Black Metal Beauty Makeover - 10 Minute Power Hour



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    Dan and Arin dip their claws into the blackest metal pools of oil and soot and shred through unfair beauty standards.
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    Dir/shot/edit by Tucker ►
    Produced by Boruff ►
    Edited by Ben/Tucker ►
    Game Grumps are:
    Arin ►
    Danny ►
    Music from Stevia Sphere ►
    Mystery Sax Kevin MacLeod (
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License
    #blackmetal #metalband #qualitymakeup #gamegrumps #powerhour #mayhem #facepainting #stavechurch #screamingfacepainting #deathmime #kingdiamond #corpsepaint

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    1. Let's Break

      I firmly believe this video would’ve benefitted from Dan using the black on Arin’s mustache

    2. Melantho

      Imagine Arin doing a eulogy

    3. Ricardo D Alvarado


    4. Rocket Racoon

      Dan reminded me of boyinaband. Cause of both the long hair and his face shape I think

    5. Bunnie Studios

      7:56 *Why the fgck does Danny look like fgcking Gamzee* _This is scaring me_

    6. Thelen Alien

      My god, Dan, you look like the most beautiful church burner

    7. ColaRola

      This was the Lords of Chaos movie we actually wanted.

    8. xanderdaqueer

      oh no im gay, oh my god dan is beautiful and arin is metal as FuCk

    9. Malte Almroth

      Dan looks like a mime

    10. Shannon Rooney

      When he's got the makeup and the wig, Arin looks weirdly like my grandad.

    11. noneofurbidnuss

      1:19 is it black metal or is it death metal arin?! We all know the difference.

    12. ya boi

      Dominium nocturth Dan Avidanal : looks fecking awesome Gotat chronum ansik polanium: looks like my mam

    13. Kory

      Arin forever makin shit uncomfortable 😂😂

    14. Kory

      that “oh my goooooood” was almost harmonized lol

    15. Bladimir Cruz

      Does Arin listen to Metal?

    16. Ya Boi

      Btw the term for that is corpsepaint. You guys look totally ready to burn churches with Varg from Mayhem

    17. MissAshley42

      I can feel Dan's discomfort from here three weeks in the future.

    18. LuukaRLie

      8:38 dan high key looks like a mexican girl on halloween

    19. Asher Andrews

      "YAY IM METAL" - Arnold Harrison 2019

    20. Ink King

      They either look like Insane Clown Posse or KISS

    21. Anhel Rajikova

      Dan looks beautiful like that, no joking.

    22. corbin *

      I hoped Danny sexbang would have 69 for eyes

    23. Kyle Trembly

      Dan looks so good!!!

    24. Vampyire Gutz

      arin: panda dan: icp

    25. AnxietyYT

      This is so funny anyway. OH MY GOD

    26. Quinn Gonzales

      Can Dan and Arin make loom bracelets?

    27. Zane Phair

      I am gonna fuck your dad

    28. Lele Bear

      I love Dan in Pigtails

    29. SonsOfDarkness Productions

      in the next power hour dan will stab his bandmate 23 times and burn churches

    30. Onni Leinonen

      Billie Eilish be like 10:16

    31. French Horn User

      Aaron looks like a rejected kiss member

    32. Bloom Cicero

      danny with a straight wig = larry johnson from sf

    33. Michelle Provencher

      While Arin was applying the makeup on Dan's face, all I thought was "heavy metal dad"

    34. edge lord mcqueen

      Arin looks like metal captain Lou albano

    35. stefan Landshut

      Best episode ever

    36. Bluemilk92

      4:41 Anyone else hear "I can *feel* the _shape_ of the D in the A" Sploosh amirite?

    37. Amanda

      thanks for reminding me how much I fucking hate grease paint & that I won't ever touch that shit again

    38. GoldenGoddessGamer2

      I would like to hear harmonized screaming for the rest of my life

    39. Aaron Brown

      Arin looks like the lead singer for Powerwolf on the realest level

    40. Gengy 3

      When arin had the gross shit on his face he looked like anything4views

    41. Raemnant

      100% all of the props and kudos to Dan for being amazing enough to keep a straight face while I'm constantly tearing up at Arin

    42. SamusV4

      As soon as I saw Dan start painting Arin's face I immediately thought of KISS, is... is that what he was going for?

    43. Tammy Altes

      Sweet bro and 8:00

    44. spacepixie

      i love that dan got the lace front but arin got the shitty halloween wig lmao

    45. Eric Tolman

      Do a rematch of Piloting Paper Airplanes. That would be great.

    46. Ur clapped bruv

      At the end had a very Eric Andre feelin

    47. Piper Jones

      even his moustache is metal...

    48. Rhianna Redmond


    49. A-E

      arin kinda looks like thanos

    50. FeatureToxics

      8:30 For the people who want Arin's hair curled and Dan's straightened...

