Binging with Babish: Inferno Wing Challenge from Regular Show

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    So, as it turns out, the following are currently out of season: mutated ghost peppers, hot magma extract, and black widow venom. As such, I was unable to render a truly accurate facsimile of what's come to be known as the "Inferno Challenge" amongst those who 'take their wings super-seriously'. Which I do not.
    Thanks for having me Sean! My Hot Ones interview drops July 18th!
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    1. Binging with Babish

      I promise to revisit this when ghost peppers are in season, but the crossover was too good to pass up! Any guesses as to which sauce gave me the hiccups?

      1. Mineshaftimes

        Instructions unclear: I ate the pan

      2. bill_nye_the_russian_spy

        U should make a cookbook 🍴 🍴

      3. Breeze Devlin

        Can you cook the food from the Simpsons episode of homer eats his way through New Orleans please

      4. Cosmic Video

        Your da bomb In America it’s a compliment In an isis base it’s a argument

      5. [GD] Reten

        Hey banish! The company who makes ghost peppers are already making a pepper with an even higher Heat count. I would imagine you could get your hands on some and make truly terrifyingly spicy inferno wings.

    2. Palaskan

      Hey Babish, why don't you do the best friend potatos with brava? :D

    3. Josiaha Cortez

      Do the krabby patty when spongebob puts jelly on his and they start seeking them like that

    4. Brad Starry

      Loved the vid, had to disklike because you said fuck ranch. That is a sin to a midwestern

    5. ImAFaTCat

      My respect level for on have gone WAY down ranch>blue cheese

    6. miles johnson

      Babish you have a massive hard on for Jay Kenji Lopez alt

    7. Mr. Lilly

      Thanks for adding the "because it's fun for them" bit, I needed that

    8. Marthentic

      "Blue Cheese w/wings or go fuck ya motha" - Joey Diaz

    9. Speedyfaux69

      No magma or black widow venom

    10. X X

      Im not gay but I’m in love with your torso. Read me night stories please, Lets watch the sun set and stars fall down the sky.

    11. Pur901

      Legend pronounced vegetable correctly

    12. Bartek Ryczek

      You should use the satans blood sauce for venom

    13. jesus Christ

      *Ahhhhh. That's Hot, that's hot*

    14. Coach Friday

      THANK YOU for your opinion of Bleu Cheese vs Ranch!!! Thank you!!

    15. Ŧгєรђ ђ๏๓є๓ค๔є ๓є๓єร

      you know its hot when its served out burning

    16. Gentle

      Benson microwave wings. Make microwave food good again REEEE

    17. SpitfiretheCat16

      I don't give two shits about what's the correct thing to eat with buffalo wings. Ranch can go fuck itself regardless.

    18. Ethan Nweill

      Who actually even likes Sean Evans

    19. Pomskie •

      When’s the Eggselent Omelette at?

    20. Matthew Gleeson

      You have to eat the wings!!!! What a serious letdown. It’s like a Game of Thrones....worst ending EVER!!!

    21. Conrad Parker

      Blood sweat and tears went into these wings and they were amazing. I have a new found appreciation for a deep fryer. If I were to do this again I would do it in the winter

    22. abdiel the lego creator miranda

      I think you suck at cooking should make this

    23. The Lego Reviewer

      I like ranch for wings

    24. The Lego Reviewer

      Why didn’t you get Carolina reaper for the heat

      1. The Lego Reviewer

        Ruvik you can probably get them on amazon

      2. Ruvik

        The Lego Reviewer they may be hard to get ive never known where to buy them

    25. Don’t trust Orang

      1:00 forbidden starbursts

    26. Branden Tillis

      Ok. My only problem is not seasoning the wings before frying. A few herbs with some lemon pepper or black not much.

    27. Aiman Man

      BEN 10

    28. Bloodsrunsthicker

      I agree man, fuck ranch!

    29. SamValiant

      Hey, we do that same “chicken wing confit” thing at my job. It does indeed make The Best Wings (tm).

    30. Sawyer Aucoin

      Unnaceptable where was the black widow venom

    31. Richard Groves

      Bleu cheese is nasty as fuck yo

    32. guy 1

      I think this could have been better with extract

    33. samuel gonzalez

      Go f@$k yourself ranch so funny

    34. NegativeShield

      Make microwave wings from regular show

    35. Silas Ehlers


    36. mtawali13

      Is that a black dildo!!???😂

    37. Adam Bestler

      what kind of oil thermometer is that

    38. Supuran Bogdan

      Damn man i just find your voice so soothing. one of your vids was in my recomended feed and i instantly got hooked up. Quality content my dude, congrats!

    39. Boğaçhan Özdemir

      Carolina Reaper 👌

    40. Shadowkiller324

      Watching binging with babish while microwaving a burrito

    41. Fieldmarshal Erwin Rommel

      Any body on this Regular show recommended binge?

    42. Will Vehige

      Yeah go fuck your self ranch!!!!!

    43. Bob Kraft

      Ranch can go fuck itself!!

    44. Ever Martinez

      When i heard what the wings were made of my tongue got stung by air

    45. OrricktheAlien

      Ranch CAN go fuck itself.

    46. Jugcotiz

      I didn't know Babish had such bad taste in wing dipping sauces.

    47. TheBlackKnight1o1

      Isn't MSG like not good for you?

    48. Devin games

      Blue cheese is discussing

    49. throathammer1

      Lol its always ok to make fun and belittle people that dont live in metropolitan areas.. The agenda strikes again.

    50. throathammer1

      If you want a milder sauce: watch a different video.

    51. Skyrim Davlet

      0:49 VSauce?!

    52. augdog 10

      You should like..... Do it when ghost peppers are in time

    53. EnjoyMyHitsYT

      I saw a vid there was man he wat a Chili with 2,2 M scuville

    54. Josh Finkel

      Regular show! Will always be in my top 5 favorite TV shows

    55. Carlos Cruz Arce

      What’s MSG?

    56. GhOsT 👻

      My childhood tv show, thanks for making it real

    57. Jayden Warran

      When you said "ranch go fuck yourself" i heard Joey Diaz Cocksucka

    58. Chewy Anvils

      Rip regular show, hell of a show

    59. Antusj Gaming

      I really enjoy the regular show food videos! 👍

    60. Raggity

      "Im gonna go with that one" Points to the one which is literally on fire

    61. sourvolce

      Why is the world so hot? Babish: Because it is.

    62. Potato Face

      But what if I die if I eat blue cheese? Ranch is all I can eat 😢

    63. pier peeair

      Salt is to spicy for me

    64. Rayad Isahak

      How could you say that to ranch I have a bottle of ranch sitting right on top of my shelf don't ask me why

    65. Saenz Rosell


    66. the void

      This reminds me of the MISSISSIPPI QUEEN

    67. DaPlug

      Do the eggscellent challenge

    68. sordidhicory57

      How about instead the 3 peppers in the video, how about 1:the Carolina reaper

    69. Gameboy Cardo

      Bleu cheese > ranch

    70. Inspectah Loud

      You could charge tickets for people to try shit like this cuz these wings looking good