Billie Eilish - xanny

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    Director: Billie Eilish
    DP: Kevin Hayden
    Production Designer: Pele Kudren
    Editor: John Paul Horstmann
    Choreographer: Matty Peacock
    VFX: Ingenuity Studios
    Follow Billie Eilish:

    Music video by Billie Eilish performing xanny. © 2019 Darkroom/Interscope Records

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    1. Karmen Luna


    2. Ivoanis Heredia


    3. Paula Guerrero Rodriguez

      girl, billie snatches brown hair

    4. Layla Mendez

      Te amo mucho Billie saludos desde Argentina ...please give me heart🙏❤❤❤I love you

    5. Danny Love


    6. Medo Saad

      Billie Irish is donkey hahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahaha

    7. Ines Rubio Luna

      Love for yu 😊😆😀😘😙😚👧👄💋

    8. Crys Killjoy

      How did I not get informed about a new vid being out? YouTubE! Do Something!!!

    9. مصطفى الحكيم

      I love you Billie ❤️🇲🇦 Morocco arabe

    10. Angie Couturier

      Hello my name is harmo, i not anglais je suis française i love you

    11. Kim Wiliams

      This video actually made me cry alittle.

    12. princess potatoe

      The chorus is auto tuned so much to resemble how fricked up ir lungs are gonna be if u smoke

    13. Marley Mello-Ratliff

      please read this Billie Eilish: You are my role model and you are so talented! You sing about things that need to be sung in the world. You sing about life, not what people wish life was. you are just so awesome and talented and I can't even get it into words, I want to be just like you. I love your message so keep doing it. I know its hard but power through. you are awesome!!!!!!!!!! I love you so much!!!!!!!!

    14. WikaZUZA MSP


    15. Eduardo Pimtre

      Like si eres mexicano y te gusta Billie eilish

    16. Melany Puente


    17. YITAEK KIM

      I think this video is so cruel for me like a teenager! TT. Keep your body with healthy!

    18. alfpolo29

      The marvelous beautifull cute face on Billie has been used like a,no good :)

    19. Holzman Michel

      It's like Nick Cave and Fiona Apple had a baby.

    20. WaffelGamingNot3D

      She is Looking so Adult, when she sit on a bench and i? ok no i dont talk about this..

    21. Simon Gallego G


    22. Periitsanctus

      Does she actually get injured from that?

    23. Ana Rubro negra

      My love billie

    24. Supreme Lucks

      Anyone else see he sex tape that got leaked?

    25. plushie kingdom

      This song good pleas Ripley billie eilish I love your songs so much thank you

    26. Eroo _451 please make abo

    27. Oana Spataru

      I love you ,Billie !!❤❤

    28. - max yt - 911


    29. _+*Mary_Meow*+_

      THIS SONG WAS written in my birthday

    30. Marie Joe

      I prefer Old billie eilish

    31. Julia Gantman

      I like how the cigarette burns became beauty marks 💋

    32. Holzman Michel

      As I'm listening to this song the one thing that comes to mind is: I'm gonna give up xanax - which was first prescribed to me the same age Billie Eilish is now. It's been over 20 years of 'on and off' xanax-popping and I'm feeling ashamed of myself for the 5th consecutive time I'm listening to this song, now. Shame never felt this good. 2nd day without xanax.

      1. AHM

        @Holzman Michel Ultimately its up to you. Hearing your story, you probably know what's best for you. I just wrote that comment because way too many people go off their prescriptions for mental health when they don't in fact need to. But everyone's story is diffrent I suppose.