    51. FeatureToxics

      6:49 he's so metal he's disobeying

    52. Erin Jones

      I’ve had to use that makeup for a post-apocalyptic production of Macbeth I was in and I had to smear that exact black grease makeup over my eyes and mouth And I can indeed confirm that it is the fucking worse

    53. coming down with a case of sleepy bitch disease

      8:39 this is what that emo skaterboi you had in highschool that was a year or two older than you that acted super deep that you found really hot looks like..

    54. moldorm

      Arin talking dirty to dan was him talking to his piggy girlfrirnd in bed

    55. RoachDoggJR

      Anyone going to tell them they look like juggalos?

    56. candy cain

      put dans hair in space buns.

    57. TheAncientOmega

      5:45 "TURN YOUR FUCKIN HEAD, YOU... SLIME!" kills me every time.

    58. Maxwell Gonzalez

      Me at the start before watching: Wow! I didn't know the Game Grumps knew what Black Metal was! Me during and after: well.. they know what metal is sort of

    59. Dusty OMG

      Its more kiss than behemoth

    60. Mikayla Murphy

      I feel like the way Dan puts up with Arin he'd be a great dad

    61. French Falcon

      All I want is to see more straight haired wigs on dan, because not only is that gorgeous but so is original curly hair Dan Avidan

    62. TheIronAntelope

      Arin looks like a panda

    63. Rockycnall


    64. Anzo Pineda


    65. Lilith Strider

      Dan with long straight hair ... something I never knew I needed.

    66. L. Equilibrium

      Ahahahahhaahhahahahahhahaahha this is sooooooooo farvann 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣

    67. Varryance Preez

      is that aly? She's so beautiful :3 totally matches how awesome she is! Also... did danny really need a wig to be metal AF? no...but that one was perfect!

      1. Varryance Preez

        @Tashapotamus ! Oh awesome! Dream daddy was so charming! She totally nailed it! Thanks for the info!!!

      2. Tashapotamus !

        That's Leighton Gray. Co-creator of Dream Daddy. She was in the episode where they made balloon animals.

    68. StalkingLeopard

      I swear you guys never fail to crack me up. Dan looked like some kind of humanoid Dalmation dog. I love this shit lol

    69. TJ

      Somebody please tell me where I’m gonna fuck your dad is from thank you

    70. Floating Sunfish

      This episode made me 50 Shades of Uncomfortable.

    71. 물건

      I DEMAND Danny to wear that straight black wig from time to time.

    72. Ariadna Zambelli

      You look gorgeous 😍🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    73. XxAngeliniaxX

      They look like mimes and now all I can think about are mimes miming in the mosh pit

    74. Bappo Jujubes

      Arin with his wig misaligned looks like racist Pennywise.

    75. Jeff K

      10:26 i cant wait to tell my pops! Hes been single for a while

    76. Ayira_ TheQueen

      Arin looks like a panda 😆😂🐼

    77. TheGaymer 9969

      They need to do drag now. PLEASE LET THEM DO DRAG

    78. Jimmy Bob

      I came only to see Arin's face when he does the rock sign with his hand. Funny as hell 9:58

    79. Abbzilla H


    80. FatBuddhaBabe420

      Dannys determines entrance and when they start singing is my favorite. I had to pause the video and hysterically laugh for 10 minutes straight😂😂

    81. Shaun Of The Sheep

      3:03 Goose Wayne lookin *ss

    82. Kiddo

      I love Dan with Pigtails omg

    83. Rebekah Pierce

      Somebody put clown music over the slow zoom on dans face

    84. Eilon Cohen

      5:14 All I could think about was "It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again."

    85. Cheddar kid

      Arin looks like fester adams

    86. CoffeeStars

      8:44 Arin looks like fcjijng beetlejuice oh y god

    87. CoffeeStars

      7:24 dan looks like a sad panda

    88. The Worst

      Arin looks like metal thanos

    89. Corpse 037

      Metal and game grumps two of my favorite things

    90. jay bennett

      Dan the crow

    91. Cloud25XD

      I love Leighton

    92. Jeffrey Layton

      WHOA ! did Arin lose Weight?

    93. Ali Priano

      I legit squealed when I saw Dan’s pigtails ❤️❤️❤️ (also I think Arin looks handsome with his hair back just sayin’)

    94. Noah Losier

      No one: Not a soul: The 7 billion people existing on earth: Game Grumps: i'M gOnNa F*Ck YoUr DaD!

    95. sunnie bear

      "Enemy stand users will try to blend in." Enemy stand users:

    96. Itssunnii

      I hoe you guys are really best friends because it would suck if you weren’t. Also Danny and Arin are a better duo then Arin and JonTron

    97. That one guy Paul

      Why does Dan look like the love of the crow and carrot top?

    98. MirzaEster

      lemme just say i keep re watching this because the subtitles are gold!! thanks to the subtitlerr guy if there is one!

    99. NotNotAHuman

      Is this the new Ninja Sex Party song leak?

    100. Just A Weirdo

      Okay it's killing me I need to know, what does Dan use for his hair?! it's god damn goregous 💙🧡