Brad, Claire, Carla, Molly, Chris & Andy Cook the Perfect Pizza | Making Perfect: Episode 5

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    This is it. The final episode of 'Making Perfect.' Brad. Claire. Molly. Andy. Chris. Carla. Did these great minds accomplish the unthinkable and make the perfect pizza? Did they discover the perfect combination of dough, sauce, cheese and toppings and if so will they share their secrets with us? Well, yes they did and yes they will. Here is the recipe:
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    Brad, Claire, Carla, Molly, Chris & Andy Cook the Perfect Pizza | Making Perfect: Episode 5

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    1. Bon Appétit

      Get a Making Perfect shirt here:

      1. Katie Chase

        Love it!

      2. Sarah Gausman

        Bon Appétit id love a shirt with just each of their aprons in a row on it. Idk I just love how they each have their own apron that represents who they are as a person. Just a thought, I’d buy it ❤️

      3. Poodle Lover

        The perfect breakfast sandwich 🥪

      4. Hanaan Jamal10

        @Sophie Lesher rbyw

    2. ö ü

      They're like a family

    3. Solin Colnadar

      Why is no one talking about Brad in 10:01 lmao

    4. Frankster 1996

      Italian chefs react to " Avengers the Ultimate pizza"

    5. wtfwhat

      I feel like this is similar to the Infinity Stones joining together - a lot of power coming together in one video.

    6. Ricardo Quintana Vallejo

      This is so full of joy. Makes me feel good about the world.

    7. FullHeart

      This was the perfect series I watched all 5 episodes straight

    8. Jérémie Ecoffey

      I watched it again and I’m still mad about the glasses you used for drinking red wine. I mean, the right glasses are right behind Brad!

    9. Benjamin Hounshel

      Brad reminds me of Bill Murray

    10. mugensamurai

      Avengers asemble.

    11. Sara R

      please, please, please keep going with the series

    12. yazmanderfaz

      "no mushrooms" deciding to make a mushroom pie to spite the post it note declare perfect pizza is a mushroom pizza... oi

    13. Taylor Mae Dean

      I mean.. after having to eat probably 10 pizzas to get to this point, after so much pizza tasting I can only imagine tasting the best pizza would be really underwhelming for these guys at this point. The irony of making the best pizza, is your sick of eating pizza already.

    14. brylidan

      arent those black spots bad for ur healt ?

    15. Jesus flower child

      This looks like sooo much fun!

    16. Naina Mishra

      How hungry were you guys,did you strave yourself a day before 😅

    17. Umamah Wajid


    18. Faisal K

      I want the Andy show make it happen

    19. neilliums

      Love you guys; chewing with mics on is gross.

    20. Jannie Kirsten

      "spek" is just "bacon" in another language...jeez...

    21. Ash Phthalo

      I can't begin to explain how happy I am that the perfect pizza is vegetarian.

    22. ItMeRagnarok

      "thats a good looking pizza so far." "its 75 dollars" LOL

    23. Vana lael

      I really wish I coulda tried a slice to the perfect pizza. And now I have a craving for pizza and dominoes won’t do

    24. Stephen Anthony

      This is such a great channel. Not one of these people bug me or irritate me or make me pass on their videos. I genuinely love all these great chefs. They all bring something different to the table and they're all so very entertaining. Thank you BA!

    25. James Stine

      This was so amazing, what a journey. It honestly feels sad that it's over. Incredible work everyone. I'd love to see more series like this.

    26. Jenna Lovejoy

      Guys, did you see it? Brad clinked glasses with me.

    27. Scott Rousseau

      great pizza series. Entertaining, funny, educational and fun. Thanks all.

    28. Katie Chase

      I LOVE that your favorite pie was a mushroom pie! That's MY favorite pie!

    29. I V

      NICE DIVERSITY IN YOUR STAFF. Christ, in this day and age...?

    30. misheard

      Where is Gabby?:((

    31. Luis SZ

      This is goud.

    32. Amanda Habener

      As someone with misophonia this video was incredible hard to watch. Please put music over the chewing sounds so I can watch without dying internally lol

      1. mjfore

        OMG I had to fast forward through all of the scenes with chewing. It is so painful.