      2. Holzman Michel

        @AHM I think it's very sweet of you to say that, I really do. I'm a "back in my day everything was better" 40-year-old kinda guy. In my teens I had severe ADHD; Except in those days Ritalin was still being tested and ADHD wasn't really a 'thing' yet. I got xanax for my ADHD! Sure, it slowed me down. But it didn't deal with my ADHD. It became a gateway drug. popping a xanax after being stoned from weed was awesome. In my twenties I got Ritalin but by then I'd acquired XP with all the street drugs you can think of and with time I learned how to bend the truth to get ALL kinds of meds from doctors. And believe me when I say that Ritalin and Cocaine can be equally strong and the number of 'legal' anaesthetics stronger than Heroine is weird. Fentanyl e.g. is an 80 to 100 times stronger substance than heroin. A doctor of mine told me a study shows that benzo(xanax, klonopin, etc.) addiction reinforces alcohol addiction. And alcohol is the most dangerous one of all. The world isn't black&white. People like me tend to get very good in grey areas. A 40-year-old, listening to this song written by a 17-year-old and realizing she's more together than you are can be a quite the kick in the teeth. (editing to say: being prescribed doesn't always make it right)

      3. AHM

        It's not really wrong to take it if it was prescribed

    33. •Cloudiiee•

      the people in the video: omg im getting payed to put pokodots on billies face

    34. Sarah Menzel


    35. Sarah Menzel

      I like your ring

    36. BöseMöse123


    37. Laura Pronobis


    38. Alienboy

      Am I the only one who thinks billie eilish looks like scarlett johansson?

      1. Whomping Walrus

    39. He!en 13

      Helo Billie I am a old fan and I loveeeeeeee you my first song was bury a friend and I understand the messenger and in that time I only have 10 years and I have a question do you know about Melanie Martinez and other question what is your favorite tipe of music

    40. zawhtet 482

      I will kill them cuz they made my Billie like that😡😡

    41. Birgül Karabat

      I love you l love youuuu

    42. Samantha Sim

      Aye im sorry but why the heck would someone put a cigarette on their face?

      1. Raph

        To hurt them

    43. Oksana Taškuvienė

      Bili wai yuo don't got fatcebok

    44. まつもとまつもとだいごだいご

      日本人はいねーのかー!!! いるのなら返事をしてくれよー!!!

      1. Raph


    45. Shyla Gupta

      Billie eilish ur music is amazing it is great and love ur songs 😃 u are the best !

    46. The Akimt

      Queen of po


    48. Dikketoeter de wijzeman

      trash🗑 and scary af🤢🤢🤮🤮

    49. Fariha Mohamed Hilmy

      Billie’s songs are so poetic to me 😌

    50. Rodrigo Giannini Braga Braga

    51. Avakin Dark Love

      I love you Billie Eilish you song is beutiful ans cool am turkish My english is bad goodbye

    52. H a y l i e L u v

      I live in hk I cannot wait for her to comeeeeeeee

    53. Lucas fonseca

      Meu Instagram Lucas_crvg

    54. Lucas fonseca


    55. V

      i love you billie


      жалкая пародия на Пашу Техника

    57. Moong Bahaya


    58. Albert Shuvatov

      Херь !!!

    59. Sisters and Dolls

      Она брюнетка???!!!!

    60. Nikita Kids Show TV 2008

      *клянусь мамой что подпишусь на этот канал* ПоКлЯлСя, ВыПоЛнЯй ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    61. Cap1285

      After seeing about your health stuff though different than mine we both have difficult health problems. Me I have Addison's disease or ( adrenal insufficiency) diabetes hypothyroidism. And a few other things

    62. Ewellyn Marcelle

      Vc que é fã dela veja esse vídeo que ela fala sobre a vida dela

    63. – hungry and dumb

      This goes to my dad. You don't need a xanny now or ever.

    64. Ashmonsan

      Which movie/tv show would go well with this song? I’ll make a mashup of the answer with the highest vote 👍🏼 Billie FTW!!!

    65. Michael B.

      billie and birdy should collab

    66. Ismail Abu Bakar

      Mcm minum ketum je pempuan ni

    67. Winston Peldon

      Ngl she looks rlly good with brown hair. It’s I C O N I C 👁👄👁😳

    68. Lobo Silencioso

      Me doy cuenta que el mundo escucha cualquier basura Está es la lechona a la que todo mundo admira jajjaaj los humanos están locos Lo único que veo es una niña haciendo el ridículo y gastando el dinero de sus papás Pinches niños mantenidos

    69. Julián Garcia


    70. Tio DeadPool

      *Ela tem um Alto estima muito bom!!!*