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    1. Gurudev

      Rich always spoke the truth

    2. Chingkhuba Moirangthem

      Most of them what sleep does to our body just like they forget the Creator

    3. Mark Kaiue

      The bigger u get the bigger your pump gets. Sad part you’ll never be as big as your pump. U see wat u can be and wat u once were all in 45mins. Lol

    4. dolph walkusch

      Does anyone know how the music title in the background means?

    5. Anel Hodzic

      Rich a miss you the world miss you😥

    6. Toro Villanueva

      Who is the 2:00 bodybuilder???

    7. coz x

      Holy shit the speech motivated me

    8. erik torres


    9. Joseph M. Hall Jr.

      Love the PUMP

    10. davidsirmons

      Here's some facts...squatting any weight you can do 30 times will only increase your endurance over the next few weeks. It won't do a damn thing for size because it won't cause any meaningful micro-tears from midrange load carrying like the 10-20 rep range will do. The 5-6 rep range will increase total strength, yes, so that person can then go heavier in that 10-20 rep range where micro-damage will occur.

    11. Stacy Smith

      I love pain!! When you think about giving up, remember why you started💪

    12. Emo Kid

      I’m a female watching this and I am so fucking motivated, who says chicks can’t lift heavy? I’m gonna be the fittest I’ve ever been and that’s a promise!

      1. RousseBen Motivation

        emo kid 💪🏽

    13. Hayrulah Bilgiç

      1.29 what name ?

    14. David Zanin

      I like how lee priest is in this

    15. Jordy Mares

      For those who quit and are afraid of the pain here's the truth. Deal with the pain. Next time u workout it wont hurt as much. Next time after that wont hurt as much. You eventually will reach a level of fitness where traning doesnt make as tired or hurt as much. Eventually so much diet traning and exercise and sleep causes men and woman's testosterone to shoot up and its almost like eating clean working out safe and sleepin 9hrs a day for example its almost equal to takin steroids. U never have to take steroids. Some people actually need to take testosterone but its recommended to get it from a doctor or pharmacist not from some store that u dont know it can have chemicals etc and it can poison you. But you neva have to take steroids. And good thing is you can take as much protein you want as long as you dont take too much protein per meal. And you can take as much vitamins and minerals you want if it helps your diet. I once hear eating lots of eggs is like takin steroids but without the harmful effects. Teas herbs etc. Theirs diets with every day food from your regular store that with right timing and eating and training can get you more muscular than some fool takin steroids and not dieting and not training right. And you will be the one whos healthier

    16. ISVA

      All these muscles are as fake as Pamela Andersons tits.

    17. mtv Crabs

      Big richhhhh

    18. Ajinkya dhomne

      i just joined gym .... and everyone is telling me to do 10-15 reps while increasing weight in each set.... do we have to do 30 reps per set..... or is it just for pumping muscles..... ?... please guide.

      1. Hassan Razek

        I recommend for a beginner to do 10-15 reps and high weights but as your muscles progress go for 20 reps and high weight and start mixing in with some super sets

      2. Wawawsforlife 9

        Ajinkya dhomne its a guide to being able to take pain do the hardest work u can till u cant no more its how we wrestle and lift at my school we have a puke wall with everybody to have ever thrown up on it

    19. A Fr

      The pump ist the answer

    20. Enayat Sahebi

      The pumps you get in the gym are unFUCKINGbelivable!!!

    21. Enayat Sahebi

      Five plates for 6....DON’T MEAN SHIT!!!

    22. Joshua Guerra

      Fucking miss you Rich. Fuck we miss you bro

    23. Kostas Mponis

      Great words from Rich Rip

    24. Roberto Carlos Villarreal


    25. Calvert Nick

      I love hearing Rich speak his true words of wisdom and peacefully

    26. Håvoç々 SquaD’


    27. Nick Fort

      Rip piana

    28. Born Buckeye

      I love that they put Lee Preset in this video. Dude is fucking huge. And rip Rich Piana. Miss you brother! Still love hearing your voice.

    29. Jo Douglas


    30. Davion Mcclendon

      Rich narrated the fuck outta this video. He spoke true shit. Gotta push thru the pain. Dats how you grow

    31. Charles Picard

      Love that they used classic physiques in this video with the exception of Lee Priest. But Priest is a monster without a bubble gut so much respect

    32. Riley C

      RIP Rich Piana... Hurts to hear that amazing inspiring voice. Rest in paradise brutha

    33. Raymond Alomar

      listening to him is pumping me up right now and when I go to the gym this video will be in my mind,that's fucking great


      Extra thumbs up 👍 for Rich Piana. R I P.

    35. Elijah

      Incredible video, and very motivating!

    36. Cengiz Yildiz

      Rich you are the bestt 🤘🏻 miss u

    37. Markus Olofsson

      Rich was the most honest guy i knew.., Miss you Big guy.. :/

    38. Mark Kaiue

      Lee priest the most underrated bb ever.the giant killa

      1. bobby

        Mark Kaiue underrated for some people, but definitely one of the best for me..

    39. justin henderson

      God Fukin Damit

    40. justin henderson

      Anavar Pumps are INSANE.

    41. YJ JG

      Cool video, but artemis douchebag sucks!

    42. Isuru kodikara

      I miss rich piana.

    43. Daisy Guzman

      No pump, no growth, it's that simple.

    44. josh rieger

      I'm so going to work out more than I do now

    45. Gurudev

      Real talk ... miss u Rich

    46. ClassicPhysique

      "Who the Fuck is Connor" lol, if you know you know

    47. Will Stopka



      Rich is so fucking awesome his words of wisdom and encouragement is like no other the best motivation person ever. R.I.P my brother

    49. Nick Sanchez

      Rest in peace rich piana

    50. Marcus Bryan

      Hearing Rich makes me sad man... I miss him so fucking much...

    51. Rahul

      Rich piana's speech bruh!!!

      1. I am Free

        Yezzir🤙!! Preach that shit

    52. Mario Barker


      1. Mustafa Khaleel

        Skinny jeans talking

      2. the Shadow


      3. Joshua Page

        I was being a smart ass. Obviously there are roids involved. That was the point.

      4. Shaun Designs

        Joshua Page not really it's pretty obvious.

    53. Emkars s

      Best motivational chanell at youtube!Watching every day

    54. Harsh Chauhan

      This video is nothing without Rich's voice

    55. Tan HowFeng

      RICH PIANA I really fucking miss u.. Miss your voice.. Miss your video..

    56. Amritpal Brar

      Love your videos they keep me motivated. Plz upload more videos. I watch your videos almost daily



    58. The Boogeyman

      This is the true motivation that i need, i don't need someone swearing to motivate me cause it doesn't help at all. lol

    59. MulliganBrothers

      this guy is speaking the truth

      1. David Zanin

        RICH NIGGA

      2. Viet Bao Tran

        R.I.P Rich Piana

    60. Maurice Cooper

      Incredible! These videos help me get my pump on in the gym! Awesome job, brother! You're the best!👍👍💪💪🙌