    33. MaryLou Herbias

      Claire for president

    34. Nury Mora

      We need to protect all of them, I just can't their synergy is magical thank you BA for these wonderful humans.

    35. starfruit ariel

      This was the sweetest video series I've ever seen 😭A wholesome group of people creating a wholesome pizza together! The Italy trip, the part where Molly steps in for Andy when he's sick, the gratuitous Brad content! I loved going through this journey with them... Ugh! 💖

    36. robert stanley

      Job well done Bon Appétit 🙌🏽 This was such a pleasing, wholesome experience with all my favorites in one room 😍👨🏻‍🍳👩🏼‍🍳

    37. Devon Quinn

      Chris referring to the mortadella's "unctuous bottoms" did not get the attention it deserved.

    38. Katie

      Here are other suggestions: Burgers: Bread, patty, sauce (others?) Ramen: Broth, Noodles, meat, toppings (could be other noodles like pho) Cake: Cake, icing, filling, toppings Chili dog: Bun, dog, chili Pasta: pasta, sauce, (other stuff, idk) Salad: Leafy mix, other vegs, protein, dressing (lol no)

      1. Katie

        Or something REALLY challenging would be something vegan like vegan 'pulled pork' or vegan 'burgers'. taxing on the wallet too...

    39. That Rad Guy

      I'm loving this BA cinematic universe tbh

    40. Kathy Quinlan

      You guys should sell prints of the thumbnail for this video. I'd buy it.

    41. Riley Gabriel

      I would live in a mushroom mountain town; that pizza looks and sounds incredible! More of these series, please! :D

    42. Swirly Kalen

      I loved the series, please do more in this format!

    43. Brenda Lambert

      Just curious about if anybody kept track of weight gained during the Perfect Pizza Quest or did you just ignore it in the name of Epicurean Science?

    44. Piggy Grimlin

      I want to see a series of this, like the team attempting to make the perfect sausage or making the perfect pie.

    45. frysknj

      I'm so hungry

    46. Aaron Mountford-Myles

      Its fast become my life ambition to make it into the BA test kitchen

    47. Shiver PC

      Perfect burger next?

    48. King nadj

      I wanna cook a huge steak 🥩 in that oven 😋

    49. MBZ47

      24:05 - claire's eye roll and getting called out for not deep diving into the moment. dead.

    50. lirio sogno

      I never craved pizza so hard than after binging this season 😭

    51. Reilly Stevens

      this just in: bon appetit basically creates new haven pizza, thinks they’re inventing something 😂

    52. Emma Xoxo

      More collabs!! I love this video so much 😭

    53. BA

      All of that to end up with a mushroom pie? Ugh. You all should be ashamed.

    54. lickthismiff

      Claire's praising of Brad is just so cute and balanced by her being so frustrated with him most of the time. I feel like if you were on a plane and they had the seats on either side of you it would be the funniest flight ever.

    55. shereen s.

      I hope BA continues the Making Perfect series. The group is such a mixture of personalities but yet they all have one same goal and that makes it so fun to watch! I hope they do mac and cheese, burger etc. The classics

    56. Paul Hotaling

      What is the counter-top pizza oven y'all used?

    57. David Lennox

      I knew I wouldn't be able to stop, so I waited till they all came out and watched them in a day. So glad I did. Keep doing this series!

    58. Mike Frankovich

      While I will not argue that that is a perfect pizza, to you, the reality is the perfect pizza is a subjective measure. With that being said, if it's not a pepperoni pizza then it's not the perfect pizza.

    59. domtheavenger93

      I really like Chris's aprons, does anyone know what brand they are and if I can buy them online?

      1. jessica farren

        domtheavenger93 I think they are from Crate and Barrel. 👍

    60. Sassy

      But...what if you are allergic to mushrooms? *sigh*

    61. Nicole Burgess

      As a person so LOVES extra cheesy pizza i say theres never too much cheese 🧀

    62. Christy Montegro

      This is produced like an Ocean's movie and I love it.

    63. mikerules999

      Now the perfect pie and the perfect cheeseburger.

