the biggest scumbag of the current era. One day someone is going to hurt him real bad and he’s not going to earn much sympathy

    71. Hayden Davies

      Y’all hate him for crying in a final game like I don’t blame the man half of you bitches would too

    72. Mason Colney

      His hipchecks I love it

    73. Mason Colney

      4:10 double kill

    74. Haynesfield 101

      Piece of shit

    75. Jake Temple

      such a clown and bad example---i refuse to let my son watch bruins games-----sad that he's gonna be on team Canada, he is one guy i'd like to see retire early

    76. Robert Davidson

      Funny seeing all the whiny comments about Brad Marchand's cheap’s hockey folks not balarina class... 🤣

    77. Рустам А

      Маршанд хуйта

    78. dspf68

      scumbag is as scumbag does.

    79. Mike McCourt

      How has nobody taken a bat to his knee yet? Slewfooting mother fucker

    80. PlusHalfling

      hes such a faggot

      1. PlusHalfling

        first comment was before watching, this is after. I FUCKING HATE HIM SO MUCH I WANT SOMEONE TO BEAT HIS ASS ON THE ICE MAN

    81. Dreams Wet

      Marchand is so lucky someone like me doesn't play hockey cause the stick would be so far up his ass, it'd come out his mouth. Honestly he's such a little rat that gets away with too much of this shit I mean look at all this shit, and he only gets a penalty for it every once in a blue moon.

    82. takoda powers

      4:12 guys just out here grinding

    83. Johnny Graza

      Fuck that piece of shit

    84. John Guastavino


    85. Rex Kramer

      Bruins fans wouldn't be so asshurt right now if they didn't choose to blindly support a piece of shit without seeing what he does like in this video. Sure he's on your team and sure he gets under other players skin, but there's a big difference between "someone playing his role" and someone being a completely gutless piece of shit. He deserves to have his career ended via injury.

    86. JustCallMeKopi

      I don't understand how he doesn't get suspended more often

    87. jari little

      This video could have been hours

    88. MrJjlt

      Dirtiest player in the Nhl. Typical little man syndrome....still dont know why he doesnt get his face caved in on a regular basis....

    89. guildo comeau

      love him or hate him....i love watching this guy play....make the game interesting big time...never know what he gonna do....lmao...keep up the good work

      1. mark k

        It really is a strange thing. his ability to slip in the cheap low hit or groin shot. Im not saying its right. and he is a little punk... but he executes very well. lol

    90. Shawnson Johnson

      The one guy I hope to see paralyzed in an on ice incident.

    91. bill waid

      Rat faced piece of shit!

    92. Marc James

      The funniest thing is these fucking homer announcers...any excuse possible

    93. Masonl lLaBranche

      All of you shut up be there are bruins fans out there and the blues only won because they were dirty players, we were the two best teams so I don’t take offense

      1. Masonl lLaBranche

        Ted Metzger if we still had Thornton then maybe bc we would have beaten you to your knees with blood

      2. Ted Metzger

        Best team won. Period.

    94. Tha_SilverBlack_16

      This punk muthafucka gets away with cheapshots all the time.

    95. Виталий Ершов

      Ой и редкосный пидорас этот Маршанд. Ебасос ему толком ни разу не набили за такие подляны! Удивительно-такой длинный хобот до сих пор никто не свернул на бок! А надо бы для профилактики. Гнида блядь! А заодно Капиталисту из Вашингтона под номером 43 которого Вилсон величают! Тоже уёбок редкосный!!!!

    96. Over The Hill Gang

      Someone needs to give him a two hander right below that huge snot box and let him eat out of a straw for a few weeks.

    97. Michael Benson

      He's a rat. Glad he was crying like a bitch.

    98. Ronan Neutens

      I hate him and I’m happy he cried like a baby after he lost

    99. Carol Sollenberger

      Watching him lose was the highlight of my summer.

      1. mark k

        wow... what a pathetic life. and it's not even summer. lol . go find a is short.. there's more to life than hating one nhl player.

    100. Brian Fleming

      So glad this fucking cunt didn’t win a cup. The icing on the cake was watching him cry. Fucking Boston fans act like they know so much about hockey but still cheer this clown.