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    Binging with Babish (also known as Andrew Rea) is best known for his extremely popular cooking channel, where he whips up iconic dishes inspired by television and film. He also has a new cookbook on the way called "Binging With Babish: 100 Recipes Recreated from Your Favorite TV Shows and Movies" (October 22), with a foreword from Jon Favreau-and a blurb by Sean Evans! But how is he with spicy food? Find out in this much-anticipated meeting of two bald CZ-news juggernauts. In addition to special cameos from the likes of Rhett (Good Mythical Morning), Marques Brownlee (MKBHD), and Brad Leone (Bon Appetit), this episode is full of firsts-the first guest to make his own wings, the first guest to eat candle wax, and the first guest to get a tattoo on the show!
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    Season 9
    Episode 8
    First We Feast videos offer an iconoclastic view into the culinary world, taking you behind-the-scenes with some of the country's best chefs and finding the unexpected places where food and pop culture intersect.

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    1. First We Feast

      The first Hot Ones tattoo on the show! What's your favorite wing 10 of all time?

      1. Doc Purps

        Mac 10s and porn do have artistic value. Porn vary rarely. But a Mac 10 is a complex machine. Engineering is art.

      2. Micah West

        Shia Laboof lol

      3. Derek Holden

        @DrPepperDM he was on two, Marisha did two, Ashley Burch was on one, Orion did one

      4. Derek Holden

        @DrPepperDM all of them, I know how Travis handles anything scary, and how Matt handles spicy, but I think Sam would be a gem. Matt was on an episode or two of Hot Pepper Gaming

      5. Mr Wilson

        Need to do a world tour

    2. Jack Stewart

      My high ass thought I clicked on a binging with banish episode at the start. Really confused to say the least

    3. Horsin Around

      I got to say.. Sean is one of the best interviewers Ive ever seen.

    4. Reuven Burstyn

      I have this candle, I got from a sex shop so you know it's good. Lmao legend

    5. MexicanNickCop

      Great fkn ep 👏

    6. Ash Alonzo

      Did anyone just find out none of his names is Babish

    7. Doughboi

      Mah name ish cheeeeefffff

    8. aimsly_t

      "how many episodes from West Wing" "3" "8" *"fuck"* -2 bald men

    9. Mandar Garud

      10:45 only $399

    10. Saitama


    11. Maya Gentry

      When he winked at the camera

    12. TheSigler88

      Damn babish is wearing an all gold Rolex Daytona, respect.

    13. Kirk Patrik Ballares

      Mikey from strictly dumpling, I wanna know how he'll react to Da Bomb

    14. Dachi

      Anyone catch the Pewds background music at 10:45? 😂

    15. iCE Lord

      who hear pewds ad for his chair in 10:44 ?

      1. Dachi

        oh heh, just said that..

    16. Garten Zwergin

      great show! loved every moment of it. and I really like to get introduced to new shows, so from now on, I will watch babish. so thanks to gmm and their appearences (hope i got that right) on hot ones to intoduce me to this show. 😊

    17. cole mcgary

      It seems like da bomb is honestly the hottest watched all videos

    18. SwiftUwU From Twitch

      Two bald men one camera

    19. Alper

      How did i miss this episode

    20. Brian Koskinen

      10:32 MMM!!

    21. Barnaby Chicken

      My 2 favorite bald men on CZ-news

    22. Jesuitas L

      19:35 Babish farted

    23. Silas Sketches

      I think I understand one punch man now. Baldness really does = power. 🧐

    24. James Vickers

      I love how this fell apart and the control was lost 😂

    25. The Ranch Mechanic

      "Three?" "Eight." "FUCK." 😂😂

    26. Keeper

      Holy shit, I loved that skyline tattoo, Seattle right?

    27. Tylyn Northup

      My favorite episode thus far! Love babby ❤️

    28. Magucci13

      Are we just gonna ignore Sean's eye swelling up?!😂

    29. Lego Yoda

      Can we just appreciate that Andrew literally got real fucking tatoo

    30. Matthew Majusick1015

      Sex candle and hot wings makes some kinky sex in the kitchen lol

    31. aalever

      Why does Da'Bomb feel so much hotter than higher Scoville sauces and as such, why don't you end with it?

    32. Emmanuel soria

      Long island iced tea.

    33. Chris Wilson

      The red dead vid was awesome. I hope he does similar things going forward.

    34. BlitzAttack!

      best hot sauce featured tv scene is mississippi queen from regular show

    35. Kira Phoenix

      My all te favorite baldies...

    36. Elisha Lopez

      Bro Sean flexin with the CDG cardigan

    37. alias

      Invite melonhead to do this for another bald headed convention

    38. Jason Britnell

      Get Matt Mercer

    39. Fishing With Leaches

      Angels envy is my favorite whisky, that's dope that he like it too

    40. Daniel Kaufman

      They look like rival brothers or somethin

    41. nuhthanel

      always nice to see two bald men casually eating wings

    42. Collin Chadwell

      17:52 is da bomb

    43. Lunacyinblack

      Andrew is a legitimate boss. Drinking whiskey after all those hot sauces and getting a tattoo. Like wtf...

    44. Detailed Muffin

      All i see is upin and ipin Talking to eachother

    45. Cole McMordie

      "3." "8." "Fuck."

    46. Grandma does youtube

      MY EYES !!!! MY EYYYEEEEESSSS !!!!!!!!

    47. Grandma does youtube

      can you guys see anything ? all i see is a bright reflaction

    48. Vanitas

      100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, 10 km run every day no AC in the summer, no heat in the winter and only hot-wings for breakfast

    49. iHigh420

      Best thing about this video is realizing how similar a Mac 10 is to pornography.

    50. wheewooo the saint

      This man could be the best audio book narrator

    51. StraightOuttaNorthpole TV

      14:06 how many episodes? "3"... "8", "fuck"

    52. Steven York

      This is just Friends hanging out

    53. narutofan802

      You can tell how chill they both are with each other. Most I’ve heard Sean curse ever 😂

    54. Venu Ganga


    55. David Rotariu

      What does babish mean from binging with babish???

    56. Ghostfacekilla

      He’s a legend for the tattoo

    57. Bored Gamer

      Never had i seen someone so happy getting a hiccup

    58. Johnny Nelson


    59. Wade L.

      🤣 “Hi Randy from Legal, my name _is_ Baking With Babish”

    60. Akeno San

      THAT'S C H E A T I N G

    61. Akeno San


    62. xsuperskull

      ima just chug the whole thing quick 1 sip ok nah

    63. Josh Whelan

      22:08 thought that was the unforgiven 3

    64. Zachary Taylor

      I respect this guy because he had that point of explaining he’s not a chef. He’s a real ass dude

    65. ScatteredHoloGrapedrin k

      Drinking wax from this sex candle is a sentence i never thought I’d hear

    66. josh D

      "hOwS yOuR bUtThOlE?"

    67. Deklan Duboise

      “I’ll never make it again I promise” Me”is this a challenge” we all got to make him do it again

    68. Eric Miguel

      i find it weird that guests fear dabomb more than the last sauce

    69. MicroAte

      One that cooks One the eats its a bald fest

    70. Mana Nunez

      ohmygod i had never previously heard that the babish in binging with babish actually IS based on oliver babish, i thought that was just personal headcanon