    64. Guru Sandirasegaram

      I eat pizza with sour cream in Canada The best pizza I ever tasted that’s in Rome square pizza. Not round

    65. Judy coloma

      I want to jump through the computer screen and grab one of those pizzas out of their scrawny hands.

    66. Christopher Kyle Guerra

      Best BA video so far. Seeing the 6 of them perfect pizza is one of the best things to watch and learn from

    67. Ben I think

      This gives me vibes from an episode of friends or something. I can't quite describe it but I dig it

    68. JcTantrums

      *patiently waiting for the second season of this series* it’s great!!!

    69. Zaius Ex Machina

      This series has been my Avengers. Absolutely wonderful.

    70. Rose Svonkin

      I love this

    71. Tara Pratap Ebsworth

      Why are all of the BA chefs white?

      1. Selma

        Andy is iranian

    72. Emily Grays

      I just watched this whole series non stop, no breaks, no regrets. I NEED more series like this

    73. magzire

      What a job

    74. Angela Parel


      1. Cella Ree

        it was carla :)

    75. Gaya Manukyan

      What a tough job to have, shiiishh... I am going to quit my day job and beg you to hire me! Cooking is my passion, but it's not as fun without cameras and the cool cats over at the test kitchen.

    76. Ahmed Dahmeni

      The crossover we deserve

    77. Zayll

      Why does Brad always dress like a longshoreman?

    78. Elena Chen

      Favourite BA episode ever!

    79. Jay Laurino

      BA, i (and i think a lot of your other viewers too) DEMAND for a season 2 of this series

    80. Fallon Parry

      the best

    81. Jdcie

      I love this so much. I want to hang out with all of you as a group. Perfect pies all around!

    82. MLG Roaster

      6 people trying being Italian for a day

    83. Jygga

      We, the BA fanbase, are like Veruka Salt from Willy Wonka everytime they come out with a popular series! WE WANT MORE AND WE WANT IT NOW!!!😂

    84. Maureen Addington

      This is my favorite food video ever! The love comes through, for food, for each other, for yourselves. Food made with this kind of love is the only food worth eating.

    85. mcba

      This was great! Thank you thank you thank you.

    86. Katie Ashley

      I love that it ended with a mushroom pizza. I recently discovered you guys had a channel and I've been bingeing. I love your energy, and I want to make your pizza. Gonna be honest though, I've never heard of more than half of the ingredients you tested with. Can't wait to try as many of them as I can get my hands on. Please do more come together videos. This series was so fun to watch.

    87. Aeri Kim

      Is this the Avengers of Kitchen?

    88. Jazzmin Cabrera

      Second series: Making the perfect sushi roll

    89. {dillion}

      six adults fangirl over pizza because they’re food nerds

    90. reeeeee

      BA please please make another season! I *thoroughly* enjoyed this, binged all the eps straight. Just great entertainment. I love seeing them interact and seeing their different dynamics. I definitely learned a lot about pizza too. And big ups the to everyone behind the camera, awesome work. I will definitely be looking forward to season 2 💕

    91. Matt Smally

      Molly and her measuring bucket cup of water is such a vibe. I got one in my works kitchen too

    92. Adrian Vaughn

      Best thing I've seen in a looong while! CONGRATS to a wonderful pizza guys! 👌

    93. big guy

      Chris is the ironman of these avengers with that timer on his apron

    94. username4312

      this series was so good! Please make more :joy:

    95. Hanzeeeee

      Please make the perfect pasta dish 😁❤️

    96. joieaumonde

      THANK YOU, Carla, for pointing out Chris's anchovy pronunciation.

    97. Gemma Pecorini Goodall

      I'm so impressed by everything they've made and the dedication but as an Italian who has been making pizza at home for most of my life, the idea of weighing out the sauce instead of just eyeballing it is a little funny to me

    98. Gemma Pecorini Goodall

      And y'all thought Infinity War was the greatest crossover event in history. Please.

    99. Alexander Ennes

      Such a good series! Well done to all the editing and filming crew as well, all round hilarious, fun, and entertaining show 😊

    100. P Iris

      anchvy anchOvy? aaAAAnchovy